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  1. If I select a diesel engine, I must either used an enormous number of funnels of induced boilers to get top engine efficiently. A diesel engine should have boilers greyed out. They are not needed. Engine efficiency should be 100% with any funnel. It is possible to select coal as a fuel for a diesel engine. Only oil should be allowed as a fuel for Diesels.
  2. The technical superiority of the diesel, as I understand it, is that Steam engines are vastly more efficient, easier to build and easier to operate. The problem is their fuel. Hot Steam is the fuel of a steam engine, the hotter the better. To use a steam engine, you must carry with you a way to make fuel. This is usually done by burning something, like coal, and using that heat to vaporize water. Steam gets hotter if it's under more pressure. The extra reinforcement needed to handle this pressure means more weight in the "fuel refinement plant" aka the boiler. While the energy losses of the hot steam in the engine, i.e. potential energy of the steam versus actual output in power anr small, the energy losses of the fuel burned to heat water are enormous. When you have a nuclear kettle providing vast amounts of heat very efficiently, that heat can be used to generate steam, and the steam engine becomes the most wonderful engine there is. A diesel engine can use diesel fuel, already refined. It's the more efficient fuel, not the more efficient engine, that rules the day here.
  3. I've used the "bug" button a couple of times now.
  4. There have been 6 major updates to an alpha version. My software seems glitchy. It does not perform as people on this forum say it should, so I asked for a "replacement" copy, to do a full uninstall/reinstall. my response from Xsolla: Elly (Xsolla Inc.) May 17, 2020, 3:33:45 PM GMT+5 Hello, You have reached Xsolla support. As Xsolla is a platform for the monetization and optimization of global video games, we're unable to provide game support. If you have a question about any gaming issue, please contact the game support. You can find the contact information on the main page of the game. We sincerely hope they can resolve their issue. Thank you for contacting Xsolla. Customer Service Supervisor I would like a "new" copy as my software is not performing properly.
  5. To be blunt. I am not the least bit interested in a campaign if it is a string of "Academy" style missions where I am nothing but a punching bag for the computer. I already have a designer interface that is very difficult to use. I want to design ships, not master an arcane, undocumented interface. The tactical interface hardly merits the name interface. No "big picture," no course or speed of the enemy (mouse over the enemy ship and get range and hit %. no speed) Even when I have full identity of the enemy ship, I know it's top speed, not it's current speed. Right now, in order to get play balance, I take a 10 year technical advantage. I'm pretty sure I won't get that in the campaign.
  6. Is it possible to set victory conditions in the user designed games? If I play a lone battlecruiser against 4 cruisers and 8 transports, the computer will attack me with the transports. I've noticed the computer will bansi charge the human with smaller to larger ships.
  7. Academy missions should have a setting: hard, balanced, easy. Tough missions to test you. Balanced missions for practice, easy missions for fun. As it is now, the Academy is just resources wasted on unplayable missions. I've played 50. I've won 2. If I'm experienced enough to have played 45 missions, I should be getting some more successes. If the academy missions are just Kobayashi Maru tests, stop making more. I don't count the missions where the computer scored a super-critical hit from over the horizon and blasts me to davy jones locker in the first 30 game seconds. (The computer scores the first hit in 98% of my missions.) the academy is now ++unfun.
  8. When I try to arrange turrets En Echelon, I always get a Starboard offset 100%. The design wont launch Earlier versions placed pairs of secondary turrets. Now I have to place each turret. If I'm a few pixels off, I get a weight offset. More information is needed to avoid these offsets.
  9. Look, guys: I expect a lag between when I issue a course change and when the ship starts to move, but ordering "hard over" is pretty difficult. As in: if you use a waypoint, it's pretty common for the order to be ignored. If you use the rudder control, you may, once in a while, get what you order. Rudder control needs to be better. I'd like to key in numbers rather than use the slider. BTW: If i'm attacked by torpedoes, the AI will not move to dodge.
  10. When I try to set my weapons to normal or aggressive (etc.) I get a scroll of red letters down the left part of my screen. I haven't been able to get a screen shot, but one statement repeated often is "Divisor = 0" I know that only Chuck Norris can divide by zero, so maybe there is a problem here. I'd really like to do a full re-install from a fresh copy.
