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  1. Reported in chat. And here is the screenshot for explanation. Don't want to play and see a tasteless word commonly associated with nazi atrocities and genocide. https://ibb.co/PGt7TSs
  2. Everyone using the biggest ships... fun... Wonder how long this straw fire will last. I think it is better to have an aspiration to something which is not too easy to be reached, it gives motivation having to struggle for it. Despite the fact we on PvE Peace Server have the capturable SOLs all the time, I am and always will be a proponent of rare First Rates. Not necessarily restricted to "big clans", but in general hard to get and hard to maintain. Fun? Actually it's more fun sailing a more agile ship...
  3. We could flesh out the 'surrender' feature which, I believe, is hardly used. Make it so that surrendering the ship earns the winner the loot on it and rewards he hoped for (combat medals), but give to him the option to return the surrendered ship to the defeated captain after battle, if he choses so. By a simple mouse click. Confrontation would lose much of its horrors if that would happen. And only real assholes would deny it to a needy captain of lower rank and no exceptional precious ship.
  4. Event organization hereby cancels fireship contest planned for next saturday, due to having so far no applications as contestants. Despite almost daily advertising in global chat on PvE, we could not find ANY applicants and therefore have to give up hope this event could take place. Chances we would find five players in remaining three days are too low, and having to beg isn't so entertaining either.
  5. Not true. Ink answered to a similar topic and said bottles are affected by fishing perk as well.
  6. Make sure your Windows hasn't "forgotten" the HDD where the game is installed. Can happen, then make it search for hardware and the HDD should be back and with it the game. Unless there is more serious trouble with the HDD. (It's one of the solutions for steam related failures to start the game which I encountered)
  7. It's standard on PvE server for ages. What I find interesting is the introduction or planking instead of omnipresent crewspace on them. This I hope we will get on PvE as well.
  8. what is actually the problem here? Is he asking for his Wasa to be refunded just because he learned the hard way what fire shock is?
  9. No, they have to stay. They give meaning to owning ports where you did port investments for creating them.
  10. Official Participation List: (1) (3) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) -- Event organization is assuming a maximum of ten will be allowed and a minimum of five contestants will be necessary for this event. In case we cannot find more than four players up to sept 20st, the contest will have to be cancelled and players who paid already their admission will receive full refund.
  11. I hold my breath and hope the friend (alliance) list is going to be international (at least for PvE server), so we get enough people together. Some nations are indeed too small represented in manpower to field enough forces for full-size portbattle. Hence my proposal to open this up internationally.
  12. PvE server. Two questions: Is the server publicly informed when a port has been turned into neutral by NPC attack? How do we decide which clan/nation is going to attack it thereafter? I imagine in the closer future each port becoming 'available' will find several clans' interest and sort of a competition sets in. Will it be first come, first serve, by putting some kind of tag on that port? Or who of them adds enough hostility up first gets the port battle scheduled?
  13. PvE server version: The fact devs intertwined the necessity of a port to be 'neutral' before any player nation can lay their hands on it, instead of direct attack on, say, a Spanish port, sounds to me like devs agree with my argument that international cooperation is necessary on PvE server for fighting NPC port battles - and we all can combine efforts against a neutral port, no nation (like Spanish in my example) thereby is excluded. Great. Still, would suggest formal battle groups of international cooperation could be formed - just for PB - somehow in the game coding. All participants take over flag of the clan who opened hostilities against that port and therefore acts as the leader of that conquest attempt. Same for defense.
  14. Sounds like a lot happened since 5 years ago in AI development; you should revisit NPC fights because "turning in circles" isn't all you will see.
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