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  1. Further: this actually seems to be a problem with nearly all British hulls.
  2. Just ran across this. I'd never seen it before. I don't mash buttons, and it occurred shortly after opening a new game. I launched the application from Steam, went to custom battles, set up a new fight, and immediately upon loading the design editor, the first part I placed was floating. EDIT: I exited the editor and reopened it from the custom battle screen. The component (main tower) which I had placed last time I was in the editor was no longer floating. I moved the part, and it began to float again. EDIT: This is proving to be very reproducible. I am using the N3/G3 hull.
  3. And on that note: damn! Beautiful 20" superbb. gg AI japan
  4. Agree with your assessment--I wouldn't have a problem with either layout concept were it in isolation, and maybe not even combined. What really makes me judge it is that it managed to spend all its displacement on this silly blend of concepts & resultingly gimped itself in literally every other category: speed, protection, durability, cost...
  5. 10"+change belt, so slightly under-armoured for my taste. Otherwise excellent slow dreadnought for the 1915 era.
  6. More lightly armed & armored than I'd like but otherwise a very passable design. Well done!
  7. These are ships out of a 1920s campaign. Your Armoured Cruisers are a decade earlier. Building obsolete ships is clown car
  8. If the AI manages to waste all its displacement on rows of subcaliber single-mount turrets on both sides--blocking the firing arcs of its few decent guns--& produce a slower, weaker, and more fragile ship for it, that's simply not a competitive design for the era. I don't think criticizing it is a matter of personal taste.
  9. Move the triple in the middle to the end! Its firing arcs ended up being nonexistant. & those single turrets: albeit historical for some cruisers, in the wacky alt timeline UAD lives in they make no sense. Proof: despite being a newer hull, greater displacement, and more expensive than my cruisers, it managed to be slower, possessed of fewer bulkheads, MUCH less armored, and MUCH less armed than my smaller and cheaper cruiser. It was (IIRC) 21.7 kts w/ 5.5" belt, that absurd mixed 2x3x9" and 4x1x8" (& 2x1x7") turret arrangement, with standard # of bulkheads. For a million bucks
  10. You think that CL is bad? Look at this CA...
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