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  1. After many hours playing war on the sea it will be nice to comeback and test the new features.
  2. Sorry for my poor english , is not my native language, but for me the real reason was because splashes on the water. If all ships are targeting the same target would be a nightmare to know what caliber and from what ship is coming making a nightmare to find the correct range.
  3. "The large-caliber guns were designed to fire two different 16 inch (406 mm) shells: an armor-piercing round for anti-ship and anti-structure work, and a high-explosive round designed for use against unarmored targets and shore bombardment. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16"/50_caliber_Mark_7_gun The Yamato 46 cm HE shells. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/46_cm/45_Type_94_naval_gun https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:46_cm_Type_0_High_Explosive_Shell.jpg The Bismarck HE shell. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/38_cm_SK_C/34_naval_gun 38 cm Spgr L
  4. Well i prefer the new design but i understand why some don't like the new one. Many people have problems with changes. It is a natural thing.
  5. I think he is talking about the scenarios from the youtuber stealth gaming. They are created and voted by youtube users on his channel.
  6. NOTE: This suggestions take into consideration only small changes to the game mechanics. Small changes and quick to be implemented but that they could, in my opinion, improve a lot the gameplay. I apologize in advance for my poor english. Is not my native language. Part I 1) A new difficulty setting “realism”. A few tweaks in the gameplay can improve a lot the difficulty and make the battles more interesting for hardcore players. 1.1 – No gun ranges visible for enemy ships until the moment they are identify. It always seem odd for me in the
  7. About alpha 7 feedback @Nick Thomadis i must say that i understand you want to give dds a more important role in the battlefield however the way it was implemented is not good. Now we need to sail so close to them to have a minimal decent hit rate to kill them. This situation is so crazy atm that in this patch the CL , the cruisers designed to kill dds are complete useless to deal with DDs. Doing some tests in custom battles the first thing i notice in CL vs DD, is unless you set the gunners to agressive they simple will not try to attack the DD. the hit rate is so low ( around 0.2% som
  8. Also in academy missions. In fact it was been this situation all the time since i started to play the game. I really hope this could be fixed @Nick Thomadis
  9. No that doens't happen in game. https://imgur.com/UOxBNor https://imgur.com/AJhN5Tq
  10. You are correct. Only AI divisions try to evade torpedoes and is not guarantee that will work all the time.
  11. Please forgive my poor english. I understand your idea behind this but from my experience , even with increase payload if i am facing BBs with many bulkheads it seems i always run out of ammo before i can sink all 3 BBs. The other problem is the fact that if i am staying at 27km range i will need to have a thicker armoured deck and this can increase a lot of the weight of the ship. In comparison the same armour thickness in the belt area weight less. Note: I didn't try with 5 triple turrets. Maybe with so many turrets i will have enough ammo. You are right. 2 times i di
  12. The trick is coming from both sides at the same time, using fast torpedoes and use them only at close ranges and detach all dds. So basically you come with 3 dds from one side and 3 from the other side. The enemy BBs with try to runaway the moment they see your dds coming but they will run toward your other dd division. However you will need to detach all dds and do a micro manage all of them. ( avoiding torpedoes ) and always set torpedo attack to off and only fire when you are really close. But IMO now it feels stupid with this new patch. It shouldn't be that hard to hit those dd
  13. Yes but the problem with the game mechanics is that you can teleport your camera to the target ship. So if you see "CA" above an DD you cleary understand what is right. However if you see " Medium" above a cruiser you don't know if is a light cruiser or a heavy cruiser. IMO it would be a better compromise between reality and gameplay.
  14. i would prefer to see in game "Large" for BB and BC , "Medium" for cruisers and "light" for DDs and torpedo boats. it seems odd to see "CA" as an example above an enemy dd. Doens't make any sense.
  15. You are right. I did some testing and it is just to hard now to hit those dds. I manage to sink the dds without getting hit by a torpedo doing circles but doens't always work so it is luck i guess and is just stupid to watch the BB doing an circle for the most part of the battle. Interesting the torpedo Banzai mission now is easy to do. The accuracy needs a buff to hit those dds if they get to close.
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