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  1. I know i said this before but a naval strategy game needs a feature like this.
  2. How sounds interact with the world is very basic and it needs a look on. there is no depth to the sounds at all. and when more than one sound is produced at the same time it does not blend in well together.
  3. I'm a true Italia fascist. Also im an imperialist of the true eastern asianic empire. Gloria Humana Gloria Deus Civilis
  4. yup, like how the ships keel is shown 60% of the time
  5. So im going to expect wows rts f2p epic zoomer game from now on right?
  6. Better still lets turn this game into wows
  7. I see, very sad to hear. However the reason I want map view is for a streamline experience if you can do that for the battle map screen then its alright, I'm thinking something like wargames where you can zoom out very far and have icons etc on the screen. Pretty much a 3d battlemap. But, I also want you to reconsider your decision, please.
  8. Youre correct on large icons etc but its not enough flying place to place is not an issue for dedicated screen like tactical map view i cant even zoom out enough on the 3dmap view, a map view will help streamline the expereince and have very visible markers of the ships and what direction they are going and zooming out will show more of the formations. No it doesnt really give you a sense of a bridge level command, spectating like a ghost everywhere on the map isnt. If they wanted to do that they couldve have a 1st person perspective for each respective vessel you view from to give orders or
  9. Tactical map view is crucial very important to this game when are you planning to implant this? Also how water interacts with the vessel needs an overhaul its like the ships are just flying through the water instead of actually being affacted by the mass of the ocean.
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