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  1. Situation and in my Opinion: Bug I was boarding on ship killed it another one which was on fire Pulled me. I killed him as well but a Third ship which Wasnt involted in any Boarding stuff Used X to not let me sink the Burning Ship so it exploded right next to me I was killed. Seriusly???? This Is in my Eyes: Bug upusing/ Exploiting. The Ship i lost was imidiatley sunken by the Guy which used X and was in Brace of caurse. Bad Gamemechanik which u should change. Edit: And of caurse it wasnt a crafted ship but a DLC ship. U should Make them Less catching fire to not Destroy the Gamefun for those who want to craft there Ships btw.
  2. u arre just to slow to follow them. Or u have a beachparty at the Other side of the NA World
  3. seriusly? I mean realy seriusly? U want to harm small nations right?
  4. New Woods Pro: I like the Idear Contra: It spawns just at several Spaces and it is imported from a Far distance anyway. Why not do it like this THere where the Highest Bid is Placed the stuff will be sold. So for Example When u travel from Europa around the Whole AtlanticWhy would u travel to the First island when u can get a higher Price at another Port? Alternativ: Make it just available in every freeport so everyone has the scame chances to get it. What i Hate: The Imbalance. Seasoned woods is already strong The new woods is Unbeatable in a not seasoned ship. Old Woods Like: That u want to give every wood an Existingreason Contra: That we have already stacked up Materials which lose his Existingreason Hate: That usual wood is useless when u just compare it with DLC ships.
  5. NAB-102161 I had a disco today and from Klicking on Steam Start naval action to finaly beeing back in the battle it took 5 mins. Seriusly i am a bit Hello Kittyed. and would A ask for a compensation and B to fix that.
  6. No reward for me as well i have so many issues that i will let it be till tomorrow maybee its fixed than
  7. NAB-101903 w t f I lost 2 flags during the serverisues.
  8. NAB-101884 So i tryed to do the Mission. And like i reported: Doesnt work. I took a mission travelt to the Port. Klicked on set conquest flag now multiple times, always have a cooldown of like 5 secounds but nothing else is working.
  9. Why do u need to have an outpost where u want to redeam the chest? its pointless
  10. ROFL Cause RVR is a very important part of the game. The game was released and they took that part of the Game away. NOw its just fair that they bring htat püart first back to the game instead of bringing new wood typs
  11. Improve RVR: When is that improve getting implemented and can we have the Old system back as long the new one isnt reday to be implemented? Please 50% of my Naval action fun is RVR. 45% is PVP (Which is actualy a bit hello kittyed up caurse of the Tagging system) So i just have the most Booring parts: 5% Trading, gathering recaurces and PVE...
  12. If u would have an indicator like the next Storm/Clowds/fog is around 50Km or 25km or 100Km away u can go out of aonther port if u want to avoid that. Maybee make a new Perk called barrometer?
  13. In my case he was just running... not escaping. I feelt a bit bored after 2 mins out of tagging range and escaped myself. Let him waist his loki rune, but its bullshid. Running away with throw away ships....
  14. NAB-101745 I think if someone is joining with a loki run a battle he should fight at least. How to solve that: Make a circle like in the Patrole area around the Player. if he leave that circle give command back to AI.
  15. Öhhm well: This will help Bigger nations. How: Imagine u are hunting in PVP. U have like 3 guys with u 1 has positiv Karma GB 1 SW 1 Whatever so wherever u hunt u can try to restock ur Repairs... ROFL... And that should help how?
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