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  1. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Using Doubloons to remove upgrades

    Good new use for doubloons piling up in warehouses, as we earn too many and can spend too few...
  2. Cetric de Cornusiac


    Highly interested to find that great ship Christian craftable some day... (up to this event, if ever, I provided myself with two extra Christians just to make sure I keep her in use... but to imagine purple or golden Christian is absolute porn)
  3. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Upgrade levels

    Human character has a lifelong interest in perfecting oneself and the things he uses (or he has given up). Hence the popular interest in MMO's grinding mechanism - improvement - improvement - gratification! And the more intricate the improvement with related hunt for improvement tools is, the longer a game will stay interesting. Beyond the fundamental topic of sailing ships and doing battles with them. So yes, fleshing out existing upgrades and books with sub-versions in quality does help. If the name stays the same and just the associated color denotation system for distinguishing quality of the same tells you what version you got (just like with ships), it will not confuse anyone, not even new players.
  4. Cetric de Cornusiac

    In-Game Bounty System

    It's always the same. Great idea. Exploit by alts being described. Death of great idea. -- The problem is ALTS. ALTS. And once again; ALTS. Eliminate Alts. Make this game great again. All great ideas get a chance then. Alts are a serious threat to any substantial progress.
  5. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Total Wipe at Release - a suggestion

    And spy vs spy gives them away for free on almost daily basis... not even to his compatriots alone.
  6. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Total Wipe at Release - a suggestion

    Wrote a whole suggestion topic earlier, no need to repeat it all: PvE Peace Server in my opinion should not see any wipe at all. We don't really compete there one against another. Thus no equality in chances (an illusion anyways) is needed. And we keep the players in game who for any personal reason leave Naval Action (PvP War Server) because they strongly object to having their stuff wiped away, in addition to the usual reasons not related to wipes.
  7. Cetric de Cornusiac

    in game Auctions / Bids

    I want it. Could be a section of the message board in port. But I would not place the auction house in capitals, instead in free ports so international clients can meet. Or in neutral ports which have very high traffic, like La Navasse on PvE Peace Server.
  8. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Epic Event Crap Loot

    If devs anytime plan to introduce new premium upgrades or books: make them *exclusively* obtainable by epic events *only*. That would dramatically increase the lure to venture into epic events, which became kind of devalued by mission chests, with the same rewards for far less risk.
  9. I will tell a little story which happened to me yesterday and express my thanks to devs at the end. I was about to enter a battle against NPC fleet on PvE Peace Server. Just when the screen showed for entering battle instance, my game crashed because the hard disk I have it installed on got disconnected by Windows 7 and 'vanished'. Imagine me in panic trying for the next twenty minutes or so to reactivate the HDD and restart the PC. As things tend to get worse, the booting of the PC also refused to function etc, I had to enter BIOS, use operating system DVD to start from etc etc - unplug and plug HDD cables in order to get that HDD recognized etc etc... Finally I got it started and booted, dialed into internet, started Steam, Naval Action... Meantime I had a slight trace of hope because somewhere in my memory I had I once had read devs had changed battle instances in such ways that game would recognize a player is disconnected from game and his ships will automatically leave battle after a while instead of getting sunk in passivity, as it was before. But my hope wasn't very firm. You learn to be pessimistic, after all, maybe it was just wishful thinking? I was very upset because it was my redeemed CHRISTIAN VII ship at stake, together with a trader snow with some good skillbooks on her. As I have grown so fond of th 2nd Rate and it is not replaceable if lost, it was really troublesome to anticipate I lose her because of some f******** hardware failure. Battle result would be more acceptable. Well, instead of finding myself in some port with maybe the trader snow left or no ship at all, I came back into game in open seas. Christian was still there! I immediately sailed to next port and checked my possessions. Both ships had minor damage, which shows they had entered battle instance without me and got damaged by shots, but the new rule had been applied and they had been drawn out of battle because the player was found to be inactive. I was feeling very relieved. Maybe devs did not get feedback yet on their implementation of this magnificent rule to pull out not commanded ships - so here is one. I am grateful.
  10. Maybe "Throw Grenades" instead of "Fire Grenades"? I was hoping for more orders for fleet ships, like "Try to board this ship" or "Protect our fleet ship X/me".
  11. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Port battle alternatives for PvE server

    Easy remedy: a cooldown counter for each duel request. For one target player or even for all players, so the salty troubleseeker is reduced to maybe two duels maximum between maintenances. People who are used to do gankfest soon will get bored by that and return to PvP. Another option could be like we had in 'tournaments': you are either agreeing on deadly duel where ships can be damaged, lost, or captured. Or you do a 'tournament' style of duel, which means you keep your ships and all is good afterwards. Of course captains will suggest you to take the deadly version if "you are man enough". By the way, it's a good training for those on the Peace Server who later consider trying out War Server. By duels they will have lost their virginity when it comes to facing human enemies. -- Question is, if duels should have no 'enter' option for anyone else. If they are restricted to just two participants, no abuse by third parties is possible. Group versus group challenges? Here even I start wondering if that isn't going to far for Peace Server, although I am sure I find supporters for that idea as well. If PvP fans are afraid we get too much attraction by new content on PvE, then think of something else unique to add on PvP which we don't have! Two seductive super sexy game concepts are better than one (and a resting area).
  12. Cetric de Cornusiac

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    Can't it be both? We could write an academic thesis paper on this alone. Meanwhile, I am still fascinated by this sexy new sophisticated French name and title you adopted, Hethwill. Well done.
  13. Cetric de Cornusiac

    Port battle alternatives for PvE server

    This is the most popular wish in PvE Peace Server community, if you like it or not. 'Consensual' duel does not mean by far PvP ganking like you are used from War Server. People just deny the duel and proceed sailing. The End. Everybody happy and stays on the server.
  14. Cetric de Cornusiac

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    PvE PS has served all the time as 'reserve anchor' to keep people in game, just other server, who otherwise would have dropped out completely. This will especially become evident when PvP WS will be struck by wipe and we won't. Many posts and chat protocols show people are worried about wipe and think about leaving game because of this. We don't want this. You PvP ganking kings don't want this. Nobody here wants this. Think about it. A player which drops off the boat is lost completely, also as your prey on WS. A player which lands on PvE PS because here he has not to fear losses due to wipes, he will be kept in the game and anytime return to your precious hunting grounds on PvP WS anytime later again. So, indirectly WS profits from no wipe on PS too.
  15. Cetric de Cornusiac

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    Ships are not ships. Took me a full year until I got a golden class Endymion. Keep your blue average 'substitute', mate.