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  1. well, you know, devs are going to say that it's normal for 2lb gun to penetrate Ocean hull at 100m..... first half of 2020 develeopment: New ships Redoutable - Imported ship (this month subject to Valve Approval) Implacable - crafted ship (this month) Wrecker - crafted ship (February) HMS Victory Classic Edition - Admiralty Imported Gift ship 1st half of 2020 Rotterdam - Combat Indiaman 1st half of 2020 Gross ventre refit will return this or next month Pandora will become available
  2. Actually tried boarding USS with the same Aga and results were also different, i got near 70+ kills by salvo, it is really strange in mechanics to understnads as "base values" are not shown, that a point we could fix right ? Is it possible that number of decks or the type of ships influence the accuracy of muskets then? the idea to make a separate window fo boarding crew could be a good point isn't it ?
  3. this mechanic is clearly not reliable anymore, same ship, same knowledge, against a LGV again; got like 15% more accuracy ? it is also said " muskets efficiency depends on NUMBERS AND QUAILITY of the muskets" and thus not depends on damage inflicted... So NUMBERS * QUALITY = damage inflicted to crew ex here= 365 muskets * 0.53 (redoutable muskets + shooting tome + boarding cannons) = nearly 180 crew killed. Mathematical logic. this number can ofc be lowered by AI boarding skills ans a few randomness (to count "reality" onboard -let's s
  4. here is my first set-up for today Agammemnon vs LGV upgrades: total number of muskets: 361 knowledges: -book of five rings -Marines 15 -Shooting -Boarding cannons. First round 29 crew killed; ACCURACY: 29/361 = 0.08 = 8% Second round: 28 crew killed; ACCURACY 28/347 = 0.08= 8% and 3rd round: 27 crew killed; ACCURACY 27/326 = 0.082 = 8.2% last round 26 crew killed; ACCURACY 26/323 = 0.08 = 8% all upgrades nad knowledges has been taken to improve musket accuracy and as you can see, poor results
  5. then that a thing i said to be done, show base values in UI window like the ship one ... and as i said, i tesetes the best musekt configuration in-game, and i always got 16% accuracy... there is something i clearly don't understand here when you say damage/accuracy system. One hit will kill 1 crew right ? It won't kill 1.6 crew that has no sense, there is no wounded system yet so what's the difference between them ? only count the accuracy and number of muskets onboard right ? i will check ingame mechanics and different configuration
  6. actually there is a lot of things about boarding that are missing, musketry system is one (big) point, but also for the deck guns, there is no infos on them, and the stats about boarding are missing too (like the basic musket accuracy taken as reference, deck guns numbers, accuracy) values of melee attack/defense not shown etc we discuused about musketry which is a big issue for me i guess, but maybe a UI improvment shwoing all stats about boarding (basic, upgrades, knowledge) just like the ship one is missing (the ship window showing all stats bout the ship) This could add a clear vie
  7. yeah, in my point half is maybe too little, especially if AI got 400% boarding buffs, one of those 2 points must be thought newly i guess ?
  8. defence stance syas all men are on the upper deck to defend against assault right ? so no (or very few) cover on the upper deck. Marines were trained to shoot from topsails and ladders right ? where do you see "lot of cover" here ? (picture show the upper deck of Soleil Royal and the sight Marines could have in boarding) "miss the guy you are aiming for and either hit his horse or some guy next to him lol" same as in boarding, miss the guy you kill the guy next to him... so no point here and no, i don't see any difference, maybe in PvP server, dunno, but not against AI.
  9. yes i totally understand this, but why saying "redoutable musket accuracy is 40%" ? this is misconception then if total accuracy gets as bas ad 16%. it has been proven by scientific researches that even at sea accuracy was quite good ( see lord Nelson that paid the price...). why not putting "basic" accuracy a buff ? or why not jsut nerfing AI boarding ? and even talking about numbers, 100+ Marines, plus nearly 300 muskets, that makes almost 400 muskets firing, so hitting only 35 crew, is very few at close range. here is a proof of muskets accuracy of napoleonic wars aga
  10. this could be a good addition, but historically Redoutable and Implacable never were 2nd rates, even if they have their firepower... they are in the "74" category 😃 and I agree consti and uss could really fit 4th rates very well, wasa i don't know yet 😕
  11. be more precise please ? These are improvements that needs to be done if you don't want to propose something, no need to be toxic in this topic i guess
  12. Cornusiac.... French talleyrand in game.... looting PvP things in PvE server is useless, those 2 things have no values, no point of being in PvE ... if you like to loot lot of those things more than looting some intereseting guns / doubloons / notes .... my god
  13. INK said "Captain, in your example 60% is not an absolute total accuracy of muskets, this is a % value that applies to basic musket accuracy. So if you add 60% to a somewhat low sea musket accuracy of lets say 10% you will get (10%*1.6) 16% overall accuracy" Or, Redoutable muskets are not "basic muskets" right ? Best muskets in the game with maxed out muskets skills ( all upgrades and knowledge that improve musket accuracy) makes it at 16% overall accuracy... logic ? none. how can a "very accurate" musket can hit only 1 time on 10 ? the muskets upgrades should be taken as references
  14. I am in PvE server only, so i really have no clue for PvP =/ yeah i fact i runned for maxed muskets and i had this score set-up: -redoutable muskets -improved mast-tops (+10% accuracy) -marines 15 -shooting tome -boarding canons total muskets 284 In my last thread with INK, he said "Captain, in your example 60% is not an absolute total accuracy of muskets, this is a % value that applies to basic musket accuracy. So if you add 60% to a somewhat low sea musket accuracy of lets say 10% you will get (10%*1.6) 16% overall accuracy"
  15. As I want to improve boarding mechanics that are really strange, see this link: I would like to propse some easy mechanics that will improve greatly the boarding and the gameplay diversity. - First of all, as explained in the previous link (but not said directly), the overall accuracy of the muskets, whatever upgrades/knowledge, will NEVER exceed 16% max ... i tried it various times, and calculated it each times. with 230+ muskets, i get only 30/35 crew .... this is STUPID as hell, the best muskets in the game makes almost nothing... Solution: the upgrades values
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