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  1. There should be still a way to get a Coallied HDF killing... Exploiting is just that the guys can join on the AI side and just collect the LOOT (Chests and Flags).
  2. That means if a clan doesnt want to do that S***** B*** S*** PVE Portbattles they just need to invest 1 point in that Port?
  3. even without that the Results will be that u are on 200m below 160m/sec...
  4. U want to do some math. K than calculate Plz: 42 PD whight of the Bullet. on 300m per secound. Iron/ steal. Diameter by Airresistance and than the total range... i guess u will be amused...
  5. How mast where killed in that ages: Killing Ropes which stabalise the masts and if the sails gets not cutted imidiatly by Windforce... I mean we are always talking on Angles. Imagin a round Mast a round ball what happens? I dont like the Demasting meta by just gunfire... Mast should have a lot more HP. I mean especialy on 5rds + and Remember when u see all those Pictures of demasted ships in that ages: Those fights where going on for Days... till one side has no more Gunpowder or balls to shoot back. Ships where not sunken by Gunnfights. Explosions where happen just by accsiden
  6. NAS-1428610 Thats the connection Test. I had again like 10 mins till i was reconnected. Got Pushed into login Screen once.
  7. Sry guys: My post is fare away from topic... I thourgt u meant Naval action. That happens while the FOrum isnt Splittet and the names are simular. Cheers Enjoy.
  8. Rofl u can kill them By: Staying upwind, Shielding the Fokus targets, Dissengadge if heavy damadged, Repair and go for it again. Its just AI we are talking about. Upwind downwind: Full sails...
  9. Teleport zum Portbattle würde das problem lösen. Aktuell siehts so aus, dass fast jeder gute bis sehr gute spielr einfach 2 accounts hat einen im Screening einen im PB...
  10. pve server... rofl... so we know where that thing is comming from...
  11. when i wrote the Bugreport like 15 mins bevor that around maybee 20 mins.
  12. NAB-102886 So i had the same issues again. U asked for a connectivity test. How to and where did i find that. I was logged in when i had like half centre structure left and just 400 crew. I am seriusly asking what went wrong. Entering Battle Takes Ages if i had a disco. I would like to get an answer i was looking now for it till 5 mins i tryed it in the Steam Options there is nothing shown. I searched the Gamefiles... nothing. Tell me where to find the connectivity thing and i will do it imidiatly bevor i try to restart the game next time but so far i am Upseat about the answeres
  13. Workaround which was working in that case: Take the flag in a port and pull it into the inventar. Than it was bounded on my character
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