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Found 6 results

  1. After leaving a battle there should be a restriction that prevents you from entering a port battle for 5 minutes, as is the case now when you log out at open sea but for less time. There are certain players who in order to avoid screeners get a friend from another nation (or an alt) and then tag them and sit in the battle. They then jump straight out into the port battle, avoiding screeners etc...
  2. @admin The current marks system is being abused, the current second job I have playing this grind feast you call a game is being exploited. The requirements for these marks is nearly impossible for smaller nation like Sweden, Danes, Dutch. Spain. I can speak from personal experience and different clans from Britain and other nations listed above. We have played the game without alts and engaging the enemy but funny we're 2 rated behind the pirate nation who works and confessed in global chat last night they have been agreeing and working with the French. I have spent many hours on this game since the update released and members of my clan have barely slept also to try and get the fleets required for PBs but last night we learnt that the Black clan have second rates the Bucs.... how the deck did they get all the conquest marks from 1 port battle defense 24 hours previous??? Thry must have alts in France/Britain farming conquest marks to benefit them not the nation the alts are in! To prevent this alt farming unfair and biased MARK bs situation I suggest we scrap the mark system.
  3. ~title edited for better understanding. Abstain from going overboard with "not so correct" adjectives to describe something ~The Moderation Team ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Changed the Title again to cater for the OVERALL "madness" in this stupid game mechanic !!! Even when used by every nation now, it stays what it is: a broken game mechanic which has to get fixed ASAP ---> Dear Devs, pls change mechanic that War Supplies can raise Hostility Level to only 50% maximum !! ---> The missing 50% to 100% have to get achieved by PvE and PvP infront of the port... Problem solved !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honestly, i am rather new to the game, but never noticed so much exploiting aka gaming the game aka cheating to such an extent in such a short amount of time like in this game !!! For all, who dont know what i am speaking about, todays "raising hostility" (hahaha) from The Danes at bermuda is only the tip of the iceberg: Since the first attempt to get the Bermudas, it was ALWAYS quiet over there, nearly NO enemy ship was seen there...many of us were mission running all the time, building up defence points just in case... Here and then, there was a lonely Pirate Trader who wanted to buy some goods in bermudas, sometimes we catched him, sometimes he slipped through...no bad feelings When i logged off at afternoon, there was ZERO hostility in Bermudas, ZERO...and me alone had build up a few thousand defence points (dont know, how much this is) through PVE mission running... When i log in, 2 hours later, i noticed suddenly that Danes got a Port battle over there...UNBELIEVABLE !!! When chatting with others, it came out, there were NO fight, there was NO mass PVPing, there didnt showed up hundreds of danish ships overwhelming the defences and building rapidly hostility...NO, THEY JUST DROPPED WHAT IS CALLED A "WAR SUPPLY BOMB" !!! How stupid, how cheating this is...how can this even be possible ??? Suddenly a fleet of traders showing up, slipping in MINUTES into the port, delivering their cargo...eh voilà: they get their Port Battle...Lol: No Brit did ever had a chance to react, even when someone would had been there, how could he stop dozens of traders alone ??? What gaming the game is this, what purpose has such a stupid rule ?? What benefit has such a rule for the game ?? I am speechless Seriously, those Danes participating at this event should be ashamed for exploiting a broken game mechanic to such an extent...and also, you, the Devs, should also be ashamed to allow such actions !! Period !!! Nothing more to say...goodbye
  4. This is a very simple personal statement and all those who agree to it may freely follow in my footsteps! At this point I sadly have to say I do no longer care about the comments of the Admin/mods on the matter. I personally consider the port battle insta join an exploit and its use an abuse of a flawed system. Anybody who insists on using it is in my eyes not somebody who has the interest of improving the game in his mind. In addition there ahve been several other issues coming up over the last days since the patch which had given us a new system to not completely rip apart yet people jsut seem to have no other way of winning anymore. To clarify - I am fully aware that at this point British and other nations captains too have started to log out in front of captured ports and I disagree with it jsut as much as with the Danes doing it!!! Therefore I will from this moment onwards completely abstain from any port battles (and other events should it become too much there as well) including the screening (which in a defense would be a waste of time anyway) wether it be a defense or attack when through either side any of the following issues comes up: - Hostility bomb (PvE, War supplies, whatever else players find) created in under 4 hours (I consider it impossible for a nation to counter this especially should they currently engage in a port battle) - Attack fleet logs in in front of the port to circumvent the screening fleet by mechanic and not by skill! (this does not apply to sail time - log out a 5mins sail away from the port and I ahve absolutely no rpoblem with it!!!) - DDoSed TeamSpeaks (this is actually going into ranges outside of the game itself which I consider a personal attack and should my own TS ever be attacked as such I would report it to the police!) - Insults in game (I have seen this coming up in ever more increasing ways - A simple 'good fight' whether you win or lose should be customary at the end of a battle - suck up your salt and acknowledge the skill of your enemy!) I expect more exploits to come up in regular use in the near future and they will be added to my list. Again this list applies to both sides of the conflict - I will not join my own fleets or even leave an active port battle should these issues come up in my own fleet! (My apologies to those who haven't commited an offense and that I will leave behind by such an action - I am afraid doing this has become the lesser evil...) Last week I said in response to the Bermuda actions that I would now be willing to go with any 'legal' exploits and use them to the fullest extend myself but I am afraid I am just not that kinda guy hence this post. Consider my statement retracted and this one being in effect. Any captain who agrees with this may follow in my footsteps or not obviously being entirely up to you yourself. I believe that at this point only through creating empty port battles we will actually get a change going as it will quickly get boring and rid us of exploiters or at least force the devs to get us back by making useful changes. Should this still fail I am afraid my next step will probably be to finally leave the game that I once enjoyed so much behind me. Cheers Jolly
  5. Since the tribunal has dictaminated that cheating and exploiting the game is not desirable but allowable now that Dutch and British are using them again and again (forgive me those honorable british and dutch that dont make use of the exploits)... I think at least it would be a good idea to have a list of cheaters and exploiters with whome other players should be warned. At least until we have a hotfix that fix the exploits. Please, bring probes of the cheats and exploits they are using. This is not the tribunal but empty accusations are not valid. Pd: moderator, make this a stiky topic, it will be used a lot until the new patch is launched.
  6. I was in a battle recently with a number of players and AI ships on either side (in my brig). Twice during that battle larger player ships joined the battle within a couple hundred yards of me. We were all quite close together and in both instances, the new players appeared in direct contact. The second ship in fact suddenly appeared 100 yards in front of me. Not only was our battle suddenly very one-sided (something I have no issue with), I had no opportunity to escape or break off because these larger ships were right on top of me. As a result I was sunk. Are players getting placed in battles based on how close they are to the open world battle marker when they join? Is this just a bug? It would seem fair to me that new players joining a battle always start a minimum distance away based on the direction they came from. Maybe those battle markers should be rings (you have to be in the ring to join the combat) or the new players could just appear at that minimum distance from the furthest ship in that direction. Anyone else experience this?
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