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  1. I usually build Atlanta class cruisers when im going light, Lots of small guns. I do like BC as well
  2. I always prioritize speed and firepower! Especially with lighter ships ill cram the suckers with like 20 torps a side.
  3. Thought i'd lighten things up by adding some conversation! Take the poll and tell us what type of ships you prefer! And also what you look for when building your specific ship classes! Very generic poll comment below in more specifics if you want!
  4. The turret tracking Bug I posted about here ai turret tracking/ clipping through ships.
  5. Cant say i'm happy but I understand. I'd love to hear more about the progress you guys are making from now on especially he new team which could make something even better! Keep us informed @Nick Thomadis. Best of luck guys
  6. Let's finish this development project first. But i'm sure 80% of us here would probably buy it. If your looking for a modern warfare sim coldwaters is nice and there is also a new game coming out on steam called sea power. No dates announced yet.
  7. I really hate to use it but like its not even an early access game on steam yet. THIS IS VERY ALPHA. Yet I've seen the devs fix a bug within 1 update. They might not have a weekly update log but okay I report bugs and they get fixed. People also have to realizes when you do an alpha like this players wishlist's grow along with wait time sometimes to fit those wish list items.
  8. Well technically you paid for early access to help test the game. If you wanted a full game you could have waited for release.
  9. Just noticed a bug. AI is tracking ships in combat by rotating their turrets through the ships always staying on target. Snapped the pic after it had rotated from the other side. Marshall99 made a thread but I noticed it on an AI so just reporting to be sure! Reported in game aswell
  10. I'm actually re running my test right now because i realized america has a BC and a BB that can be the same displacement so this threads going to have another example soon!
  11. To be fair the Germans did make the scharnhorst. While classified as a BB by the germans for all intesive purposes even in design function I think it was a BC. We also get the Alaska and while one was called a cruiser and the other a BB even tho the tonnage difference was only 4000 tons. In game we are going to see players make crazy things because Air power at least from CV's has been pretty cold on the reception from the devs so we very well may see a BC meta because of the speed the hulls can produce along with the armour we can add onto them.
  12. I AGREE. It also scares me I could even add more armour to the BC hull essentially making it more amoured. I believe you played RTW I like the system that auto detects ship type so theoretically you could use a BB hull as a BC and vice versa it was just the stats the eventually determined its class.
  13. Didn't think of the machinery weight! Good point! But your point about the hulls both hulls I used were the modern hulls of both lines. Speaking of RTW I did like how you could theoretically build anything then the class type was determined. Obviously you could use a historically BC hull but just use it as a basis for BB's if you like it.
  14. True you see that especially with the Japanese and the retros they did to Amagi and the Kongo class. I am still alittle worried because during my test I could still add MORE Armour.
  15. I decided to do a test on how Armour weights effects ships by class. This is to test if say I could Armour up a BC more the same as a BB. (German 1930's tech)Hulls used Include: Modern Battleship Modern Battle Cruiser All ships towers are the most advanced available. But all these factors will remain the same Krupp 4, Barb 4, Anti Torp 3, Reinforced Bulkhead 2, Citadel 5, White Powder, Electro-hydro turrets with auto loading as well, and finally Stereoscopic 5 with Radar 2. The ships will all have a 30kt speed, medium range with standard bulkheads. Again the purpose of this test is to just show Armour disparities I'm just trying to limit as many factors as I can, but I decided to include these in the calculations because I might actually use a ship with these upgrades only as a minimum. Obliviously we could make slight changes but they are meant to serve as a baseline in say campaign or mission viability. All Values in Imperial Inches The BBs armaments included 4x2 14 inch guns 6x2 8 inch guns 8x2 4 inch guns The BB with a total of 52,493 out of 52,500 displacement 20 belt 10 Belt Ex 12 deck 5 Deck Ex 19 conning tower 20 turret 9.5 turret top 6 secondaries The BC with a total of 46,745 out of 49,000 Displacement could fit the same amour and armament as the BB. But I could add more. 20 belt 10 Belt Ex 12 deck 5 Deck Ex 19 conning tower 20 turret 9.5 turret top 6 secondaries This could be because the BB has more displacement (couldn't make the battleship any smaller than 52,500 displacement or the BC bigger than 49,000). But we also have more tonnage to play around with so I could actually add more amour to the BC if I wanted. But with a displacement difference of only 3,500 we have an pretty significant weight difference. I know the displacement difference still counts towards the weight because more is being armored but the weight difference doesn't seem right yet. Some problems that could arise with this include BB hulls being less competitive in certain missions and eventually campaign if not addressed. AI maybe abusing the BC hull in games say by squeezing things onto hulls they shouldn't be able too (Robots can be weird as we have all seen). Having BC's just be to much like BB's no difference in the actual ship classes and people treating them as essentially BB's were we would not see them used for there historical purpose. 2nd Test with America Did this one in a hurry so I used all the same factors as above! Only thing different was armament. (America 1930's tech)Hulls used Modern BB 1 Modern Battle Cruiser Armament used was 3x3 16 inch guns 5x2 4 inch guns All Armour values set to 8 inches for quickness and accuracy The BB had a displacement of 47,814 out of 50,000 tons the total weight of the BB superstructure and funnels was 10,664 tons. The weight without the superstructure would be 37,150. The BC had a displacement of 47,591 out of 50,000 tons the total weight of the BC superstructure and funnels was 7,524 tons. The weight without the superstructure would be 38,767. In this test seems like the BB fared better. While the ship had more total weight less of that weight was allocated by the algorithm to Armour and more was due to the superstructure just weighing more. Also because you can increase the displacement of the BB we don't have to worry about this BC hull having ridiculous amounts of Armour because it couldn't support the weight like with the German hulls. Please comment your thoughts! If you have a question or comment I usually try to respond! I just wanna see what other people think about my little test.
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