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  1. WG and balance are two different things sadly. They almost never listen to the community, and this is a very big issue. I was a ship collector but I closed my wallet ine year ago. They don't deserv my money at all.
  2. I uninstalled this game 2 month ago. I played this game since the beginning, and I loved it, but the current meta is a no for me.
  3. Excellent. Crew mechanics and custom battles saves are cool. Now I won't waste time with designing my most effective ships again and again, and I will have time to experiment with new things. After these modern hulls I hope that now they will focus on older hulls, because as I previously said, we don't have the variety in early and mid game.
  4. Yes, or even more. But the fact that they just can't type few sentences about what is going on is very frustrating.
  5. Are they even reading this forum? 😅
  6. Yep! Islands and shore lines are a must. Also I want some fortresses on islands, and fortress near key locations. And it would be great if we could build fortress and upgrade it.
  7. I am concerned. This is why we asked for some pictures in the past, but we did not receive any.
  8. I hope that we will get some more stuffs, because many of us wrote down many important things.
  9. Me and the bois waiting for the patch
  10. Exactly! I love those old ships. They are so beautiful. Even the eels like those. You see. She is smiling, because she saw some nice old boats.
  11. Thank you for the informations! I give you a fish for them.
  12. In my opinion wikipedia is fine. In my university we often use it because most of the time it is reliable. Also there was a russian protected cruiser, Cruiser Askold which was a very advanced ship when she was constructed. She was a very fast protected cruiser with a unique look, and she also had an active career.
  13. I think this ship would be a perfect old starter ship for France.
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