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  1. >>Guys, please calm down! This is a very nice thread for historical discussion. Any debate with each other, should be in polite manner.<< I would like to mention two books, as very interesting to read regarding the game's era: Battleship Design and Development 1905-1945 by Norman Friedman Naval Weapons of World War One: Guns, Torpedoes, Mines, and ASW Weapons of All Nations: An Illustrated Directory by Norman Friedman Please forgive me, if mentioned before.
  2. This mission will receive the necessary rebalance and will go up higher in the mission list, to reflect its difficulty.
  3. Ship initial speed in battles is at about 60% of engine power. I suppose you mean the speed slider to not be set at maximum speed. Not sure if most players would like this option, we need more feedback on this.
  4. We already plan to add more ship designer components gradually. There is certainly room to add those as special components. We just cannot guarantee when this is going to happen, until we finalize several other priorities.
  5. Yes, save system will be done, but we cannot say a specific date or patch.
  6. We need to define the difference of B and BB in UI, especially when we start offering the campaign.
  7. You can notice the effect of long range accuracy when you hover your cursor on targets/map (and review the accuracy panel). Check how it gradually increases to understand where it gets true benefit.
  8. It is gradual. It starts from 1,000m and ends in 30,000m. Long range accuracy is very useful as a stat for big guns.
  9. Yes understood, noted to check. PS. But if this information was not visible, then player would have to do multiple mounts/unmounts to check weight effects = worse.
  10. Turbo-electric drive is offered in "Auxiliary Engine" as an extra feature that really is a must for late ships, although it costs a lot in money and weight.
  11. The first reload mechanisms had some significant limitations in maximum gun elevation and turret traverse speed, and we try to simulate these limitations, not only for realism but for game balance. Other late technologies, should compensate for those deficiencies. We can add more reload options for late ships that will cost much more and be heavier but will not have any deficiencies. PS. Quick firing guns may have initially smaller accuracy, but due to their rapid firing they increase their aiming faster, so they can be in practice more accurate, than the slower loading guns. This is why we have to balance the effect of this component, because it can become overpowered.
  12. When I said above about technologies, I meant that there are other technologies, separate from gun techs, called "Turret mechanisms" that specifically enhance this part. In some missions, this boost is not offered, for a reason.
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