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  1. I am a very early backer and have played this game on several platforms, through many revisions and upgrades. In October I completed the last "Academy" mission. I have not had any trouble with any of the previous versions. I played with the graphics on their highest (beautiful) setting, no problem. I upgraded windows 10 to Windows 11. No problem. As I stated before, I can open the game, but then I can't do anything. The display is bigger than my screen, and I have no cursor on the screen. I have no choice of display size in the settings. I HAVE A TOTALLY USELESS GAME. I hav
  2. Where do I get a fresh, clean copy of the game to download? I am one of the original customers. It has lasted me through 3 different platforms. I'm sure I don't have the original file. Again I had won all the Academy scenarios, using the very top end graphics, etc. I put in many hours, loved the game. The latest update erased all my history, then the first "patch" has made it totally unplayable. I'll do a reinstall after purging all the residuals, but I'd like something in (virtual) writing that I have a EULA for a working copy of this game.
  3. Upon opening, the display of my version of Ultimate Admiral Dreadnaughts it too large for my physical screen. This has been an ongoing problem. Now, I can't see the cursor, either from my mouse or my touchpad. I don't know what settings are being used, because all I get is the opening screen, or rather, the 80% of the display my screen will show.
  4. Early BBs had watch towers, not radio towers. 30 meters/90 feet is a good approximation. While serving, I was told the distance a light could be seen was 60 miles. Numbers aside, the game does not provide anything like the whole area for a small fleet engagement. The ocean is big, ships are small, but they can see a long way.
  5. At night, light from a match can be seen from the Horizon. A Battleship has towers as much as 30 meters above the water line. BB to BB were often sighted at over 60 nautical miles. Running silent, Submariners could hear surface ships miles away. My brother was on duty when the Iowa was bombarding Irag. They heard the 16 inchers, under water, over 100 miles away. Of course, hitting something is a lot different than seeing it.
  6. I have rather scant information on why triple turrets have to suffer a penalty. There was no mention of triple turrets having problems in WWI or later. KGV, Dunkirk and Richelieu seemed to have had teething problems, but little or nothing after that. Even so, there seems to be a penalty assessed if you stray from the 2-gun turret, two turrets fore and two turrets aft configuration.
  7. A lot of this could be fixed it the developers would give players a "strategic" viewer and let us paltry humans have context information, IE the big picture. Until then there is no campaign. The AI has this information.
  8. As I have mentioned before, I am unable to adjust the size of the Display for UA-D. The display is larger than my physical screen, and I can't move the display. Therefore, several controls are not available to me. I can't play the game. There is no setting I can find that lets me play with a smaller display. Please tell me how to make the display about 7/8 the size itis now.
  9. I have the updated version, and I'm now running Windows 11. I am not on steam. Device name LAPTOP-R1ON4IKO Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-1135G7 @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz Installed RAM 8.00 GB (7.65 GB usable) Device ID FE3DE794-D7C4-4A97-9EA3-8929D6C3B08C Product ID 00325-82007-60228-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display Now I have played since the initial release. Initially after the new version, I got one screen size and only 2/3 of the screen would app
  10. I updated to Windows 11. Now my curser won't show up on the UA:D screen at all. I can't even click the "Click to continue" button.
  11. We should have that plot. Jellico could stand pn the bridge and get a concept of where things were. I can't do this on a 15 inch screen in 2 dimensions.
  12. How many others report this? There aren't many people on this forum. How many have just walked away? The graphics of this Game have outweighed it's playability for the last 3 revisions. NO CONTEXT. As the leader of a multi-division fleet, I have no view that shows all my ships relative to each other. I should also be able to locate "enemy" ships I can see or detect on RDF/RADAR. I have very scant way to use any tactics. Remember those scenes on "Sink the Bismarck" where Convoys were plotted on a map that showed the entire GIUK part of the North Sea. Yes, I want a 500 knot diamet
  13. I am not running Steam. I am not a big fan of Steam, as they tend to sell my information. I can't reduce or minimize any of my screens, so I have no clue as to what stresses are on my resources. I am only offered one screen size. (I am curious as to why this seems to be referred to as "resolution." Resolution is usually expressed as pixels per square inch or pixels per square centimeters.) I am unfamiliar with the other acronyms you mentioned. If they relate to apps, I'll try them out, but I need to know where I can find them. (Sorry, but I trust both Google and Bing to direct
  14. Let's start: You erased all my Naval Academy progress. This issue has been brought up before. I am aware of your excuses. Fix it. Of 57 scenarios, about a dozen were fun. The very least you could do was save the data that says the player won the scenarios and allow the player access to all the scenarios. My version is horribly slow. This was never a problem before. I ran this game on it's top settings, the most "resource intense" settings before, no issues. I ran this game with two big fleets at 30xspeed, no issues. Guess what? I'm not buying a new laptop because you
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