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  1. that makes Portbattles nearly impossible I mean when you get screened by a fleet which u sink in around 20 mins the Portbattle u will never reach...
  2. NAB-93283 JOHN SILVER DE LARGO was shooting on me his first Broudsight and he nearly finished me of. You should remind him that Green on Green is fornbidden. He also shoot in that battle on Internet Baron.
  3. mate my ping is stable. In every other game include Teamspeak. So your Thread isnt helping. I am sorry to tell you but there is no information which is helping or something else. I asked even a clanmate and he has the same Issues. But he has Windows 10.
  4. and how should this help me? Still have the Problem just open would was in a fight and there was everything running like usual. Graficcard is GTX 960 4 gb Ram Operating system is also WIN 7 but thats the only thing i can take out the other thread.
  5. My ship in the open world is Stoping than speeding up again stoping... and so on and so on. think its kind of Desynk. I checked in Teamspeak but therre is no Desynk at my client, so i think its the server which is not running round.
  6. NOOOOO WAYYY!!! Sry Haci i like you but thats no option.
  7. Solution: Increase Mortar Range by 10% otherwise those ships are Useless.
  8. maybee...? I dont know but cannt login same like you.
  9. Using Expensiv ships should be more Revarded than suicide... That they are counted is nice but we fight very often the same enemy Danish VS Russia, so it would be nice if you count the Kills between and i think no alt is doing 3 PVP kills between getting Farmed again. so i am very shure that in the Last portbattle my kill wasnt counted.
  10. Did you looked at the Map? think you revolution gots started from inside.
  11. Would be nice if those Kills in Portbattles would be counted in PVP hunt MIssions. The Screeners gets all the Fun and Revards... just my point of View
  12. Comon PVE is Booring as F?ck would just Lead to A faster ships or B chaining AI down and run. They dont repair sails... Just a Bad idear in total. Maybee for the PVE server? But PVP server should be Playerbased. My point of Few. At least think about following: BR protection isnt working on AI as far as i know (Just theorie) imagin what happpend if a Portbattle fleet gets screened out by some smaller BR and there Screeners jump into it and Grief caurse its preventing them from losing a Port.... NO Way!
  13. so since a week and no one is complaining... i think its a good idear.
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