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  1. When vessels are in line, the 2nd and rest of then are all the time correcting their bearing, so they look like vibrating...
  2. IMHO nbr of reload torps is not the issue but the time it takes to reload them. For me it is somehow strange not just cause of the rigging and movement that the standar reload procedure should involve on an exposed deck of a surface vessel (mainly a DD or a CL) but if it is sailing at some 27 up to 36 knts under fire and manoubring sharply, i can't see this happening on the short time the game shows nowadays...add to it some sea state... Tradicional DD torp attack doctrine of the dates the game depicts is using salvos (all out) in order to force an aproaching attacking fleet to withdraw (
  3. well the line was blur even in the 1916 where armour of the SMS BCs were identical to some HMS BBs and the other way around cause late HMS BBs had a speed 2 or 3 knots less than early HMS BCs. Those Fisher babies where as intended compared with same build year BBs but as the fleet was not built at the same technological step, and things where coming up rapidly on those years any step further made things quite strange and unconsistent...and as said above.. by late 20s BC concept was obsolete and if some still where classified as BC was because "cheap BB" was not an agreed clasification
  4. Conways' "all the worlds figthing ships" series of books may be of help for your pourposes...
  5. Don´t know and I don´t care...this time they have hit my heart...Navarra and Canarias!!!
  6. totally agree with your point of view, in fact the curve you show is quite significant cause Hp/Speed curve of a ship use to act exactly identical (looks as if power/time is linear). Based on the relation of Hp/Knts i will dare to say that the relation Speed/time could be better represented as logaritm...which one..well then we are complicating things...;)
  7. maybe its is just me but, in cunstom battles, i think AI is doing something wrong with the funnels when creating vessels...one tall, then one short, then another even taller and so on...never seen that (even i go and check all Conway's great books to verify that it never happens that way) ... i don´t know why but its giving me a bad mood when i saw this almost always...i could live with the last one being smaller as a kind of compromise but...
  8. yeah, please let us do that and also more that one ship/type on either side...pleassseeee
  9. Since a lot of people have more reading time than usual right now, Osprey is giving away 5 free eBooks a week for the next 4 weeks, although this is week 2, sorry I noticed late. Anyhow, this week comes with US Heavy Crusiers 1943-1975 that some of you might find interesting even if out of the period of the game...https://ospreypublishing.com/blog/Free_eBooks_week_2/
  10. well...so then the option to capture a vessel should be in...if not there will be no purpouse on scuttling the ship...
  11. sorry, not my intention to be pretencious or condescending, i even dont know how to do it, and if you are offended i do sincerelly apologice...just stating a reality i live and i do work with sailors... i guess i dont know much more than you know, even i guess you know more than me...but i thought by the way you stated that you were giving then this function as inherent to they, which is uttely incorrect... In fact using cocks and valves is a sloooow way of selfsinking the ship with the high risk of being salvaged before it happens. (u505?) I'm sure we are not discussing
  12. then you deserve a Scapa Flow,😁
  13. I didnt deny there were scuttled ships, which i denny is that you should have scuttling as an option... Scuttling by a Navy had only happened in the following situations: a) to block a port entrance (rarely suscessfull if ever) b) avoid a ship/wreck being capture by the enemy. (toulon and scapa are good examples, but yorktown at midway is even better) c) speed up the "inevitable "sinking of a ship. ( and it usually had happned just because of fear it wouldnt finally sunk ...so then situation "b" will apply...Lutzow at Jutland is a good example ) d) Graff Spee at
  14. Shaftoe and Cptbarney, On my decence i could only say that I was trying to be too much polite while dissagreeing strongly...without taking into acount that it could be interpreted the other way around... thanks a lot, will try on future, you know old dogs... And with regard of quoting...will make my post even longer...but also agree it will make sb get easily lost. As I said; thank you for pinpoiting my fault.
  15. Dear Steeltrap, with fully dissagree what I´m trying to convey is that inmho no option to scuttle must be implemented at all...that you, by chance of a scrapping option (that should be in otherwise it is going to be a mess) could be happy and that's fine to you... then nice and great... after some serius hought i belive that scuttle a vessel must not be an option, unless we could block enemy ports (that I do really doubt we will be able to do)...,from my point of view scuttling of a navy vessel is a result of the imposibility of rescuing her, so similar to being sunk that why we ha
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