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  1. Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is a completely separate project. We are sorry for no news but that does not mean we are not progressing. We will offer the game in early form within 2019, and we are going to give more information about it ASAP.
  2. Hello, this is something that was considered during development, but was not done because it would take much more time to complete. It is a very nice idea for future projects, whenever we revisit American Civil War.
  3. In that case, in your email you must have received a Steam Key. This Steam Key, must be enabled with this procedure: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5414-tfbn-1352 These are some installation instructions, for this payment method, provided by Game-Labs: https://www.ultimategeneral.com/install
  4. About which game do you talk about? This is the support section of the game Ultimate General: Civil War: https://store.steampowered.com/app/502520/Ultimate_General_Civil_War/ And from where did you buy it?
  5. When you buy something from Steam, it sends you buying information in your email. Any more info must be sorted out with Steam, because we cannot really know what might be wrong.
  6. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=5168-EUIA-6643 This link probably will help you.
  7. Hello, If you bought the game on steam, then it should appear on "LIBRARY". Then if you select it, options to install the game should be available. Steam support might be helpful to sort out any remaining issue.
  8. Can you please clarify if you are referring to the game "Ultimate General: Civil War" or "Ultimate General: Age of Sail"?
  9. The game receives some needed improvements in the UI, which take time. However the game is getting organized for a first alpha release very soon. We will not promise exact date yet, but we will surely inform you within this month of what is coming next.
  10. Only Major Nations will be playable. The interaction with minor navies is not yet fully decided, so we cannot promise something specific, although the ability to sell designs to minor nations is considered.
  11. Hello, No, monitors will not be included since the game will focus mostly on naval tactical battles. Research will work with a non-linear tree system, meaning that some techs can complete earlier or much later than expected due to multiple delays. You can speed up some techs at the expense of making other techs considerably slower in research.
  12. Hi Nick... Can only say I am awaiting the Limited Edition Alpha access to Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts with baited breath. I check the UA:D page at least twice a day to see if its ready to get on board! When you want my money, just ask for it! ... It has been SOOOO long since a legitimate (I do not consider World of Warships "legitimate") WWI/WWII surface combat sim has been done. The last good one of any substance was 'Atlantic Fleet' which was a nice snack for the starving, but very limited in scope. I've been so disappointed that Killerfish Games haven't widely expanded the platform to include Japanese, American, French and Italian ships and add the ability to alter formations more accurately.  Before that you have to go back to 'Fighting Steel' or 'Jutland' for any sembalance of realism and those are 20 and 10 years old respectively. I realize its a niche market and as such will draw limited funding, but if I see one more duplicate sub sim I think I'll scream....

    Rick West

    1. Nick Thomadis

      Nick Thomadis

      Hello and thank you a lot for your kind post. I will post you when we have more important news. Currently the game is still in closed alpha testing.

  13. Hydro and Sonar will be only available to CL and DL classes. This equipment due to the thicker walls and high noise of capital ships would be highly ineffective. Hydro is something not fitted directly to towers but they will be just depended from them during combat in order to operate (reflecting the specialized personnel and reading equipment). Towers have also limited but useful ability to detect torpedoes. So we expect battleship high towers to give valuable warning at an average of 900-1200 m for incoming torpedoes. For the rest, how everything works regarding detecting and avoiding torpedoes, how challenging and immersive will be, the game will show it to you better
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