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  1. We got a patch today, anyone know what it contained?
  2. I can now answer my own question... On PVE port defenses use the old "Port Raid" maps.
  3. @admin, I was wondering about how port defenses (when raiders attack a clan owned port) are working in PVE. Do the raiders obey PVP's new "teleport area" map or do they follow the previous "spawn at two of these four locations" rules? Port defenses on PVE to my limited knowledge have happened in ports where the differences between both maps has been minimal so, for me at least, it's been inconclusive. I would appreciate any input on this from other PVE players that have been involved in port defenses since the new mechanics have dropped.
  4. Awesome!!!! Loving the gunnery crew stats!
  5. If I had a say, I'd say Locust needed to be a bit slower than Live Oak but the change was very positive from my perspective, on that note the new woods' statistics were better but not by too much compared to the current woods so they were fine. When I looked at it, I liked the changes, high end woods are a lot tougher and it has been fun. The reduction in thickness worries me as the ships feel like they are suppose to, durable and tough. However, I will wait and see what happens but please know that the current state (with only one small change) feels very good for at least one player (me).
  6. Will Port Battles only be accessible to those that teleport there via Item or will players that sail there on their own also be able to join?
  7. I like this idea. While the randomness would be frustrating, it would be equally frustrating to everyone. There would be no way to camp the woods and if a port isn't visited, the wood would just sit there waiting for a buyer.
  8. @Felix Victor, port raids have been enabled again on PVE, if possible, could you re-enable the display of the raid map overlays just for PVE?
  9. New woods are in the game. Help us @Felix Victor, you're our only hope! Some of us are too lazy to see how nerfed our superships are!
  10. By my interpretation, do you mean that hostility missions would not be made available in ports until the window starts? If that's the case, that's a very interesting idea, perhaps hostilities could also be taken at a neutral port (i.e. the port that's unowned), not only in home nation/allied ports.
  11. Stern hickness is 47, Bow thickness is 69
  12. I have a L'Ocean with an in game thickness of 111, at a +35 bonus (LO(S)/WO(S), 4 Hull Bonus, Navy Planking and Structure Refit) however, when I try to reproduce the ship in NA Map it hits a 106 thickness cap despite seeing more than that in game. I had a search in this thread and saw that there was a 40% (or 44%?) limit to upgrades but the only one I see implemented in the game is the 16kn hard limit on speed. Two questions: Does anyone know if the thickness limit is actually implemented in the game? In my case, if the 106 limit is an actual hard one, I'm wasting an upgrade slot on my ship! Could NA Map remove the visualization limit but leave a message ("above the in game limit"?) for theorycrafting purposes?
  13. While I understand this and can't find a fault with maintaining hostilities the way they currently are, could it be made that only hostilities missions started after the initial time frame are counted towards the Port Battle counter? It would remove the current uncertainty of "leave at the right second" and turn it into a battle for which nation/clans are more efficient in battle.
  14. The proposal is based on real wood hardness, gravity, elasticity, and yacht building books. But from feedback it is obvious that the change should not be full, but should be partial Thank you for at considering this option.
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