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  1. I have an idea how "admiralty connection tier 2" could be called (and explained). Make it "Royal Court connection". Having relatives or friends at court and perhaps even the King himself opens doors admiralty alone could not provide. Extra 8 dockspace. Perhaps 1000 additional labor hours from convicts working in docks, to sweaten the deal.
  2. Il est bon que vous envisagiez également un éventuel abus. Malheureusement, votre suggestion n'en est pas exempte non plus. Des saboteurs pourraient envisager de supprimer toutes les autres missions de transport afin que les autres joueurs ne puissent trouver aucun revenu dans le port. Et puis le port est vide jusqu'à la prochaine maintenance. Oui, nous avons aussi des gens comme ça en PvE. Par exemple, ils volent du butin ou pillent les entrepôts du clan.
  3. Maybe the "small Privateer fleets" which have been announced some time back have arrived? Besides elite. (loot found on them will tell)
  4. Nice idea to have Neutrals attack undeveloped small ports first. This means an inventive to clans to take port development more serious. Neglect = danger. I hope lots of trade in a port is also registered as 'developed' somehow.
  5. This "no more than one per player" is the most important.
  6. Don't force devs to give an answer to that question. ^^ We all love our comfortable delusions.
  7. Combine that with port growth (and decline when failing) due to properly being served with trade goods, and it is perfection! 🤩 (I am not going to include the link to my suggestion again)
  8. PvE Peace Server has today the peak of player numbers ever since I joined. All without having to attract (new) weird nations out of place and time. I really suggest another server with a South Chinese Sea map is the better solution. I may even create a character there (additonally). But it won't be a Chinese one.
  9. Unlike some other (sales-orientated) nation picks, the Portuguese (by the vicinity of Brasil) have a real reason to make it into the game. Heck, we used to play for years and some of us for decades in nations not identical with our real life ones, and it worked. Why is that suddenly a life-or-death question of game success?
  10. Do you like that prediction of yours? Seriously?
  11. With all those "happy customers" on mind the effort to draw another map, of South Chinese Sea and their islands, and add ports with a bit of asian architecture cannot be so much pain, does it? Keeps us happy customers in the Caribbean happy meanwhile...
  12. The proper way would have been to open another server with a map of the South Chinese Sea. Oh - and I would be looking forward to protests by Chinese players when some European colonial powers would be present there with their outposts. ^^
  13. Basically some good ideas about how to spend the time in an interesting way, but never make it mandatory. Some people like it perfectly the way it is now. Means, they can do other things while sailing afk - and they like it. It may even be the reason they can play at all (because the other occupation is important, like learning, like their job, even washing dishes or kissing the wife...).
  14. I also don't understand why other crafting, like casting cannons in forge, does not produce any crafting experience. Back in the days of the detailed industry, that was nice.
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