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  1. Where you can do all your strategy and commands, similar to cold waters command screen or total wars.
  2. I'll be happy with a more simulated approach, but even still i dont expect this to be 1:1 scale. The appeal of this game to me is how fleshed out are the ship designs and relation to its realism. I wasnt interested in the game when i thought it was going to be arcade create your battleship and pitch them into random battles type of game, but heard its going to be indepth naval strategy game with building mechanics i was sold.
  3. Nice, cant wait to see the formations
  4. Yeah this is what i mean having those land masses be assets to your stratgey or agaisnt you im not expecting or want warthunder or wowp type battle maps terrain lol
  5. What about only if some critical damage has befalled the ship so during battles your ship survived but it was pelted almost to death?
  6. In the campaign will the ships that you have made degrade over time even with repairs for example if one of your ships has gotten a critical damage but even the repair will not fully restore the ships integrity and after that it doesnt have the same performance?
  7. Or any thing close to real life. be great to have battle set pieces near huge land masses on specific regions. recreating events or just making your own event.
  8. I really hope carriers and planes be in after the campaign for free dlc idc i want lol
  9. I would like to have option on turnign the tracers off for the shells. Better yet have a realistic tracer mechanic than what we have now.
  10. Think of this game ksp but for ships. Or better still 3d version of rule the waves.
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