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  1. Short answer, modern ships usually use only one or two guns because the reality is they are useless except in non-traditional engagements (i.e. plinking Iranian speedboats in the Gulf). It has nothing to do with their ROF. The missile is the preeminent weapon system.
  2. Example, Spain being able to build a Yamato equivalent. Sure the player could do it, but it won't be as easy to do as playing the US. I think the majority would agree with that approach. It also will help give each nation a distinct playstyle based on their starting conditions and tech. So playing the long game you could get Spain to that level, but you would probably be spending all your funds on research and improving infrastructure for the majority of the game and have a tiny navy.
  3. You can already target separate ships between main and secondaries, they want to be able to designate more than 1 target for each, which historically rarely happened (i.e. 1 ship fighting multiple ships from different directions).
  4. I like the idea for the research tree. I always wondered why Renown and Hood could have such drastic differences in protection, be built around the same time, but have similar speeds. Geared turbines is the answer.
  5. I know I have personally beat this topic to death a few times. It used to be worse. Search the treads I've created on the topic. Bottom line we agree, reloads should be expensive in all aspects and dangerous..and most definitely not occur when under fire. At the same time torpedo damage and protection are out of whack at high levels. So right now we have a sort of play balanced setup that's neither realistic or fun IMO. Hiei is not a true battleship. It is essentially a battlecruiser like Renown/Repluse. The armor at the max is 8", but that is not the full length of the ship eit
  6. Where exactly are you looking to check the speed after you order a change? I agree the system could probably see some more tuning, but it's far from what I would call instant. IRL it's not the physical time it takes to change the shaft speed, but the time it takes large objects to make changes in velocity based on physics that should be noticeable.
  7. You give to much credit to Kurita. He gets reports from his fleet, not decides what type of ships their spotters see. The Japanese "convinced" themselves they had found their primary target despite the facts they could see. Remember they were also shooting AP at those DDs/DEs from Taffy 3, despite them making torpedo attacks. Which of course doesn't jive with the facts that US heavy cruisers didn't have torpedoes. It was the ferocity of the attacks as you described that made them break off. The whole battle is a textbook example of the confusion that can be brought by the fog of war.
  8. Just adding to the existing points, the game's timeframe is the best reason to forgo it. It really wasn't until the 40s (or at best late 30s) carrier based planes had all the factors mentioned above to make them effective. During the 20s-early 30s, the main doctrine behind carriers was to act as support for the fleet, mainly in a scouting/harassment role.
  9. Or your the Japanese at the Battle of Samar thinking DDs are BBs and CAs, and CVEs are fleet carriers 😁. Bad thing was the ranges were not that far one would expect to make a misclassification.
  10. If nothing else than for the reason saves will greatly aid bug/change testing and validation, not to mention more enjoyable alpha testing.
  11. I posted this in the big issues thread but it belongs here because it shows something wonky is going on with detection, at least when both sides have radar. I duplicated this in custom battle with different AI DDs as well. It's very odd that is a reverse scenario of the common, small ships being to see and fire on a big ship at close range.
  12. Brings up a good point. How can a ship gauge where it's shots are landing well enough, but the target being shot at can't even make out the ship. It's an impossibility unless the ship doing the shooting has a spotter plane or radar advanced enough to see the splashes.
  13. Therein lies the central problem many have commented on, lack of communication. They seem to not want to tell us what "will not" change and just leave it with a vague statement of "we are looking into it". I'm not saying they should tell us everything. However, if the community keeps asking for X, and it is simply not possible or the direction they want to take...say so. That way people won't spend loads of time writing/debating threads like this, only to never see any of it come into being. I for one would love to hear them ask more closed ended questions about fix/changes instead of "w
  14. Uh no. Right now there are so many things completely non-historic or unrealistic, the designer is the key lynch pin of the game. That is what makes this game different from any other out there including RTW. The devs have acknowledged improvements to the designer are planned. The question is how much are they willing or can do to improve it.
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