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  1. We do prioritize to fix in next updates. It was just an issue we considered less important than having ships not firing torps or an idle AI.
  2. They have a limited rotation range, to make them useful in gameplay. Otherwise, most players would argue why their ships do not fire torpedoes.
  3. Can you elaborate on that? How are 7 inch guns as deadly as 13 inch guns?
  4. Known issue, thanks, we will fix this.
  5. In most cases a fire delay is expected. Fire delay can be caused: - By slow gun rotation (if all guns reloaded but ship turns too fast). Gun rotation speed is related to tech, so if ship has very big turrets and slow rotation mechanism, it sometimes it might delay too much to fire, depending on target orientation. This is 90% the reason of the issue reported. - By random aiming delay. - Gun is blocked by some obstacle, so it never fires, and waits for next reload cycle. We have not found yet any other reason, a bug that is critical, to look to it further. PS. In next patch we fix various issues with ballistics, so any such related bug should be resolved.
  6. A slight Weight offset fore or aft is expected in ship design according to the objects mounted on ship and affects the metacentric stability of the ship in an expected way. The weight offset across the beam, even if everything is placed symmetrically, is a minor known issue to some hulls, that is going to be addressed in next patch.
  7. The penetration info updates also according to the angle of the target ship, so this can be a reason of a low pen chance.
  8. This is a feature that is many times requested. We have not been able to offer quadruple turrets, but it is something we want to offer. It will depend on the progress of our other main priorities = campaign/crew You can already combine optical rangefinders and special radar rangefinders for increasing accuracy, aiming and spotting. We want to offer more option for Director systems and Radar, we shall gradually.
  9. Barrel length is something already considered but we are far from putting it in our priorities list, because we have to focus development on crew and campaign. Using guns of lower technology is something more complex than it appears, it will need more work and therefore we cannot promise it at all. When we make all the necessary for the game, we can develop this and other similar details of the ship design system.
  10. I answered about pagoda towers. Superstructure will work as now.
  11. It is possible, because we continuously add new base models and towers, but we cannot promise when, since we have more important modelling priorities for covering the most important ship visuals of the era. We will try.
  12. A new hotfix has been deployed Admirals! Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Alpha 4 v68 HotFix (13/2/2020) Increased damage of main guns. The whole damage model should feel now much more realistic, as intended for the main update. Reduced base accuracy for secondary guns. On average their accuracy is inferior compared to main guns but they will aim progress more effectively when targeting fast vessels. Flooding should happen more often when guns hit underwater sections. - Flooding will not be repaired so fast, so it will have a noticeable impact on large capital ships. Increased slightly the damage of torpedoes. Torpedo protection effect reduced slightly so that late battleships do not become immune to torpedoes. Increased base speed of torpedoes about +2 knots. They could become unhistorically too slow at their maximum range settings, creating targeting issues (Ships not firing torps at long range, firing at too wide arcs and hitting themselves etc.). Decrease speed penalty of electric torpedoes from -30% to -25%. Weight issues making ships, especially battlecruisers, too fast for their size have been resolved. A ship may still be designed to exceed the 40 knots but with much greater sacrifices in armament and protection. Fixed an issue with German Battlecruisers (They were unavailable for a small time period between 1924-1929 in custom battles). Fixed issues that made Torpedo Boats (TB) either too slow or too vulnerable to gun fire. Fixed a problem with a British BB of the 1920s that made its hull too long. - Allocated more funds to mission "Hurry Up" to allow strong ships of higher speed. AI & Gun Targeting Improvement. Other minor fixes. ===================================================== This hotfix aims to improve the gameplay and repair the most important issues that were reported.
  13. Thank you, we will add this fix to the upcoming HotFix Update.
  14. Thank you all for the ongoing feedback. We prepare a hotfix that will improve most if not all of those you report to us regarding damage, as well as other fixes. Thank you for the support.
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