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Found 15 results

  1. Introduction Naval Arms Race, or simple "N.A.R.", is a mod overhaul for U.A.D. with focus in historical accuracy being applied in reworking several game mechanics. Other gameplay improvements are also made where it is possible to provide a more enjoyable experience for the player. I want to thank “Admiralsnackbar”, for all the help and the precious information shared. Without him, this would not be possible. Update alpha build 0.30 Changelog: Rebalanced the funnels for all DDs and TBs. Now bigger components will be more useful, with some providing an aiming bonus (if having an observation post or a range finder). It is no longer possible to achieve unrealistic speeds with only a small funnel. The designs should now look more realistic and interesting to see. Added tall angled and thin funnel variants to all modern Japanese destroyers hulls. It is now possible to recreate the look of historical ships like: Kagero; Asashio; Shimakaze; Shiratsuyu; etc... Rebalanced the funnels stats for the torpedo cruiser hull and BB Maine. These were incredibly weak, forcing the player to use an incredible number of funnels to achieve a minimum engine efficiency. Now should be much more enjoyable to design these ships. Chapter I: guns Complete rework of all guns in game penetration values with data from real guns as a reference values used in a software to research all the data needed for all calibers. Important to mention, that now if you want the best deck pen for a specific range, due to the fact each shell is different (weight, caliber, windshield, ballistic coefficient, propellant, range) it is possible to get a better value by using a smaller caliber gun. Change barrel length mechanic reworked from the ground. Now increasing barrel size will no longer lower the deck pen, but will also not be OP as in stock game. Lowering the gun barrel is in fact a viable option to reduce the “immune zone” from the enemy ships. In general, it is more balanced. More than 135 guns reload times researched and used as a reference for the different eras and guns mark. Gun's accuracy formula changed. In general, the bigger the gun, the more accurate will be. At the moment, the balance is somewhere between realism and arcade. I don’t want laser accurate guns, but I also don’t want full realism and spend 3 hours to recreate the battles from the past. Chapter II: armor All armor values and descriptions reworked with new options added to better represent the different types of armor used in the time period and to give the player more options. The current list is: Iron plate armor; Compound armor; Nickel steel armor; Harvey armor; Krupp armor; Krupp cemented armor; Class "A" armor; Japanese New Vickers Non-Cemented Armor; Thick-Plate Improved Krupp Cemented; Terni Cemented KC-Type Variable-Face-Thickness Armor; British Cemented Armor. *Important for the players to understand, that in UAD, the armor scaling effect doesn’t exist, in other words is not possible to make the U.S. Class “A” armor the best in the world for cruisers but only average for battleships. So, some modifiers were added and dates changed to better represent this, but for the most part the values used are what best represent the different armor qualities of the era. All weight modifiers removed from the armor components. Where it is possible to have some minor differences between different types of armor, in reality the differences are so small that it aren't worth it to mention in the game. With this change, the player will find it impossible to add absurd levels of armor to ships as in the stock game, forcing to use more historical accurate levels of armor in the ships, however because of the penetration rework, these values should be more than enough if you stay inside the “immune zone”. Changed the armor ship cap for BB, BC and CA. The most important thing to know is that armored and heavy cruisers are still cruisers, and not incredible cheap BBs. Chapter III: battles Spotting values increased. (credits to "Admiralsnackbar" for the idea) Now all formations will initiate the battle in columns and only a few in scout formation. The screen option is still available for the player to use if he wants. The formations will also spawn at bigger distances. In overall, fleet management should be much more enjoyable for the player now. Damage reworked against TBs and DDs. They should now be more fragile in combat. Smoke option disabled. There are some reasons why I choose this, but the most important is the fact the AI doesn’t know when to use it, so it is unfair against the AI and ruins the experience. It is silly to watch smoke from an invisible division sailing somewhere in the horizon. HE fire chance nerfed a little. Lowered the destroyed section damage penalty and section damage spread multiplier. Gun accuracy penalty against a targeting maneuvering lowered by half. All semi-armored hulls I and II variants got a +10 bonus to stability. Chapter IV: campaign Lowered the initial starting fleets distances in battle. It should be now quicker to initiate combat, or quicker to catch the AI if it is running away from battle. 