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  1. Admin says it will be fixed tomorrow with a 4-7% base speed debuff. So we all hope it solves the problem.
  2. Not all leading clans/individuals in the different nations can be arsed to become tribunal moderators. Many people already put a lot of effort in-game diplomatically and 'politically'. That is my honest thought. But please, elaborate more! Alliance leaders? What is an alliance in the first place? But I like the idea of using discord, as it's more immediate! And you should also accept having a chat with the community some time in the 'unofficial' NA discord
  3. How about the nation in that side that has most the BR gets all flags assigned to it?
  4. So, all this post is about this Sink111, but you spend 0 words about all the crap the whole clan is doing? I'm talking about the clear alt abuse that is now occurring every day (Puerto De Espana, Chinese ports, Russian ports)? This stuff is unacceptable and is only done to spoil others' fun.
  5. It really does. All you do is trolling all day cause you can't play the game properly in France...
  6. My beloved CheekyBreeky, stop simping for TOXIC. It's too evident! (Yes, they're beating a dead horse.)
  7. Because it was Danish crafting port, and it is actually the only thing Sweden lost after 8 months of war with Russia. Why even defend them? Embarassing.
  8. I'm sure I heard from different Swedes they agreed on not touching crafting ports. Why am I not surprised they are now touching inappropriately Salamanca? By the way, all those that say GB has many other crafting ports... yes. They do. But I guess the point is that most of the nation had shipyard in THAT particular port. I know it's hard to understand for weird guys like Tac and company, but luckily Frosty is here to explain such hard concepts like this one! Easily explained what @TheDread meant there. Also, wasn't Sweden supposed to start fighting Russia again? Wasn't it the whol
  9. As per title I'm selling a Locust S/ Danzic Oak Agile 5/5 Le Bucentaure, Crafted in San Juan. Write down your offer. Contact me in this thread or in Discord: FrosT#3062
  10. I don't think it's forbidden in the rules to answer with our personal opinions and general conclusions about this data... is it @Hethwill?
  11. What are proper nations? I don't know. But not Prussia or France for sure. I can tell you though that I'm having so much fun in Denmark NA has always been like that, some nations much alive and some nations that are irrelevant, and when big clans switch those nations become relevant again and overthrow others (like when HAVOC and CABAL joined Sweden, or when KRAKE joined Prussia, or when BSTD joined Denmark). Fair winds
  12. As I said, you don't need a reset to encourage people to join different nations from the zergs. You need proper mechanics, which we don't have currently. Also, do you want content? Leave France. Lol. Join a proper nation and you'll have fun without need of a reset
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