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Found 7 results

  1. Gameplay Rebalance and Customizations created by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut 9/8/18: Updated to 1.23a Summary of changes: Fixed Potomac Fort Artillery Surrender Bug Get the Mod here (Requires Forum Login): RebalanceModV1.23a.zip GOG Version: RebalanceModGoGV1.23a.zip All perks, weapons, career points, and combat elements have been rebalanced and expanded upon. Some examples include: Some Career traits now give additional bonuses. Weapons deal less damage than the base game but skilled troops with the right perks will make them significantly more effective. Unit size caps have been increased for the player and the AI. The early game is now much harder on MG and Legendary. Starting units and some rewards have been buffed and game timers increased. A variety of UI updates have been made to display hidden stats and make firing arcs more visible. Player Skirmisher AI has been updated so that they will no longer charge forward when they are blocked while under a direct attack order. More details can be found in the changelog included in the zip folder. Install Instructions: Download RebalanceModV1.21 and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder Some general tips to get started. Tactics that work in the base game may no longer work or will be less effective. Do not over use your units. Let them rest and recover condition otherwise they will suffer major combat debuffs and will be destroyed in short order. Perks are much more valuable now, get them as soon as you can. Get a Major General to lead your corps as soon as you can. Melee is very important and deadly early on but do not rely on it. Melee becomes less effective as you progress through the campaign. Melee cavalry is good at cleaning up routing units, but charging units at full strength will result in high losses. Early fortifications can provide decent cover bonuses, but their melee bonuses are worse than charging. Muskets must get very close to deal decent damage, long range fire will be ineffective. Artillery and skirmishers will be less effective until they have 1-2 stars. - Make sure to let your units rest, they will not perform well when tired. Consider playing a difficulty lower than you normally would until you are used to how the mod works. Legendary, especially for the Union is currently extremely punishing. Known issues: Loss percentage on General's status panels display incorrectly in the intro missions. Over the next few weeks (and maybe months) there will be periodic updates to the campaign. These changes will drastically change how the battles play out such as the addition of more AI brigades and Player brigade limits. Keep checking back here for updates. Feedback will be appreciated. Have fun!
  2. This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the Assembly-CSharp.dll. Permission was granted by the developer to modify game files. Thanks to Jonny for saving me from hex editing. Updates for V1.5: - The tooltip in the top left of camp will now display Difficulty: Legendary when appropriate. - Perk tooltips now properly display all bonuses the perk provides. - Several perks had missing perk bonuses. Since additional bonuses cannot be added, minor stat increases have been replaced with the missing unique bonus. - Endurance Course(all), Tactical Training, Short Range Training, Long Range Training, Sharpshooter(skirmishers), Horseback Riding, Cavalry Training, Reconnaissance Course(cavalry), Shock Cavalry are affected. - Horseback Riding had it's unique bonus changed to Accuracy since the Endurance Training speed bonus applies to both mounted and unmounted units. Previous changes: UI - Weapon tooltips updated in camp and in battle to to display Accuracy high value. Simplified, the starting point of the damage calculation is a random value between Accuracy Low and Accuracy High * Weapon Damage. - Weapon tooltips updated to display collateral radius and ammunition cost. - Weapon range arc color changed to white to increase visibility. - Artillery range arcs will now display canister and shell shot ranges. - Artillery descriptions updated with some context on how effective cannons are at various ranges to provide insight into how the damageDegradation curve affects the base stats. - Weapon tooltips updated to show actual weapon range for rifles. The better the rifle the more effective it is at longer ranges with the exception of repeating rifles which are more effective at medium ranges. For more details see http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/ AI - Player Skirmisher and Infantry AI has been updated. If their target is blocked by a friendly unit they will not move and wait for their target to clear and then resume firing. If their target is blocked by an enemy unit they will not move and attempt to lock onto a new target. This is intended to prevent snipers or infantry units from charging enemy units when their sight line is blocked after a direct attack order. Units will still sometimes acquire a target and not fire as before. If units with a direct attack order are charged they will not attempt to retreat so attention is still needed. - The player's idle skirmishers will now fire at units in range when hidden without a direct fire order. Customizations - Enabled recovery of weapons from captured units. Rates vary by difficulty. Colonel: .5 BG: .375 MG/Leg: .25 - The player's starting general will now have all perks selectable after the initial battle. - Implemented new damage degradation curves so that adding more men or cannon to a unit will always result in higher damage. - Added a configuration file at Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod/UIAICustomizations/ConfigFile.csv. - Added config setting timerMultiplier. Decimal value can be updated to increase all in game timers. Defaults to no change. - Added config setting endOfDayMultiplier. Decimal value can be updated to push back each battles hard end time. Defaults to no change. - Added config setting replaceSizeDegradationCurves. Boolean value to enable the new damage curves. Defaults to enabled. The changes to damage degradation will result in larger artillery and skirmisher units doing significantly more damage. Since the intent of this mod is to provide quality of life improvements and fix minor bugs without changing game balance this change is able to be disabled. The timer and end of day settings are intended for players who dislike how the game timers work. If you would like less pressure from the timers I would recommend a setting of timerMultipler, 1.3 and an endOfDayMultiplier of 1.1. This will make defensive battles harder as it will take longer for reinforcements to arrive. Install Instructions: Download CustomizationsModV1.5.zip and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Get the Mod Here(depending on browser you may get a warning that the file can be harmful to your computer, you will have to override this): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xfcCDNWj5FwQysxSiC1J-LMmeGJTBDUx GoG version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wj6zTeteWZL16BUR4mjnTfIWP1CYQdFI
  3. Thanks to @General WVPM for combining his Surrender mod changes with the J&P Rebalance mod V1.2. A few changes weren't included due to overlap or balance reasons, but the added surrender mod changes are below. Please see the main J&PRebalance post for details on its full set of changes. This will be kept as a submod of the Rebalance mod and will likely have additional balance issues, but for those who requested it please enjoy. Changes: -Units surrender based on the morale of nearby units as well as their fatigue and losses. This means that it's easier to cleanup a bunch of routing troops that are cornered. -Units surrender when surrounded with no allies nearby (a bit randomized and cav has a larger escape chance). -Units can't shatter from melee, they instead surrender. -Cav melee attacks give a big bonus to surrender chance. -Enemy troop estimates depend on recon skill. -(Optional) captives are returned to the AI before it gets post-battle reinforcements. Modify captivesToAI value in the Mod/AIConfigFile. -At the end of each battle, the results are logged to a file in your temp folder, so the Excel tool can make a nice Excel file of it. Get the mod here: https://wvpm.stackstorage.com/s/1yhVT3s3wYiL9Gs Install Instructions: Download J&P 1.2 + Surrender.zip and extract the contents of the J&P + Surrender folder it into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder
  4. In all kind of games the more stuff and the better the suff what is equipped the higher are the maintenance cost. Suggestion: Increase maintenance and in battle repair cost depending on used modules Details: modules are already categorized as basic and non-basic, for example, Basic Pump and Coles Bentick Pump While "basic" mods only suffer a slight increase in repair and battle repair cost "non-basic" mods can suffer repair penalties increase up to 200% For example: An installed coles bentick pump would increase hull repair cycle cost by 100% for each extra module of the same type - cost increases by extra 100% For example: coles pump + chain pump = basic repairs + 100% for the first module + 100% for the second module + 100% for being a second module of the same type - pump Pros: quality of life added maintenance for high grade specialized ships simulates highly specialized crew and necessity of high grade quality parts for repairs at sea Cons: quality of life
  5. Go here to get the latest release. Here is the Alpha 2 Version (Outdated) of the Mod: resources.assets
  6. JonnyH13

