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  1. One thing I find bemusing is when I design a cruiser action after WWI, and my enemy always has 9 inch guns on its cruisers. For all the kerfuffle about historicity, I would think the AI would be required to follow the Washington Naval Treaty and limit it's cruisers to guns of 8 inches or less.
  2. Being able to build a library of ships would be very beneficial. The idea is that I can create a battle between the ships I have designed, and put in a library, without having to design ships for each battle. This idea segues into a library of historical ships. It might be interesting, and fun, to see the Nagato fight the Bismarck, or have a fleet action of Germany versus Japan in each WWI and WWII. (Think: The Germans did not have to give up the Marshall Islands after WWI and needed to defend them during WWII.) I really want to see the HMS Dreadnought against a late WWII Bal
  3. It is irrelevant. If I have well protected combat ships, my psychic opponent is able to attack the transports before I even see his smoke. The first scenario I played, AI sank my cruiser on the first volley before I even saw an enemy. Second scenario: The AI blew my cruisers to splinters before I even saw an enemy. Third scenario: The AI pounded my battleships, 18 knots, 12 inch armor (Krupp II, best type) armed with 11 inch Mk. 3 guns, to splinters with 8 inch guns before my guns would fire. The AI controls when my ships fire, and won't open fire until I get the pongies
  4. You've obviously never played this game or scenario. Your comment is inappropriate and uncalled for.
  5. Sink the raiders is unplayable. It is still all too common for 9 inch armed CA's to sink BBs before the BBs even detect them or get a chance to fire back.
  6. Range and bearing of Target ships is still missing. It is still impossible to zoom out far enough to get a full context of the battle.
  7. If I select a diesel engine, I must either used an enormous number of funnels of induced boilers to get top engine efficiently. A diesel engine should have boilers greyed out. They are not needed. Engine efficiency should be 100% with any funnel. It is possible to select coal as a fuel for a diesel engine. Only oil should be allowed as a fuel for Diesels.
  8. The technical superiority of the diesel, as I understand it, is that Steam engines are vastly more efficient, easier to build and easier to operate. The problem is their fuel. Hot Steam is the fuel of a steam engine, the hotter the better. To use a steam engine, you must carry with you a way to make fuel. This is usually done by burning something, like coal, and using that heat to vaporize water. Steam gets hotter if it's under more pressure. The extra reinforcement needed to handle this pressure means more weight in the "fuel refinement plant" aka the boiler. While the energy losses of
  9. I've used the "bug" button a couple of times now.
  10. There have been 6 major updates to an alpha version. My software seems glitchy. It does not perform as people on this forum say it should, so I asked for a "replacement" copy, to do a full uninstall/reinstall. my response from Xsolla: Elly (Xsolla Inc.) May 17, 2020, 3:33:45 PM GMT+5 Hello, You have reached Xsolla support. As Xsolla is a platform for the monetization and optimization of global video games, we're unable to provide game support. If you have a question about any gaming issue, please contact the game support. You can fi
  11. To be blunt. I am not the least bit interested in a campaign if it is a string of "Academy" style missions where I am nothing but a punching bag for the computer. I already have a designer interface that is very difficult to use. I want to design ships, not master an arcane, undocumented interface. The tactical interface hardly merits the name interface. No "big picture," no course or speed of the enemy (mouse over the enemy ship and get range and hit %. no speed) Even when I have full identity of the enemy ship, I know it's top speed, not it's current speed. Right now, in
  12. Is it possible to set victory conditions in the user designed games? If I play a lone battlecruiser against 4 cruisers and 8 transports, the computer will attack me with the transports. I've noticed the computer will bansi charge the human with smaller to larger ships.
  13. Academy missions should have a setting: hard, balanced, easy. Tough missions to test you. Balanced missions for practice, easy missions for fun. As it is now, the Academy is just resources wasted on unplayable missions. I've played 50. I've won 2. If I'm experienced enough to have played 45 missions, I should be getting some more successes. If the academy missions are just Kobayashi Maru tests, stop making more. I don't count the missions where the computer scored a super-critical hit from over the horizon and blasts me to davy jones locker in the first 30 game seconds. (The com
  14. When I try to arrange turrets En Echelon, I always get a Starboard offset 100%. The design wont launch Earlier versions placed pairs of secondary turrets. Now I have to place each turret. If I'm a few pixels off, I get a weight offset. More information is needed to avoid these offsets.
  15. Look, guys: I expect a lag between when I issue a course change and when the ship starts to move, but ordering "hard over" is pretty difficult. As in: if you use a waypoint, it's pretty common for the order to be ignored. If you use the rudder control, you may, once in a while, get what you order. Rudder control needs to be better. I'd like to key in numbers rather than use the slider. BTW: If i'm attacked by torpedoes, the AI will not move to dodge.
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