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  1. I agree. I don't like the fixed points at all. It limits your creativity, sometimes the superstrucures are too foreward and because of this my turrets are way too foreward. I wanted to recreate the Yamato and because of these fixed points, it is not easy, almost impossible to build it. I hope the devs will remove these fixed points. We don't need them. (excluding the AI. The AI needs them) Also I would like to see some armor models in the game, more information. Because of the lack of the informaton I make my extended belt almost as thicc as my main belt.
  2. I made some more. Southern BB 2nd Class II. Armor: 0-330 mm Gun turret armor: -light: 0-25 mm -medium: 30-60 mm -heavy: 75-300 mm Armament: -light: 6*1 7,69 mm Mg; 16*1 76,2 mm; 19*1 100mm -medium:16*1 152 mm (range 9,5km) -heavy: 2*2 330 mm (range 14 km) Speed: 22,5 kn Crew: ~1250 Southern Battleship 1st Class V. Armor: 0-420 mm Gun turret armor: -light: - -medium: 0-80 mm -heavy: 100-420 mm Armament: -light: 18*1 7,92 mm Mg; 11*1 76,2 mm -medium: 14*1 152 mm (range 9,5 km) -heavy: 4*3 410 mm (range 22 km) Speed: 22,8 kn Crew: ~1200-1600
  3. I would love to see this hull in the game. Even if she was just a plan, she would fit in the game just fine. At least the Austro-Hungarian Navy would get a "historical" battlecruiser too.
  4. Personaly, I am creative person and I need creativity. This game is a great opportunity for me to design what I want (ship of course). I want to design historical and non historical ships. At the moment it is almost impossible to design historical ships. I always mention that, yes the game is in alpha and yes the campaign is the most important. But don't forget that if this game will be available on steam without campaign, without more variety to design your warships than lots of people will dislike it. And I don't want this, We don't want this. This game deserves better reviews. So I hope that everything will be all right, but at the moment the silence in this forum is real, and from the dev team too. We need communication. We need feedback from the devs, We need information how the work is going.
  5. Corrected By the way, I like Škoda. My mother's dream car was a Škoda 120L back in the 80's. And I also dreaming about an oldtimer, Škoda 100
  6. Austro-Hungarian Battlecruiser plan: Data about project "la": Lenght: 220 m (waterline) Beam: 29 m Draught: 8,65 m Displacement: 30 000 t, fully loaded: 34 000 t Armor: belt 225 mm, deck 40 mm Propulsion: 100 000 LE, Danubius turbines, 4 screw Speed: 30 kn (56 km/h) Max range: 8 000 nm (14 800 km) 15 kn (28 km/h) Armament: 3x3 35 cm L45 Škoda K14 18*1 15 cm L50 Škoda K12 12*1 9 cm Škoda K10 6*1 9 cm Škoda K16 AA 6*1 53 cm torp under waterline https://www.deviantart.com/tzoli/art/Austro-Hungarian-Project-Ia-Battlecruiser-Design-691299287
  7. Personaly in the campaign I will design compact battleships. Good armor protection on the belt and deck, long range artillery, and some secondaries and some speed. If I can, I will design super battleship with high firepower and more then enough armor protection. Speed around 25 kn. I will max out the torp protection too. Cruisers will be good against enemy cruisers Destroyers will be stealthy, and they will be equipped with long range torps.
  8. The lack of hulls and superstructures are a bit annoying at the moment. This game needs more content. I understand that the dev team is small, but the delay of the campaign and the lack of communication is not good at all. At the moment the playerbase need some smaller updates, bug fixes, because the game will become repetitive (lack of hulls, superstructures).
  9. Oh yes! I think they could implement a system for that. When you design your main guns without any protection (0 mm) they come without shield, but if you give them some more protection (0 mm < ) then the shield become visible.
  10. Spotlights, lifeboat, anchor, bow decorations (my favourit ones) Also some portholes.
  11. Yes, this game absolutely needs more hull models, superstructure models, turret modells etc... I realy hope that we will get acces to steam workshop, because lots of customization is missing from the game
  12. Miss-fire is a must in a realistic game. But it need some balance. What I mean is that an old tech gun will get a higher chance and a modern one will get a lower chance. So the mark 1 gun will be the most unreliable, but a mark 5 gun will be the most reliable.
  13. Oh yea, different shooting option is also important. This issue have to be solved, because we need every single turret to fire on the enemy ships in the campaign, because we can't allow that to wait until one turret reloads. Every second is important. Also I checked my previous post about this issue (I wrote it few mobths ago), but no one answered.
  14. Maybe this is a known issue. But when I play this is a very common bug. Almost every second time only one turret (main battery) fires and others (main batteries) are not. And I have to wait until that one turret reloads. This bug is very very annoying. And nothing blocks them because I fire them at full broadside.
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