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  1. Ahh that one was glorious! I always wondered why no game came close to it even though we have MUCH better technology available now!
  2. Derfflinger Mackensen Ersatz Yorck Moltke Kaiser Konig Helgoland L-20ea (I am not biased 🙂 )
  3. I think your max allowed size if for ALL pics you posted. Meaning you would need to delete older ones - had the the same problem And yes - it is beyond silly
  4. Howdy! I played around a bit for the first time after the patch and I have to say it was pretty fun! - I like the new crew mechanics! - the Italian BB hulls look pretty good! - designing all your ships is great! - it feels more like a trade off now as I could not simply max out all attributes, was there some rebalancing weights? Either way it is good that the design is a trade off between the desired attributes and not all at once! I think what we still definitely need are: - early German Dreadnought modules such as the Kaiser or Konig Br
  5. Good thing is: I am generally in the right mood to play the game again. So I will definitely check out patch 0.5 when it lands
  6. I think the designer is indeed the biggest issues with the most work needed still. Campaign is important to create a setting to use these ships but being able to construct them properly is the main selling point for me. I wrote up a summary of what I would like to see a while ago but I am not sure if the devs agree with me on this (although length to beam ratio was announced a while ago - haven’t seen any word on it yet though)
  7. Will come for the Christmas Campaign as interim reward as far as I heard
  8. Fair enough. I still like it for the theme it has and play it. Not as much as in the past though. However with German BCs on the horizon this may change once more
  9. I am happy to save some of my usual random battle designs to start with Crew is also excellent - curious what it is Now I mostly need a Derfflinger and some Kaiser/König Style Assets so I can go to work 🙂
  10. @Cptbarney Hey Barney, just watched a vid by Stealth about a new Indy game which allows to model your own ships and take them into Arcade battle somewhat like in Warsheeps. Called Naval Art - the main thing that makes me curious is that you can use 3d blocks to model the ship rather than just chose a fixed building block - will definitely check it out
  11. I was also sad to see no changes to the Designer. That thing is still nowhere close to baseline version
  12. Thanks for pinging Captain! Great news - I am especially curious to get a first look to the campaign !
  13. There was a man from Peru - and because he had nothing to do - he counted his hair - and found he had seventy-two
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