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  1. " Removed NPC ability to pray to gods and call a player to replace a captain on a Peace server. "😞
  2. The ship below is a turtle ship. it is a Korean ship not chinese. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtle_ship
  3. Guys understand one thing. The Loki Rune player can't use repairs!!!! If you are having problems disengage and repair. If the Loki player is chasing you use chain in the sails. The Loki player can't repair the sails!! And if you are in a situation that is a good option to trade HP , always remember you can REPAIR , he cannot!! This feature is an answer from the devs to give more interesting battles and to make the game appealing for more players. Instead crying here in the foruns please test for two weeks before forming an opinion.
  4. " I can't wrap my head around how or why you would support forced PvP on a PvE server. " To make the battles more interesting. Let's not forget the player that replace the bot can't use repairs. The bot ship is probaly crap in comparison with yours. And this replace the dumb AI with human behavior making the battles more interesting. It is a good feature.
  5. " Admin announced they are going to do a poll about Loki within the next two weeks, so here is (y)our chance to get rid of it as it is. " Not interested to get rid of this feature.
  6. Do you really think there is anyone that would start a new game , grind for months just to have a chance to fight unsuspecting players in the pve server when he can already do the same in the pvp server? Of course not , don't be silly. Loki is a great new feature to the game. if you guys think for a minute. What is the biggest complain players have when fighting AI? AI is dumb, it is easy to understand what AI is going to do. Loki is an solution to this and to bring more excitement to the game . And so what if you lose a ship? You are worried about that in the pve server? Come on go fight and have some fun with the game.
  7. Months ago i suggested a different PB mechanic for pve. PBs 20 vs 20 where doens't matter how many players are in the battle the game would always fill the ranks on both sides with AI ships . This would be better IMO because doens't matter if the player is alone or in a small clan or there are 20 players , the game would always create a 20 vs 20 epic battle for the players who were interested to have fun. That being said i am pleased to see you are trying to bring new life to the pve server. However i need to ask this. Did you changed idea about having an AI agression on the OW in the pve server? I am still waiting for this feature.
  8. Ok interesting to see port battles in the pve server , but i am still waiting for the AI agression to start a new game on the pve server.
  9. You did the exams before learning more about the nation? You are the only one to blame.
  10. El rancho and islamorada have 4th rate missions.
  11. If Naval Action 2 is to be the "Naval Action Legends" you bet i will play. I always wanted a WOWS in this time period and i only joined NA because legends was delayed.
  12. We already have a paint with dark grey sails :( And yes I would love to see more historical skins , like for example the "white Santissima Trinidad" and the first paint used in the victory.
  13. I also would like to know. Please some Dev answer to this topic.
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