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  1. I think he is talking about the scenarios from the youtuber stealth gaming. They are created and voted by youtube users on his channel.
  2. NOTE: This suggestions take into consideration only small changes to the game mechanics. Small changes and quick to be implemented but that they could, in my opinion, improve a lot the gameplay. I apologize in advance for my poor english. Is not my native language. Part I 1) A new difficulty setting “realism”. A few tweaks in the gameplay can improve a lot the difficulty and make the battles more interesting for hardcore players. 1.1 – No gun ranges visible for enemy ships until the moment they are identify. It always seem odd for me in the beginning to know exactly if an enemy ship have torpedoes or not, and the torpedo range without even identifying the target. This fix that issue. 1.2 – No camera teleport to enemy ships that are not identify. The game mechanic tries to simulate the confusion it was on those times to identify important targets however the moment the player can teleport the camera to any ship in game this feature is useless. Now with this simple change you can no longer teleport the camera to AI ship without identifying first. The camera will be stuck in an circle with 2500 meters radius around your ship. You can still teleport camera between your own ships. 1.3 – No live intel about the weapon reloads on enemy ships. This is very important. I don’t want to know if that DD launched the torpedoes in the water or not. The player should fear the possibility of a incoming torpedoe attack and adapt to the situation. Part II 2 – A temporary solution to the armor on ships. Until a rework came that can improve the armor model on ships i suggest for now to deploy this quick change. Armor belt and deck armor is at the moment in middle 3 columns on any ship. ( All ships have 7 columns placed along the ship lenght ). Change this to 5 columns in the middle. It seems very odd that my belt/deck armor doens’t cover my main turrets magazine because they are not placed in the 3 columns in the center. This tries to solve this issue. Is not a perfect solution but will work for now. 3 – For a player to know the hit rate detailed stats on the left panel , he needs to select the ship and hover the mouse to the target. This is terrible for two reasons: a) The player can only see the stats of the main guns. b) Sometimes it can be really hard to maintain your mouse hover a target far away and still reading the stats on the panel. To solve this issue i propose a simple solution. Do not hover the mouse above target. Instead just click on your gun column on your right below your ship info. So if i want, for example, to know the detailed stats for my secondaries 6 inch guns i simple click the 6 inch guns column . Will show the target for those guns below the column and will show the detailed stats on the panel in the left. 4 – A change to the citadel upgrade. Instead of having that situation where the last upgrade is always the better one ( in protection not cost ) we could have something similar the rangefinder where some citadel upgrade are better for close combat ( turtleback armor and underwater protected deck) and others are more universal and better against pluging fire ( armored citadel and all or nothing scheme ). This is not intended to be a 100% realistic option, but instead taking into consideration this is a game, is to give more options to the player when designing a ship and not always focusing to get the best option available.
  3. About alpha 7 feedback @Nick Thomadis i must say that i understand you want to give dds a more important role in the battlefield however the way it was implemented is not good. Now we need to sail so close to them to have a minimal decent hit rate to kill them. This situation is so crazy atm that in this patch the CL , the cruisers designed to kill dds are complete useless to deal with DDs. Doing some tests in custom battles the first thing i notice in CL vs DD, is unless you set the gunners to agressive they simple will not try to attack the DD. the hit rate is so low ( around 0.2% sometimes ) that the game simple think is not worth it. Doing the reverse , me playing as DD and AI with cruiser , same thing happens . The cruiser only open fire if i get to close and still i am around 15% to 20% hit rate and AI only with 0.8% 0.9%. This is madness. DDs should fear CLs but instead i prefer much more to be in a DD atm. With more advanced tech like radar , the cruisers will open fire from the beginning but still in a pure gun fight duel i think i prefer much more to be in the DD. This is not supposed to be like this.😵 In academy missions like "hurry up" or "torpedo banzai" is now to easy IMO to build fast DDs to rush the enemy and deploy the fishes in the water at close ranges and murder capital ships. On the other side , the "battle of destroyers" mission is now a complete nightmare trying to build a gunboat DD that can actually sink anything. And as a side note is almost boring trying to evade the torpedoes knowing the time i am going to wait before the turrets can align again with the target. Consider a buff to small caliber turret turn rate. The idea behind to make the DDs more important is nice , but please consider to buff the accuracy a lot the moment the DDs sail to close.
