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  1. I have an other thing that I would like to see in the game. Naval forts. And not only on sea shore, but in little islands/reefs. So this is the Fort Drum. It is quite famous. I hope we will see forts like this in the game.
  2. The dev team is a small group, so yeah, we have to wait a lot, but I think it is worth it
  3. Oh and another thing from TW. I don't know how realistic is it, but personaly I realy liked the ship positioning befor battle. What I mean that you can click on a battleship and drag it into position, like you want a flagship wich leads your fleet. Like in this picture: This is good for making your battle formaton before the battle. But I don't know that is this realistic or not. What do you guys think?
  4. I agree. Campaign should be inbalanced. What I want to know, that how can we imagine the upcoming campaign. Because if I remember correctly I did not read anything about the campaign. For example how it works, is it like a board game style, etc... So I think the dev team should post something about it. Just few sebtences. Secondly, do you guys know about Total War Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai? There you can play with ironclads. But this is not a reason why I mentioned this game. The reason why I mentioned this game is because how the fleet works on maps. As you can see in this picture, when you click on your fleet, you will see your maximum travel distance, the enemy fleets attack range (when you enter it's attack range, you can attack the enemy fleet, or the enemy fleet will attack you), you can see how many ships are in your fleet, how many HP each ship has. Anyway, why am I showing this to you? Well I think this map/fleet system works very well. And I don't want to copy this, because TW is a different game, but I think we should study this system. What do you guys think?
  5. This is our job Give them ideas and feedback. And I love doing this and I love this community a lot White fleet camos are beautiful. Maybe they are one of my favourits. I am thinking about reshearch facilities. So basicaly, when you start the game, you have basic naval base, and you can upgrade it, so it can build ships faster. Better logistics, transportation of goods. And then you have the research building, where your scientists, engineers are working on bigger guns, turret tech, etc. So if you upgrade these buildings you will research things faster, building things faster. And also you can detect incoming attacks when you unlock radar. These are just ideas.
  6. Oh yes multy objective missions would be cool to have. Or you can achive one, two or three stars in a mission how well you complete in it. I am not sure how useful it is. Maybe if you do it well you will get bonuses like, you get more funds to build better ships, you will gain more honor so you will gain greater flagship bonus. I don't know. This game is just full of opportunities. You know couple of years ago, I just dreamed about such a game like this, and now here it is. So back to the missions. For example: min. criterium. What I mean (just an example) is that you have to destroy two enemy cruisers. If you do this, you will pass the mission. But there is another criterium (bonus). Destroy the enemy battleship too. If you do this, you not only pass the mission but you will be rewarded. As I mentioned earlyer, this can be more funds for your next ship design, or honor, respect from your crew, so they will work harder in the next missions. What do you guys think about these ideas?
  7. American vs spanish pre-dreadnought fleet mission would be cool to have.
  8. Totally agree! I want to design low freeboard battleships for coastal defense.
  9. Maybe the old battleship hull 1.,and all the other pre dreadnought hulls.
  10. In my opinion we realy need them. For historical reasons, and for the fun factor also.
  11. Hello Admirals! I want to share some of my drawings. This game inspired me to draw battleships, pre-dreadnoughts and ironclads. 1. Northern battleship 2nd Class (III. generation) Armor: 0-350 mm Armament: -light: 18*1 12,5mm mg; 14*1 75mm; 8*1 76,2mm -medium: 4*2 127mm -heavy: 2*2 300mm Speed: around 18 kn Crew: ~900 2. Northern Coastal cruiser (I. generation) Armor: 0-100mm Armament: -medium: 26*1 8" Speed: 12-14 kn with steam Crew:~400 Later I will post more if you want Have a nice day!
  12. About pre-dreadnoughts... I have some ideas about gun calibers. The HMS Victoria (1887) had 2*16.25" (413mm) guns. I know that the reload time is terrible, but I think it would be great if this BL 16.25 inch naval gun was in the game. Campaign is more important, but later this should be in the game. Another point: Royal Sovereign-class pre-dreadnoughts had 13.5" (343mm) guns. I know, I know, we have 330mm guns in the game, but for historical accuracy this is also important to have in the game. Again, these are not priority things, but for historical accuracy these would be good to have.
  13. I have a Pinterest account where I have around 500 pictures about pre-dreadnoughts and dreadnoughts. I just love this era.
  14. I would love to see her in the game. She would be a great starter battleship or later second class battleship
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