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  1. Here's the thing: with a design bank, plus the AI adding variation but within set constraints and modular templates, devs can give us a ship designer that does not constain us to oblivion. Actual freedom to experiment with the limits of what is possible. Right now, none of that is possible because of arbitrary limits on flexibility and freedom made to coddle and handhold the AI. You can't, however, mod a fundamentally flawed ship designer. You know, the core of the game. The minimum viable product. As long as the devs keep using the AI's high degree of freedom as an exc
  2. Hope the turret armor issue gets fixed before the weekend. Spending the whole weekend fighting flash fires and destroyed turrets is not my idea of fun.
  3. It's too late. Go on ... without me ... đź’€ Remember me as you play the patch o7
  4. I still maintain that it is better to have the AI build from a bank of user and dev made designs (perhaps track their win rates) and remove their ability to design for themselves. That will solve all of the issues overnight with the unrealistic and limited ship designer, but some people are too enamored by sunk cost.
  5. Could be Poe's Law. It's difficult to detect sarcasm online.
  6. Can confirm the issue with British supercruiser design: Before adding secondary: After adding secondary:
  7. Yeah, but that is not a defense of the game at all. The fix would be to have a button to wait to observe shell splash until firing the next salvo. It's implemented in War on the Sea, so maybe this game should just copy that (minus the bugs).
  8. While the proposed changes are a good idea, I do not think they will happen. The devs have a sunk cost that they are reluctant to throw away because they have already delayed the game's Steam release. They're likely pressured for time and will have to release a product that retains the original core mechanics, for better or for worse.
  9. KGV was held back. Prince of Wales fought Bismarck
  10. They are being used as an excuse to prevent players from having more freedom in creating more historically accurate ships. No direct editing of armor schemes, huge limitation in barbette points (not even talking about placing barbettes at bow or stern—just want more barbette points), no more exotic armor schemes (like some RN cruisers). Leaving aside whether that excuse is believable, I would rather have a more in-depth ship designer and hardcoded AI designs (or which just use player submissions) rather than have to deal with the current system. It is not like the AI designs halfw
  11. Devs: It's a race between Alpha 9, CP 2077, and the [current politics are banned]
  12. This update is huge. Hopefully my ships will stop crashing into each other at the first turn order. I think that in the future, allowing us to choose our nation in Naval Academy would be better, as some nations have objectively better hulls in terms of performance (i.e. barbettes on towers) or looks.
  13. You basically repeated my point about the rework, but consider it a trivial addition. I don't think that'll be possible without a complete rework because I have a nagging suspicion that the physical model of the armor is baked in and cannot be changed. Someone more educated in Unity might come by and did through the files, but I doubt that'll happen until after the Steam release. We seem to have different definitions of what a designer is. I think you are assuming that they're just artists, or that changes to game mechanics only require a programmer. The role of a game designer is a re
  14. I want my hospital ships and ASW trawlers to be able to walk up to a DD and blow it up with their AA .303 Lewis guns. If a ship can't reliably sink the enemy, they obviously don't have any business being built and the game is imbalanced 🤣 Like @Skeksis mentioned, there's no point in bemoaning the lack of role for a DD until we see how they fare on the campaign map.
  15. You're missing the point. It's not about code vs. visual design, it's about pouring water into a bucket full of holes on the bottom. You are also assuming one of the developers is doing nothing but churning out ship hulls. I don't think that's the case given that the dev team is only a few people. I'm fine with the devs prioritizing the campaign—I even support that somewhat—but the last thing we need is more hulls when each hull is fundamentally broken. Whenever they add a hull, they have to create an armor model and weight model for it based on the visual hull model and the player's choi
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