    JonnyH13 WIP Mod

    This is a WIP mod that I have been working on for some time. It is not finished and I might be going start from scratch again after discovering some interesting things in the game files. To install simply extract this into the steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data folder. Replace everything when prompted. Let me know what you think of it and any questions you may have. The Mod changes the following: Weapons have been rebalanced and were planned to be renamed to the following. Farmer -> Musket Rebored -> Rebored 1842 -> 1842 Palmetto -> 1855 1841 -> 1841 MG+J -> Fayetteville Lorenz -> RM 1841 Ty Tx -> Ty TX 1853 -> Lorenz 1855 -> 1853 HF 1855 -> 1861 CSR -> CSR 1861 -> 1863 1863 -> Spencer Fayetteville -> Whitworth Colt 1855 -> Sharps Henry -> Henry Spencer -> 1873 Trapdoor (ahistorical) The aim of the later weapons is to provide some interesting late game challenges (the CSA has longer range and accuracy, the Union has rapid fire (shown here as higher damage per volley). Also the weapon stats regarding accuracy are not entirely accurate. Also rate of fire and ammo has been increased. Melee now is a high risk, high reward weapon. Range has also been standardized for most of the early weapons. Other changes include some minor changes to the effects of fatigue on speed and efficiency. There are some other changes but I have yet to remember them. Current things that have yet to be finalized are the cavalry weapons and the artillery damage. I need to adjust those. Keep in mind these features may change as I work on this more. JonnyH13 WIP Mod.zip
  7. DeR_Krampenvagen

    English Civil War Mod

    Hello all. Would anyone be interested in an ECW mod for this game? The work wouldn't be too extensive, we would need to change brigade names, add "pike units", increase cavalry, redesign units and objective names would be updated. (And obviously, maps could be the same, just with different names. Possibly a battle like Marston Moor in which both sides were more or less equal?? If you have ANY coding, modding or graphical experience or just ideas for the mod should it be produced, please reply.