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  1. Ok Dudes. I for one appreciate a patch “in between”. An I hope there will be more “in between” patches while we crawl forward. Just as an example... maybe one containing parts to build Derfflingers, Mackensens and Ersatz Yorckies... 😇
  2. I Second this! On the criticism/frustration here: I guess everyone was expecting a quicker progress. Although I for one am not angry or anything. I can’t say I play much as there is simply not much to be played at this stage but I am not frustrated about the pace. I think the game still needs a lot of work and I would love to get to know about what is being done at the moment. Also I appreciate the new hulls and improvements. I still think the limitations around the ship designer are a pretty important backlog item - along with the campaign of course as that piece is the second hal
  3. Yes very well, thank you sir. Pretty much buried in work day and night. Plus two little boys with lots of energy to spare - I guess quite busy would be an appropriate term 😬 As for gaming I re-discovered DCS. A truly unpolished but amazingly detailed sim game with a great feel for flying. Man I miss flying badly. Anyway it seems to me it must be close to “patch-o’clock” here, no? I haven’t really played much UA:D lately but I am still following the forums to see how and where things are moving
  4. I am really looking forward to that as I haven’t been playing much lately. Although I still think the game has all the potential in the world. GO DREADNOUGHT GO!! The Eel is back 🥳
  5. That is an interesting scenario! I need to catch up on these - I like how you included further design instructions/limitations! Thumbs up
  6. And it would be cool if we could change the bow during Refits. In any case these bows should be era based and made available as technology progresses.
  7. These are exactly my thoughts as well. The devs said that rebuilding would be a thing but in the current options it is hard to imagine how that looks like. Although the devs also mentioned some improvements and extension to the designer so I have hopes they take it far enough we can build and rebuild cool stuff! Actually rebuilding old designs is one of my favourite parts so I really hope for the best! Thanks mate!
  8. This one I agree with - or the other way round: implement a slider for length-to-beam ratio and freeboard. While I agree it would suffice for me if the module selection AoN actually worked The other two essentials for me are: 1) break up main tower into bridge and tower section 2) select bow form These two would serve the purpose of creating variety in designs rather than the “same-ship-syndrome”
  9. I disagree. I find Torpedos very good in this game - useful as they should
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