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  1. I didn't have much time to test it. It works. Installation is very easy. But I had to quit because, for some reason, now I can't find a way to add minelaying subs to the mod. I also don't know if the mod from @NathanKell needs to be updated every time the devs release a new version.
  2. IMO, it can be a rare bug. An issue with the game reading the armor layout, the shell flight path and penetration values and coming with a result playing at high speed. I am guessing here, because that shouldn't happen. There is a pen random modifier in game. I can't remember now what is the value, maybe 5%. Not enough for that situation to happen anyway.
  3. No need. In the example you gave with those armor values, anything could give you overpen. And if you want to know how it compares with stock game, in NAR, the pen values are smaller, so against similar armor values you should get less overpen in general. But as I said before, that example is terrible. On the flip side, with those armor values you will have a dream day by using HE against it.
  4. @NathanKell I remember something very important. Subs range, the way it works is different from ships. This is not really an issue in vanilla game due to the high unrealistic values being used, however in NAR is a BIG problem. The issue is the map border. Place any sub in a port in Japan, as an example, and you will see that it is impossible to cross the Pacific Ocean to the other side. If you could find the solution for this issue, it would be amazing.
  5. In theory can be, but in reality what we get is sometimes 30 or even 40 ships from the same nation damaged by mines in a single turn. Thank you for explaining in details how it works. I will look at the values using and see if I can find a way to work better.
  6. Already in the game files, but never implemented. I tried to enable them in the past but, it would make the game crash. Never found why.
  7. Well for me is the opposite. That is why the only way for the AI to use the player shared designs in 1890 was to copy and paste them for the years 1897, 1898, 1899.
  8. It is not a weapon that you want to carry aboard important ships. I could add them to cruisers, but then the AI would most likely use them in all designs. Unrealistic and would hamper even further their design capability and make their ships weaker in battle.
  9. You can in theory design all the ships for the AI using the shared design function. If you have the patience.
  10. This sometimes happens when editing the "partsmodel" (only happens with this file). When an issue occurs in this file and you can't find why, replace the line you edit with the previous line or the vanilla line, save and start the game. If working properly, then you can edit again and see if it works now. Don't know why, but only happens when editing lines in that file.
  11. If you can somehow manage to limit how many ships (per nation) can be damaged by mines each turn, that would solve the major issue I have with that mechanic in game. Let's say 2 or 3 ships max. Sorry if I can't give any feedback atm. I am still abroad, and I will only return around August.
  12. @NathanKell "Restrict to designs where yearCreated - 3 is less than or equal to desired year, and desired year - 3 is less than or equal to yearCreated" So in theory I can create a design for 1914 and the AI will use it in 1917? Did I understand correctly?
  13. An important question for the players. A few updates ago I set all sub battles as "important", so in theory the players are forced to fight them. A-Is this working properly? Yes or no. This is important to add minelaying subs to the mod since is the only way to make them balanced. If yes, then I can consider adding minelaying subs to the mod. I personally dislike the mines mechanic but if the players want I will add them to the mod. B-Do you would like to see minelaying subs in the mod. Yes or no?
  14. You have the link in the mod description, in the forum 1st page.
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