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  1. It is not only for alpha-4 but in general a wish-list for future updates. We will try to satisfy these requests, depending on our development priorities. It is indeed a very healthy community we have here. I may intervene sometimes to help keeping the threads in topic, but I do not want to discourage RamJB, you and everyone else to discuss historical topics, not only because they interest me personally but because they help us greatly in our game development.
  2. @RAMJB and @Teckelmaster Peace! Please both calm down so the thread returns back to its original goal: to collect the very important opinion of all players regarding critical future improvements of the game. @Ram Your passion about the game is very much appreciated. Your opinion is noted. Can you please make another thread to discuss your generic views and other historical topics? I am sure a lot of interesting ideas and discussions can begin and continue from there.
  3. Happy New Year everybody! The next update "Alpha 4" is in progress. Among all the new improvements we are going to offer, there will be new hull designs. Here is a new ship that you will soon be able to build. Do you recognize which is it? Note: Ship visuals are not final and the design is just one variant of the many possible. Meanwhile, we need your help in understanding what is absolutely important to develop for the game, besides the campaign. Please mention anything you consider critical - more important than campaign - that would make you much happier when playing Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts.
  4. @ThatZenoGuy No bad words please. Keep the conversation civil. I edited your text. Happy New Year to All!
  5. The shell weight and propellant differ. Lyddite propellant has low pen, high damage, high incendiary capacity. When you design your ship, you can hover over your guns, to see the pen/accuracy differences according to shell weight, propellant or other options.
  6. I am not able to screenshot to show you exactly, but you can find this in the controls when you select your ship. If AI does not fire, it is another issue, related as I see, with this reason, AI does not want to spend ammo but is afraid to come closer to fire (often AI closes up to fire if it feels strong in relation to your ship).
  7. There is a known issue with gun rotation addressed and we will see to add in next update. Gun accuracy tables do not include all the dynamic battle factors (weather, maneuvers, size, etc.) that are calculated. If accuracy is too low and target is far away, the guns will automatically conserve ammo. If you see this problem again, set the guns to "aggressive" to check if this was the reason they were not firing.
  8. The ship probably conserves ammunition as it is set to "Normal" firing mode. Watch how low is the accuracy of the main guns. If you wish to fire, set the fire mode to "Aggressive".
  9. Yes, it does. It increases the accuracy parameter related to size of target.
  10. The issue can still be related with gun rotation or can be related with gun obstruction (due to nearby smaller guns or superstructure) which can be overly restrictive. Do you remember on which hull you had this problem?
  11. Hello and happy Christmas holidays!
  12. This is how it works now. When we add more detailed Citadel mechanics, it is going to become even more realistic.
  13. Hello and Merry Xmas, There is a known minor issue with gun rotation, that is going to be addressed in next or future updates.
  14. I am sorry if I sounded harsh in the forum to RamJB. The detailed feedback is much appreciated but for very long debates and historical analysis is better to create another thread, not use this central feedback thread. The next update is going to be improved further according to RamJB and everyone's feedback.
  15. There is no need to flame the thread. Posts like those: and some others (no need to mention or are edited) can create unneeded tension to a feedback thread that is about a game. This feedback thread just needs to stay on topic while RAMJB is welcome to continue offering his valuable knowledge about naval warfare.
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