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  1. Not even close. 57 victories. All missions complete. All gone.
  2. Okay. Got the New updates. ++Happy. Now the bad part. I have spent several months with the goal of winning all the Academy scenarios. I did. I got the update, and they are ALL GONE. Every Victory, Every ship. How do I get them back? I'll be honest. There are several scenarios that I did not like and I have no desire to play them again. I spent many hours to achieve my goal, and I did it. But I don't want to play several of these scenarios over and over and over and over again until I win. BTW: in the last iteration, the Computer got to look at my designs and adapt it's
  3. I can't build a ship to those specifications. Battleship III carries nothing but engines at speed 29. Certainly not 7 inch secondary batteries.
  4. The last update does indeed make life easier for the computer raiders.
  5. Sorry. Raiders I face typically have 11 inch or bigger guns, and at 20kts they'll just hover out of range and time me out.
  6. UNFIXED PROBLEMS Diesel Engines do not need boilers, but in the Ship designer, I need boilers and funnels equivalent to steam engines. There are some engine configurations where it's impossible to have enough funnel capacity. A ship traveling in a straight line offers no difference in target difficulty due to speed. Delta-V is significant, V is not. Change in vector is more significant in any case. Why won't you tell me the enemy's course and speed? if a ship can be seen, it is pretty easy to calculate their course and speed, but not on a 2D screen. If my enemy is t
  7. Is is the design intent of this scenario to limit the human player to black powder explosives only? If so, it joins my growing list of unwinnable scenarios. I have had my ships exhaust their ammo. score hundreds of hits, and do little damage.
  8. I have played this scenario about 20 times. I am 0-20. I think it is brutal and cruel. Totally unbalanced. I am supposed to build "a number" of 1900 era ships to defend 2 transports. The most tonnage I have been able to build is 20,000 spread around 4 5,000 ton ships. The Raiders have 3 12,500 ton battlecruisers. Twice my displacement. Considering the performance of the Raiders, I believe they have 1920's tech. (Yeppers. I'm expected to sink 3 ships totaling twice my displacement and with a 20 year tech advantage.) A single big battleship may have 11 inch guns, but othe
  9. Just that. Why do I need big, heavy, expensive funnels for diesel engines? How is it that I can select both coal and semi-coal for diesel engines?
  10. Opened the Microsoft store ... There is no link to "Steam" but there is to a "Removed Steam" app. So what do I need to play? I can't get to the game at all. +++ungood
  11. Got the new update and found to my horror that: You removed the option for future versions to adjust game difficulty levels You eliminated my history, so I have to start the academy all over from the beginning You made the scenarios more difficult You removed options from the players IMHO, you made the game worse, not better
  12. One thing I find bemusing is when I design a cruiser action after WWI, and my enemy always has 9 inch guns on its cruisers. For all the kerfuffle about historicity, I would think the AI would be required to follow the Washington Naval Treaty and limit it's cruisers to guns of 8 inches or less.
  13. Being able to build a library of ships would be very beneficial. The idea is that I can create a battle between the ships I have designed, and put in a library, without having to design ships for each battle. This idea segues into a library of historical ships. It might be interesting, and fun, to see the Nagato fight the Bismarck, or have a fleet action of Germany versus Japan in each WWI and WWII. (Think: The Germans did not have to give up the Marshall Islands after WWI and needed to defend them during WWII.) I really want to see the HMS Dreadnought against a late WWII Bal
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