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  1. @Nick Thomadis this is the issue I meant regarding the new Spanish Modern Battleship II:
  2. Same here, I can't get any even or exact value anymore... no more 300, 305, 400, 420, 495, 500mm... now it's all weird "301.03/418.06/499.01" things and stuff like that, really triggers my OCD xD
  3. Oh, I forgot to mention this issue applies only to the stern part, it's not about barbettes: The issue is, when I try to install any gun turret below the 457mm caliber, I can't put it because there isn't setting up points, as you can see in the screenshot. However, these "set up points" appear when the caliber is 457mm or higher.
  4. Greetings! First of all, loving the update and all the new stuff, good job! I must, however, notice some odd things with the new Spanish Modern Battleship II hull: right now, it can only mount guns of the 457mm caliber onwards: if you try to install 452 or smaller, it does not allow you; Something kinda weird I noticed is that now, regarding armor thicknessess, instead of going by +-2.5mm (300, 302.5, 305...) it goes by... +-2.3? I find that a bit odd to be honest, I gan't get any even number! (299.7, 302.3, 304.8...)
  5. ...or they could release it before, some of us could and would play it already, and then you would still be able to play over the weekend xD
  6. Also, it would be cool if "all-or-nothing" was actually a thing. Currently, you still have to armor the extended parts of the hull in an "all-or-nothing" ship, when said armor scheme was designed specifically to eb able to leave the non-vital parts of the ship entirely unarmored.
  7. Exactly! I mean look at USS Texas. It served from 1914 to 1948, all through refits! I would really like to be able to refit a 1915 hull with 1940 upgrades in UA:D too.
  8. Now, that being said, I agree that the developement seems to be abnormally slow by this point, in hindsight.
  9. This game was ADVERTISED as an "ALPHA IN DEVELOPEMENT". It is YOUR problem if you purchased it without knowing the implications of a crowdfunding campaign. You can't just go blaming everyone else, you are the one who has to get over it and be an adult. Yes, an alpha is for adding mechanics and important parts of the game primarily. And that's exactly what they are doing. Before adding the campaign, they must first finish the core of the game. Otherwise, they would be releasing a campaign over an otherwise unfinished product, and no one wants that. Knowing what you are purchasing and
  10. It's called crowdfunding. An indie dev team can't develop a whole game from scratch without fundings. In order to be able to develop it, they gave us the chance to play it from its earlier stages, and they made it very clear. This way, they are funded by the money we give them by purchasing the game in an early stage, and thanks to that money, they can develop it further and further until it is complete. It's not "irresponsibility", it's a game developement model widely used by several companies. In any case, I think it's you the one who doesn't understand what you sig
  11. The Bulkhead slider affects the number of bulkheads, actually. What makes them stronger is the type (Bulkheads I, II, III...) I mean, the game is literally called "Dreadnoughts" xD I can see the focus on BBs. That would be cool! Those are campaign mechanics, they may come with the campaign, I guess.
  12. Totally agree! It's kinda annoying how some hulls have a short span, like, 1914-1919, so if you try to make a 1925 ship with it, you are unable to, meanwhile, in real life, there were many ships that made it from WW1 to WW2 through refits. I would really be able to make a 1940 ship with a 1915 hull, like... it has been being upgraded to keep it up to date as much as possible through refits!
  13. Very cool! I am looking forward to this patch, specially all the fixes, improvements, and that new Spanish Modern Battleship II variant hull!
  14. I agree that this could bring more variety that would make other factions more interesting and unique. I think more fictional/semi-historical creativeness would be very welcome as long as it remained realistic with an authentic feeling.
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