7000 tons CA cruisers and 3750 tons CL cruisers available to be built from the start. (1890) Secondary turrets enabled from the start on light cruisers. (1890) Allied support distance increased x3. Now at 3000. It should make allies more useful in the campaign. *needs testing. Now it is possible to know from the start what is the tech being researched. Added 12k shipyard for the Italy 1890 campaign. Installation 1) First, and this is very important to do. Is to back up, move or delete this files from this location: C:\Users\(user)\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts - custom_battle_data.json - mission_data.json - save_x.json The reason behind this, is the changes to the game files will probably make all your designs impossible to work with the mod and can make the game crash. 2) Download the N.A.R.zip from this location: https://app.box.com/s/6wd6u5ywnckrw0v2ktad0wcpyalpbwo2 3) Unpack the file and move resources.assets file inside the folder to this location: C:\….Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data 4) Click yes to replace the original file. Important Do not report any bug to the devs if you are using this mod. They are not responsible for the changes I made to the game. Sorry for my poor English, it is not my native language. Happy hunting, the Baron. Sources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoEFjl0buiM http://www.navweaps.com/index_nathan/metalprpsept2009.php http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/index_weapons.php https://www.naval-history.net/WW0Book-USN-Armour1937.htm
  2. File Link and Installation: Link will now be provided by one-drive, as I cannot continue to share the file with dropbox above a certain bandwidth. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhR3YVzwEWaUg6EbZI_A2ykaiEQpJg?e=A7zfkG To install - Copy resources.assets into SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data folder It will override the games version. To uninstall – Replace the above resources.assets You can keep a fresh copy of the vanilla resources.assets somewhere if you want an easy uninstall, or simply re-install the game. This mod Changes (If you use the mod and your problems seem associated with the below, report it on this thread first): Gun base Accuracy Gun reload rates Gun/Shell Damage Research Rates Certain accuracy modifiers Government modifiers Spotting distance and weather modifiers This mod does not Change (if you use the mod and see problems associated with the below, report it to the devs): Gun models Hulls Penetration Aiming progress/aiming speed Income (except through government modifiers) Overview The general purpose of this mod is to tune some of the features of the research, campaign and ship builder to give an experience that tries to balance historical realism with reasonable trade-offs. It will also attempt, where/when possible, to implement adjustments to the modules which are clearly unintentional on the part of the developers (e.g. lighter guns having heavier weights). With this mod it should be possible to start a campaign in 1890 and reach roughly the same level of tech in 1920 as if you started in that year [or possibly more], and the AI should have an easier time keeping up with you technologically as well. Every gun type should have strengths and weaknesses, and newer weapons should generally be superior to older ones. Campaign mechanics will be tuned to try to account for the behavior of the AI and the limitations of features. I have been testing these changes over the course of 1.10 beta, I have had enough time to make my the changes to the non-beta version and confirm that the game should not crash and can launch a campaign. I cannot guaranty the mod will work perfectly during all campaign eras or that it won't break saves, although my changes thus far should not break saves. Install at your own risk. It is difficult to keep current with a daily update schedule, being quick about this limits my ability to guaranty that campaigns and battles are not broken. I very quickly checked my own campaign and custom battles to make sure they could launch properly, but that is no guaranty. Please be kind to me if something breaks, just revert to vanilla and inform me about it. