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  1. I'd say use this one, but have the accuracy penalty reduce then eliminated as the gun mark increases (to account for the development of tech to reduce shell interference). Reliability should be the main drawback to multi gun setups.
  2. Steam keys will be given out once the game launches on Steam. It was supposed to happen last year, but obviously that was delayed.
  3. Honestly I see lots of people for the idea and only one against. How about a poll to get a better idea of what the player base wants instead of assuming.
  4. Perhaps an even better point, given the state of the AI formation control wouldn't some kind of map help better manage the inevitable wonky behaviors? I mean we all want the AI issues fixed, but I'm not so sure all of them can be really eliminated.
  5. My suggestion is the hybrid approach. Look at how Supreme Commander used a roll out zoom to give you the classic 2D map. Then you can seamlessly zoom between 3D and 2D. I see good points on both sides, so I always defer to player choice in cases like this. Can both be satisfied by my suggestion. I think yes, but the real question is what the Devs think anyway.
  6. Short answer no. There was a post long ago (before I joined) where the idea was abandoned because the AI had issues with it. Also your character icon or whatever it is, they are wearing an SS death head. I hope that was not intentional.
  7. Think you'll get more information in the Game Technical Issues section. I can tell you from my experience the game is not optimized in the least. It pushes my graphics card harder than any other game I have.
  8. Yep I understand. Some changes to better balance for sake of the players is all any of us is asking.
  9. That I don't agree with at all as the game was pitched to be "realistic" and doing so would conflict with many areas that are geared towards realism. This is my opinion though, and I know not everyone will agree with me. Change is needed, what and how to change are open to debate.
  10. No the Dev team will be sending steam keys to everyone who purchased a copy eligible for play testing (if there are even two versions like when I bought now). So you will have to redeem the key on Steam, then download. I do not imagine they will migrate existing saves or anything. It may be possible to do it manually, assuming the steam release does not majorly change the code.
  11. Oh I agree, I just didn't see Nick mention saving in battle in any of those threads about the subject. I just think they planned for campaign saves to work only outside of battle. We definitely need saving during a battle added at some point.
  12. Agreed, the devs have promised the ability to save designs will come after the campaign release. That will go a long way to helping, but saving a battle hasn't been specifically mentioned yet.
  13. Steam keys will be given to anyone who buys the game now if that is what you are asking.
  14. Think the issue is how target signature is being calculated and the towers themselves are balanced. That seems to be the takeaway here. i.e. how does a ship with better spotting have a lower signature than one with less spotting range.
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