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  1. Fire helps, but too slowly. Ram will sink enemy but you too. A good bet - flooding. I use one 9'' and few 8'' guns. Built one ship, six-seven knots, chose firepower option. Won the third attempt.
  2. Plz no. Devs team is three (3) men. I do not hope to see the game release in this year, and if add guided missiles in roadmap then there will be no release in the next decade. Damn I would like to play company, not bequeath to do it my unborn grandchildren.
  3. Theoretically, a diesel engine is a good alternative to a turbine. It is cheaper and spends less fuel, which is useful for long-range raiders. That sounds pretty interesting, is not it. But here we come to the game and what do we see? Well... Suddenly, using a diesel engine is more expensive than turbines. Also, the weight of the engine plus the weight of the fuel is also not in favor of the diesel engine. As if this were not enough, diesel engines are at the end of the technologies list. This is 1931-1935! Radars, the top FCS, as well as 18-inch guns and Yamato-style hulls open earlier than diesel engines. And the diesel still worse than the basic turbine, available since 1906. Well, maybe diesel engines have some really value on tactics? Let's get a look. This reduced chance of critical damage and faster repair looks really good! Well, until you remember that the main reason for the failure of the engine in the game is not damage to the shells. This is flooding. Summing up all that is written above, at the moment, diesel engines look frankly unnecessary. What do you think about diesel engines?
  4. This. All other options for a team of three men are completely unrealistic. I admit, I'm more interested how developers will do countries features.
  5. MOGAMI fires a spread of six Type 93 torpedoes at HOUSTON, but misses. Post-battle analyses indicate that MOGAMI's and FUBUKI's torpedoes probably sank or disabled minesweeper W-2 and the transports SAKURA MARU, TATSUNO MARU, hospital ship HORAI MARU and the CinC of the invading 16th Army LtGen Imamura Hitoshi's flagship, landing craft depot ship SHINSHU (aka RYUJO) MARU. Imamura jumps into the sea, but survives. Game turned out quite historically
  6. I don’t know, I like new missions. The developers somehow add new missions that different from those were before. Although it would seem to "sink them all" is quite a monotonous occupation. They are certainly unbalanced, and sometimes the only way to win is to press restart while praying "God of Autodesign". But whatever. I have a lot more questions for the game mechanics and the ship's constructor. I find missions in generally...acceptable.
  7. Nice to hear. Can game ships ever do reverse maneuver aka "astern propulsion" ?
  8. I wonder if there will be paint schemes in the game Taken here.
  9. So it's not just me. I thought, reworked, or something.
  10. This is common problem. You can use 3'' without turret on BB in 1893 but no but not later. Also this hull type have plenty of bugs.
  11. Need more brilliant French engineering in game and this topic
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