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  1. 30" armor, 8x16" guns, 35.5-kn speed... how is the AI building these? https://i.imgur.com/xLHOBdo.jpg
  2. AI has broken BS designs still. And his 13" Mk 4 is somehow 3 times more accurate than my 18" Mk3 at all ranges while he's driving around in circles at full speed. AI is using hax
  3. 1) Why did you buy this game? 2) Did you look at the game's homepage before buying the game? 3) What makes you feel entitled to change a game that, from the start, and very clearly on its homepage, stated that it aimed to have a high degree of realism and the specific mechanic you want to get rid of? You're just trampling over the people who bought the game specifically for that purpose.
  4. Well my school is staying closed until Tuesday, and we're starting remote classes, so I can use my skills of introversion to save the time others spend going outside. Take your time devs. Just don't go outside, as we need you to stay alive until release
  5. I guess this has turned into an Alpha 6 wishlist, then! Works for me I think there are more than enough premade hulls, but the limitations in the ship designer have still not been removed: we need custom barbette height, less restricted turret and barbette placing, armor angling, hull form, number of propellor shafts, barrel length, separated propellant and explosive charge, ability to actually design magazine protection scheme, etc. Current designer has too many abstractions for my liking, and they don't even simplify the game for the user in any meaningful way. I highly doubt they impact performance that much anyways, considering penetration calculations themselves seem to not be that abstracted; only the things they are hitting. Devs have said that they're focusing on crew mechanics, which I agree is a top priority. I hope we can customize the level of crew accommodations and implement crew fatigue and training.
  6. I don't mind delays, but it would be nice if we could get communication from the devs on an ETA so we can plan accordingly.
  7. Still waiting on quadruples for my KGV
  8. Can't wait to have 9-inch-armed battleships and ram the poor AI
  9. It's a shame OP never heard of Medieval II Total War or Skyrim. They have had quite the success and are played often today. Not because of a multiplayer that depends on a network effect that has dwindled down to almost zero, but because mod support allowed the player community to keep things interrsting. Skyrim doesn't even have multiplayer. Multiplayer isn't what makes a game sell well or have longevity. Good gameplay and mod support are orders of magnitude more important.
  10. Ah, in that case I have seen it before, but I only noticed when I had two enemies running in opposite directions (to a distance of more than 50k hards), my fleet split in two trying to catch them, and I switched between the two elements. It wasn't reproducible all the time, and I think the workaround was to turn the guns off and turn them back on.
  11. In the future, maybe we can choose how much of a torpedo is dedicated to warheads vs. fuel, what types of explosive filling and detonators they have, etc. as well as have the ability to switch between fast and slow speeds for close range vs. long range firing.
  12. Not only do I want it, but I also believe it should be a feature of the final product. If devs can't make barbette models that fit the turrets then they should at least let us choose the turret models directly.
  13. Could you try recording it and uploading to youtube? Nvidia Geforce Experience should work; if you use AMD you can use the Xbox app on Windows afaik.
  14. While I believe the alpha playerbase may not necessarily be representative of the post-launch playerbase, I do wonder what the age demographics look like. This could be useful info to base the desired length of a typical gameplay session, for example. If a large portion of players can only play for an hour at most, then quality-of-life features might include mid-battle saves and stable high-time-compression game performance.
  15. I for one hope not. Resources need to focus on campaign and even that feels like it'll end up a flawed compromise with budget and development time. Maybe an update or DLC once the game is complete but certainly not before.
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