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  1. I dissagreed. Not make them Chaper but Adjust BR.
  2. LoL i am the only one which is asking for that you read the thread? About my clan do you know something i dont know? And the battle: He had 1 trinco in fleet plus he was sailing a Trinc. Against my endymion... i think thats even without Perks a Fair fight... 0 And about Lazy Playstyle: You see numbers in that game are going reverse? Not every one enjoy doing Boring stuff. And the question i asked you you just ignored. Change places you where in the Trader traveling for 30 mins booring around and than you dont reach ur destination and have 20 mins Booring fight... Waisted nearly 1 hour for ? Nothing. Would it not be better to let Ai travel your stuff while you have some fun in the game?
  3. Öhhm some guys take that as excuse for just going for traders in there Fir fir huntships and run away form everything what could be a funny fight.
  4. In the Past there where the option to send everyhing around with teleporting. I am also not a fan of that but someone suggested that earlyer. Bevor it is like now i say yes even to teleporting, but better way in my opinion is what i have suggested. Perks: Why Perk this would just coast 400 dublones more: Take Perk send fleet reset perks for getting your combatabilitys back... or if you have to keep the perk until your stuff arives: Keep people away from fights... also not usefull. With other words those guys which have alts will use it more often than guys without alts. To have alt is big advantadge and doesnt need to be more suported like it is right now. So i am against a Perk. And fleet is just nessesary if you want to travel with traders... so why should it be free? But to discust this i think another sugestion is whats needed. Plz stay on this idear in this thread. Thx
  5. Yes but it was A dramatic expensiv and B ur stuff is always delivered save. Result: No economic Warefare which some people are crying for. I dont like it so if there is no other possibility than yes but i dont like the Thourth that stuff gets teleported....
  6. i would more say: that hte stuff gets traveld when an ai ship docked at the port. SO not 20 Traders at one time. But cheap so everyone can just pay some ralis or and Dublones and get his Recaurces traveled. Escorting and stuff: Some negativ aspects the whole thing needs otherwise you will just escort them with like wasa which can catch every tradeship... It should be a fire and be happy when it arives thing. So you can spend time on other things. Ant that you talked to traders which have enough stuff to fill 20 SHips is nice but those players arend migority on the server. So i think more about usual players. Guys which call themself Traders will mostly not go into PVP anyway...
  7. Why should you escourt your goods? Than you can travel them by your own??? So my sugestionis very basic and doesnt coast much servercapacity. Basic: U dont know which traders is your trader. If you want to make sure he gets thourgt it you can just drive coast guard actions. 10 Activ traders... let me guess LGVs not indiamans lets round a bit up 2000 Capacity. if you mine just rare logs like teak, WO or lo you get nearly 700 logs if you collect once per day. so at the same time could be traveld lets round a bit down 3 cargo deliverys. Times 10 makes 30 People getting there stuff in lets say 30mins. On Primetime online numbers is like 600. and on other timezones are playing diffrent players. This is not gonna work. Unlimited traders its just AI they can use the usual AI Routes so why limit it? If to much players want to have stuff delivered take usual AI traders and let them go into a port or dissaper on the open world if no one is in sight of them? Better that way than to have a wayting list...
  8. @Stars and Stripes Your informations is Fals. I am Leader of Scum which is one of the Smallest clans in the Russian nation. What do you think will players do when they are ingame and dont need to waist there time on boring travels any more? Sit in habours do nothing while logged in? How do you build your ships? Let me guess: You just buy them?`Or do you travel materials yourself? The Point is that those so called fights are desided bevor they even begun. If you catch some Ai traders which travel player materials those players will come out and try to Protect there Treaderfleet. I think in total this idear is good. If you want to do some PVP and encurage new players for PVP they need to have the Ability even with less Playtime to build up Ships. That would garant this. You will still have Players which do missions for grinding some money. You will still have players which try to keep there waters clean of hunting guys/groups caurse they want to get there materials and not the messadge we are sorry to inform you, but ur Cargo was lost. Enyurading new players into PVP: Expieierenced players take newcommers with them send them for Ai traders in the Hope that the enemy coast guard will be informed and try to intercept them. In gerneral if you lose less time doing trade runs you can hunt more, go into PVP area Do RVR or real actions. For u it might be funny to sink Traders but u need to see the other side as well. Other side is a Player which will be demotivated caurse he lose his ability to reproduce ships. Ships which he need to do real PVP... I think you are underastimationg a lot of things caurse you just watch from your Perspectiv. I hunt also 50% of the time alown. When i catch a Player in a Trinco with 2 fleet indiamans for example i let the Indiamans go caurse its his abiliity to reporduce ships and give me more fun in (i am sorry but i need to call this still) real fights. Reason for me to not go that often o Patrole area is a lot of ganking in there. ANd when i assume the time to travel those materials or just hunt open water i prefer the last option caurse there i have the Opertunity to run. It might take some gamefun away but encuradge more People to do PVP instead of just looking that they keep the small recaurces they have together in case they need to defend a port or something impoprtant where they need to have a Good ship for. Yome on you need to see this from both sides. When you are in the Trader do you enjoy the game in that fight? Let me guess: No. so why should you not take the fraking boring Trader stuff away and take more guysinto PVP, RVR, Patrolezones etc? I think 1 mager problem, wehen you start that game is the Imens amount of time you need to spent until you have a working infra structure, This Suggestion would bring new players to get over it and use there mostly limited time they spend ingame to do something usefull.
  9. The Idear is good but i have some concerns: Alt abusing Players which fine the Goods better than the Payment of travel them So in a Perfect world Yes like thae game is right now: No.
  10. well at least i have hope caurse it would realy improve live on naval action servers.
  11. And why you want to limit this? I mean this is than just giving advantadge to players with alts....
  12. U need to undertand him this would take away any chance of him to get combatmedals. Why should you be able to jump to it? I mean you giove the Transport order to anonther NPC capitain.
  13. I have another idear btw that. Take away the capitol area and make a bigger circle where defenders have double BR what can join. This is still a PVP Server. But i think those suggestions should be added in another thread.
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