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  1. Indeed I was suggesting the opposite: split the towers In multiple Parts to allow for more flexibility. Multiple different masts, bridges and secondary towers to combine these. Currently I usually end up with very similar designs
  2. Yep it’s rather quiet. But to spark more lively discussions would indeed need some input, news, feedbacks etc to discuss. Otherwise any proposals, debates and such feel pretty academic
  3. Of course they shouldn’t waste full days discussing back and forth on the forum. But honestly a little communication would help here. I think a simple weekly blog entry on what is going on would suffice — not more than 15min of work a week
  4. That‘s exactly my fear. I think it’s a great start but I also think we need some improvements to the ship designer if we expect people to stay tuned for half a year. If we could at least get some improvements like splitting up modules into more granular parts, more freedom of placement and some additional hulls, towers and such. All I really play at the moment is custom battles and I would appreciate food for moar ships :–)
  5. Is there any information on whether the devs are going to release some additional features and/or parts for the ship designer anytime soon?
  6. I would like to give the „Jeune Ecole“ a go. But instead of cruisers for the long range element I‘d use fast battleships or well rounded Battlecruiser task groups
  7. With tweaking numbers and formulas I meant to combat stuff, hit chances, penetration, etc. I think we agree that the ship designer needs more work. I fully agree that the system needs to be expanded/changed. I think it needs much more flexibility but I would not necessarily agree it needs to be completely redone. In my opinion it could be enough to split up some of the modules into smaller entities to allow for more flexibility. And I think it is ok to aggregate certain elements into „gamey mechanics“ such as how the determination of belt Armor is a simplification currently. Much rather than trying to mimic a complete ship design process I would appreciate to include more freedom without redoing everything. Examples: Include definition of machinery areas (and as a result where to put / not put barrettes, funnels, etc.) split superstructure modules into more granular parts. At the minimum into bridge and Mast separately and allow freedom where to place these. Preferably more than that otherwise the ships almost always look similar Etc So my point about adding more hulls was that I assume the current system can be relatively easy tweaked and expanded to do what we would need and therefore we can safely add additional parts while working on these things. My feeling is that it won’t be a bad idea to add hulls, parts and such while people are waiting for the campaign to keep experimenting interesting. The comment was about waiting time
  8. Well than it’s fair to agree to disagree. Yes the mechanics need tweaking. But that is moving numbers and calculations from left to right. Relatively easy to do once you know what changes to make. However - the devs just announced that the campaign would be the one and only priority next and it is about 5-6 month away from a first release. Do you expect people to stay interested for half a year without improvements to one of the two selling propositions of the game? Knowing where the ship designer - as great as the feature itself is - currently is? For me Alpha 7 was a big downer. I don’t play these single player missions, I am not interested in these at all. Until the campaign arrives I am playing around with custom battles but the limitations in designing ships are something I would like to see improved. Anyway - it’s fine to disagree here
  9. I am wondering too. I think we NEED additions to the ship designer for the next 6 month until the campaign arrives
  10. I don’t want to sound like the bad guy but I feel that a lot of base work is needed before we get to such things. - freedom to placing barbettes - freedom to place superstructure - split superstructure into reasonable building blocks (such as Mast and Bridge) - freedom to place machinery spaces and funnels I think the main selling proposition of this game is to build your own ships and that needs to allow for q certain creativity and freedom in building. I am afraid that the devs are pushing too hard for a steam release before the main topics are in a state to do so: I really love the concept of the game and I support it and see the potential but I hope they won’t rush it. For me the ship designer is a key element of the game (along with the campaign) and I hope we will see some further work on this soon Keep up the good work dudes - we support you!
  11. agree. Built an „en echelon“ Kaiser type ship but it isn’t exactly ideal
  12. Would be good to place machinery spaces manually. Determining where you can put funnels as a result. Determine where you can put main guns as a result
  13. I wasn’t only talking about these well known BC examples. Also about some of the cruisers that got lost and which got beaten up for a while until the ammo detonated - such as this British armoured cruiser or even the Pommern (which was a torpedo I believe).
  14. I see a lot of dedication in giving feedback here — which is great! However I am not quite sure if I agree with all of them. flash fires: I think it feels quite right now with the danger these flash fires pose at the moment. If we look at the Battle of Jutland a lot of ships lost sunk due to flash fires or magazine explosions. I my opinion it’s ok that these are a big risk considering these ships are loaded with explosive stuff Gunnery: for long range gunnery it feels quite ok already in my opinion. I think the main issue is in fact that accuracy feels wonky at short distance / point blank. Maybe accuracy could scale up more when coming closer this bow / stern almost immunity - agree with that. I was never a big fan of this artificial Armor angling thing in World of Warships as it feels artificial and not very realistic. Especially from front or stern a shell would probably just travel through the entire ship instead of being invulnerable. I would appreciate if that would change and won’t go the same direction as WoWarships
  15. The modernized Dreadnought "Baden" dukes it out with a large enemy Squadron:
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