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  1. I had played this game in early access. I heared since, that you can now deplete the enemy on lower difficulty settings and it does no longer straight up scale. I still have a number of questions: 1. Is your equipment still matched by the enemy? If I give skirmishers some good rifles, will I suddenly face a horde of skirmishers with the same rifles? 2. Should I try to kill every soldier after every battle, even if it is over, to deplete the enemy. 3. Is it realistic to deplete the enemy on high difficulty? 4. Is the experience of your soldiers matched by the enemy?
  2. Sandermatt

    To use or not use fortifications

    But if he charges go into the fortifications before contact for the melee bonus.
  3. Sandermatt

    UGCW Feedack v0.74

    Is there a way of transferring veterans, if you still have many recruits in the pool, without outfitting them in between?
  4. Sandermatt

    Ultimate infantry rifle: Fayetteville or Henry?

    I never used the henry in practice. But the reloading stat is 3 times higher. You say it was nit that fast. Does this mean you cannot fire 3 bullets in the time the others fire 1, or in other words the reload time is not proportional to the weapon stat?
  5. Sandermatt

    Ultimate infantry rifle: Fayetteville or Henry?

    So after the range normalization is discussed. What do you think is the answer to the original question?
  6. Sandermatt

    Ultimate infantry rifle: Fayetteville or Henry?

    I thought all infantery has the same range and the range stat only helps to deal more damage at max range. How can the ai outrange you?
  7. Looking at the 3 most expensive infantry rifles we have Henry, Fayetteville and Spencer. I am not sure why Spencer is more expensive than Henry, because Henrys stats seem better. What is considered better, the higher range,better melee, better accuracy of Fayetteville, or the much higher reload of the other guns?
  8. Sandermatt

    Stones River **live stream*

    So as I understand it all cover is less effective? I wish they would just have made wood cover less effective.
  9. Sandermatt

    Carreer point balance discussion and suggestions

    I thought about the army organization part. It could be abandoned as skill, and just be determined by your campaign progression. This might also allow to abandon the scaling concept as your army size will be limited anyway.
  10. Is there some way to figure out the minimum army size I need for each level (lower limit of scaling). I think this would really be useful.
  11. I just lost a whole unit of sharpshooters, beause instead of shooting they somehow tried to get into melee. I think it is somehow to easy to accidentaly give a melee order and the commands should be more distinguishable. A second problem I have is with the skirmisher ai. THey seem to try to keep a distance to the enemy. However far to often, this results in them retreating out of cover. Also the hold command does not always work. Many times it is really painful to place a skirmisher in some buildings near the enemy units, because they will always immediatly retreat from the building ignoring hold commands.
  12. Sandermatt

    UGCW Feedback v0.70+

    Can you see in advance what rhe small battles will provide as bonus?
  13. Sandermatt

    UGCW Feedback v0.70+

    What does the friendly fire bugfix in the patch notes mean exactly?
  14. Sandermatt

    Brigade size 2500 worth it?

    Do you think it is worth going to the 2500 brifade size. It seems a lot of people are suggesting to stop at the point you have 20 brigades per corps. What is your opinion?
  15. Sandermatt

    Corps: When and why to make a 2nd? 3rd?

    I think you just create them when the campaign requires you to have multiple corps.