  11. Full documentation, i.e. a useful help file, for the designer. Let the players know about all the features, and how to use them. In the Battle interface: There needs to be full documentation of how the battle interface works. There needs to be an easily accessible button to order a ship to evade torpedoes. I'd put it right next to the smokescreen button. To the left of the pause button will be a button that pauses the action and moves out so that all ships are visible. Next to each ship will be an arrow showing the direction the ship is headed, and next to the arrow, the ship's speed. The player may also put her cursor on a ship and have all range bands shown for that ship. A feature to record the battle, so that the player may play it back The screenshot (F11) feature in the interface is not very good. It leaves out a lot of detail. Using window screen saver can be problematic. If you use the "Windowed" option, your screen shot shows what's on the Monitor, not what's in the window. The play balance for the academy sucks. This needs a complete re-work. Also, players should be able to start with an academy mission and modify the parameters. Right now, in the academy, the computer hits first 98% of the time. The computer scores hits over the player at a ratio of 100 to 1 or more. Do have your testers work on playability and balance.
  12. I can't reproduce the design you have. I am not allowed to put a main gun turret on the rear tower barbette. I can't choose between marks of gun. I can choose dual turrets. If I select one funnel, even the biggest funnel, I get about 60% engine efficiency. Q turrets are problematic for me. They never seem to be able to bear. My 8 inch guns are in the center of my ship, 4 inch guns are at the bow and stern. Your design is better than mine. My ship designer won't create it.
  13. How about this: Assume the human has a legitimate issue and stop asking for an impossible-to-obtain video of what happened? You can't repeat/ the action, unless you're a youtuber and have everything recorded. I don't know many people who have that kind of bandwidth. I have similar results. The Computer scores hundreds of hits, I score maybe a dozen. What were you firing at? It often doesn't matter. The computer snaps MY target selection off the closest ships and shifts it to the battleships. No, I don't have video. At what range? Until the enemy is identified, you don't get that information unless you try to put your cursor on the blip that might be the enemy. At what speed were you going? Only question I can answer. Usually Cruise. What speed did the target have? Never given. speed and heading of the enemy is not listed until the enemy is identified. I haven't lasted that long yet. How was the sea-state? Same as the enemies. Non-sequitur and moot Did you maneuver your ship? Can't answer this for the enemy. Trying to maneuver is problematic at best. The computer simply ignores your orders to maneuver. Note: This is not "there is some lag time" This is "the little white dot snaps back to where it was before I attempted to maneuver." Did you switch targets? The computer often does not allow me to switch targets. I keep trying to target the destroyers closing to torpedo range. What type of directors did you have? The typical answer is "best available." If the computer is outscoring the human hundreds to one, the error is not with the human. Maybe you should put in a feature where the game automatically creates and saves a log that can be "copied and pasted" to the forum. Yes, friends I consider the request for a screenshot quite the same as saying: Your a liar, prove otherwise.
  14. I am plopped into the battle at different ranges. Most of the time, the enemy is shooting at me before I can look over my ships. OR If I don't aggressively close with the enemy, I lose sight of the enemy and lose the battle. I'd like to go for a parallel course, but, as I can't get a fleet context, that's impossible. Ever notice how you don't get a heading or speed on enemy ships? I never get to execute a maneuver. I understand that Battleships turn in a leisurely manner, but mine get torpedoed before I even get a context of the battle. Inside of 24 minutes, I'm dead. I never know if the enemy is moving in a parallel course, closing in or opening range. There is no way for me to pick my formation, much less try to position myself for an advantage. I can't zoom out far enough to get a context, I get no information on speed or direction of the enemy ships. I learned to calculate range and bearing when I was 14, but I can't do it on a video screen. As the enemy hits me about 100 to 1, or more, the rest of your points, sadly, are moot. Practicing becomes more and more difficult when I'm nothing but a punching bag. See "Meet the American Battleships."
  15. Played Meet the American Battleships 4 times. To account for confirmation bias, I had the AI play the AI. Above is the Chinese warrior. The Americans won all 4 times. The longest the Chinese lasted was to 1:36. Battle 1 Over at 1:36. Americans hit first. Chinese battleships sunk by torpedoes. Americans scored 616 hits. Chinese: 4 hits. Battle 2: Over at 1:43. Americans hit first. Chinese battleships sunk by torpedoes. Americans scored 616 hits. Chinese scored 4 hits. Battle 3: Over at 1:43. Americans hit first. Chinese battleships sunk by torpedoes. Americans scored 112 hits. Chinese scored 2 hits. Battle 4: Over at 1:43. Americans hit first. Chinese battleships sunk by torpedoes. Americans scored 444 hits. Chinese scored 6 hits. I think this illustrates pretty well how one-sided this scenario is. And how one-sided combat is, in general. The Chinese ships can't score hits. They can't protect themselves from the American destroyers. The same AI is running both fleets. It's not due to the inability of the human player to play. It's playing against loaded dice. Oh, but I was able to win this scenario!! How? What difference does it make when the "human" side can't score any hits? The world wonders.
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