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  1. Boarding bug? So NPC playing clever is a bug? You just relied too much on your dusted schemata. Actually I think devs could perfect their AI behavior even more so, for teaching guys a lesson about not underestimating AI. Reminds me there were times when people thought chess computers were bound to lose as well, because of the "superiority" of the human mind per se.
  2. Composition of NE Raider fleets could be randomized, so people don't know too well in advance what is expecting them. Could range from less attackers to far more attackers than usual, additional Indiamen... Brings (unpleasant) surprises and attacks are taken more serious. From my experience in this game, one of the best talents of devs is in programming random events. So clueless community still has no golden rule how to anticipate what they want to see. Hence no exploit found in that field. So this entertaining unpredictability could be applied to NE Raider attacks too.
  3. Also it's a good idea if the time span between an annoucement of port getting targeted by NE Raiders and the actual event would be larger. Just for organizing something. Say three full days inbetween. Or defender would be given the opportunity to influence that attack event timing by paying (bribe/ransom?) to NE Raiders. Say, 100000 reals for each day the attack is postponed, top ports 1 million for each day's worth in delay.
  4. Exactly. For this it would be necessary the NE Raiders would come to PB over OW, which isn't happening. Don't know if you witnessed yet a NE Raider port attack so let me tell you they spawn right into battle instance at the appointed time (the way they also do it against AI governed ports on PvE Server). So no way to intercept them unless devs change the mechanic to an OW neutral fleet spawning at some distance and sailing to port. Or even two of them, as they attack in two columns. Would introduce a new nice task for scout ships to discover them and the attack direction as early as possible.
  5. True. And sad at the same time. Exploits being the first and last thing we have to consider whenever healthy ideas seem necessary for regulating excesses.
  6. Theoretically correct. If you are really having friends. Turned out my allies, primarily the biggest clan in France on PvE, are none of it but backstabbers when the opportunity arises and small clan isn't obedient. They sabotaged my calls for recapture on same afternoon, after maintenance when Carriacou had turned into neutral, so almost nobody showed up for hostility missions, and clandestinely prepared for taking port for themselves. End of friendship of course. And last thing I did was destroying my expensive whiteoak plantation so it does not fall into their hands. So much liberty I reserve to myself when treated like this.
  7. PvE: I advise also to make NE Raiders chose target ports according to clan size of defending side. Big clans usually have several ports and does not matter much if they get challenged. Make them prime targets. Small clans may have just one port and get utterly destroyed when for any reason (time of NE raiders attack, attitude of big clan extorting small clan into obedience "open your investing rights to us or we take your port ourselves after it went neutral" ^^) defenses don't get massed out. A workaround would have been international combined PB defense forces, but you did not listen to any argumentation in that direction.
  8. What Admin said about NPC attacks on PvP server <<Raiders will only attack most developed ports of top 3 nations (mix of investments and tax rate) >> seems to apply on PvE Peace Server too, because the very first attack on a human owned port was on Carriacou, which was a minor port owned by a one-man-clan. But I had generated lots of trade, exceeding major ports of the 55point category, plus a whiteoak planation must have raised attraction for NE Raiders striking there first. Lost.
  9. Since introduction of the port battle update and related content in game I have not heard from Pirates or from our side, concerning the implementation of this alliance in game, by agreeing on targets, by keeping out of each other's ways or by asking assistance. Strange but Pirates seem to have no ambitions yet to try conquest of a port. The project is not being taken into action, beyond original declaration and subscribing. Meanwhile, we have learned that, while doing hostility missions together is possible, there is actually no way to act as allies in port battles. As devs don't show any will to comply to that matter. Argumentation why cooperation is so important and for whom had been done elsewhere, I don't repeat myself here. Even the idea that attacking NE should at least approach as fleet in OW so screening could be attempted found so far no echo. Also we have now a new Discord server for PvE Peace Server where diplomatic things are handled in a cooperative manner. All this makes the beforementioned alliance obsolete. I hereby exonerate everybody who subscribed from this alliance, so they can follow their own obligations and will.
