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  1. IMO they exist to represent what would happen in a alternative history where doesn't exist any naval treaty between nations. Naval powers would continue to push the limits in ship and gun size if they could. In that context makes sense to see 20 inch guns or ships with 100k tonnage. However it could be a nice feature to see in the campaign a political pressure between nations to implement a fictional naval treaty after a war.
  2. Exactly. Well said. IMO the AI design was improved a lot in recent patch. I still notice some issues but are few at this point. Secondary spam sometimes limiting the maing gun battery arcs and some strange barbettes places in dubious locations.
  3. Yeah you are right. We have information from the devs about this since the beginning.
  4. 1) nope 2) nope 3) being added in all updates. 4) "Having more control over the Barbettes would be otherworldly, like being able to change their height and width (instead of always having to choose from 20 variants of 1 Barbette)" And this variants give you different height and width options so i fail to understand this part. More ships customization was being added and imo is already in a very good shape. The priority should be now in focus in releasing the campaign and continue improving the AI design and combat behavior. Of course other players would always want something mor
  5. i just noticed the changes to the belt armor layout. A big +1!!
  6. Yeah same. In the current system it seems we are using a belt armor layout designed for a CL in a BB with the main turrets exposed. If the player can't design because the game mechanics atleast would be nice to cover the 5 columns in the middle for the BBs, BCs, CAs and use the current belt layout in game only for CLs. Would make much more sense imo.
  7. New Conning Tower armor: Now the Conning Tower armor is properly depended according to the weight of the main tower. Previously it was only a crude multiplier of weight and thus it was very light in large warships causing excessive free tonnage. New Superstructure armor: The new armor zone is properly protecting the Towers and Funnels and its weight is included in ship design evaluations (previously the armor for Towers and Funnels was much simpler). I was hoping for a system where the player could determine where to apply the belt armor. But anyway thx for the update. In overall thi
  8. "It kind of looks like they're doing the Perpetual Beta thing..." Well yes. I am the responsible for the bomb rework but was needed. At least now we have a much more realistic system in game. The good thing about wots is KFG is always listening the community and releasing patches almost every week. The game is so much different now from when it was released in February.
  9. Vanilla game can be repetitive as Tounsansons mentions. However if you use TTE overhaul made by me i hope that can give you a good challenge. There is also another new mods compatible with TTE that adds new models to the game. The kido butai carrier force, the german ships and subs, etc. If you are interested to see TTE in action watch some wolfpack345 videos on youtube. He is playing the american campaign with TTE installed.
  10. Don't get me wrong but both sides won at Jutland. Tactical victory for the germans and strategic victory for the British. The british maintained the status quo and the Germans managed to hurt the british pride. Simple as that. I don't understand how is possible to ignore the facts on this matter when there is so much information about this matter that to defend only one side makes me believe that many persons here are biased towards one side.
  11. "Many New towers and parts became available to various models. "
  12. By the way. This "Japanese “Heavy Cruiser II" is to replicate Takao or Myoko class? Maybe Mogami? We are a little confused with the word "flat" in the description.
  13. "New Italian “Modern Battleship II” variant with displacement between 60,500 and 70,500 tons available after 1929." So this is a bigger Littorio? Why not the Littorio class (44000tons) instead? But in general i like a lot what i am reading. +1
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