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  1. @Cptbarney Yeeeey. The two pre-dread hulls are nice. Also the fast battleship hull seems nice.
  2. Same thing happened with me. I posted this problem not once, not twice. And this is still a huge problem.
  3. Yes. I experience this issue always. And it is very fustrating.
  4. Well, I would use my obsolete ships as crew trainer or coastal defense ships. Or I would put them in "secondary class" so if something go wrong with my fleet, these obsolete ships will fight till the end. Of course these are only my opinion.
  5. Good idea! I would love to test some things with pre-dreads. Because if we will get the campaign, I won't scrap them. They will be coastal battleships or I will use them for crew training. Also in custom battles I defeated some dreadnoughts with my pre-dread designes, but I hope that we can refit them in the future, because modernization is not a bad thing.
  6. You know, @Fishyfish is here since the beginning, so am I. So no, he is not a troll, he did many useful things on this forum. He is not the one that started using disrespectful words. Just sayin!
  7. SMS Szent István battleship For Austro-Hungary http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/19/3/1620812782-szentistvan-01.jpg
  8. Can you stop being disrespectful? Or is it realy that hard for you?
  9. I regret spending money on WG products, because they just can't balance their games. So for me f2p games are no no.
  10. Okey. This behaviour is not accepted on this forum. If you continue doing this disrespectful manner, you will be reported.
  11. Thank you for the informations, Nick! I am glad to hear these news.
  12. Hey man! Respect other forum members opinion.
  13. I hope that we will see at least one of them. But looking at the current developement time. Maybe next year. Wich is sad.
  14. I am here since Alpha 2. And the biggest dissapointment is that I don't know anything about the campaign. I am a veteran player of UA:D and the lack of communication between the playerbase and dev team is not okey. We payed 50$ to test this game, wich is okey, paying this much for an EA game is our responsibility. But I want to know what is going on with the campaign, I want screenshots and information. I think I can say that we have the right to know how its going to look like. I am reading this forum everyday. And what I see? Everybody is guessing something about the campaign. So this shows
  15. My major dissapointment is that we have no information about the campaign. There are no pictures about it. We don't know anything about it. I am waiting for it since Alpha 2. New hulls..sure, why not. But lots of us said that we need obsolete hulls, because the lack of variety. What we get? More modern hulls...I mean okey, a new game update is coming, but come on, give us more older hulls. When we start the campaign we won't have variety.
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