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  1. Nice looking ship with interesting layout! Are those guns same caliber?
  2. I am realy looking forward to this update, because The battle of Tsushima was a huge battle between the pre-dreadnoughts. And I love the pre-dreadnought era, so finaly I can test more things in this mission. Also as for me, the 510 mm guns are very nice. I can't wait to design Shikishima, because to be honest I won't grind 31k steel for a pixel battleship in WoWs. Oh and of course I can design this battleship on my way. The quad turrets are very nice addition to this game, and these turrets are needed for historycal reasons and of course (for me at least) more guns are always good 😁
  3. Thank you for the news! I can't wait for it.
  4. I think within one week we will receive an announcement about the arriving patch. I think in this weekend. Than in 1-2 weeks later we will receive the next patch. If I tip this correctly, I will go and buy a Lottery ticket
  5. And poor Oklahoma. They murdered her. T5 with 40 sec reload, nerfed penetration (also her armour layout interesting, everywhere 25 mm so she will get regulare penetrations easily [citadel armour is okey tho]). T5 New York and Texas will eat her. I think the WG testers and players are playing two different game. They can't balance things.
  6. And literaly this is why I stopped investing money into that game.
  7. The amount of energy, that a high caliber shell has, not to mention the 510 mm shell, can damage a light cruiser so heavily that the entire ship hull breaks. And if the shell detonates inside. There is no chance that a light cruiser can survive it. Just imagine it. 800 kg TNT blows up inside a light cruiser. This is devastating. And UA:D does this well. When I hit an enemy cruiser with my battleship, hasta la vista baby. Wows is an arcade game and nothing more. Back when it was released it was okey, but today that game is everything but not realistic. I know that they want to balance the
  8. I think almost every naval game is more realistic then World of Warships. After seeing how a 460 mm shell bounced of from a broadside Mogami.....
  9. Beautiful! I need that turret design in the game. Also those larger secondary turrets are very nice! The lifeboats are well deatiled
  10. Oh and I almost forgot about something. I realy like the way, that the upper belt is sloped at around 35-45°, in close quarters she can bounce incoming shells easier.
  11. She is beautiful! Oh and I see those screw-propellers. Well done!
  12. I can't wait for it to be honest. I hope they will say something on Monday.
  13. Wooooow. Looks nice! Maybe she rammed another battleship? The effects are beautiful.
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