  4. Also in academy missions. In fact it was been this situation all the time since i started to play the game. I really hope this could be fixed @Nick Thomadis
  5. No that doens't happen in game. https://imgur.com/UOxBNor https://imgur.com/AJhN5Tq
  6. You are correct. Only AI divisions try to evade torpedoes and is not guarantee that will work all the time.
  7. Please forgive my poor english. I understand your idea behind this but from my experience , even with increase payload if i am facing BBs with many bulkheads it seems i always run out of ammo before i can sink all 3 BBs. The other problem is the fact that if i am staying at 27km range i will need to have a thicker armoured deck and this can increase a lot of the weight of the ship. In comparison the same armour thickness in the belt area weight less. Note: I didn't try with 5 triple turrets. Maybe with so many turrets i will have enough ammo. You are right. 2 times i did this missions with 2 BBs with the most possible number in secondaries in the bow and side and the stern full with torpedoes with fast speed. Both times i had similar experience. One BB would rush between the DDs doing zig zag to avoid most the torpedoes and the other one would rush the BB leading the division supporting the DD killing. Eventually all dds are going to die and the BBs will not survive the torpedo attacks at close range even with many bulkheads and torp V. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/OcuxtgC https://imgur.com/3c93B95 https://imgur.com/78WDN0u https://imgur.com/cPgzJBE https://imgur.com/IGy9urXhttps://imgur.com/IGy9urX
  8. The trick is coming from both sides at the same time, using fast torpedoes and use them only at close ranges and detach all dds. So basically you come with 3 dds from one side and 3 from the other side. The enemy BBs with try to runaway the moment they see your dds coming but they will run toward your other dd division. However you will need to detach all dds and do a micro manage all of them. ( avoiding torpedoes ) and always set torpedo attack to off and only fire when you are really close. But IMO now it feels stupid with this new patch. It shouldn't be that hard to hit those dds at close ranges with the secondary.
  9. Yes but the problem with the game mechanics is that you can teleport your camera to the target ship. So if you see "CA" above an DD you cleary understand what is right. However if you see " Medium" above a cruiser you don't know if is a light cruiser or a heavy cruiser. IMO it would be a better compromise between reality and gameplay.
  10. i would prefer to see in game "Large" for BB and BC , "Medium" for cruisers and "light" for DDs and torpedo boats. it seems odd to see "CA" as an example above an enemy dd. Doens't make any sense.
  11. You are right. I did some testing and it is just to hard now to hit those dds. I manage to sink the dds without getting hit by a torpedo doing circles but doens't always work so it is luck i guess and is just stupid to watch the BB doing an circle for the most part of the battle. Interesting the torpedo Banzai mission now is easy to do. The accuracy needs a buff to hit those dds if they get to close.
  12. 18 inch belt armor ; 18 inch belt armor extended. 14 inch deck armor; 14 inch deck armor extended. Ignore the barbettes and citadel upgrades. Rush the enemy at flank speed until you are around 15km away from the enemy BBs. At this range you are invincible against their guns except the super BBS that is coming. Zig Zag to avoid torpedoes. I didn't tried this mission with the new update. Probaly is going to be very difficult now to kill those dds with the secondaries now.
  13. Because , and i may be wrong about this one, but it seems a lot easier to design a hull ( and the variants in size ) with specific points to install weapons. Procedural design would need more skill and hard work from the devs to make it work right and at the same time you coudn't make a procedural design to satisfy all the nations differences. As an example is to compare the casemates from the french dreadnoughts to the british. They are different so you would need different procedural designs to make them look similar to the designs from that period. I think with time , adding more hulls and variety the need for procedural designs is going to vanish.
  14. You can detach all ships from the division in the beginning to prevent this behavior. Now instead a squad of 3 dds you will have 3 dds acting solo but close together if you want. Is not a perfect solution but works.
  15. First i must say it was watching videos from you and others on youtube that made me to buy this game so thank you. When i was talking "If you set the divisions to AI they will rush the enemy right in the middle " i was mentioning the AI behaviour on this new academy missions with many dds. Sadly there is no way to turn the division to AI and send them to attack from a particular direction so they all rush the middle until they spot the enemy fleet making them easy targets to incoming torpedos. Also doing a few more tests where i set all my divisions to the AI and just watching their behaviour to understand the mechanics i also found that is not always they will try to evade the incoming torpedoes. Sometimes they will continue to sail in a straight line until they got hit by a torpedo and sunk. And i am talking about dds equipped with sonar. 😕 So yes there are some big problems with the AI behaviour in this game. - Ships should always try to to evade incoming torpedoes if they know about their presence. And i am talking ships from the AI divisions and also controlled by humans. - A tactical map feature is needed in game where we as an admiral could give orders to AI divisions to where they should move. - A 3 option AI behaviour switch for each division would be nice. This options would be. Scout/kite ; neutral ; Agressive/pursuit. - When the leading ship takes enough damage , he will make a an 180 degree turn to go to the end of the line. The problem with this is AI can do that turn in the side that is near the enemy making it easier to get hit. Should be always the opposite side if possible. - AI should not wait to spot the torpedos to start the evading maneuvers. AI should expect that a torpedo attack is probaly coming and should change course from time to time if he (AI) knows is in range from a torpedo attack. This would make battles against AI more difficult/fun.
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