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  1. Could be both: Very expensive purchase of any permit from Admiralty, the direct way. And random loot from chests. So those who are rich and impatient can always turn towards their Admiralty, while others wait for their lucky moment.
  2. It could be far worse. Only have a look at Mount & Blade Bannerlord comment section of their weekly dev blog. It's the most negative example of whining complaining kids you could imagine. 7 years of development and some restart meanwhile.
  3. It's a bit more than that. The negative review bombing is nothing less than an attempt to ruin the game by driving possible buyers away. There is no way of excusing that, also not by "deserved criticism" of the current game development. Fun fact on the side: review bombing impersonators had to buy the game several times anew, so were actually giving money to game-labs in their efforts to drain their income. :P
  4. The people doing fake reviews discredit themselves. After this I reject any such call of yours to honor them by taking their bombings serious and siding with them "because devs deserved it" or what you want to hint at. Leave me out of this.
  5. I know the 'real' Zlatkowar from PvE Server, and he definitely has more hours in game than this fake one participating in the review bombing. Seems names were picked randomly from this forum. This should backfire on the rogue faction trying to damage Naval Action. Their methods are far worse than anything they have to criticize about the game.
  6. server has no ping showing, relogging attempts in queue result in red notice telling you that you failed.
  7. In a way some NPC cheating can be excused by our ability to repair, opposite their disability; not to repair. I don't count the outrageous shooting angles among that, though.
  8. Wrong. That is not the purpose of PvE peace server.
  9. so true. People love to bath and soil themselves in negativity. It's a human habit, and discouraging at times.
  10. Can't confirm this. Probably you use the woods of the tankyness church, liveoak/whiteoak. Thus NPC has always lighter built ships in fir, bermuda cedar or mahogany and has to be faster. I am using medium heavy woods and if that isn't fast enough, I suggest you use (Elite) Spanish Rig, it will bring you speed and distance to NPC when necessary.
  11. It's kind of a tradition in gaming history to blame and ridicule AI/NPC for being stupid. -- Not so in Naval Action. I can sincerely say we have the most sophisticated bots in gaming history (as far as I can tell), and it is reflected by very few commentators using the old coined phrase of 'stupid AI' doing this or that, hahaha... So that is a compliment to whoever is programming bots here. However, no ocean without a drop of salt: what I don't like, and this is not a matter of recent changes, is the perfection of stern shooting done by NPC. To name that 'laser-guided' matches their incredible accuracy. And the incredible angles they can apply to their broadsides would need an adjustment. So I agree with quite a number of people on these two points. Strong NPC are good especially for PvE peace server, to give challenges to players. Never a battle should become boring because you know too well how NPC will behave and what their weaknesses are. Unpredictability is what keeps alive interest and caution. For that purpose I especially welcome 'different skill levels' for NPC which are not visible to players, randomly applied, and of course not depending from ship type. Would be a nice tweak if the best NPC captains would be the ones who sail purple or golden class ships so if you manage to capture those you will be rewarded for overcoming the strongest enemies, more appropriately. Like they would be the pro players on PvP server, who also tend to have premium ships. Nerfing NPC turn rates is also a step into the right direction. I often got frustrated I could not outturn heavier ships even with turn rate boosting upgrades on mine.
  12. Or if your kids are staying hungry because of your hobby, something is wrong with your preferences... 😆
  13. In civilized societies you don't need to "control the masses" in order to keep them from "speaking on social media to millions of other people". We don't have totalitarism. And I believe we can defend those our civilized standards, such as free speech, against those who would like to have it suppressed, as it constantly gives sexy example how it could be in their countries... Isn't Ukraine a great example for getting free from that totalitarism of the past, as she links up with the West? Be more confident in this.
  14. Busy with cheap labeling? Okay with me if your world is so simple-structured. You will never learn the difference between being constructive and destructive.
  15. Noble idea. Let's assume for a moment among the delinquents there are some who are able to appreciate the offer and learn better conduct. Nevertheless... If I would be admin, I would exclude guys who are on a retaliation crusade in media, spreading disinfo and actively damaging my reputation and that of my game development studio in the hope to reduce my sales. There is a 'point of no return' willingly crossed by someone's hostile actions. Admin isn't Jesus, to forgive anything and offer his other cheek for more slaps to come.
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