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  1. On behalf of all of players who chose the PVE server because we just cannot invest more than a few hours a week in the game, please revert back to having all RAIDER attacks on clan owned ports populate on Friday for the following 7 days as it used to be. Furthermore make it so that there will be a minimum of 48 hours between the time the RAIDER attacks are populated and the first attack happens. Perhaps even make it so all RAIDER attacks occur on weekends. Due to real life demands and obligations there are a great many PVE players that just cannot log onto the game each and every day to see if
  2. Would like to have the ability to fight from 3rd person perspective. Wondering if we could get the ability to target an enemy ship and fire on it from the 3rd person, zoomed out view. Perhaps a simple method of clicking the enemy ship you are targeting, along with a set of brackets projecting from the ship in 3rd person view, similar to the aiming brackets when in deck view. Bracket firing arc could remain grayed out until guns are aligned with the target at which point the bracket would turn green. Player still fire manually using either spacebar, left mouse or bracket keys.
  3. At the New Smyrna defense week before last we defended against the Raider AI attacking fleet. Per the original post explaining the mechanics if the Raider attack and how to defeat them, part of which I have quoted above, we did exactly what that post said to win. And we still lost. 1) We sunk every one of the enemy trader ships before they ever got near a capture circle. According to the what the developers wrote, this should have been enough to win, since the enemy requires 1000 points for victory and the remaining warships, all Essex, could only generate 270 points total even if the ya
  4. Precisely Texas. Someone gets it. Keep the zones as are and make the gulf a PVE zone as once planned. Finding the balance for those that want to be hard core full time PVP'ers and those that prefer a more casual play experience is going to be key to keeping game alive and players coming back. And we all know those "Safe Zones" around capitals are not at all that, as Chris knows all too well. They are the favorite hunting grounds for PVP'ers to prey on noobs and casuals for easy rewards. Balance is the key.
  5. Yeah the guy just being a prick, using any game mechanic he can to just waste peoples time. He has no honor. Guess he gets a laugh out of it. Never seen him do anything in any battle but run around in fast 6th rate ships staying just out of range. Rarely fires a shot if at all.
  6. I don't understand why we need the new currency"s, other than the historical accuracy perhaps. And I belive most currency of the time, regardless of the nation that minted it, used Gold, Silver and Copper to do it. Adding actual national denominations Seems like it will complicate the economy unnecessarily. Using Gold and Silver and Copper is simple and easy to utilize.
  7. Heel and sideslip thru water are too much at the moment. Estimated that the Constitution in game when at full sail on a beam wind is traveling a meter sideways for every 2 - 3 meters forward. And most ships heel so badly even at battle and dead slow sail that cannon cant be brought to bear on target without depowering. This should not happen except at full sail or maybe half. But certainly not at battle sail and below.
  8. Bucentaure stern has always seemed overly fragile to me. Takes crew losses thru stern like no other ship.
  9. Currently most ships in the game cannot be turned through the wind without ending up in reverse no matter what you do. The exception being the really light wood builds. At the same time most of them transition from forward to reverse instantly and accelerate in reverse at a rate equal to or faster than they do forward. This shouldn't happen due to hull design and the hydraulic forces applied to the hull by the water. It seems the force being applied to yard sails and stays is way out of realistic proportions. Consider that sails on yards would not generate the same force when catching the wind
  10. Need a "Carribean" server map reset with this merge so the clans being moved from Global have the same opportunity to capture some neutral OPs without having to be at the mercy of owning nations 2 hour PB window, which will very obviously be set to benefit their prime time. This is only fair, since it is how all clans began under this new conquest model.
  11. Allowing the owner of a port to dictate when they can be attacked and limiting it to a 2-3 hour window, which they of course can set for the middle of the damn night when the attacking nation players might attack is nonsense. In the real world the attacker chooses when and where to attack and the defender just has to try to predict and prepare. If latency on the "carribean" server is as bad as it has always been when playing from CONUS it most certainly will, not be enjoyable for half of the globe. Wont continue to play a game where half my broadsides miss because the ship I am shooting
  12. Like to see the ability to generate hostility from attacking Open World NPC fleets and traders brought back. The Hostility Missions are okay. But is very monotonous. And during those time of day when most are busy doing other things, or are not online, it would be great to still have the ability to generate hostility when you can only gather a couple of players or are solo. Additionally, would like to see a mix of enemy NPC ships in Hostility missions, not just all one type of one rate. Perhaps base it off of total BR. Bottom line is, give us options that work for everything fro
  13. Because without some PVE on a map this big with even an average 500 player peak pop you would have a hard time finding anything to fight. This is not World of Warships 1800.
  14. 1) Just keep Open World AI fleets roaming around so players who's game time and schedule don't permit them to participate in conquest have something to fight other than traders. 2) Increase the XP and gold rewards for hunting OW fleets. No point spending hours sailing around hunting fleets when you can get as much or more gold and XP doing mission right outside your capital. 2) Don't make participation in Port Battles a factor for obtaining anything a player needs to have the biggest and best ships they can get. 3) Don't limit hostility generating missions to local neighboring r
  15. Slow down OW AI fleets just a bit please. Seems they all are fir, fir until ya get them in battle. Would prefer not to have to pursue them for 10 minutes to close in enough to tag.
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