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  1. You did the exams before learning more about the nation? You are the only one to blame.
  2. El rancho and islamorada have 4th rate missions.
  3. If Naval Action 2 is to be the "Naval Action Legends" you bet i will play. I always wanted a WOWS in this time period and i only joined NA because legends was delayed.
  4. We already have a paint with dark grey sails :( And yes I would love to see more historical skins , like for example the "white Santissima Trinidad" and the first paint used in the victory.
  5. I also would like to know. Please some Dev answer to this topic.
  6. I already eat 3rd rates in a frigate without those mods. I see many player talking here in the forum, and i am glad that they are interested in sharing opinions but still no one came here to explain the exact values for the double charge vs double shot . I am still hoping for some dev to came here and explain to all of us.:(
  7. I ask this because when using the tooltip and hover above the double charge it shows: "More damage to the hull." However if i hover the double shot it shows: "15% more more damage than the round shot" & " More damage to the hull." So i am a little confused since i always thought the double charge didn't increase the damage. -So reading this i can assume that: The double shot increases 15% more damage than the regular shot if is used against masts; less damage against sails/crew but 15% more damage + an unknown value(X) if is used against the hull? So it could be something like 25% bonus in damage? -So reading this i can assume that double charge: Can increase a X% value in damge to the hull? What would be the value for X? Can the devs tell me what would be the right numbers for each situation and please improve the tooltip to make the information more easy to understand?
  8. The devs removed the Golden missions against 3th rates.
  9. The worst sailing profile going downwind of all ships in the GAME and you call that ship the Requin to be the superior 6th rate? And by the way were other Xebecs made by the spanish in the carribbeans so ... and please stop wiht that bullshit ocean going. The vikings were crossing the oceans 800 years before in smaller ships. It is nonsense your arguments. There is only one thing i agree with you. The replacement of those 32pd carronades for 24pd. Nothing more.
  10. Wrong. The elite pirate rig was what made the Requin dangerous and that is gone. It is easy to get 15.5 speed Requin, but to get a fast Requin going downwind it is a complete different story. I already understand that you have no idea what you are talking about. Make this little mental exercise. How many Requins you saw sailing in the OW one year ago? How many you see now? Why the big difference in numbers? Maybe the other players already understand how situational it is the Requin and only you thinks that ship is OP. Maybe I am wrong? Maybe. And what difference would make to see a requin as 5th rate or 4th rate , it would make any difference in the OW? Are you having problems fighting them in the patrol zone? That is why you are here?
  11. If that is the case and also the possibility (if we could convince the devs to change , which is impossible since they are hard stats ) to change the 32pd for 24 then the Requin should got a buff in the sailing profile sailing downwind. As I said before and I repeat again , the Requin is one trick pony. If the enemy understand the sailing profile there isn't much a requin player can do.
  12. But why are you so worried about those 2pd cannons? Do you prefer theRequin for not having those and instead had the perk control?
  13. 1- The same applies to all ships in game. 245 is the official number and that is what should be used. About ocean travelling. The requin was made to fight Algerian pirates in the Mediterranean Sea, however there another xebecs crafted by the Spanish in carribean. 2 -those gun ports in the bow are exactly that. Gun port for cannons. IDK what you are trying to achieve here. The requin is not the monster that it was when it was release, it is one trick pony. So you have a better picture, I am respawning a requin every day in the hope I can get one f/f very fast sailing 4 with the hope I can finally have some opportunities chasing guys downwind, and of course I would need to expend some expensive upgrades to buff the speed. Now atm against players that don't know the ships sailing profile i agree it can be deadly, but in the end it is one trick pony.
  14. https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=15543 https://www.ebay.de/itm/Le-Requin-47-Scale-1-48-Full-Rib-Wood-Ship-Model-Kit-High-End-Boxwood-Version-/253452543168
  15. I will not speak about the Hermione since I would need to study the stats again from many frigates to make a good comparison. However about the Requin you are wrong about important things. I was one the players that made hard critics how op they were when they were release and now it is just not the same history. 1 requin historical crew was 245 not 220. 2 doesn't matter if the Requin is faster at his best angle, many ships are the fastest at a specific angle, however requin have a big weakness. It can't chase anything downwind. So if the Niagara and rattlesnake players know what they are doing the Requin player can't do anything to catch them. 3 The elite pirate rig that made Requin a terror in the ocean was nerfed badly. 4 the bow chasers are historical accurate and they can't be removed just because you feel like that make them too OP. But I will add the important factor you are ignoring. You can't use chain shot on them. That is why I never chase a Requin. The only ship that could chase a Requin is another Requin and because you can't use chain shot in the bow chasers but you can in the stern chasers it easy to understand why is a waste of time. Now there is one thing I agree that is too much. Those 32pd carronades. For a gameplay balance to limit the Requin to use only 24pd carronades would be better IMO.
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