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  1. I would suggest: 1 port is caüital (uncaptureable) and remove all dam reinforcmen/capital zones! in Thos capitals 50% more lh needed for whatever, but u should create all resaurces there. no more stupid traderuns but a bit more expensiv...
  2. loool euro isnt Ruble Rättvizan cost in russia like 7 to 8 Usdollars... (incredible expensiv just for not Russians....)
  3. i have logged of and on 1 min bevor my first post.
  4. Steam isnt down. i can loggin there. it is something with the gameservers.
  5. so a bug? caurse it wasnt like this. 1 ship survived. as you saw in a video....
  6. Hey i just want to know if you (devs) consider this as a bug or will this be like this?
  7. he did no damadge so he didnt got that kill. i had once or twice the same problem. i think thats a bug....
  8. requestion for all players: when did you cap the last trader with cummon not just for use stuff and keep it? ok rethorical question... I think this will save a lot of time (hopfully).
  9. One question: ai shiprouts you could just do no whipe nessesarry. why not do all that in front than call ONE wipe check it by speeding infra structure up (start with like a million and look for those who have in minutes 20 millions) + if no one have materials: life oak, white oak and teak is gona be a race to it. some nations like russia, prussia and poland need to capture towns bevor they (we) can at least set up mines and facilitys... so with the realese we all join gb? Wait 95% of all players are gb right now?
  10. what you from my point of few underastimat is the fact, that new players are missing like know how (manual sailing etc) so objusly by killing xp you just force some players to redo there stuff. while those guys which join that game later will be told take care of yourself i need to manage my stuff first... I think its better to get a helping hand from a way furter standing community than that every one is just carring for himself. Material/Recaurces: whipe all start same (some players have the time to farm 10h a day others done) so at least you piss of your tester and ask them in the same sentence to keep on testing? lets see what we still have in a week than i deside if i just wait full realese, or if i still have fun.
  11. i would think in thutch situations both should be lost. there is no ship you can hold on so why should they not sink in total?
  12. F11 report: NAB-87745 At the end of the Carriacou PB I was in boarding with an enemy Bucentaur. We were both down to zero structure and armour, he had zero morale in the boarding, and I had all but won the boarding. However both ships were under water and technically sunk, but for the boariding. It was just before the timer ran out on the battle, and as soon as the Battle Over-message appeared we both, I assume, pressed to leave the battle. After leaving battle I was told by remaining players that my ship was sunk. Meanwhile the Bucentaur escaped the battle and was able to sail back to port. Somehow the server registered his leaving before my leaving, but for all intents and purposes we must have left at the same time. It makes no sense that this server RNG or ping, should decide whose ship survive battle. Given that we both were technically dead, it would make sense both players loosing our ships, but alternatively, since both were still alive at Battle Over, we should both keep our ships. In either case, it should be the same outcome for both players. RNG/ping deciding this is just unfair and bad gameplay. So ether both or no one should lose a ship this way. I would like to have mine back. greetings
  13. epic loot is bad. You should make it worth it. But even with good players there is always a risk. And PvP should also have bigger loot (realis*4?).
  14. NAS-1050769 connection test. NAS-1050783 crash report. after Patch i was able to play like 2 hours....
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