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  1. I don't think it's forbidden in the rules to answer with our personal opinions and general conclusions about this data... is it @Hethwill?
  2. You'll finally get to use your shipyard in San Juan again
  3. But then we need realism in other areas such as: printing new ships thanks to removal of repairing cap, super woods that are immensely better than others, wind boosts that are more like Mario Kart boosts (I like them much though ), Pirate faction that is just like a normal nation... and the list can continue!
  4. Because it's easy kills. Anyhow, it was mostly Danes with a couple of Russians, 2 Poles and maybe 1 US? Wow... 4 nations.
  5. BUT WE DID NOT ASK FOR IT. Nobody did.
  6. No, this is called admin not listening to his customers. Seriously, we're all hello kittying done with the huge grind. btw the new wood patch hello kittyed up the stats.
  7. Thanks for making the grind even higher! We'll surely have time to make even more money to craft semi decent ships!! Thanks for listening to us, always.
  8. What are proper nations? I don't know. But not Prussia or France for sure. I can tell you though that I'm having so much fun in Denmark NA has always been like that, some nations much alive and some nations that are irrelevant, and when big clans switch those nations become relevant again and overthrow others (like when HAVOC and CABAL joined Sweden, or when KRAKE joined Prussia, or when BSTD joined Denmark). Fair winds
  9. As I said, you don't need a reset to encourage people to join different nations from the zergs. You need proper mechanics, which we don't have currently. Also, do you want content? Leave France. Lol. Join a proper nation and you'll have fun without need of a reset
  10. Prince of Wales, perhaps if you joined a nation that is actually doing something/trying to do something in the game, your opinion would be different. You've been in Prussia for an year... they did nothing for a long time till KRAKE joined the nation, and now you're in France... they haven't done any RvR since release. How can you pretend to be having fun in the game if you're in dead nations? Reset? Big NO. Mechanics to encourage leaving the zerg and the swerg to join smaller nations? Big YES.
  11. It's only fair if we have same amount of screeners. I highly doubt that the 10 russian/polish screeners we had (that we didn't even ask to come) made it unbalanced lol.... French had 30 (+ you and BlameKK smart boys) screeners in the afternoon while we had 6/7. And in the evening this happened: 25 french (they had more outside) tagged 4 Polish players, 'cause why not. And then someone cried they didn't get in the port battle, but even with the 10 russians that were there, they could have made it if their screeners did their job. You want to make it more uneven? Send your swedish screeners... but we will not like it. Now, sorry for the off-topic, but I'm not the first and I wont' be the last... I'm just here to remind admin screening is content and not boring stuff. So please don't add the teleport for the time being, I don't care if we don't have screeners for now... whatever... I don't want to exclude those 10-15 players that I can't get in the PB ( cause it's only for 13 players) and force them to stay in port because screening is not a thing anymore. And for Knuddel: mate, Russia has enough players to get 50 screeners to a single port battle, if it's all about the laziness to sail to the enemy port, well... that is not a good reason to remove content for those 10-15 players I was talking about earlier. o7 Frost
  12. Evenly matched for @Latron = 30 French screeners against 6-7 Danish Screeners FYI we didn't ask them to screen for us and we won't This is just another proof screening creates content: Drama, complaints and big screening fights keep this game much ALIVE! p.s. funny meme Latron
  13. If only HDF were more enjoyable and less of a pain in the ass... and flags dropped more frequently... and had a longer cooldown, we wouldn't require 2 hours of PvE grind for a singles port battle I don't think it's so hard of a concept to get
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