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  1. There should be still a way to get a Coallied HDF killing... Exploiting is just that the guys can join on the AI side and just collect the LOOT (Chests and Flags).
  2. That means if a clan doesnt want to do that S***** B*** S*** PVE Portbattles they just need to invest 1 point in that Port?
  3. NAS-1428610 Thats the connection Test. I had again like 10 mins till i was reconnected. Got Pushed into login Screen once.
  4. Sry guys: My post is fare away from topic... I thourgt u meant Naval action. That happens while the FOrum isnt Splittet and the names are simular. Cheers Enjoy.
  5. Rofl u can kill them By: Staying upwind, Shielding the Fokus targets, Dissengadge if heavy damadged, Repair and go for it again. Its just AI we are talking about. Upwind downwind: Full sails...
  6. Teleport zum Portbattle würde das problem lösen. Aktuell siehts so aus, dass fast jeder gute bis sehr gute spielr einfach 2 accounts hat einen im Screening einen im PB...
  7. pve server... rofl... so we know where that thing is comming from...
  8. when i wrote the Bugreport like 15 mins bevor that around maybee 20 mins.
  9. NAB-102886 So i had the same issues again. U asked for a connectivity test. How to and where did i find that. I was logged in when i had like half centre structure left and just 400 crew. I am seriusly asking what went wrong. Entering Battle Takes Ages if i had a disco. I would like to get an answer i was looking now for it till 5 mins i tryed it in the Steam Options there is nothing shown. I searched the Gamefiles... nothing. Tell me where to find the connectivity thing and i will do it imidiatly bevor i try to restart the game next time but so far i am Upseat about the answeres
  10. Workaround which was working in that case: Take the flag in a port and pull it into the inventar. Than it was bounded on my character
  11. Nope the other flag u see on that screenshoot is bounded instantly. I sould have traded that flag to another player just to see if thats a possible bug... Sad... when it happens again i will do that.
  12. so i wass puting it into my hold than it shows that i am the Owner
  13. from a Raider fleet ship which was looted by 2 guys... I got the Stuff but the other see it as well.
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