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhR3YVzwEWaUg6EbZI_A2ykaiEQpJg?e=BcHP4u V0.18 changes (for 1.2.7r2) Updated files to allow for compatibility with latest hotfix. V0.16 changes (for 1.2.5r3) Updated files to allow for compatibility with latest hotfix. Some small differences from prior version in terms of the what is changed from vanilla. If not mentioned assume it’s the same as before. params Damage reduction reduced base fire chance reduced overpen damage to .005 from .015 reduced partial pen damage to .05 from .15 V0.15 changes (for 1.2.4) Updated files to allow for compatibility with latest hotfix. Some small differences from prior version in terms of the what is changed from vanilla. If not mentioned assume it’s the same as before. Guns Max range for gun tiers based on vanilla, adjusting these to the values used in prior mod versions must be done by hand and is harder/riskier than other mod adjustments. Impact is that bigger guns willl be less accurate than normal balance mods but still better than vanilla Changelog Link: Going forward i will only show the two most recently changed versions. The rest of the changes can be found in this word doc https://1drv.ms/w/s!AhR3YVzwEWaUg6FBO_lcpi-jwOtxtg?e=xKTgFY Limitations/Outstanding issues: Here’s a list of issues and limitations and what impact it might have on the mod. I do not understand what factors affect the magnitude of the ‘range found’ modifier on hit chance, which is by far the most significant contributor to accurate gunfire. I see values that range from 400-1500% but I don’t know what causes the variation. Ditto above for ‘Own maneuver’ which can go up to -100% in both cases I may have to try learning the C# game code. Until those changes, it will be difficult to make guns that aren’t either too inaccurate or too accurate [or both] Secondaries that fire too quickly (3 second reload or less) may cause main battery guns to stop firing, this is an issue in vanilla but may become more of an issue since reload rates for 1-2 inch guns have been changed to ‘autocannon’ levels I have not adjusted the base penetration tables. I cannot do anything about the fact that increasing penetration damage from bursting charges will also increase overpenetration damage. I also cannot do anything about the fact that the damage ratios of shell types are skewed by the choice of bursting charge since they are additive and not multiplicative. I know that some of the last 3 armor techs plus citadel tech bonuses give very high armor strength values and low weights, I have not researched how realistic these values are. (Or whether it even makes sense to have a citadel type increase the strength of a given thickness of armor) Fundamental changes to the damage or aiming system of the game by the developers will render this mod obsolete/broken I have not Altered the relationship between gun length and gun performance characteristics. I have not altered the relationship between gun barrel size modifications and performance characteristics. However, the effect of doing that to your guns should be smoother and more intuitive in my mod. I have not changed the research dates associated with anything other than guns I have not changed the weight of anything other than shells Shell weights and velocities vary by gun mark tech level, it isn’t clear if these values account for the modules and gun barrels. In other words, the game might be double or triple counting the impact of powder selection, barrel length, shell size, etc.)
  3. Gameplay Rebalance and Customizations created by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut. Thanks to TheSoldier, Adishee, Kristoph42, FiascoGames, HiBob WarBob, and ArtemK for their contributions. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NmHUGvq Get the Mod here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvjxgnp4n305j9s/RebalanceModV1.28.3.zip?dl=0 GOG Version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hhchd9jcrfy85n9/RebalanceModGoGV1.28.3.zip?dl=0 Install Instructions: Download RebalanceModV1.28 and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder Mac Install Instructions: 1) In Steam, right click UGCW and select Properties. 2) Click local files, then select browse local files 3) right click 'Ultimate General Civil War' and select 'show package contents' 4) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/ a) Place the 'Mod' folder in Contents/ 5) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/Resources/Data/ a) Copy the resources.assets file into /Data/ b) Copy the /Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll file from the mod release into the /Managed/ folder, overwriting the existing file 11/01/2022 Updated to 1.28.3 Changelog Highlights - Campaign battles now updated through Fredericksburg. - Units that are charging apply a morale regen penalty to enemy units that are not charging or in melee. If the enemy unit is moving, the penalty is increased. - Artillery canister damage, cavalry pistol damage, and mounted carbine cavalry reload speeds reduced. - Morale damage resistance increased from morale stat and several perks. - General scaling reductions with higher reductions in specific battles. - Improvements to several underused cavalry, infantry, and artillery perks. - Static Mode: Optional mode that removes all scaling against player units. Instead the AI units are all set to a default size based on the current campaign date. Specific battles that normally have larger default sizes can exceed these size restrictions. Player units are limited to same size as the AI. This mode is very bare bones and by default can result in facing larger units than the normal scaling algorithm. There is also little to