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  1. I continue to see bizarre ship behaviour no matter how many patches come down the pipe. Ships told to sail in column running into other and sailing past the one in front, Ships zigzagging all over the place for no apparent reason and now this one. This ship was told to retreat at the start of a battle. All damage showing is from a previous battle yet this cruiser first sailed in circles then literally spun in place doing about 10% of its set speed. Can we please get this drunken behaviour fixed? This isn't what I expect of a game that is supposed to be well out of its testing phase and fully released.
  2. That had been a fresh install but I will try again with todays update.
  3. A year into my new campaign with 5 ships designed and all of them now have weights that are all over the place. 3 are hundreds of tons underweight and 2 are over. And yes DIP shows on the news tab. All designs were as completed as close to 100% as possible.
  4. I didn't install midgame. I started the campaign with the mod. All I've done is copied and pasted in the new file with each patch.
  5. Not sure what happened but every ship design ended up drastically overweight and since I am now unable to build any ship I scrapped my campaign in 1920 and started a new one. Very frustrating but I'm going to keep a sharp eye out for this.
  6. With each update I have just copied the new resource file over the old one.
  7. I've been noticing something odd in my ship designs. When I finished designing them their are as close to 100% of their weight as possible, yet when I go back and look later most of my ships are hundreds if not over a thousand tons overweight. Going back to "fix" the design is virtually impossible as I can no longer get the ship even close to what I originally had. I don't think I've saw this in vanilla as its been several weeks since I played it so I'm not positive if this happens in the mod only.
  8. I've only got 200 hours in so far but I've never seen anything like I saw yesterday. That was all new to me. I find it quite frustrating when glaring bugs like this don't get fixed and new stuff gets added.
  9. I am seeing very bizarre behaviour by my ships. For instance A: I spawned in with 3 light cruisers, 2 in battle line and 1 in screen except the screening cruiser was over 20km away! I had to turn my ships around and race to it so I could engage with all three ships. B: Ships in division behind the leader drive like they are drunk. They zig zag all over the place, in some instances they run into and pass the division lead. C : Ships other than the lead frequently do not fire at targets that are well with in range. I had one cruiser refuse to fire its 7 inch guns at transports that were 3km away. The seconderies opened fire first, then the 7 inchers started. Once that transport sank the cruiser just stopped firing at the other transports around, all within 5km. Something has changed from prior to this patch and its not good.
  10. I've only been playing since Christmas but I've just had something that feels quite wrong. A BB that was in repair for 4 months got pulled into a battle on the very next turn. I can't send it out unless I suspend the repair but the game can pull it out and send it into battle cause it wants to???? Please tell me this is a bug.
  11. Trying to mod for the first time and I've found something but not sure if its a bug or what. Playing as the UK in July 1902, I'm about to unlock 8000 ton Light cruisers and the tool tip says Armoured Cruiser V which I unlocked previously with Heavy Cruiser 12500 ton. Obviously nothing big but I thought I'd point it out. BTW thanks for the work you've put in brothermunro, really enjoying the mod so far.
  12. Doing another invasion, 50% chance of success so I moved another 100 000 tons of ships in and now my chance is 40%??????? And I've looked there are no enemy ships around or in port! This makes no sense.
  13. Got the game during the Steam Christmas sale and I've been enjoying it for the most part but the AI not being engaged by my nearby ships is driving me crazy. I'm about to have my third or fourth naval invasion fail because 1 or 2 enemy ships sit in the mission circle and are not engaged by my fleets. In some cases the icon of the enemy ships is barely visible underneath my ships icon. I've tried moving my fleets around within the circle to try and prompt an engagement but nothing happens. And no my ships have not been involved in other missions during the same turn.
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