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  1. I was recently blessed by two of the most excellent late dreadnought/early superdreadnought battleship designs I've ever seen from the AI. A 6x2 12" unified battery with an excellent 8" casemate secondary battery and a 3-4" tertiary battery. Only problem with this is a pair of idiotic 3x 5" turrets that block the firing arc of Z turret. 25 kt, 14.8" Krupp III belt. Veteran crew. Few bulkheads (not terrible per se) And her even more excellent, upgunned & uparmored sucessor, 5x2 14" unified battery with a 7" mixed casemate & triple trurret secondary battery and a si
  2. Destroy a full fleet: Again, minimum displacement is worth it if it means you can have two of something! Make a pair of proto-richelieus. Don't use casemates they suck. Can go ham on the armor. Dreadnought IV has abornomally high resistance anyways. Those are the only odd ones I've got. Everything is pretty bog standard, just get a good process for making design decisions & few of the missions are very difficult. Don't waste your displacement on silly things just because it's there.
  3. Defend your convoy: Minimum displacement pocket battleships. Don't need to be fast, but 28 kt isn't awful per se. You're going to want good accuracy bonuses & a lot of armor. Pretty punchy, does the trick.
  4. Near Jutland: single torpedo launchers are objectively the best torpedo system in the game. Lighter per tube than any other & faster reloads? yes please. With a low displacement design you can put 20" oxygen torps on a destroyer hull & get 10 of them. Makes very short work of those battlecruisers. Take the torpedo tech.
  5. I reckon you're right. Thanks, devs!
  6. This is an old one. Fully aimed turrets targeting something in the proper firing arc often don't fire. Below, A & B turrets have fired & their barrels are lowered. X & Y are still elevated, having not participated in that salvo. However, the vessel fired a full broadside last loading cycle, and I suspect she will again the next. However, were she to fire another half salvo the one after that, I would be completely unsurprised. Is this a mechanic or a bug?
  7. Since 0.5, secondaries placed near the border & near superstructure components have had oddly small firing arcs. Example below. Working as intended?
  8. Modernized Dreadnought: Note that I could place it "behind" that larger stern barbette (which is actually turned backwards right now). Why is that barbette turned around? Because... when I try to place it normally... I can't fit a gun between it and the secondary barbette. Why not just make there be more space? Because of another stupid mount 2 barbette error! Why not just redesign the whole thing & put it all in the bow & use one of those nifty compact secondary superstructures? Because of a mount 2 error for the primary superstructure
  9. I'm sorry, you're absolutely right. The change in heading is terribly non-linear, my mistake
  10. I'm not sure you understand... I don't have a problem with the layout. I have a problem with the caliber selection. The mission literally says "this is a dreadnought, it's got a unified main battery" and then gives you this to fight. It'd be like saying "here, go fight a heavy cruiser" and then it's a light cruiser. You'd be left scratching your head at what's exactly going on. One is much more lethal than the other. For comparison, here's a good dreadnought by the AI (8" gun aside) This would be much scarier to fight than that other thing. In general, the AI wastes its displacem
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