no adjustment to sizing between difficulties, so adjustment using configs is highly recommended. This mode can be enabled in the configFile, the percentage size of the player units can also be adjusted there. By default the AI size caps out at 50% of the normal maximum sizes. Maximum sizes can be adjusted in the AIConfigFile if larger or different sizes are preferred. AIscalingSizeMultiplier will also continue to work to make adjustments to sizes. Full changelog is in the /Mod/Rebalance/Change logs folder 6/30/2022 Updated to 1.28 Added many bug fixes, balance adjustments, and UI improvements as well as the following major features. A full changelog is included in the install package under /Mod/Rebalance Battle Rework: All battles through Antietam have had their timers, scaling, and deployment positions updated. This should reduce the ability to spawn camp and standardize timers for more consistently challenging battles. Some grand battles now have alternative deployment locations for some AI units to provide some more variety and encourage the player to have to scout rather than relying on prior knowledge. Casualty System: Casualties taken during battles are now divided into killed, missing, badly wounded, and wounded. Veterans: Adding veterans is now limited to the number of men in the player's veteran pool. This pool is filled by disbanding units that have participated in a battle or by taking casualties. The veteran pool tracks its own stats instead of veterans taking on the stat of the unit they are added to. Digging in: Units will now automatically start to dig in when not moving. Detached skirmishers: The AI Can now use them. Overview of Mod Features: The intention of the mod is to expand and improve the original game while also providing a more challenging experience on MG and Legendary difficulties. A variety of configuration options are also provided to allow the player to customize difficulty to their liking. All weapons, perks, and career points have been rebalanced and expanded upon with an emphasis on enabling specialization and trade offs. Battles are now much more condition and morale focused. Units that are exhausted will be nearly helpless. Units will take fewer casualties, but morale damage has been increased to compensate. Units can also be destroyed sooner if reduced to 0 morale which reduces total casualties and speeds up end of battle cleanup. Unit size caps have been increased for the player and the AI. This allows the AI to scale to larger sizes in certain battles and for players to play with massive armies if they want to. Players can continue to use normal sized units while continuing to face roughly equivalently sized units in most cases. A variety of quality of life and UI improvements have been added along with changes to increase replayability of the campaign. More details can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lvM9uwewxANmSoBXCKGPJSUKcpmM7IJJiv8plS8XMTg/edit?usp=sharing Some general tips to get started. Tactics that work in the base game may no longer work or will be less effective. Do not overuse your units. Let them rest and recover their condition, otherwise they will suffer major combat debuffs. Perks are much more valuable now, get them as soon as you can. Get a Major General to lead your corps as soon as you can. Melee is very important and deadly early on but do not rely on it. Melee becomes less effective as you progress through the campaign. Melee cavalry is good at cleaning up routing units, but charging units at full strength will result in high losses. Cavalry can also get into flanking positions to hit charging units before they reach your line. Muskets must get very close to deal decent damage, long range fire will be ineffective. Artillery and skirmishers will be less effective until they have 1-2 stars. Detached skirmishers are weaker than in the base game. They cannot be deployed near enemy units and have a cooldown period before they can be reattached. They will also regenerate morale much slower if not near a normal unit. Merging units in battle removes any bonus they get from perks. Since shattered units return in camp now, it’s almost never worth merging anything but 0* units. Legendary can be extremely punishing, especially for the Union early on. When playing on this difficulty, and to a lesser extent on Major General, you may need to restart battles or the entire campaign multiple times before getting a good result. Combined arms and keeping your units within supporting range will help with managing AI charges. If you have 3-4 units backed up by artillery and with skirmishers or cavalry to fire at the flanks you can generally waver a unit before its charge lands even if outclassed in size and experience. Throwing multiple weaker units into melee is unlikely to overwhelm a larger more experienced unit until it gets tired. Over time there will be periodic updates to remaining battles in the campaign that have not yet been reworked. Keep checking back here for updates. Feedback will be appreciated. Have fun!
