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  1. I want Airship carrier carriers. And Airbattleships, which can carry smaller airships on their seid. So they are carriers too. Ok, I have to drink some tea to cool down. But can you imagine Airship carriers that carry airbattleships wich carry more smaller airships that carry bombs??
  2. I am sorry but I have to disagree with you. We all know that developing a game is not easy. It is obviously very hard and taks a lot of time. But we all know that this current ship designer is very basic and has a lot of restriction. I played this game lot and I feel like when I design a battleship, I am just doing the same things again and again. Why? Because I can't place the barabettes, the towers, the turrets, the secondaries wherever I want. And I know that in real life I couldn t place the turrets over machinery, but IRL the enginiers could compromise. But in this game we can't, because
  3. We definitely need answers from the dev team. Because it would be great if they could improve the current ship designer.
  4. I played yesterday, and also today. I encounterd the same gun firing bugs almost every single time. As I sad earlier, I was always full broadside and there were no obstructions near the turrets. So 1 full salvo, than only the first two turrets fired, than again full salvo, and than again only the first two turrets fired. This is very annoying. And in the campaign I don t want this bug. Why? Because every single shell is important in a battle. And waiting 50 sec for a reload and only few turrets firing is not allowed in a battle.
  5. I absolutely agree with you! We need major changes in the designer.
  6. Exactly! We need a better designer, and these are the key. With the machinery spaces, we could design ships like the Fuso, the König and many other important historycal ships. Also in my opinion the draft is very important. I want to design, heavy, large vessels with deep draft, so the citadel or the important ship parts can be under water. (Also many pre dreadnoughts had low freeboard with deep draught.) Beam to lenght is also nice and it is a must. I want to design thick battleships with side main batteries. Or with superimposed secondaries.
  7. Yes, we need this turret! And also this one. For historical reasnons. We all know that these type of turrets are not effective, but on the other hand these turrets would add variety to the game.
  8. Well I would like to see more 1880-1900 gun turrets. I brought you some pictures, so you can see what I am thinking about And finally, the "open" turrets or barbettes. I think these ones would be easy to implement. In the armour management you could set the turret armour to 0 mm, so it will show only the guns, without the armour.
  9. Happy New Year to everyone! I hope we will have better year.
  10. I always love the new updates, but in my opinion the most important thing that the devs must implement into the game, that getting rid of the fixed points. Without this feature the game will be always repetitive. We can't create historycal ships, witch is obviously a very important thing to do. Secondly, armour viewer. If I design a ship, I want to know where I have to place more armour in the designer, where is the citadel, is it under water, waterline above waterline. This is also very important. I want to see the deck, the citadel deck, upper deck etc... I know that the campaign is the
  11. Thank you for the announcement! @Cptbarney@Aceituna@Fishyfish@CapnAvont1015 and lots of others (sorry I am still bad at names)
  12. Beautiful camo! Also noice double props you got there 😁😁
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