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  1. Just noticed This is not a big feature and does not affect the gameplay, but I appreciate it. I was irritated by the walls of text that disappeared faster than I could read them. Thank you.
  2. Well, round version looks much more compact especially if you use a some interface magic There a reason why before the digital era most of the instruments on the control board was round. I didn't think the original interface is bad. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but that's not what I mean. The fact is that this ...inconvenient, non-obvious and unfriendly to the player. And your interface doesn't support reverse movement. And this is where real ships can help you. Well, Astern propulsion was known even in the era of sail, so in the er
  3. Hello Nick. What do you guys think of the rework this into something closer to
  4. Well, it seems that this "next patch" slightly delayed
  5. Attack on Mers-el-Kébir The result of the detonation depth charges on a sunken ship near Dunkirk
  6. It's doesn't work. For example, new patch will include French super-late battleships. It's not "we can add mechanics, or we can add more ships, pick one." They are adding new ships AND working on game mechanics. The problem is that most of these new ships are WW2. As a result, first thirty years we have little choice of ships (or no choice at all) but then, 1920 happens and "few hulls" turns into a hell of a lot hulls. Why is that bad? Because there are shipbuilding restrictions. For example, for cruisers this is no 6+ inches in casemates. Which was actually typical of th
  7. One and same hull for 1898-1919 timeline? For some reason, developers focus on late game while ignoring early game. I understand that super battleships are cool and all, but this is a late game. Quads, 20 inch cannons and other super Yamato, it's all late game. But early game is a placeholder content. And the player starts early game, not late game. And the first thing the player sees is the placeholders. Great first impression, what can I say. The situation with battleships seems to be better but then you look here and holy moly! Somehow, "Ultimat
  8. In the design, it's definitely a step forward compared to previous announcements. The news itself is promising. Great is that the developers don't live in an ivory tower and really understand what's going on in their game.
  9. Well, it has been a disappointing lack of news on this week. As well as last week, however.
  10. Nope. Campaign isn't feature. This is the main game mode. Yes, I stopped playing for this reason. Some mission I didn’t even run once. I mean, I'm not a big fan "Here we go again". If I were, I was probably playing a skyrmish until I died of old age. However, I would like to test the real changes in the gameplay. For example: - obvious problem is the armor model. Armor scheme...well, it does not exist. You can select any sort of scheme, but it does not affect the actual placement of the armor. For example, you can choose AoN, but still have lot armor in exten
  11. Depends on the country. I doubt that China or Spain at the beginning of the company will be able to contain a lot of battleships. For first company I think to take something simple , like the United States and see how game works. Obviously, black powder, iron plates, standard shells and natural boilers must be left as quickly as possible. Obviously, without FCS you will have't hits. Of course, turbines. Everything else ... Depends on too many factors. For example, does the game will display war Jeune École vs traditionalists? Yes, and probably the player will not have so much choice tha
  12. The topic is probably out of date. Since it was created before Alpha-6 Diesel engines rebalanced to reflect better their bonuses. Diesel engines will be more important in campaign, but now can be useful in missions too, offering more reliable and cost-effective power plants.
  13. The developers are three guys. If "devs will spend more time speaking with the community" then the game will be ready not in next year, but in the next appearance of Jesus Christ. Sorry, but I paid for the game, not cool stories about the game.
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