  4. Updated mod here: Back again smiles This mod allows Super BB hulls to be bigger. In case you really need to prove a point to your enemies. Be warned they may try and prove a point back. Features Super BB hull 2 for countries that offer it, tonnage is increased with beam and draft. Countries that don't have a super BB hull 2, their Super BB hull 1 is increased instead Installation: Go to steam click on UAD right click, click on properties then go to local files finally click browse. Once the folder opens up click on Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data and finally copy over the new resources.assets and click replace. (Note: If you want to easily switch back make a backup of resources.assets first!) To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Gl2ft1GyfBWKmZVbIr Any bugs you encounter do not report to the devs instead feel free to leave a comment or ping me on the UAD discord server Sapphire#0616 My other mod is combined with this mod so the mods features are below (The other mod does not offer the increased tonnage for hulls) You can find that mod here https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/40420-gun-mod-update-includes-slight-ai-changes-late-tech-boosts-and-more/ That mod's features are Gun length, diameter changed (max length: 70 min: -100) (Diameter: 2.9) Tech: If tech is late by 5 years it's boosted 5x Increased crew modifier Changed AI legendary GPD income multiplier Changed how long the shipyard takes to upgrade from 24 months to 16 Max tonnage built per upgrade in the shipyard The research tree will show research times AI will now refit more often AP fire chance is reduced slightly
  5. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NmHUGvq This mod is not compatible with any other mod that changes the Assembly-CSharp.dll. Permission was granted by the developer to modify game files. Thanks to Jonny for saving me from hex editing. Updates for V1.9.2: Fixed a bug that was causing rewards to be given multiple times after CSA Shiloh and Union Antietam. Updates for V1.9.1: Fixed a bug that was causing the AI units to be larger in the starting battles. Updates for V1.9: Major changes include making the two starting battles easier, replacing the +ammo perk bonuses that don't work, and adding the ability to turn off or adjust scaling. No scaling mode is not balanced by default, some battles may be far too easy or far too difficult. This is intended to be used in combination with AISizeMultiplier to adjust difficulty as desired. My recommendation would really be to leave scaling on and just adjust AI sizing from there, but the option has been provided as is if you want to use it. UI Changes - Units can be merged by dragging and dropping. Unit type and weapons have to match and the sum of both units hp must be less than the unit types max hp. Merged units stats will be averaged as normal. The dragged unit will be destroyed and its officer returned to the pool. Credit to Adishee. - Cavalry can now hold position. - Highlighted penalties to reload speed in perk descriptions. Perk Changes - Artillery tier 1 Logistics perk now gives +speed in place of +ammo. This is due to the +ammo stat being bugged. - General tier 1 Strategy perk now gives +spotting. This is due to the +ammo stat being bugged. Fixes to Union Deployments - Crossroads, Rendezvous, Crampton's Gap, and Harrison's Creek deployment slots now match total units that can be deployed. - Stones River, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and Cold Harbor deploys fixed so that all deployed units now show up on the field. - Stones River supply wagons now appear on day 2. Configuration Changes - modifyTutorialBattle added into ConfigFile, enabled by default. Reduce the difficulty of the the first battle in each campaign by removing the random sizing adjustments to AI units and increasing the size of player units slightly. - disableScaling added into ConfigFile, disabled by default. Enabling this turns off all scaling based on the players army. AI sizing is determined by difficulty and a random factor. - improveArtilleryTargetting, now disabled by default. Requires far to much focus on enemy artillery given the options the player has available to keep smoothbore artillery close enough to be effective. Previous changes: Optional Balance Changes - Reattaching skirmishers is now on a cooldown. When skirmishers are detached, the reattach button will be disabled for approximately 10 in game minutes. Unfortunately I am unable to add a visual cooldown indicator beyond graying out the icon. - Shattered units return to camp. Configurable using returnShatteredUnits. - Infantry units no longer have a damage penalty in fortifications(now matches all other unit types). Configurable using removeInfantryFortificationPenalty. - Artillery counter battery logic now configurable using improveArtilleryTargetting. - Artillery counter battery will now only activate if nearest target is not within 700 range. - Allied units will now return a percentage(varies by difficulty) of weapons for men alive at the end of the battle. - Allied units will now return a lower percentage(varies by difficulty) of weapons for men killed. - Allied unit weapon recovery changes are configurable using enableSurvivingAlliesWeaponReturn. - Weapon return rate from captured units reduced slightly for all difficulties. - Skirmisher melee strength reduced slightly. - AI Charge logic updated to better account for efficiency, firearms, and accuracy perks when determining melee and fire power. - Surrender chance now increases when an officer is wounded or the unit has low condition. - Units can now make surrender checks when allied units are nearby. - