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  1. Hellokittying spies and traitors also will find their exaltations under-represented.
  2. Feel invited to make price for a rare wood sort connected with interest in the playerbase, rather than 10.000 reals across the board for every rare wood. I am sure there is statistic material how much of each sort got sold. Some like crazy (african teak), some not much (italian larch). Now prices could get adjusted to that demand, manually or by automatism (program). Less bought wood dropping in port price, highly demanded wood raising in port price. All within reasonable parameters of course. For example port price never exceeding 15.000 reals as minimum bid. On the low end, never going below the original 3.000 reals. Player contracts will follow their own laws anyway.
  3. ... because he was willing to spend 40000 - 65000 reals per log. That is his choice, but not many will agree to spend that much for a Santisima. Which will one day sink just like any other Santisima.
  4. We have to look at the exotic RARE woods strictly as a luxury item. Just like in real world, "the rich" will be those who enjoy the luxuries the most. If you like it or not, that is the privilege of money to spend. However, we do not suffer really if we can't afford a rare wood ship every week. We will still have one of them, once a month perhaps. Depends how much we are desiring to own the "best" ships and are ready to do more trading for it, collecting money. Meanwhile we still have almost as good ships in regular wood, or even seasoned wood (not long ago that was the "best" everyone wanted), packed with port boni, and they will succeed in sinking enemy. I am also a bit shocked about new prices starting at 10.000 reals per log. But did the community not claim until recently "reals are worthless" and "there is nothing to buy for reals" or even "economy is dead"? Here you have a reason to empty your millions and billions' worth of money chest. Money got a new use. For an expensive hobby. Not for everyone. But nobody misses game content who cannot afford that de luxe hobby right now, or only with delay, needing more time until having collected enough logs.
  5. What else? You want them to become a common thing for everybody, in masses? Then why keep bermuda cedar, mahogany, teak, sabicu, locust, whiteoak, liveoak? Or even their seasoned versions? Wrong thinking by your part. They need to stay rare. All I am asking is a more democratic way of distribution, better spreading by wandering places, steady micro-ressource by breaking up admiralty ships (if you have no other source - slow but consistent if you invest lots of time searching for ships). Rarity itself needs to be maintained.
  6. The problem is, to find an equilibrum. On one side: exotic rare woods need to stay rare (or everything else is even less worth than it already is). Ships made of exotic woods are super-expensive and the exception. On the other side: the needs of the players (to have a reasonable chance to get access to exotic woods) need to be met, somehow. So nobody ragequits or writes bad steam reviews.
  7. The need to spend doubloons has been reduced in shipcrafting, so it appears only natural to me income in doubloons is getting decreased as well, or you get another inflation. Besides, there are still other sources for you. Missions in the first place. Weekly competitions. If you need doubloons for getting engaged into battling ships it seems you don't fight for fun, thrill, experience - which should be the main motivation in a game. Not 'farming'.
  8. We'd need a new kind of alt for that. The "port camper". And an alarm clock ringing every ten minutes for a shop check. Still waiting for third party software which automatizes port screening + buying activities.
  9. What became of - Malmoun Teak - Virginia Pine - Danzic Fir ? No spawning ports for them. Malabar teak also remains a mystery though I heard from a guy he is able to hoard it rare as it comes (?).
  10. Pay some attention to the age of my post, will you? Thank you. Things change over time.
  11. Crafting needs something exclusive to crafting. Exotic timbers is exactly that. Leave it this way. Making them optional for DLC ships just devalues them, and seasoned woods along with them. Everybody will again cry and complain about their "precious" ships becoming "obsolete". At this point it's just enerving, this "I want it all" attitude.
  12. Main game price is down 60 % now at steam summer sales - never was it cheaper to get an alt.
  13. Have you ever tried Raettvisan? Or is it hearsay gossip? Sure sounds like it is. Raettvisan is awesome.
  14. The idea was to make crafting great again. For your DLC you have the most easy access to seasoned woods of the universe. Should be enough.
  15. Players do not all share the same skill. Also not on PvE server. So it's also silly to claim woods don't matter on PvE. And what if I chose to fight 2, 3, x NPC? What if I chose to fight elite (any number again)? What if I chose to fight HomeDefenseFleet? Many options, many reasons to use quality wood of your preference. And this preference got now new choices, which I welcomed. PvP builds matter. PvE builds matter. We are all the same.
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