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  1. Don't get me wrong but both sides won at Jutland. Tactical victory for the germans and strategic victory for the British. The british maintained the status quo and the Germans managed to hurt the british pride. Simple as that. I don't understand how is possible to ignore the facts on this matter when there is so much information about this matter that to defend only one side makes me believe that many persons here are biased towards one side.
  2. "Many New towers and parts became available to various models. "
  3. By the way. This "Japanese “Heavy Cruiser II" is to replicate Takao or Myoko class? Maybe Mogami? We are a little confused with the word "flat" in the description.
  4. "New Italian “Modern Battleship II” variant with displacement between 60,500 and 70,500 tons available after 1929." So this is a bigger Littorio? Why not the Littorio class (44000tons) instead? But in general i like a lot what i am reading. +1
  5. Just so you know one thing. Yes i apologize for the situation. But i think you never understood why i said that to you in the first place. You see the clown car post if you forgot, was locked by Nick at the 28 March and unlocked at April 4. Did you forgot what were the reasons to be locked by Nick in the first place? Here for you: So what brilliant idea you had? To make a new post listing all AI fails for everyone to read, most of them already adressed. But let it go. Not worth wasting more time with this.
  6. Understand one thing son. Without me giving you any reason you were disrecpectful to me. You were disrecpectful just because i had a different opinion. You didn't tried to debate you just made an personal attack. And now you are accusing me to not be open to discuss anything. Really you two are ironic. Funny in a bad away sadly. But then when you tried to debate , it is clear that you don't have an argument to defend your position. Is only fallacies. The only thing everyone here understand is: "YOU DONT LIKE F2P" .We all understand that already no problem. But next time respect the others
  7. So you two are using fallacies in your arguments and it is me that is being disrespectful? It is really that hard to see the irony in this situation? Marshall, what can i say about you. A nice thing. Let me see. Yes you have a bright future as comedian writer. Really. Making jokes is natural with you. I am laughing now. Can't you see 😁?!
  8. So is not a short business model. Because in the end you are give me the reason. It works fine and they have thousands players every day for the last years. How many players you have online in NA today? How many OP premiums were sold inside NA? The biggest irony. Is not f2p, no of course not, but we have OP premiums that completely ruined the game balanced. So what is the point in not being f2p? Oh the irony ;D "..is used to gain money in short order and keep repeating the same pattern until the servers are empty, closed and we can't play it anymore." I love the fallacies. ;D In
  9. Short term profit? You must have an word with Gaijin and Wargaming. I have no idea how they are still in the market. Must be a miracle. Praise the lord! To say only "Absolutely disgusting" is an opinion to you? Ok so following your line of thought. I found your comment to be "Absolutely disgusting".
  10. Oh really? Can i post a image with the middle finger in your face? Is only fair with you. In the end you are only getting what you deserve. "f2p model is dragging creativity down the drain since it's first introduction. Everything is now tied to short term profit and "easy to get into". It's bad for us players." Now you want to debate ideas? What a suprise. You know that i already did explained why the NAL in a f2p model on discord is a great idea imo. You didn't want to debate there but now you want here? Ok son let´s go: Just for the records i am talking about NAL. A game that
  11. If you didn't know already. I don't give a damn about what you think.
  12. I think Stillfront can be the solution for my problem with NA. Around 2018 i was hoping to get NA the batlles edition and it was cancelled. (i forgot the name) Instead i bought the regular version we all know. And that was my error. I love the age of sail fighting mechanics, the visual they did but that open world with those unbalance game mechanics ruined the experience. But a f2p version of sea battles NA? Devs if you are listening make it happen!!
  13. "In my opinion, those originally in charge of Game-Labs selling the whole studio completely without keeping at least some of the company to themselves could be a mistake" Ah yes! And you are the perfect person to say others how to run their business right? You know about everything that is happen behind the scenes right? And in my humble opinion i remember to play some mods made by him in NTW. So for a guy that made mods , created a video game company to now selling for millions . I can only congratulate him for what he achieved in life. And he made some very good games which i enjoy
  14. Otimo. Mas põe essa listinha no lugar devido dela, lá em Clown Car Thread. Ou será que vais arrastar mais coisas lá de dentro para poluir mais o forum ainda? Será que vais obrigar todos os membros apenas ver coisinhas dali porque tu achas interessante? Sem noção.
  15. Épa q pena. Será que se der -2 ganho alguma coisa? Se é para poluir o forum mesmo acho q não te importas com estes comentarios inuteis.
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