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  1. Try to look at the stats logically: if an "reduction" is improved by x percent, the (desirable) reduction of a penalty is increased = better upgrade.
  2. I liked the idea I read here earlier about a rare (golden) (DLC) ship granted whenever you pass another veteran star threshold. Not that they need the reals at all as gift, but the rest is interesting. And the other idea about titles being issued for shining in this or that category of activities. But that needs a heavy surveillance on players' performance and I don't know if all will be happy about so much big brother watching and evaluating you...
  3. Not sure if you understood your collocutor. When you start on PvE server, you cannot take your ships or possessions over from PvP server - they stay there and wait for your return. On PvE server you will find only the basic cutter ready for you, and from there your journey starts anew... Zero reals, zero experience. But it won't take you long to advance. Minus the risk of falling into the hands of an enemy. Most people will advise you to start by doing economy missions first, delivering passengers and then cargo (for which you buy or capture a trader brig) for instant cash without investment.
  4. And I always say a big map is great... no matter if we have less or more players. We need the feeling of a vast ocean where you can vanish out of sight. Not a bathtub where we stumble over other floating rubber ducks every few miles...
  5. This is the most common explanation people give when they reveal on PvE server they came from PvP server. But it has always been like this, not just recently.
  6. I would define a high-ranking star veteran not only by hours (we all know he could be sailing afk most of the time), but by a simple calculation which looks at his online time in relation to his battle score, not differing though between PvE and PvP casualties. This way you give more stars to a skilled captain and leave the noob admiral flat, who just advanced by time. Like you multiply his total in hours by a factor determined by kills. I leave the rest to programmers and math geniuses, I am none of them.
  7. Why not let the veteran player decide himself he he wants to show off his stars or not. Give him an option in game settings. Problem solved.
  8. I wish there was a way to conquer ports for one-man-clans or small clans who are at cross with their nation(s big clans and their behavior). Either by inviting foreign clans into your port battles (was proposed earlier, never got answered) or (and that is my new idea as you ask for ideas for next development) let people hire NPC fleets as mercenaries. Say you pay a big chunk of doubloons (per First Rate, per Second Rate, etc) and you get an expeditionary force from your Admiralty back home in Europe to help you in hostility missions and/or port battles, in competition to player clans of any kind, own nation or foreign.
  9. With your yacht you have already something what I don't have. The redeemables at release you missed by many months, also some ships in between and with Christmas gift, which just expired. Now just keep looking forward for next Christmas...
  10. Crafting Rank 7 is the maximum now. Don't worry, you can craft any size of ship.
  11. This is the Indiaman you will see when you go on a raid mission. Has no masts, no sails and is immobile - with the loot inside. You have to defeat a fleet which is defending the hulk.
  12. Looks absolutely Bavarian to me. And they hate Prussians.
  13. Gros Ventre Refit comes with a note from deadman's chest from lost fleet wreck, doesn't it?
  14. There is a lot of orders I would like to give to fleet ships, like sailing into one direction (without retreat), try to board one target, protect another ship I designate, or to loot one target I for any reason cannot reach, etc...
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