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  1. Of course aircraft would be nice, but RTW2 came after the original RTW, which didn't have them; and it still released far behind schedule and buggy as hell. It took several years for the game to be developed, and the only major addition on top of the original was the aircraft mechanics. I'd rather have a limited but well implemented game to start off with, then pay for a DLC later to add air power, than a more ambitious but less well implemented product. Adding spotting aircraft would, however, be the logical first step, and these could be implemented before air combat is properly modelled.
  2. Hey guys, I've been trying to find a good, condensed source for ship construction by type throughout and ideally immediately prior to World War II. Although this is the kind of thing I would expect to be readily available, all I've been able to find so far are unweildy databases which list each ship class and the construction dates for each individual ship separately, but never a simple table which conveys the number of - for example - destroyers or destroyer escorts were laid down and / or completed by each power in a given quarter or year. Can anybody point me in the right direct
  3. I agree. My argument is that, in the ideal game, a player would be compelled and not arbitrarily forced to use his ships for a variety of purposes, for the same reason as navies were compelled historically to do so: a finite amount of resources and a variety of objectives that need to be simultaneously accomplished. If, for example, I am bound to escort a certain number of convoys - more realistically in game terms, if I am bound to provide a certain level of 'convoy coverage' spread out across multiple strategic areas - and I am given the choice of whether to send out a CLAA in that role, kno
  4. I am not arguing that highly specialised ships were as desirable as general purpose ships, or that the game should represent it that way for the sake of gameplay balance or any other reason. I am arguing that the relative problems and advantages of specialised ships should be represented by forcing the player for face the same strategic problems that prevailed in history; that is, by giving the player operational control and forcing him to consider operational problems. If a player has chosen to build a number of CLAAs, for example, then the problem should arise when operational circumstances
  5. I believe that there is a general consensus in the RTW community that the series' greatest failing is the player's lack of control over the use and roles of his ships. Every turn, the battle generator presents the player with a random type of battle, with a maximum of one battle per sea zone per turn. The player is told how many ships he will be given of each type, but not which ships or ship classes; each battle therefore begins with a game of chance, as the player never knows how capable his forces will be when choosing to accept or decline an engagement. The order of battle is auto - genera
  6. I've really enjoyed the game so far, although I was only able to play for one session - the second time I tried to load it up, I couldn't get it to start by any means. Oh well - that sort of thing is only to be expected, so I'll try a clean install, and file a bug report if that doesn't work. My one suggestion so far is that you add an option to toggle tracers. I, for one, believe they're an excellent gameplay tool; in RTW, I resorted to meticulously copying ship's logs into spreadsheets in order to determine the probability of belt and deck hits for various guns at various ranges, and i
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