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  1. https://ibb.co/LCV70ZM Today tomorrow in a Week how long will that release Whipe thing take?
  2. But its Funny anyway, that they have not Finaliezed the Realease. RNG Boarding end of Battle sunken ships (The one which leaves First survives) my post got dealeted... They told that they will fix it. So they dont, they just deleated the Post... yeap to write you under those conditions is very unproductiv. That is btw the reason while your community doesnt like you. Dont give informations, Lies and all those stupid things. Last thing: Its ugly that Prussians can use Russian Ports and jump against us in Battles. Allieance should not aloow that.
  3. Freund freund: IN RU kostet die Rätwizan 7-8euro
  4. maybee no problem for u but a lot of guys which where just short able to drive first rds will also leafe. And if compareble game or not makes just a diffrents if you just want to play this gamejongre. in my opinion the biggest "mistake" was lieing about the Reset of XPs. That make a ton of guys realy upset (me included)
  5. We all did, but i think thats what the Devs dont understand that they are servics provieders. I will report my Expierence with them. I think if we all (which are Pissed Off) just report our expierence the devs maybee understand that they can do this once but they will have Problems to sell there Next Lies...
  6. A final Date would be nice to know. Or wilkl it be Secretly like NInjapatches? And what About Alliances? Free or Fixed? Will we be able to ujse allied Ports? Portbonusses?
  7. lolololololololololololololololololololololol... Once you are right... secound... LOL ! I am crying by laughting... ( At this very bad naval action Thread) Thx
  8. That is just a Fück Up for all guys who relied on you that nothing will be whiped and toke part in your Egoshow(Egoshow caurse of btw Ninjapatches: Let the community figure out what we have changed thats more fun HAHA). That Whipe will just cost the Working people a disadvantadge! Time which those who dont work gives an advantadge. I am hello kittyed Up! U Lied! Otherwise i would have token that game here after 2 Hourse and Put it away till release (I asked you) ! Especialy the Shipknowledgeslots thing is just a Piss off! Give everyone 3 shipknolledgeslots! on all vessels. The genereall Xps i dont care, but that you take everything away... and one fact you dont know belliefe or whatever: Those who will buy that game fresh doesnt have an idear anyway. The Players which participate longer will have anyway an advantadge. Manual sailing intuitiv... etc... Thats just Pissing of those guys which zou say yourself: Thanks for Testing without you that wouldnt be possibler. Thank you too... (Just kidding)
  9. now its working or at least i get the Update.
  10. NAS-1188880 closed steam... didnt work
  11. ther are no ports which gives bonuses. (at least at the pvp server)
  12. but i personaly dont want to risk high favel ships... just to lose them that ugly... and i have heared a lot of guys saying the same...
  13. general xp whipe Shipbook slots: not removed but give every player 3 at least (enough for a good start) crafting xp: dont whipe. Books: not whipe but give options to buy them in the admirality (dont force someone to pve at the pvp server)
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