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  1. I should mention here that what you are seeing is not bulkheads representation ( well not directly) but instead ship sections to make it easier for the player to understand where are the belt armor/ extended belt armor and deck armor/deck extended armor. If you compare a small dd with a giant BBs you will always see the same compartiment numbers. Doens't matter the ship size. What this system says to the player is no matter what you do the belt/deck armor is always going to be applied to the 3 columns in the center. The extend version is going to be applied in the 2 columns on the bow an
  2. "I'm not a redditor, stupid 'fallacy' garbage doesn't work on me. Are you a shill or not? Answer the question." Yes we can all see you are a little limited. Because if you understood why ad hominem doesn't work with me you wouldn't be making the same question. "In any case flooding resistance is durability due to how flooding mechanics work. There's a world of difference between 4 bulkheads with 0% bonus to flooding and 1 bulkhead with 400% bonus to flooding." What the hell are you smoking. Must be a good shit. I am going to repeat again with a simple
  3. Lenght slider we already have more or less when we increase the ship tonnage. Not perfect i know. Now a beam slider would be amazing to have. Higher the Beam , better the turn rate, less speed , more space for guns in the deck or engines, maybe better torpedo defense? And vice versa. Yeah a beam slider would be nice to have. Or maybe 3 options for the beam (3 different variations from the same hull?) could be enough.
  4. Only their durability? You probaly already saw the impact the bulkheads have in flooding right? "Unless you are receiving money from the developers, please cease shilling." Sorry my son but ad hominem fallacy doens't work with me. 😆
  5. However i must say that what we have in game atm is a better system. And the reason i say this is simple. In that video you see the designer swapping hull modules. Nice to look but is a terrible system. The game developers to implement that system would be forced to make all the hulls from the same category to have the same height, beam and hull curvature or in that case all vertical above the waterline and the same curvature below. So a terrible system that would limit even further what we can see in game. Very similar to LEGO. Nice to play around but if you want something more specific
  6. Ah! you got a point. That trailer can be a little misleading.
  7. Yes you can. Between minimum and maximum. You may not have a graphical representation from this but they work fine. In fact this mechanic works very well. Too much imo and should be tweaked/balanced. So what more is missing?
  8. https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/feature-ship-design Ok tell me what is missing from the original post.
  9. Just so you know one thing. Yes i apologize for the situation. But i think you never understood why i said that to you in the first place. You see the clown car post if you forgot, was locked by Nick at the 28 March and unlocked at April 4. Did you forgot what were the reasons to be locked by Nick in the first place? Here for you: So what brilliant idea you had? To make a new post listing all AI fails for everyone to read, most of them already adressed. But let it go. Not worth wasting more time with this.
  10. Understand one thing son. Without me giving you any reason you were disrecpectful to me. You were disrecpectful just because i had a different opinion. You didn't tried to debate you just made an personal attack. And now you are accusing me to not be open to discuss anything. Really you two are ironic. Funny in a bad away sadly. But then when you tried to debate , it is clear that you don't have an argument to defend your position. Is only fallacies. The only thing everyone here understand is: "YOU DONT LIKE F2P" .We all understand that already no problem. But next time respect the others
  11. So you two are using fallacies in your arguments and it is me that is being disrespectful? It is really that hard to see the irony in this situation? Marshall, what can i say about you. A nice thing. Let me see. Yes you have a bright future as comedian writer. Really. Making jokes is natural with you. I am laughing now. Can't you see 😁?!
  12. So is not a short business model. Because in the end you are give me the reason. It works fine and they have thousands players every day for the last years. How many players you have online in NA today? How many OP premiums were sold inside NA? The biggest irony. Is not f2p, no of course not, but we have OP premiums that completely ruined the game balanced. So what is the point in not being f2p? Oh the irony ;D "..is used to gain money in short order and keep repeating the same pattern until the servers are empty, closed and we can't play it anymore." I love the fallacies. ;D In
  13. Short term profit? You must have an word with Gaijin and Wargaming. I have no idea how they are still in the market. Must be a miracle. Praise the lord! To say only "Absolutely disgusting" is an opinion to you? Ok so following your line of thought. I found your comment to be "Absolutely disgusting".
  14. Oh really? Can i post a image with the middle finger in your face? Is only fair with you. In the end you are only getting what you deserve. "f2p model is dragging creativity down the drain since it's first introduction. Everything is now tied to short term profit and "easy to get into". It's bad for us players." Now you want to debate ideas? What a suprise. You know that i already did explained why the NAL in a f2p model on discord is a great idea imo. You didn't want to debate there but now you want here? Ok son let´s go: Just for the records i am talking about NAL. A game that
  15. If you didn't know already. I don't give a damn about what you think.
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