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  1. i worked 12's all week and this is my day off.. you are not the only one who works in this world. I also have a wife and a kid, and no I have not been on this game all day it is just that easy to get the ruyter notes on PVE when we only have to be faster than the guy next to us to get them. Do explain to me what a PVP zone is on the PVP server, are you referring to the patrol zone? Is the open water not considered a PVP zone? Anyways.. like I mentioned, come join us on PVE.. less of a headache, the PVP is filled with toxic players.
  2. On the PVE server i have gotten 8 Admiral notes so far... do not be mad when PVP happens on the PVP server. Good luck out there.
  3. Ship Crafting Proposal. Make "special trims" craftable. Remove Shabby special trim from possibility. Give us a way to "upgrade" the quality of our ships. I.E. if my ship rolls blue quality, let me craft a very expensive crafting requirement item (base it off of rates I.E. 1-7 Rate different item each.. to upgrade my ship from blue to purple and purple to gold etc. you can even make it two separate items I.E. going from blue - purple will require X and going from purple to gold will require X. Than adjust costs based off of the rate. This will once again put the power of craftin
  4. and now back in.. ship is there.... i didnt even know this could happen.. i am terrified to play or do battles now.... just going to bed ill give the server some time to rest lol
  5. I just disconnected.. stuck at connecting to login que... was in battle that was THANKFULLY over.. otherwise my seasoned live oak / white oak santi would be gone im sure.. .what gives? first time happening for me... @admin
  6. When we create a report in the game, are we able to check the status of it somewhere?
  7. Let me preface this.. I 100% acknowledge that I AM responsible for what happened, however can something be put into place to prevent it in the future.. for other new players? A week worth of grinding missions i had around 149 combat medals (i'm pretty casual).. I went to split said combat medals to sell some on the market and accidentally hit destroy... Being that cancel is usually on the right side I hit the button on the right.. Little did i realize, where cancel usually is, it was now confirm. Needless to say i lost 149 combat medals.. You have awesome things making you type in n
  8. I just ranked up to 370 crew and can use trinc... fought a few battles and I feel my xp is around the same as I was getting in my la reqin.. however I had a ton more fun playing those class of ships.. To my question.. is experience calculated based on what br you are vs what br the enemy is? I.e. does player rank not factor in? If so I think I'm just going to slow grind in my 6th rate and have fun.. any input is welcome.
  9. After hitting Rank 7 (Captain, USA) Today. One thing has been very obvious to me.. the rank structure feels "correct" in the low to mid ranks.. but once you hit rank 7, it just gets weird. Rank 7 can field a maximum crew of 350. That is 70 more then the Belle Poule/Frigate (Wasted crew much?) and 77% of a Constitution.... then once you hit rank 8, you can field 650.. up to a 3rd rate, effectively skipping 4th rate SOL completely... Why would you sail a constitution when you can effectively sail a 3rd rate 74? .. My suggestion is.. please increase Rank 7 crew to 450, this would allow us
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