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  1. It think its position currently is legacy from when all engines had the same cruise speed sweet spot, so yeah, it needs updating.
  2. Mexico and Georgia have got to be the most loyal minor nation allies I have ever seen. In my current USA campaign spanning from 1890 to 1958, not once have I given them any ships, new or mothballed. Yet they never broke their alliance with me. 70 years of getting nothing would usually make me rethink a relationship haha. I want your territory not your friendship!
  3. It's a pet peeve of mine as well. I wish the naming convention of the game was good enough to recognize when the player wants that naming convention to happen and to follow it. For example, when mass producing DDs, I would normally name them after their job. So a combat DD would be DD, and a Minelayer who only guards transports and lays mines would be ML.
  4. @SeaAlex_175 Assuming that the first picture is the one you are referencing for this issue, that ship is 0% aimed and will not waste a shot on Normal fire for a 0% chance to hit. The second picture has the main guns turned off entirely so I doubt that is the picture you are referencing. If the issue is frequent enough or you encounter it again, do you think you can get a screenshot with your mouse hovering over the bullseye under the main gun icon on the right side where it says 0% just above AP? This should bring up a smaller window that tells you target, base accuracy at target range and where it is in the aiming process. If it is an issue with the targeting system it might help @Nick Thomadis and the developers narrow down the issue faster so a fix can be provided.
  5. If you look closely you will see that the turret model is clipping into the tower model. @Dante S. Lancaster is implying that the game should not allow this and thus the turret should not be able to turn 360 degrees like that.
  6. When at war against a major power, the minor allies of those powers should be legitimate targets for naval invasions. For example, if Colombia is allied with Spain and you are at war with Spain, you should be able to directly use a Naval Invasion against Colombia's territory.
  7. Just ruling things out. Are you 100% certain you have under Options (gear icon in corner) >> General you have the slider for armor quality matched to the armor quality that the enemy is using? If not, match the slider to it and take another look.
  8. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/40596-cycle-between-fleetsports-that-are-on-top-of-each-other/ -- this one pretty much explains itself. Being able to select the task force that is underneath another to be able to send them in different directions on the same turn is necessary, whether to send to different ports after a war, for resupply or just to split the task force to do 2 different missions. It gets very tedious when I have a fleet of over 24 warships that I need to send only 1 or 2 to each port to avoid overfilling said ports.
  9. Whoa! This is fantastic! EDIT: Wondering if the same thing could be done for Light Cruiser and Heavy Cruiser hulls...
  10. This is now intended behavior by the devs. It is hinted to in patch notes. Basically screens and scouts will now try to intercept threats to whatever division they are guarding. """ Division AI balanced to be less aggressive for ships in Screen/Scout mode. They should attack at a better distance not suicidally. """
  11. Thanks @brothermunro and @MDHansen ! The acceleration_mod and deceleration_mod params were exactly what I was searching for. Through some experimentation I found my happy medium I think. Using my 10 CA 1930's cruiser division as an example here. I was able to find and alter the acceleration and deceleration mod params to what @MDHansen has above. Then I also broke the division up into three. First is Battle line of 3, second is follow of 3, and last is follow of 4. Not a 1 to 1, but it behaves how I expect and want at speeds above 26 knots without the last few in the formation breaking the sound barrier. Thanks again for your help to you both!
  12. Quick question, is the grip able to be adjusted in the resource.assets file or is that an internal game code thing?
  13. Typically, you will have better luck with Gun Range when it comes to powder and shells not base accuracy. The reason for this is the gun's accuracy is tied to it's range.
  14. Makes sense, especially from a torpedo evasion standpoint. Just bothers me that the game does not try and slow those ships down as they get closer to the formation. +1 knot per km out of position of speed to catch up would have sufficed I think.
  15. @brothermunro Is there a way to curb the game's tendency to try and get ships in a division in formation by speeding them up? I am asking here as, over multiple tests, the following behavior seems to only happen with the mod on and not in vanilla. I currently have 10 CA's in a battle line, starting from 2 Battle Lines and 1 Screen, or some combo thereof, and try to group them into a single battle line at the immediate start of battle as I normally do. All ships involved are supposedly capable of 30 knots and are currently setting speed records of up to 107 knots and weaving that would put a drunk driver to shame as they overshoot all turns and go deep into enemy formations getting creamed just trying to form up. From observation, it seems to be an issue with the ships not knowing where to stop accelerating to catch up and to start slowing down to match the rest of the division. I am also able to replicate this in Custom Battles with auto-builds and with forced veteran crews as my campaign only has trained to test with For quick replication of what I am seeing: Start with 10 CA's in a custom battle and grouping them into a single Battle Line at the start, with the flagship making no changes in speed or course, it takes all 10 CA's 1 hour and 47 minutes in game to completely form up. As soon as a single 90 degree turn to right or left is done the behavior is reset and it takes the same amount of time to form up again. Happy to do more tests and provide feedback as needed. EDIT: I was using 1920 tech in the battles as that gives access to at least Experimental Heavy Cruisers.
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