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  1. Hello all, We understand your anticipation for the campaign and it is welcome. The last patch which you all play has revealed very few remaining issues that we already sort out to fix in the next patch, including the optimization of auto-design (which is very important for the campaign). The next patch will include the campaign, finally. The campaign is now receiving a major development to make the AI a sufficient opponent, on how to respond to player actions, generate strong fleets and pose a constant threat. Visuals of the campaign are currently of low priority and will not de
  2. I am not sure I understand. Shells that have angle of fall 41 degrees (nearly the maximum that is practically possible, because we cannot have completely vertical falls) how much side/deck hit probability they should have according to your own fantasy?
  3. Many players might do that but place their turrets very much in front or rear so they are virtually unprotected. When we improve the citadel system, it is going to be clearer for all players how it works.
  4. Your ship vs the H-class of almost 125,000 is much smaller. Your opponent is almost 64.5% bigger! The H-Class is a very expensive Battleship that in the campaign will be very difficult to construct and not the best solution to guard all your water borders. In Custom Battles you can build anything and test out things, but you should not expect to have symmetrical results against Super Battleships. PS. Additionally, your complete "All or Nothing" armor scheme has weaknesses, compared to the much more complete armor scheme of your opponent. You save weight, but you do not make your
  5. You mean bulkheads that separate the ship from side to side (via longitudinal frames). This was considered as an extra detail, but if you think about it, counterflooding was done always automatically in the era we examine, in order to not have a ship to capsize, so it is not something major missing, but still it is a level of detail that can have a tactical effect during battle, so that if damage is too serious on one side, it can affect the counterflooding measurements. Thank you for the clarification.
  6. @HistoricalAccuracyMan When we improve the fire control system, we will group guns in a better way than now. Currently the unified battery is simulated in a large extend, because many guns of the same type aim much better than fewer guns. You can try to make a ship with mixed main gun caliber and compare how it shoots vs a ship with a unified main battery to understand how it works. Indeed, we should group side guns and different barrel turrets if they are of the same caliber, but again, such a fire control system should have a small penalty to aiming, because the varied position of the
  7. @DougToss I am sorry but still I do not understand exactly what you mean. The image shows in a very brief manner how damage is dealt on warships. Can you elaborate what you think it is exactly missing in relation to bulkheads? You said we do not have longitudinal bulkheads in your first post. Where exactly are they missing? If they work 100% as in full reality simulation, it is a different matter, there is always room for improvements and new features. But where are they missing? Ships are not destroyed by hitpoints (as you also said) unless their structural integrity is reduced so much that t
  8. We already model subdivisions... a ship can be sunk with 100% structural health due to flooding alone. Strong torpedoes damage compartments more and cause more flooding that spreads to nearby sections. Engines become disabled due to flooding in the sections they work. Arguably, more detail can be added, but we must be accurate when we speak on the internet. We have a very detailed damage model already, that can be improved but not laughed upon.
  9. Can you share please your system specs? Additionally, it would help to fully re-install the game (Uninstall, Restart PC, Install again).
  10. Can you try the following solution? Go to the windows folder which holds settings and saves for the game. For example, it will be here: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts On this folder find the "settings.json" file and delete it. Launch the game and this file should be auto-generated again with proper settings for your system. You can then go to "Settings" and tune the graphics more if needed.
  11. If you have this issue then you can go to "settings" and switch graphics to a more appropriate setting. In particular, the buttons will show blurred if "Textures" is at the lowest setting.
  12. When will we be able to design the enemy ships?

  13. Nothing major to mention specifically. Collider fixes should affect all hulls though, positively. If there are any major problems with hulls, you can post in forum or with the report button and we will look to fix.
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