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  1. Which hulls are you referring to in game? Because historically they got more hydrodynamic is the word I believe. So thinner pointed fronts to cut through the water. You can look at the post 1936ish battleship's all had the standard elongated bow which widened towards the turrets (even the yamato class). And in terms of keeping the same width throughout the ship the historical picture's I posted once it gets past the initial bow so about the first turret it reaches the max width of the ship. Which it would stay for the remainder of the citadel belt. Please see the attached picture which
  2. I'm going to try to recreate a monster I made in RTW2 with the 20 inch guns. 4x2 front with 4x1 back 20" upgraded Alsace design now that I can. @Cptbarney Or maybe make this...............
  3. Ouch you forgot about me this time.................... Also in other news can't wait! Thanks for the update @Nick Thomadis!
  4. To me DD's are the great equalizer. Just takes one torpedo to set off your whole magazine because you didn't invest in torpedo protection......... memories. 😥
  5. Are you talking of instances where the AI per say "Cheats"? Usually you see in other RTS titles AI will get buffs because well they can't counter a human properly so they might get extra income or stat related buff or the human suffers debuffs. If I had to guess we will probably have a system like that in game but it would probably be correlated to well the difficulty the player sets the AI to whether how hard they cheat or not. I think the Ai might get buffs to ship performance i.e ship range or accuracy in designs but they wouldn't be hidden. There should be a spy system that will
  6. Serious question why cant they lay a grid over the naval map? Wouldn't that hypothetically solve the issue. Since you can take a slice of any map then lay it over? In large scale naval engagements wouldn't DD's be used like calvary? To use speed to exploit openings and create more openings in a a battle line?
  7. Not really they have games such as civil war and gettysburg where the AI will take the initiative to attack specific weaknesses in the line. Also games such as total war have priority targeting where an AI will see you are not properly guarding your skirms or arty then send in calvary which would be the opposite to do an attack. They can code these behaviors it's more of a matter of will we get it before campaign? Or will we have campaigns that are so easy we can win every battle without being out numbered 4 to 1. My question is why do we have to settle for such 1D battles? If I know th
  8. More variety in my opinion is worth it. Gotta think as well if someone wants to use an CL hull because they like the design or for the benefits they should be able to use it technically as a CA hull because for the most part after the washington treaty the main difference was really gun size. Like the Portland CA's belt was 3.25-5 inchs and then the cleveland CL's had the same armour thickness yet one was a CA and the other a CL. If i wanna put 8 inch guns on a traditionally CL hull I should be able to ya know?
  9. Fair when it comes to noise alarms and such i'm more of the less is more category because I usually notice things without needing an alarm but personal preference. So an option to limit it would be nice if they improve upon it.
  10. That's not really maneuvering. That's taking the shortest path to the target. My problem is the battles always end the same way unless its a scripted mission. The enemy ships will always take the closest path to an enemy. They won't split off a few ships to apply pressure from one side, they won't send the DD's in to do torp runs and pull them back or even smoke themselves at proper times. They just yolo in. Which results in very anticlimactic gameplay which unless you leave yourself at a huge disadvantage the player will win. But you see what I mean though right? The AI is very l
  11. It's a cool idea. But you have to ask yourself if your in a huge battle would it be practical? Say a torpedo is being launched would it give the alarm for 1 ship or all ships near the spread? Also would the alarm for fire continue throughout the fire and process of putting it out or would it just alert you to the fire? I dont know about you but in a medium sized battle it could get pretty annoying with all the alarms you would be hearing.
  12. Considering you say the physics are on my side then say they don't follow the same physics means well you don't know what your talking about here. Especially since you challenged me to prove you wrong which I did. Per your statement below But back to the topic. Since this argument was clearly about target size based on what angle is shown at a distance. It's true mathematically that an object like a ship has a smaller surface area nose in (because its smaller). Your first argument on this topic was I was wrong. Well you have yet to tell me exactly how that statement is wrong. Ship
  13. They just charge nose in right? I've noticed not a lot of maneuvering from the AI.
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