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  1. Ok So i had a gamefailure now was entering open world was working for a very long time than i got kickd into Loginscreen again. Fun is something else a clanmate needs my help at this time.
  2. Ok so i am not the only one with Issues its nice to know....
  3. I was kicked again fron the Server. I dont know what is Wrong but something is.
  4. Yesterday at like 20 servertime or maybee 21 Servertime from MY battle 2 guys where Kicked. Now i was logged on server starting to do my Eckonomy was kicked from the Server. I guess with ur Stability patch is something wrong. ANd always when i try to logon i get Waiting Querey... Think u should check that. Edit and dont ask for Bug reports when guys get kicked into Reconnect to server so chose ur char screen....
  5. This time not in a Battle but while i was opening chest... sry found it. Last time i got Loginquerry 179... so it should not just happen with me.
  6. I was kicked out of game while i was in a fight. Clanmates not. Some issues the Server still have.
  7. Knuddel


    ^dianas we have enough now a de Reuter would be nice for compensation.
  8. In gerneral i have nothing against that, BUT: IT will be lead to a lot of more 1 man clans which just want to expand there Dockspace... So absolutly against it.
  9. So seasoned Woods supply is no imporoved?
  10. I have claimbed a contact money is lost... seriusly whats going wrong?
  11. Dear Admin: We mad a test 1 IMplaceable (me) and 1 Redutable (clanmate) Where hooting for just broudsight of ur 100+ gun ship both nearly no Bookslots: Sunken in less than 8 mins... Not Pay to win? how would u call that than? I mean Player can Repair and it was just AI but: We both had lost 2 bars of our Armor...
  12. Now it says Maintence.. ? ANd its 1 hour ago that the servers are going down for hotfix... What went wrong this time? login position.... : 109... seriusly?
  13. Lol Make more war in your nation GJAdmins please remove those ai Raids they are just A increadible to sucseed or Boring.
  14. why not reduce ai numbers? limit that number or if to many guys us ai transport do that over night when playernumbers are 300 around?
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