  10. It's sad you're so completely committed to your embracement of unfairness. It's simple, pal. Some people don't know this "trick" (for using another whitewashing expression for the exploit it is), follow the attack time window, and get screwed by veterans or whoever was told by those veterans how to do it. So it's not "all can take advantage" - not at all. And those who may even fight better against NE but come too late to completion (remember, in our case here it was terminated by the exploiters one full minute after the time window OPENED) feel rightfully cheated on. Mission battle symbols spawning at appointed time - problem solved. ONLY THEN you have equality.
  11. Posted on Facebook today. https://web.facebook.com/NavalAction/photos/a.253997028091556/1456476421176938/?type=3&__xts__[0]=68.ARCcTErTe-SOx3KmLT25-2QMvE97V2cMZqz1QhOXD6Gwdsfv_bZlYF3nLE69rEZJq6tn_lkBOwaFYRp3qvUsbgHvRrC3C4pm5gxHiAOZ3mWtty1wPXTgIq-NFIsP-k85hUCUJWX_MIkxjIpu7gRTUv7WSv_rc3NxQVt4kVWrSFhqN0cNAubmLMYun7RvElXVrprIFPiKDALnitIc9tGzjprI_eiEfs2vbZCEbf7hfwIddpE5UWlCVXpVu2v2vEqrJOgxP6Fp2iBqKWXesdSsMkfGPN17bxKSHokjC0dRwbcsUKd9nEwIfWEwRp3vZF3RJFItVCQFbr_uCwgjfzzGTTbJhQ&__tn__=-R
  12. We are diehard optimists in optimizing. Good thing is, suggestions stay fresh.... for anytime later.
  13. "because a few players did not understand the mechanic"?? Whole nations did not know about it. Or how do you explain France, Britain and Russians did not do the same but waited faithfully for the starting signal at 19 hrs UTC? It is an exploit. It is not fair. And it is nothing PvP heroes can be proud of to have discovered and EXPLOITED for months or years. That does not make it legal. In fact YOU failed to have that circumvention ruled out by telling devs it is not fair, so now we PvE people have to do the homework for you, long overdue. We only want equal chances for all competitors. Here every competitor is doomed to fail if he just follows the time window, what any normal people (and newbies in general) would do. And those using the mechanism which is here in the thread whitewashed by you cheat on them who follow fairness. Not acceptable and needs a fix. If symbols appear at the right minute and nobody could score kills beforehand, we would not have this discussion and things were clear as daylight. In general, it is not permissible that a clan or nation enjoys advantages by knowing mechanism/exploit/(insert your favorite whitewash word) others don't know. And there are NO RULES described in any tutorial etc which informs the general public of the legalized abuse of headstarts. So - some have the advantage, some don't have it. Hidden rule mechanisms which are crucial for winning or not winning, which are nowhere officially described and thus legalized, are illegal. And from sport point of view unfair! I have attended a number of hostility missions before and nowhere I have seen the same.
  14. See here: I don't find the attitude of the others acceptable but seems people are so used to this exploit they already adapted it as sort of normal tricking which is standard procedure, just we fools from peace server are so retarded we still want proper rules of fairness... Or, in other words, once the law has holes, why stay clean and insist on equal chances for everyone if you can make a career by exploiting those holes in the mechanics like anyone else who knew about it before you? That's a rotten way of thinking, should be the other way around.
  15. Oh yes it is possible to make a balanced mechanic. Make hostility symbol (clickable) spawn like port battle event at correct time. Not a second sooner. Does not sound like rocket science to me to adjust this. Or would you think that it is fair if on a race track runners can do headstarts as they please (why not half a minute before start) and not wait for the start signal? No, such headstart results in disqualification, and so it has to be applied here if we want to uphold any claim the rules are trying to implement fairness in the competition.
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