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  1. In the upcoming build the respective component will be separated to Shell Charge / Propellant, so Cordite and other propellants/charges will get their realistic impact.
  2. Guys, we are sorry for the silence. The campaign is in works, and it is the primary thing we do now. The game is certainly not dead. The version you play is stable so what remains as top priority for us is to provide for you the upcoming Core patch which will include the first campaign version and many other features you requested. When we finish what we consider essential, then we will provide all the necessary info and, of course, we will make the patch available.
  3. Please keep this thread relevant to the topic. Some of the latest irrelevant posts were deleted and Elrerune The Honorbound has been warned. It is very understandable to discuss about historical matters that concern you but please not in this thread.
  4. We have already implemented, internally, a save battle feature for custom battles/campaign and will be expanded to Naval Academy. We will make it available once we optimize it.
  5. Good to know. Further upcoming improvements will make Auto-design even better and faster. Because colliders have some issues we need to fix, allowing too big guns on the sides, that can overlap with the superstructure (They should not fit). Those turrets may not fire during battle (known bug, that is fixed in the upcoming core patch).
  6. More or less, when we offer a new model, there are always some compromises in order to keep the flexibility of the ship designer. Making the hull's bow too large to make a gentler curve would make the hull less customizable and overly long as the displacement expands. So part of the reason is how the ship designer system works, yes. We already have model of turrets which look closer to the originals but are of lower Mark but you have to build the Yamato around the 1930s. In which year you start building it? I guess from 1940? Not too easy as this model might not f
  7. Have you tried using the CTRL button when moving the towers to snap them?
  8. Do you remember if you added these guns manually or by using the CTRL button?
  9. Not sure I understand the problem. Those casemate guns are perfectly placed near to each other for Semi-Armored Cruisers. The same implies for the Chinese Light Cruisers etc. where you report the same problem. Regarding the new Chinese Pre-Dreadnought: If I try to do what you show in the game A) Try to Squeeze two funnels on small space (left) or place a funnel over the limits (right), the game correctly does not allow you to do so. Not sure what is the problem here too. This is a known minor issue that it can happen some times in ship designer view. The "decor" casema
  10. This was working the same before. We currently use 3 generic torpedo models for all nations and for 5 Technology Marks, scaled to torpedo size. Later we will add more models.
  11. This fuel type is meant to be used with Turbines, as a more cost effective option. The other more expensive fuels are optimized for Diesel engines, so they do not have any boiler weight bonuses. You can compare weights/costs of ships as you switch fuel types for a given speed, to check what is better.
  12. Do you remember in which situation you got this "Too Many Threads" error warning? Was it during Auto-Design, while waiting to start battle or during battle? Did any of the ships have torpedoes (e.g. If the fleet had destroyers, they would have torpedoes). Ιn which technology year was this battle event?
  13. The Alpha-12 collision detection is more accurate to prevent unrealistic and ugly overlaps of ship parts. If they do not fit, it means that they directly clip with other parts, or their rotation is obstructed. We will look to optimize in next patches, but this should be better than being able to mount huge guns very close to each other and get overlaps.
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