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  1. so u assist my suggestion? When even 2 stong is assisting me it has to be good... lol
  2. Maximum money can be traded at once from Player to player is 9999999 can u please increase this after the Eco patch money isnt worth what it was bevor. So one Letter more would be very helpfull.
  3. At least lower the range of the Fort or higher the Damadge and the Range of Mortar Brigs. I would not say remove them but make them more vornuble to mortar Brigs.
  4. My anti virus software didint detect anything so i will test it.... hope u dont sell steam accounts Thanks for ur work.
  5. To take RVR options away is just cutting into content.
  6. i think i figured it out: Sell more DLC ships.
  7. I am not talking about trading Good. But about Recaurces u need to craft ships.
  8. i have plenty i dont need and 2 missing... so u can also buy them when i am able to sell them... and i dont need to spamm globalchat any more.
  9. I would like to sell and maybee buy Seaseoned Wood Blue Prints in the Shop. At the moment u cannt place contracts for sell or buy.
  10. AN i think we shoudl get all the alts out of those clans. so u see who is actualy able to fight? lol guys... i will make as well some screenshoots or better let admin do them
  11. No Despe Devs loves this feature. What Players tink about this feature doesnt realy matters. @Hulla i hope there was a lot of Ironie in your Post. ... nooo... Please make the Game Skill and not RNG based.
  12. The Usual Idear was the stuff u need to craft ships: Like Iron, Coal, all the logs Hemp etc to get transported by AIs instead of waisting Playtime where people could do something more funny. And HTose trader which ship that stuff should be sended an just travel the stuff like a Player would currendly do so be atackable at the open sea.
  13. u Have 2 reports from me what happend with your investigation?
  14. Would be nice if you wold sa that 1 day bevor u "fix" it... seriusly i mean why did we take ports now we will have tones o nightflips and cant do a shid againstit. I thourght this game would be released.... its realy a big hello kittyup.
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