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  1. "....while the ship movement mechanics are disabled. However, a mission generation system will assess various strategic aspects, data from your active ships and their sea control orders, and will automatically create battles in the various sea regions." https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/post/the-first-campaign-version
  2. @Nick Thomadis So about the torpedoes real range. Here the 0.9km range torpedo travel around 2km +/- it seems. My ship continued to moving forward after the launch. Anyway in the next test i used a 3.3km torpedo, this time moving in a tight circle to make it easier to know exactly what is the distance travelled. 6.8 km for a 3.3 km range torpedo. Make sense? And last, how far will go the best torpedo in game? Note that my ship will be in the exact same spot running in circles to make the calculation the more correct was possible.
  3. If they do, is not related to the range displayed in the weapon info. Is much greater. How much? I have no idea. i can run more tests and take more prints just to show this issue in game. About the campaign unlock; Major defeat, but doens't matter.
  4. The issue in detail is: - ATM to unlock later campaigns , the player needs to do nothing. Don't build anything , don't spend money in nothing. Let the time pass and just accept the peace treaty. The game will probably refuse the 1st time but will accept the next one. Usually takes around 14 months +/-. The player loses the campaign but will unlock the next one. Is only 2 minutes. - About the torpedoes the issue is they can have 0.9 km range, however this is not true. That 0.9km range is what is needed to be used against a target , but after they are launched they will
  5. Yes! Thx Two questions: - Are we supposed to unlock other campaigns just by losing the current one? - Can we expect a fix for the torpedoes range? They are already to much OP in the 1890 campaign and this issue makes them much worse to deal with them.
  6. There is a much quicker way. Don't do nothing. Don't build anything. Don't spend money with nothing. Just let the game give you the option to make peace with the enemy. And you will unlock the next campaign.
  7. Choose the option "set crew" and add crew to the ship(s)
  8. You can use "shift" and "control" key to select multiple ships to make quick changes.
  9. New horizons V3! - New water darker tone. - Increased contrast and sharpness. - Many colors, brightness and shadows tweaked to add more immersion. Screenshots for comparison: Link: https://app.box.com/s/zz9se63lpf1ccpl8yddlqd4rohz30kav
  10. Testing a new version. - Darker ocean tone. - Increase sharpness to bump the ship details. reshade vs vanilla
  11. - Captain it is a BB!! - Let´s do old fashion then. RAMMING SPEED!!!!
  12. Great news! I am looking forward to play/test the new update.
  13. So let's think for a moment. You can use more than two brain cells at the same time don't you? A. You paid for the game. fair enough. B. Is clear that you are not liking the how the game is develop is going . Again fair enough , people are different , with different opinions. So because A+B you got C. A complete stupid attitude towards other members in the community that think different just because they are not you and they don't think like you. You understand the A+B doesn't justify you behave like a complete moron in the foruns right? Or maybe your life is so sad
  14. I love how easy is for you to insult anyone that doens't think the same way you do. Notice how everyone was here discussing like grow up people until you show up. Aren't you supposed to return only next year when we have the campaign finished? Don't worry someone will call you when that moment arrives. Until then have nice life.
  15. To be fair, i don't own naval art game. i only watched some youtube videos from Historical gamer if i am not mistaken. But from what i saw there is a big cost to have the NA freedom in designing ships. Where UAD process is: design your ship, go to battle. NA process is: torture the player for hours to design something then go to battle. And if you need to change anything, then torture the player a little more. Well some players like that kind of freedom/torture but not all of us.
  16. No sarcasm, i am telling the truth. Most players like to complain about changes without trying to see if it was for the better or not. Is an natural behavior thing for many people. Most people feel uncomfortable with changes so instead in trying to see if was for the better or not is just simple easier to say that didn't like it. This situation is a perfect example. In details. Watch the video again, looks cool right? What is the great downside in that system? If you noticed the middle hull modules are being swapped or added new ones to make the ship longer or vice versa.
  17. Well i am glad they ditch that system for the current one. What we have now is so much better compared to that one.
  18. Notice how easy is for you to insult other people, just because have an different opinion. At least Skeksis can politely argue with others and use arguments to defend his position. Sadly we cannot say the same about you in this place.
  19. If he is irrelevant, then you are irrelevant, i am irrelevant, we all are irrelevant. Or maybe you can consider that all opinions can have their merit and different players can have different opinions.
  20. I am really not the right guy to talk about unity. In wots i only managed to import the carrier Hosho using Blender/unity/notepad++ and it was with other TTE modders helping me. So my unity experience is very limited. Well i noticed that UAD always start with anti aliasing disable for me. Doesn't matter if i am playing at ultra in 4k, is always turn off. So the 1st thing i do when i launch the game is go to settings and enable anti aliasing. And of course the higher the image resolution the better. But if you still see some strange issues post an image for me to take a look.
  21. Final version. No more tweaks. Have fun!
  22. 1 & 2 - Academy missions are not there trying to simulate real life conditions. Those missions are for the player to overcome specific challenges with limited conditions using the creativity in the design process ( the major feature in UAD ). They are not related to the campaign gameplay. If you want to simulate only real life conditions use custom battles. Imo they are fun and interesting, offering a different gameplay experience from what you see in custom and probaly in the future campaign. 4 - Players keep missing the point. UAD is not trying to be 100% realistic. The campaign wi
  23. Improvements made. v2 More colourful and vibrant fire and explosions. Other smaller tweaks. vanilla New Horizons Vanilla New Horizons Vanilla New Horizons
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