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  1. What about giving random fire some advantage, so people don't consider it pointless but like it? Like added precision? Cannon crews don't have to fire just because neighboring crew did, but have time to aim on their own. So that should make them perform better. Maybe with a small time malus because aiming takes time.
  2. The introduction of elite ships as 'end game content' for veteran players was a good thing. You get mostly powerful ships with port boni and, more dependable, those tasty new cannons. However, I think nobody will contradict me when I say ship crafting got stalled this way. It isn't making sense any more. Which is even a higher barrier now as after release we are supposed to set up our shipyards again from scratch and heavily invest into them. Any ship built on player's shipyard, even in preferable woods, will be outmatched by a converted elite note ship. -- So I am proposing a reform for elite notes on PvE peace server. Not sure if PvP war server needs that too, they have their real port boni from... ehm... ports apparently. According to this suggestion, you would not loot an elite note which produces a whole ship, but only a 'port boni package' of unknown composition. And the type of ship you looted it from would determine if it is a "6-7th rate port boni upgrade" or a "5th rate..." or a "4th rate..." etc. Not tied to the exact ship model but to a class/rate. So a package from a Wasa can be used on a Bellona project, a package from an Essex on an Endymion project, etc. This package you bring to your shipyard and use it as optional ingredient for ship crafting. You may still build ships without port boni, they will result like the ones we are currently having. But you may chose to add a matching port boni upgrade when crafting - and you will get a random port boni composition with the new ship. This will ignite a new interest in ship crafting and crafted ships will surpass existing elite note converted ships in quality, like they should. -- In case the idea behind introducing elite note ships was also about enabling players to produce instant ships if they don't have a shipyard, make it so, that the player would have to add an amount in doubloons to his elite note and he will be able to convert it in the way it is done now, to a ship of same type, just without shipyard. But he can't chose woods, like it is now. This promotes the use of shipyards, but does not require them totally. So here it is not a class and free use within that ship class/rating, but an Ingermanland will always result in an Ingermanland elite ship, and no Wappen or Agamemnon, etc. Like: 6-7th rate elite note + 2000 doubloons 5th rate elite note + 4000 doubloons 4th rate elite note + 6000 doubloons 3rd rate elite note + 10000 doubloons 2nd rate elite note + 15000 doubloons 1st rate elite note + 20000 doubloons = convertible note = elite ship of same class with random wood composition
  3. They spread it on Facebook. Should do much more.
  4. No more wipes... When I am finished with staring at that f****** cutter and my empty wallets, I'll try to accumulate new faith in this renewed promise. May take a couple of years.
  5. Believe me, it's just two weeks ago when I was still like you. And I didn't mind being accused of fanboyism for months... Ship wipe on PvE server broke something in me.
  6. Same day as birthday of "famous people" Donald Trump? Bad Omen.
  7. Just as 'hilarious' as forgetting about the hundreds which did not make it back in the last months, nor will after release... Who cares. Close your eyes and believe all is fine. -- I have experienced the party feeling at some other Early Access title I accompanied into release, what a contrast to the armageddon feel here.
  8. May I remind you of the (some day, but announced) upcoming introduction of port conquest by means of "sabotage" on PvE peace server? After that, the next logical step is to start building improvements like on war server. Voila: port boni.
  9. Just has not the priority at the moment. They fix things on PvP war server first, always was like this. Does not exclude it may come later to us. But will I be there? Half of resources are shifting over to 'This Land is my Land' anyway. And this in a small studio. Good luck with that.
  10. While I don't mind if you drag your belongings from War server to Peace server in order to have them preserved, I don't understand why the discussion immediately switches over again to "destroy Peace server" thinking. Like it always does. You guys never learn to behave. That is why we are where we are and you are where you belong. Analyzing what came after the original idea and got supported by others, I am surprised that I wrote in my first sentence I don't mind you moving over...
  11. You should know better with your xx alts on PvE server. We don't get it gifted all the time, we also work hard for what we get.
  12. Lot's of talking here is off topic, thread is basically about release and connected wipe. The attempts to annihilate PvE peace server have seen many 'suggestion' threads before, don't need to repeat the same crap over and over again. We from PvE server remind devs of their recent concession to leave our server alone as far as release wipe is concerned. PvP guys made a rage storm when they saw promises fall under the table, so do we now as it happens to us. Again I ask to let us keep our ships (and materials)... (blablabla) Erased the rest. What's the use, it's all been said before. I am not here for begging devs to allow me keep my things, I paid money for the game, twice.
  13. With the few screenshots actually sent in to event organization, I have seen no reason not to declare Zlatkowar the winner. He already received the grand prize of more than 28000 doubloons in the sum, a L'Ocean and five rare books. His score was 99 hull hits and 1 mast hit = exactly 100 points without time reduction factor. Something to surpass at some future event, if one will ever be done. Screenshot sent by Friedrich, who could possibly be the only one challenging Z's score was taken about half an hour into battle, not at the end. Has an impressive score of 30 hits at this time. However, we don't know the score towards the end of countdown and that matters alone. Losses: SirSadness at 20:29 hrs server time. Sir Wescott at 20:30 hrs (captured). Major Creed at 20:41 hrs. Ortac at 20:45 hrs. Mr Davis at 20:52 hrs. Rev. Dikburst at 20:56 hrs. Quimby at 21:05 hrs.
  14. Aside from wipe discussion, it is a constant on PvE server to see people on global chat saying, if they are ever forced to get integrated into one server with PvP, under what conditions whatsoever, it would mean instant good-bye to Naval Action. Very understandable.
  15. Personally I think the effects of boni and upgrades are grossly overrated in the debate. After all, each upgrade has just a few percents in improvement, mostly in just one category. True, you can focus on one category by combining upgrades dealing with just that category, but there are known upper limits. My counter prove would be, any 'pro' gamer in NA can win in a standard unmodded ship against a newbie in a "powership" with all advantages. In the sum, it is still the captain who wins not the boat.
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