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  1. I’ve been enjoying the update and have a couple of thoughts: First that crew experience is very powerful and is primarily balanced by cost - that means in a custom battle there’s not much reason not to use a veteran crew but there certainly will be in the naval academy (which I’ll now have to play through again 😫 ) Second is that we now have two UI designs in game - the Alpha 12 ‘blue/grey’ and the CP ‘brown’. Maybe it’s just me but I find having both jarring. To be frank the ‘brown’ UI is not an improvement - it looks much less professional and polished - the old UI design was much
  2. Thanks for the update - I’m dead keen to see Core Patch 1, but I also completely understand (and admire) you only releasing it ‘when it’s ready’ 👍🏻
  3. Hello there, Greatly enjoying the update! There’s just one thing I’d like to draw the teams attention to - the ‘target lock bug’ (this is also present in Alpha 11) Essentially a ship can be firing at an enemy (this affects both player and AI ships, as well as both main and secondary guns) with the ‘locked’ phrase showing after completing aiming. Due to any number of factors (usually a manoeuvre by the firing ship or target) the game registers a massive negative input to the aiming calculation - usually something like ‘-434%’ Following this the ship loses the ‘locked’ status and
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