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  1. I had played this game in early access. I heared since, that you can now deplete the enemy on lower difficulty settings and it does no longer straight up scale. I still have a number of questions: 1. Is your equipment still matched by the enemy? If I give skirmishers some good rifles, will I suddenly face a horde of skirmishers with the same rifles? 2. Should I try to kill every soldier after every battle, even if it is over, to deplete the enemy. 3. Is it realistic to deplete the enemy on high difficulty? 4. Is the experience of your soldiers matched by the enemy?
  2. I assume accuracy helps to hit units at range and units in cover, while damage decides how many casulties a unit gets with each bullet that hits. Is this correct? Does somebody have information about the formulas? Top quality guns typically have low damage. How big of a drawback is this in your experience?
  3. And what do you know about the scaling of the enemy with your experience, equipment quality?
  4. Thanks for the information, does the scaling depend on the troops you deploy or the troops you have in the army camp?
  5. As the title says. Does the ai scale with your soldier number (so I should take less infantry as they are less efficient per soldier) or with your unit number (so I should always make each regiment full and not keep around reduced ones.
  6. Is there any benefit to preserve troops that you control but are not part f your army. Another question. In the first scenario of the confederate campaign. Which units can you keep if they survive?
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