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  1. Indeed. Same for the superstructures - we need some more variety Pls
  2. I think they said it would be possible although we don’t know how that would work in the game. I hope for the same - it would be a shame if you couldn’t be keeping your ships up to date
  3. Indeed a proper Queen Anne‘s mansion to built a G3 or N3 would be great too! Plus we need funnels! Moar funnels!
  4. Thanks for pinging Vassili 🙂 That’s unexpected good news - looking forward to try that out! Now if they also add Derfflinger‘s parts I won’t be playing anything else I guess
  5. Yes - I would appreciate if UAD would not copy this angling nonsense from Tonks/Tonks on Water
  6. As machinery space is fixed at the moment and main gun turrets and barbettes are in multiple fixed spots it should be possible to calculate the length once in the design process. Even if it would be just multiple snap points between the program measured the length - would still be better and probably relatively simple to program
  7. That looks pretty amazing. I always like if ships look like they are in actual use - meaning everything looks busy and a little random if you know what I mean
  8. Haha touché 🙂 However I am not just a big fan of planes and carriers but at least equally ola dreadnought fan 🙂 I am not in a hurry to see carriers here although I am not opposing the idea entirely for later tech stages. However the focus here is true Dreadnought vs Dreadnought interaction so let’s get that awesome first 🥳
  9. True but what I meant was that the guy is right: main belt shouldn’t be fixed the three center compartments but dynamically calculated by the placement of main guns / barbettes and machinery space. This would allow us to save weight by trying to reduce citadel length which I would put equal to main belt length.
  10. That would actually make a lot of sense! And the way you build the Lay-out would determine the length of the main belt (and therefore it’s weight) as a result. Sounds like a good idea to play around with different designs and to optimize citadel length (the shorter the lighter)
  11. Of course that’s a risk. On the other hand - as you say - the community here is quite small. Maybe it would engage people more if they share more of what’s happening.
  12. That is a great piece of information! Thanks and +1
  13. Although - even if things certainly could be improved and expanded - I am happy to see some movement of the ships to begin with. Coming from WOWS where ships are basically Tonks on water it feels more alive
  14. Agree - the lack of information is really not ideal. Even if there was half a year of standstill, now that the team seems to be set up again it would be good to get some information and updates.
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