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  1. It's working on the Beta page and those are some great new features! I can't thank you enough so much for the effort you put into the map!
  2. @Felix Victor I can't seem to move the protractor and arrows in the "plot a course" view anymore. I've tried it on Firefox and Chrome, both in normal and incognito modes, F5'ing and shift/ctrl-F5'ing.
  3. @Felix Victor Would it be possible to list the cannon reload bonus (summing all the perks, bonuses and upgrades) in the ship comparison tool?
  4. This is what it looks like for me: https://youtu.be/FGAwfw2wU64 Or: https://youtu.be/pkG_DdcWoUM
  5. Same problem on Peace. On Discord, EU players are logged in but non-EU players seem to be having an issue.
  6. Is there a reason for this? Almost every indie game I know has a forum - even the ones with, let's call them, "rambunctious" fans keep their forums - why shut it down here in favor of Steam's forum?
  7. Is there any specific reason for doing this?
  8. @Felix Victor if you don't mind me asking, as I'm sure you're probably the only person outside of the devs that know this, what's the scale of your map? Just how far apart, in the game's odd mix of real world units, is 2000,2000 from 2001,2000? I ask this because I've been trying to make sense out of the game's distances, i.e., just how large are the PB circles are, how far from "zero" the actual PB circle is drawn, etc. I have being doing measurements using your coordinate system (which, I absolutely must compliment you on its elegance) but it would be great to have an actual scal
  9. There may be a work around for this. For the Pointe-a-Pitre hostilities, both Hostility Missions were started clicking "Join Alone" - the battle group naturally wasn't drawn in to the instance but, when they entered the Crossed Swords circle that appears in the Overworld, they were able to join without a problem.
  10. @Ink We just did the Jacmel hostilities (03:00 server time, 06 August) and the same joining problems happened. This time I had the missions and, for the first one, I joined "as a group" and one of the members of the party crashed and had to relog, the other one got kicked out of the battle and had to wait before joining. For the second battle, I joined "alone" and both other captains were able to join right away. Weirdness also happened with other GB groups taking part in the hostilities - they mostly didn't have a problem in the first battle but had a problem joining a second one, unl
  11. @admin, a few of us PVE players speculate on the port raid selection and, while I find it entertaining trying to figure out how it works and enjoy the surprises they bring, would it be possible to clarify a few questions? 1. My theory is that the map is divided into regions and, when the time comes, the least developed port in that region is attacked (which would explain a few ports being targeted repeatedly). Another theory is that one port, from all the least developed ports, is selected to be raided excluding, of course, the ports that have already had a recent raid. Is either theory c
  12. This is possibly a bug. During the Hostilities to for Montecristi (01 Aug, 23:00 server time), after exiting a battle and moving to the next one, two members of the battle group were unable to enter the next battle. The 4 minute clip linked shows what happened - the relevant parts are in the initial 30 seconds of the video. The mission holder/battle group leader started the battle clicking on "join as a group" and the other members were not pulled in to the battle (perhaps a bug also?). When we clicked on the crossed swords and clicked on "Join" and nothing happened, and the batt
  13. This section raises two questions from me: 1. Can we expect Congrieves to actually have a place on ships now? 2. Will we have gun drops for the missing calibers - like 42lb Congrieves and 36lb Blomefields and Navys? I'd ask about 1/4, 1/2, and 2-pood Edinorogs too but I'd already be happy if Congrieves finally became a useful weapon.
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