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  1. @Nick Thomadis - should we give it a try?
  2. It feels very random. Tried to win it by fires but it is largely random how well the enemy copes with that.
  3. You have a point but the game isn’t in a state for release. It needs some more to not ruin the release. And you need to consider that most of 2020 was a complete write-off for the development. Not ideal but it happens. And the team apparently has a plan and some new people working on the two core components of the game (designer and campaign). Personally I am very optimistic once more and even sort of hyped! I was wondering the same to be honest. Although the note they added a new programmer to improve the ship designer was the best news! There is something else thoug
  4. I think Nick was referring to including the other nations we have in the game already into the campaign as for a starter the campaign will only be Germany vs Britain
  5. While the ship movements in see may be quite pronounced I admit I prefer this to the “ships on rails” or “Tonks on water” we see in other games. Some movement in the waves makes the scenery much more lively in my opinion
  6. Nick put up a roadmap and explained the next steps. Although it doesn’t mean that Alpha 11 is necessarily already one of the core releases he mentioned. However I agree it sounds like next we will see the skeleton of the campaign. Why only two nations? He mentioned a North Sea Campaign - Germany vs UK which is a very good scenario choice for that era in my opinion. I don’t mind having that for a starter and have that expanded later on. I am more concerned about how the campaign plays out, what actions you can perform, what options we have, how lively the environment is. O
  7. I am really happy to read this - it is a very good idea to improve this very core aspect of the game in my opinion. Can you already shed some light on what the general scope/direction here will be? Are you aiming for “just” polishing the current version of the designer and add parts or are we talking about expanding, changing and overall improving the ship designer to become more of a flexible and powerful asset?
  8. This is amazing! An excellent plan and a good way up slize the work! North Sea Campaign - I LOVE it!! And that is even more amazing!!!! Wooohoooo can’t wait!
  9. I am all for more variety in the designer I am all for more freedom in placing parts I am against „all-equal“ and want nation specifics I am very much against „same ship Syndrom“ I want this Game to be awesome I feel that this game needs a great designer with a lot of freedom and a good dynamic campaign to use the designer meaningful
  10. Hi - was that request from a very old thread a serious idea? Are you looking for people to contribute?
  11. I found this very old post but I like the ambitions described here
  12. @Nick Thomadis Hi Nick - it’s been more than half a year since I put in this question. While I was hoping for substantial expansions to the ship designer the lack of reaction there got me thinking how far you are trying to expand this core feature in the foreseeable future. Regardless - can you at least add Derfflinger, Mackensen and Ersatz Yorck Parts (hulls, superstructure, funnels and guns)? That would give us at least a way to build different ships around these amazing designs ?
  13. Agree with Marshall99. Of course making a game or any other piece of software can be a challenge. Reefkip is stating the obvious. And we can easily deduct from the complete absence of progress this year and the replacement of the key programmer that something went pretty horribly wrong. Watch the trailer for the ship designer and see what is in the alpha-prototype in game - it’s a huge gap between those two. Either the ambitions have been unrealistic from the get go or the project went the wrong way at some point. Now as Reef started the speculation - it can
  14. Why not let Nick speak for himself? I read nothing but assumptions. If the devs tell us “the designer is final - all you may or may not get are a few additional parts” - fine that would be a decision. For me that would probably mean that the game will not live up to the hopes I had for it and probably I wouldn’t play it much - just like over the past year. But that would be my individual decision. And Btw I have seen great projects with very small crews. Comes down to several aspects but small teams doesn’t mean bad results at all. I still play for example Stormeagles Jut
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