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  1. This statement is still true. But sometimes he makes me sad on mondays.
  2. Ahh yes. Nick knows how to make my monday sometimes.
  3. I like it. So it would be like an enemy ship after a battle (for the tech portion)? Also gotta be careful because historically it took a long time to salvage/refloat ships 1+ years and a lot of resources so it's not something that could be done for a quick resource or monetary gain. I think the best thing we could do witht his would be for stealing technology. Say there is a battle that you were involved in or two other powers fighting at the moment you have the option to send some DD's and CL's to steal some tech or maybe even ship plans/tactics from the ships. This would help you know exact
  4. I'd say anything below like 5 knots. Then the surrender option would pop up only if the ship is also extremely damaged. But then again I can't really say i'm a fan surrender anyways.
  5. Ya it should just force them to look for an exit from the battle. The ships should only "surrender" if they were like dead in the water.
  6. I'm not so sure about this one. Just because they would go to the nearest port to be interned. Also I don't want the AI surrendering on me to much.
  7. Of course. Gotta increase drydock size. Which is why investing in your ports infrastructure will be so important
  8. I think some ports will initially start bigger but due to us building up infrastructure certain ports will get built up more or less based well on the players investments.
  9. Spy network def falls under 4 ill rephrase abit. Also the museum system could be nice. Could kinda be like a mothball ship too that you could refit
  10. Now that the dust that was Alpha 9 has died down and we await news on Alpha 10 like the mad lads/ladies we are I thought Id make a thread about some confirmed features of the campaign along with some major/minor features that I think would make the game more enjoyable. I do wanna keep this thread mainly about the campaign so please refrain from designer suggestions of hulls/balance changes to guns and hulls. Confirmed Political Intrigue/Alliance Building Blockade Features Minor Nations Naval Invasion Economic/rebellion stability due to presence of for
  11. I read this wrong and I was like What?!?!?!. Then re read it. I agree we will have so much to do with other things that random events handling performance should be enough. They might have an system where if a ship has been constantly engaged it will need to be in port for a turn
  12. Well I mean. I have to be like constantly looking for them at like 6-8km out to be able to turn a bb out the way unfortunately
  13. It would be a good feature especially since they are so hard to spot
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