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  1. Your guns have a pretty high muzzle velocity so what’s probably happening is that most of your shots are hitting the deck and skipping off.
  2. Yes but also no 😅 After caused… issues I had to redo all the guns because of the problem. Unfortunately the issue of longer barrels making guns near useless is a hard coded system to do with the guns muzzle velocities. To fix it I went into the guns file and lowered all of the velocities (thanks to @o Barão for the historical data) and I also went into params and turned down the various modifiers to do with the gun length system (I also made them symmetrical), which are all near the end of the file.
  3. Mains, secondaries & torps would (and do) have independent logic for picking targets. The AI is definitely aware of its chances of hurting a target, which I assume is the ‘pen percentage’ that is displayed in the target overview pop up.
  4. Makes sense to me. Main fire control should also have some concept of what it can hurt (which I think it already does) and if the greatest threat cannot be hurt then it goes to the next greatest threat etc. as you don’t want a CA trying to sink a BB when another CA would be a better choice. There can (and absolutely should) be more to it than ‘closest enemy’, my point was more that the closest enemy is often a reasonable choice even if it isn’t the best choice.
  5. If we are chatting about the AI it would be nice to see some tweaks to its targeting choices (also helpful for the multiplayer mode). Currently ships seem to prioritise the ship they think they can sink the most easily, but do not factor in how likely they are to hit said ship, or the threat of any enemy ships. It can lead to weird situations and potential exploits by naughty players; for instance using a destroyer that gets the attention of the enemy then retreating it, causing the ai to waste shells on it and to ignore your battleship that can now cruise up to point blank range without drawing fire. It’s not very elegant but I’d suggest that whatever enemy ship is closest is probably a good default target for the AI fire control.
  6. The conquest missions? Those are a vanilla thing but there’s a value in params that makes them more likely (I do not remember what it is called I’m afraid)
  7. Updated for Opt x2 compatibility. I also brought over the 'flattened' gun length modifiers from v2, changing the gun length should be less impactful now.
  8. Kinda reflects the historical reality and might lead players down some of the more esoteric garden paths around at the time like torpedo battleships, or the paranoia around torpedo boats. I’d say torps (bearing in mind UAD does not have aerial or sub launched torps) are at their most dangerous in the late pre dreadnought period, so that feels about right.
  9. @o Barão Nick intimated to me that the MP client would crash if we tried to use a modified resources file. But if you would like to test that hypothesis at some point give me a shout 😇
  10. If you’re early on in the campaign then torpedoes are very dangerous, as you discovered. They become somewhat less deadly once you research and deploy counters like superior guns to blow up would be attackers and anti torpedo belts to reduce any damage from them (anti-torp is stronger in DIP)
  11. There were a few, the simplest being that I copied it from Admiral Snackbar’s balance mod 😅 More seriously it is part of making torpedoes a viable threat to both players and AI. A dd or CL that takes a torp probably should sink from only one, unlike the dozens you need in vanilla, and be a serious threat to big ships so that you can’t just ignore them completely. Ai ships which are great at dodging (even though I turned that down) only need to mess up once and their ship is possibly crippled (rather than merely inconvenienced slightly). Destroyer ambush missions against lone capital ships are now somewhat possible depending on circumstances instead of being a pointless waste (of time if you ignored them, or of destroyers if you didn’t).
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