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  1. The thread was wrongly moderated. It was accidental. We have re-opened. Please transfer there your requests again:
  2. We are sorry for the accidental moderation action that happened when clearing pinned topics. Thread unlocked.
  3. 1) We already know that the evasion logic is not optimized, causing ships to come in small proximity to each other, and eventually create a chain reaction of repeated avoid maneuvers. 2) There is also the problem of the lead ship in a division becoming damaged and, in its effort to switch place in the formation, it makes a wide circle around the line, which can cause the evasion issue. These two are considered the main reasons of the formation bugs. Anything else found, can be helpful.
  4. Please note that Steam keys for "Standard" and "Limited" edition shall be sent separately when we release the game on Steam Early Access. Until then, you can play the game in our standalone Xsolla game client.
  5. This is a very well known issue, which we will definitely address.
  6. Please keep posting your issues here. A new reply will be offered by us, as soon as possible. We monitor all your latest feedback, to prioritize our work.
  7. Closing thread. Cleaning up topics, until a new update comes.
  8. Added posting ability - If you want to voice concerns please do.
  9. Hello Admirals, We would like to inform you that Xsolla keys have been sent to all "Standard Edition" owners via email. If you have bought the "Standard Edition" of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts, then please check the email you used for this purchase to receive the key and the information on how to download and install the game. If you need further assistance, please head to our support forum: https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/179-support/ The Game Labs Team *Important*: Please note that Steam keys for "Standard" and "Limited" edition shall be sent separately when we release the game on Steam Early Access. Until then, you can play the game in our standalone Xsolla game client.
  10. Please vote for one or more missions which remain overly difficult for you. The missions of the list are those that were previously reported as very hard. Feel free to complain about the reasons you find a mission very hard. The mission you complain can be out of this list.
  11. ***LATEST UPDATE*** Keys for Xsolla Standard Edition will be ready for sending next week. ETA Wednesday 29/7/2020.
  12. This is something that should not happen. AI and player ships do not have separate logic. If possible, present an image with proof on that matter, to help us out.
  13. About Armor, in general, we want to make it more complex. As we develop the game, we will present gradual improvements on this very important aspect of the game. Since the technology logic that will work for campaign is currently in process, and armor evolution is a big part of the technology, we cannot give specific details on how it will work as a further enhancement (Citadel, more armor zones etc.). Armor penetration tables, will be more readable if we give the ability to switch armor values from "wrought iron" to more advanced armor types. It is in our list of future improvements.
  14. 1) Already replied above about mount points. 2) In our to-do list, as replied above. 3) Replied above. 4) There is a thought to make secondary guns fire in less frequent salvos but be a little stronger. We will check to improve.
  15. Target bearing/speed is already a calculated factor during aiming. It is just not reflected in the accuracy window with all the complex details behind it. The accuracy speed due to speed is an additional factor, which is also realistic, because -unarguably- it is different to aim at targets that are slow or stationary than targets which are moving at high speed. We are going to offer a different balance with reduction of this "Accuracy penalty due to speed" and even more dynamic aiming mechanics (which use speed/bearing differences between our ship and target) All the above are already prioritized to fix. We will be able to start doing so, when our new programmer will be ready to work on the project, but still campaign will be our main priority, so all those fixes are going to be addressed gradually, according to our workload. We will check if it is possible to add more mount points, so that less gaps are created when the hull is fully elongated. Indeed, we need reports about major, game-breaking issues in this thread. Known issue, in our to-do list. Related to the above. Main guns of the same caliber need to be grouped more efficiently. This can only be addressed with increased barbette slots to hulls, and less restrictive mount points. It is something that is requested many times, yet, we will be able to improve only by additional slots in logical places, for the time being. If, for example, players would like to have barbettes in the top foremost of a ship, which in reality would be impossible, then this cannot be done. Ships need desperate fixes in their evasion logic = one of our most important tasks in our priority list. Very minor, since UI is still a work in progress. But we thank you for the report. We will check if we can improve further the mount point logic for ships. Already, player can override slots with the ctrl-button for guns, and we will try to expand this functionality. Yes, this is promised and already planned for a next update. I will later create a separate thread to ask, all of you players, about the details you would wish to include in this separation. At the moment is not so simple to make this separation, because it would greatly unbalance ballistics, damage and other ship components. We might leave this change to happen after Steam release. Yes, also a widely requested feature, we will try to do, but now, we cannot promise a specific date for this much wanted function. USN battleships based on the Iowa hull can surely host 5'' secondary guns, and even larger. Can you share an image with the problem you anticipate?
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