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  1. I think it is possible that they will add France to the campaign, because they gave us lots of starter hulls.
  2. So, about this update... So far, I tested the new french hulls in 1890. These hulls are excellent! I designed historically accurate ships, so the main armament were only 2*1 305 mm guns. I have to say that two main guns were absolutely enough in most of the situation. They are fairly accurate for 1890s and makes a lot of damage. The secondaries are also good on Ironclad hull 1-3. The french battleship hull 1 (1890) was a bit challenging. I tried to design a competitive ship with 2*2 305 mm main guns because the secondary arsenal is not as good as on the ironclads. The firing arcs are not
  3. Well this flying tower is way advanced technology for 1890. (French 1890 ironclad hull 3) (after restart it worked fine)
  4. @Cptbarney Oh my God! Yeeees! Pre-dreadnoughts and ironclads!!! Can't wait to test them today.
  5. I hope your comment was just a bad joke. We are giving feedback for the dev team for 2 years now. Are they listening to us? No, not all the time. We asked for Pre-dreads so many times. Did we get them? No. We got modern hulls, tons of them. So what are the consequences? 1. Lack of hull variety from 1890-1910 2. Boring, repetitive gameplay from 1890-1910 3. Unbalanced gameplay (few earlygame content, lots of endgame content) We payed for this game 50$. 50$!! I could buy many, many things from 50$. But I chosed this game, I bought it. And now, what do we see? 1. No comm
  6. So, we receive modern hulls again. Great.... At least we can try the campaign. I mean, a part of the campaign. So what will we have between 1890-1910? The same hulls... I am sad, because we don't have many hulls in this period, and we begged for old hulls many, many times.
  7. I agree with you in every point. I am also inactive, because my motivation is dead. I was here for the old boats, and campaign. I was waiting for them for a long time, but only received some old boats and many endgame content.... I love this community! You guys are the best! And I am very thankfull that I could communicate and discuss many things with you! I will be offline too, maybe sometimes I will return from the depths of the ocean, but I just give up waiting. Thank you @Cptbarney and @Aceituna for the good conversations! It was honour to met you guys!
  8. Sorry guys, I disappeared from this forum for a long time. I had a rough and bad month. I failed on the exams with my entire class, because we got tasks we never seen before and we never learned in the class. So we have to repeat the exams and try again. Sadly, I couldn't try the new stuffs in this update.
  9. WG and balance are two different things sadly. They almost never listen to the community, and this is a very big issue. I was a ship collector but I closed my wallet ine year ago. They don't deserv my money at all.
  10. I uninstalled this game 2 month ago. I played this game since the beginning, and I loved it, but the current meta is a no for me.
  11. Excellent. Crew mechanics and custom battles saves are cool. Now I won't waste time with designing my most effective ships again and again, and I will have time to experiment with new things. After these modern hulls I hope that now they will focus on older hulls, because as I previously said, we don't have the variety in early and mid game.
  12. Yes, or even more. But the fact that they just can't type few sentences about what is going on is very frustrating.
  13. Yep! Islands and shore lines are a must. Also I want some fortresses on islands, and fortress near key locations. And it would be great if we could build fortress and upgrade it.
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