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  1. A target for main guns, another target for secondary guns being assigned is essential. My first naval warfare game "Taskforce 1942" (Microprose, 1992, came on five 3,5 diskettes...) had that already.
  2. It is one of three wood sorts which were originally announced with the others, but did not make it into spawning ports. These are: moulmein teak, virginia pine, danzic fir. The few logs which could get retrieved while they were used on admiralty ships in port shops still exist, but they are not available in the pull down menu of your manufacturing shipyard. A mystery.
  3. As someone affected by that, I could not agree more. It's the black spot on Keen's reputation now.
  4. Impressive roleplay detected. Not that I am involved in your affairs or those of my French brethren on PvP server, but I sure am going to miss this when this forum dries up like water ditches on Crimea.
  5. You move there, others move to discord, others move to steam, others move to fan pages, others... others... others... If someone planned to damage game-labs by dispersing the playerbase, he could not have come up with a better idea than closing parts of this unified place, the original forum. ^^
  6. How would you have done things like the polls for future game features on such poor platform like Steam?
  7. Sad. Forum is such a lively place. Steam discussions suck in comparison. I actually don't understand why studios give up their own forums and redirect travel to Steam. Less enjoyable, less practical, bad to navigate around. Trouble with attaching pictures, data..., no referencing in game to forum posts. In the sum, disadvantages everywhere. But I have seen it before. Keen Softwarehouse (Space Engineers, Medieval Engineers) let their forum die and made a readable archive out of it. Same move: to Steam, their support platform and discord instead. I think this move is costing more
  8. I see this mission more like a demo (and it is pretty impressive for beginners). So... it would be a good idea to insert a 'skip mission' button and do that later when they are at least familiar with basic keys.
  9. No, at present there isn't a skip function. Some beginners seem to fail as they don't know how to steer the ship, regulate sails, shoot cannons. Or identify who is friendly and who is enemy (actually they start next to the friendly column and have to get past it to see and attack the enemy column).
  10. It's so simple. You score as many hits on hull, sails and crew as is being asked of you (there are counters, pay attention to them). As nobody is shooting at you, that should be really easy. Bring your boat into closer range to enemy line and target anyone you want. Just keep shooting. Sometime the score will be reached.
  11. None. But that was expected from the beginning. (technically a gunboat can escape heading against the wind, tested some days before)
  12. Results: Contestants qualifying for prizes: (First) Abbe Parseche with 9 hits, got Diana note, 3rd Rate elite note and 9600 doubloons. (Second) Zlatkowar with 7 hits, got Wapen elite note and 4000 doubloons. (Third) Andaevinn with 5 hits, got Frigate elite note and 2400 doubloons.
  13. This first mission will keep returning until you complete it (no decline option). As you cannot get damaged in that mission it is actually easy. Just try to do as much damage as requested in hull, sails and crew on enemy ships. At the end, you get a reward. It shows you what is expecting you much later in game. So you know it is not only the basic cutter in which you find yourself after this entry panorama is done.
  14. List of Donations for the 2nd Impossible Gunboat Mission Contest: (1) Elite Note of a 3rd Rate for 1st Winner, Elite Note of a 4th Rate for 2nd Winner, Elite Note of a 5th Rate for 3rd Winner [courtesy Queen Marie Antoinette) (2) Diana note, courtesy Aeomar (GB). (3) Académie des sciences de l'Institut de France donates a special prize: 100 edinorog guns to a contestant which figures as having sunk any HDF ship (shown in stats, proved by screenshot), using his gunboat. (4) Four gunboat notes (not for winners but for contestants lacking boats) from Longbeardos Inko (ES)
  15. List of Participants: (1) Aeomar (GB - ROHAN) (2) Abbe Parseche (FR - CLUB) (3) PsyOn (US - SWOLF) (4) Bravo 25 Romeo (GB - BBS21) (5) Zlatkowar (GB - AP) - last year's winner (6) Andaevinn Svensen (GB - AP) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22) (23) Reserve list: (1) Unsinkable2 (PR, GLORY) (2) (3)
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