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  1. A little less ugly ship for you, sir Ships of Victory - Armed Convoy Attack!111
  2. I would like to see additional options for balancing weight on the line fore-aft. Perhaps adding keel / ballast? Now I solve this issue mainly by moving the main caliber turrets closer to fore-aft, which is clearly not a good idea in terms of protection.
  3. This is normal if it will be possible to build ships in other countries. Like japanese ordered Kongō in Britain, for example.
  4. This is a really good question, but I'm afraid you are asking it to the wrong person. You should probably ask Nick why they do Hood hull then player already build can some sort Hood in the game? I have no idea, maybe he just likes Hood ...which the developers have already announced, regardless of your thoughts on this matter. Yes, in the new patch will be new hulls. Like they were previous patches. Stop posting cadavres, plz. They are so ugly that I don’t even know if I should laugh, sympathize with their grief, or run away from the screen with horror cries. And yes, you build wrong Svetlana. Since i talk about light cruiser. And the less we talk about the other two pictures, the better. Somewhere in hell, the builders of the gunboat “Brave” cried out, spinning in the hot pans “Our man! Our!”.
  5. No, you are not. Each patch developers add few new hulls: USS BB, russian / french BB, german CA/BB, heavy cruiser, and several others. As a result, we can make a classic ironclad, with a battery of six-inch guns in casemates and four main-caliber guns in turrets. Or a little less classic, with six-inch guns in turrets too. We can make a dreadnought with superfiring turrets, use hexagonal layout, linear arrangement or even cross-deck fire! All this is excellent, until it comes to cruisers with a displacement of 10,000 or less. Suddenly, it turns out that we can build light cruisers Tenryu and Emden style but that's all for that. Even the Svetlana-class can no be build, although her design does not represent anything new. So no, you can't put 8'' on casemates you CA, or 6'' on casemates you semi-armored cruiser. No, you cannot use superfiring position on light cruisers. No, you cannot put 12.6 cannon on protected cruisers in Matsushima style. Where large ships have extensive customization options, smaller vessels are much more limited. So this post is not about "drop everything, give players 100 500 hulls all the ships that ever existed". This post is about "we already have a bunch BB and BC hulls, stop making new ones. There is only one light cruiser hull in the game and semi-armored cruiser hardly better". The new hulls are in the top ten things that I would like to see in the game, but they are not even in the top five -
  6. Excellent. Now please, build this protected cruiser. Spoiler: you cannot, because the casemates of small cruisers do not support 6 inch guns. No, new hulls are needed. Don’t need to drag every ship ever built into the game, but typical should be.
  7. 7 inch guns can be installed on the stern of the ship and on board but can not be installed on the bow.
  8. 1. Can you make the sea different? It is always the same. This is a little boring. I don’t know, add some ice and make the sea darker, or vice versa, brighter and cleaner. Like the north sea and the south sea. A bit of land would be nice. Night battles? Maybe rain, great excitement, a storm? 2. More unique hulls for fractions. Like a Hood, yes. I would like to see more hulls of light, armored and protected cruisers, since most of the presented in the game, in fact, one hull, just in different sizes. 3. Fix known flaws. Like this. 4. Fleet pathfinding is still bad. 5. Armor patterns are still not obvious. This and this 6. Secondary guns shoot at secondary targets while the main guns fire at the main target. 7.Optimization is always welcome.
  9. Yes, you're right about the engine. So I highlighted it in red. It’s more difficult with armor. Replacing iron armor with Krupp armor is a difficult and expensive task. Add armor to the bridge, or put shatterproof shields for small-caliber guns - very easy. Extra armor on belt, or deck? Depends on the armor scheme, but rather difficult than simple. Try to strengthen the armor of the already built protected cruiser.
  10. Yes, that’s true. Dakota was not about to sink, but the Japanese would have eaten her alive if not for Washington.
  11. Something like that, I suppose.
  12. Navy boys about SOUTH DAKOTA: Damage to SOUTH DAKOTA did not imperil the ship. Rear Admiral Willis Lee aboard SOUTH DAKOTA about SOUTH DAKOTA: deaf, dumb, blind and impotent... Opinions are divided!
  13. I play HotFix 66 and finally completed the mission "DD vs TD". In a couple of months i tried ten times, if not more. So cheers! But...one problem. My destroyers drowned every TD on map (which I am very happy) and after this was immediately exterminated by enemy cruisers. All this happened in the first five minutes of the game. My DD have only rangefinder lv 1 and I think the cruisers FCS was no better. Sniper fire on Tsushima era technology? Guys, in my opinion it's overkill. This "HotFix" overbuffing guns and it's guns-guns-guns again and again. It’s just that we used to take BIG GUNS, and now all the guns have turned into something terribly dangerous. I suppose I want Alpha-3 NoHotFix66 back. I feel more like "guns suddenly gone insane".
  14. They do this much more often in Alpha 3 than in Alpha 2. One of the balance problems with 2-5 inch guns is that capital ships have much better accuracy than destroyers and TB. Thanks to the big bridges, for example. In fact, the secondary were good enough against TB in Alpha 2, but... you need all tech and top equipment like the last rangefinders on you cruiser/BB. Then DD/TB turn into Swiss cheese. And in low tech can shooting turned into hell. I somehow lost the "DD vs TB" because the time is up. DD Alpha 2 can't hit things. But now they can. Progress, as for me. My point is simple. At the moment in game actually there are no secondary guns that can be used against secondary targets, there are only large guns and small guns. And with the current model of armor, large guns have an obvious advantage in most cases. Main battery can handle this task quite effective
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