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  1. @admin I am very confused about what will be going into PvP and what into PvE. Then commenters here make it worse. Would you try separate thread for each. After all this I still have no idea what is planned for PvE other than some sort of port raid. Would appreciate that and I have heard several others make similar comments in the game.
  2. The conversion process seems to have some bugs. Myself and several others kept inventories of various sizes of Gold Coast Ivory, Historical Artifacts and Versaille Terracotta. I can say for myself most of these items were ripped off during conversion. Where I had over 100 units of some of these, after the push I had less than 10. Other big ticket items converted OK, but we have lost millions on those 3 items. Please check the code that is revaluing the 3 items. It ain't right.
  3. Going on the Windows takes control idea, I uninstalled several items that I did not want anymore. I know at least a couple of those try to do automatic updates and unfortunately could not be configured to turn off the updates. I should have done them one at a time and then run NA in between so I could point a finger at one of them, but I did it as a group. The problem is gone for now. Thanks to all for your input.
  4. Ok Norfolk - so do I still want that at 100 or is it just a trial & error sort of thing? btw - my ping rate is around 155 and fps is a steady 60
  5. Tablet mode is and has been off. I started playing in a window - turned off the NA fullscreen option - and so far it has not done a switch. It is not without problems though. In OW the ship pauses a lot. Just for maybe a half second or so but it does it maybe once or twice a minute often as I start typing in IM or a keyboard command. The ship stops, the water keeps moving. Also the entire game screen doesn't fit - even if the window is maximized - and there doesn't appear to be scroll bars on the window. So all the displays around the edge of the playing area - compass, NA toolbar, top menu - are cut off. So some progress but no joy yet...….
  6. One of the symptoms sounds like my problem - Game minimizes - it's still there and I can go back to it by clicking the taskbar button. When I do that the game continues and everything in the game is in order. Given that I played for several months before this started happening, an automatic GPU update (which I thought I had turned off) may have changed some settings?? I know anything is possible, but realistically, the laptop is fairly new - it came with Win10 Home and I reloaded it with Win10 Enterprise to make use of some of the networking features. Could this be an issue? Given that I had downloaded the nVidia drivers directly from their site about 10 days ago, I was surprised to see the Windows Device Manager Update Drivers option actually download display drivers. Usually it would say that I already have the latest drivers. Makes me wonder where the Device Manager update is looking for updates. Norfolk - as you recommended I did not run the downloadable application but the link does have a good list of possible causes. Researching further. Oh - I don't know how to run the game in Windowed Mode - any help there would be appreciated.
  7. Forgot to mention that 1. this laptop is Win10 Enterprise which is 64 bit. 2. I play about 2-4 hrs per day and the switching can happen anywhere from once or twice a day to every 5 minutes. 3. This just started about 3-4 weeks ago. It did not do this before then.
  8. If it wasn't for the fact that my problem only happens in NA I would be blaming this on my laptop. And it probably still is, but anywho - I'm playing along with NA in fullscreen. Can be doing just about anything. A lot of times I don't even have hands on the keyboard/mouse/touchpad. All of a sudden the game disappears and I am back at the Windows Desktop. There is still a taskbar button for NA and if I click it I am back in the game. Nothing is lost and I am right where I was when I popped out. Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. Will be calling HP next but thought I'd ask here first.
  9. this changed a 6 or 8 weeks back - used to be it worked for all boats in the fleet - then they had a bug around it (extra weight in boat would cause it to bottom out in shallows) - when they fixed that the fleeted boats lost the benefit of the perk
  10. Archaos - I guess that is my real question. I have to have at least 2 if I want to learn and make a perm? Was hoping there was some trick to be able to learn and make a perm with only 1 book. I'm just cheap.
  11. It looks like there are several knowledge books that can be "USED" and then plugged in as a knowledge upgrade OR be included as an ingredient in a perm upgrade. The Old Flag Officer is one example. It has some bonuses by itself used in a knowledge slot or it can be used to make the British Gunnery Sgt. I'm wondering if the same book can somehow be used for both functions - as a knowledge slot AND to make a Gunnery Sgt? Maybe a dumb question but I have been surprised by the answers to other dumb questions I ask here. Expecting that the answer is NO, are these particular books rare compared to other books? I have a few of these and can't decide whether to use them for knowledge slots or perms. When used for a knowledge slot it is reusable, a good thing. But the perms seem to have better bonuses. Thanks.....
  12. I have had a lot of "coincidental" things happen to me in this game. Things where the odds were way against it happening. But it does. Two in a row with the color ribbons, finding drops, etc.
  13. And all still totally at the mercy of the crafting gods.
  14. I realize different colored ribbons get you different bonuses on a boat you craft. But it's hard to know what all a different color gets you. My situation: I crafted Endymion and it turned out with a pink ribbon. The only advantage I am seeing is that there are 4 perm upgrade slots instead of the usual 3 you get with a blue ribbon. What else, if anything is under the hood? My next crafted ship Renomee, ends up with 4 perm upgrade slots but the ribbon is still blue. In fact I have several ships with 4 slots but still a blue ribbon. What's up with that? Both ships crafted in the last couple of days so it's not some leftover feature. Is this normal?
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