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  1. Think we are saying the same thing. When it gets to beta, everything is should be fixed in place as far as core mechanics. I'm sure with the release of the campaign we will still be in Alpha since the campaign will introduce so many new things, but who knows.
  2. IMO if you are playing an Alpha, you really are a tester. Beta is more of the fixed core game and so bug squashing/QoL improvements is primarily focus there, but that still is a form of testing. Just an example of how this would help. Played two scenarios with a BB vs DD/CLs. One was 1920, the other 1940. I detected torpedo spreads in the 1920 at around 4 or 5km. My ship had no sonar, not the best towers. 1940 scenario, Hydro 3 and best towers and it was like 1km when I detected them. I'm assuming these were oxygen filled, but that could also indicate a real balance issue if th
  3. I think it would help everyone testing during the Alpha/Beta stages to have a toggle to display all information regarding an enemy ship. This would allow players to spot check enemy designs when needed, but retain the current logic on slowly identifying the target when not. This ideas come after some recent game sessions where the enemy was sunk well before identification takes place.
  4. Use your print screen key on your keyboard. Then goto paint or something similar in windows and paste. Best way to get screens short of a dedicated capture app.
  5. No you are correct and has been brought up before. The difference is no greater than fore and aft guns. This goes back to the main advantage HMS Dreadnaught offered, unified main armament.
  6. That might work in this tightly defined scenario, but the game overall does not favor real designs. But that's another subject entirely.
  7. Except this mission is completely a-historical as it was the German's who were outnumbered. Also the evidence now seems to suggest Hood was just pure unlucky.
  8. While we are still in Alpha, I would say MP is at best a future DLC at this point. After the Campaign is finished, we might have a better idea if MP can be squeezed in. I think more people would want aircraft, and the devs have already said that would after the game is released (if they decide to it).
  9. If so, I think we should focus on the penalties for blind firing. It would at least balance those "stealth DDs" allowing the the bigger units to fire accurately like happens now.
  10. Similar concerns were raised in the alpha thread, but blind firing (which is what is happening now) needs to be addressed with specific changes. It is realistically impossible for 1 ship to be able to see another ship and fire on it accurately without the reverse being true (talking 1v1 for simplicity). Shell splashes are much smaller than the ship, so if you can make out your splashes, both ships being visible is a given. Now assuming we are talking about blind fire, you either need a ship with radar good enough to see those splashes, or have another ship in communication that can see t
  11. Sounds good to me. Just to add, you could adjust the height of the barbette by using crtl + mouse wheel. Would go nicely with this idea.
  12. I think it is really, 1v1 custom battles is fairly simple in concept....campaign adds a lot of complexity and discussion.
  13. Yea that's really the only way to make it work. But if all combat is auto resolved, what the hell is the purpose of the shiny graphics engine? Might as well play RTW. Yes it would have to for custom battles, but what about campaign? How long will it take everyone to make all the changes/decisions. You could force a timer on everyone, or if you take the auto resolve approach. Why not just do it like they did decades ago?...PBEM 😄 If you don't what happens when combat is only between 2 sides and there are 8 others playing? They have to wait for them to finish their battle before the turn
  14. Which game does turn based and real time? I'm guessing a 2 player game could do it, but again not many people are going to wait. You pretty much just summed up how Hearts of Iron does it, badly. It boils down to playing with committed and close friends who agree on a lot of things ahead of time. Not really suited to random people on a server. I know you are being a bit sarcastic but think about how many people you are writing off there. That's exactly the reason MP won't be a good investment compared to say 'aircraft". Yep I agree, but most of the people asking for MP are not
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