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  1. Constant modifiers in relation to maneuvering are not changing. You will not see a bigger penalty due to speed, for example. Only the aspects that are utilizing target "bearing" and "range rate" will become more dynamic. So, for example, ships that are at large distance and move fast, will create bigger penalties to aim locking due to bearing change caused by degree difference between each aiming shot. Or ships that approach or increase distance with high speed, will cause more penalties to aiming procedure. As for the Destroyers and Torpedo Boats, they will still be as vulnerable as hist
  2. Hello all! Here are the latest news: Please follow the discussion in the new thread.
  3. Hello Admirals, We would like to share news about the progress we have so far and the status of the upcoming update. The team’s reorganization is working great and we are very happy with the results. These last 2 months we have touched upon all major aspects of the game with the new lead programmer (from formations to AI to ship designer) - and finally we can say - now the new team is more than ready to continue with the development of the campaign. We plan to add extra resources in November, which will help us to speed up the develo
  4. Yes, image is sent and now you can see its preview while you write the bug report. Thank you Burney for your kind words and, of course, everyone for the support!
  5. Hello all, You might have already noticed on 22/9/2020 and today, there were 2 small updates, regarding the bug reporter system of the game. We just wanted to inform you that these updates have improved only the bug reporter. The upcoming gameplay updates are still in work but there is significant progress. We will share more news soon. Enjoy the game! The Game-Labs Team
  6. This is only indicative. The campaign balance is still a work in progress, and yes, early to say more about it.
  7. Admirals, We would like to inform you that we are currently working to improve critical aspects of gameplay that are going to be very important in the campaign. Our team is progressing on radical changes regarding formations, armor mechanics, AI and various others you requested many times. Here are some of the improvements which we plan to offer in our upcoming update. Major rework of the formations The formation system of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts will receive an overhaul of its mechanics, making the control of large fleets much easier and realistic. Firs
  8. It is a work in progress to offer difficulty modes in Naval Academy, so that AI opponent can be defined in a more strict way. Currently, weather is random and it is working in an initial WIP state, as weather visuals do not always match the modifiers. Just a reminder, in the top left corner you can find the state of weather modifiers during battle. Regarding an extra visibility info, we will certainly allow that later, when we finalize the weather mechanics.
  9. Yes, as you said. You don't need to re-buy on Steam. When the game becomes available on Steam, the Steam-key will be dispatched to you on the email you used to purchase on Xsolla.
  10. You are fully updated. Do not worry. From the start of the project, the game revision nbr is incrementing +1 from previous version. For example, previous Alpha-7 had revision nbr 75. It is something that was used internally with previous code procedures. We will change if it causes confusion.
  11. Stealth17 Gaming has kindly gathered a lot of questions frequently asked by the community of Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. Our answers can be found in this video:
  12. It is a work in progress. Currently it does not have any effect, so do not worry.
  13. Added the changelog of patch in the first post đź‘Ť To all, we hope you will like the new patch. We will keep you informed as soon as possible for our next set of improvements.
  14. Admirals, we just released a new hotfix update. You can check out the details in our blog: https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/post/alpha-8-hotfix-patch or below: ============================ BALANCES Gun rebalance: The smaller guns from 9-inches and lower are now reloading slightly slower and with more desynchronization. Their damage became accordingly higher. Damage now will be more meaningful per caliber and guns below 7-inch will clearly be more useful against Destroyers. Targeting rebalance: The “Targeting penalty due to speed” has been reduced sig
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