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  1. I'm kind of confused - is this a new bug or an old one? Client: beta Mode: custom Hulls: all Countries: all Years: 1918-1919
  2. The new French look great. However, they fell through in your typical "too little space". This beautiful 16k battleship cannot use turrets larger than 10 inches, there is simply no room for them on the ship bow. The same problem on a different hull, but at the stern. It's like Borodino (rus pre-BB II), over and over again. By the way, you never fix it.
  3. I find the most delicious part of this story is that the Americans were convinced that "...Those Japs are bloody fools...They can't see at night and they're not well trained...". 😁
  4. Well here we go again Again, the auto designer has more money than the player, this time "only" twice. The British are kind of OK with their 60 million for the player versus 80 for the auto-designer. It's just a little wierd.
  5. This is the 1910 company. I hope, is it more obvious now.
  6. I knew auto designer suck, but single 4 inch cannon on 5.9k ship this is a new level
  7. Try a new company, I started an hour ago, suddenly, the start-up funds were about 280 million.
  8. It does not matter. So, the auto-fleet gives the player ships and money for a total of about 300 million. Now let's look at the option "Create Own" You give player 1/4 or in best case 1/3 funds which receives auto-designer. We are building few ships because you are not giving the player enough money. It's all.
  9. I think that's the point. When playing at acceleration 1, the AI usually can't hit the broadside of a barn. But if turning on the acceleration by 3-5, as he immediately begins not only to shoot, but also hit. I used my TBs at x3 acceleration, as a result, they looked more like Swiss cheese after the attack. It's all nice, but for this game needs a better damage model. But this is not true. The most advanced, high-tech and original fleet before Dreadnought arrived had two archetypes of cruisers. Not three, not five, not ten. Just two. Of course I'm talking about the F
  10. I had the same problem at the 1890 company. I think it was 1900+ when I could not build battleships in principle. Actually, no. ...early British 4" (10.2 cm) breech loader bag guns from the late 1800s. These guns shared common characteristics including weak design and few of them survived in active service after 1900. 4"/15 (10.2 cm) 13cwt Mark I...range was 5,500 yards (5,030 m) at a muzzle velocity of 1,180 fps (360 mps) and an elevation of 20 degrees with a 25 lbs. (11.3 kg) projectile. 4"/25 (10.2 cm) Mark I Muzzle velocity was 1,790 fps (546 mps) with a 25 lbs. (11.3 kg
  11. Hmm. My TB in 1890 looked like this After meeting with an enemy battleship or cruiser she looked something like this Since sometimes i could to hit with a torpedo ВВ/СА/СL I thought it was fair exchange.Hmm...Did you use time acceleration? P.S. The second picture from 1900, but in 1890 three inches was enough for 200 ton torpedo boat to fire and flooding.
  12. How many knots? My attempts to use TB against cruisers and battleships in 1890 ended up "TB all on fire" and "TB 1-2 engine damaged" at best. In 1890, the best TB for me was CA 3,5-5к. In 1900, the enemy CA are dodging my torpedoes 10/10. Of course, the German СA are hopeless design, so it doesn't really matter.
  13. About mighty and powerful torpedoes. СА 3500, starter ship, base technology 1890 ВВ 9000-1100, base technology 1890 Also, in 1890, four inches decimates my 200 ton 27-knot torpedo boats.
  14. Thanks, sometimes it works. Sometimes ... not really
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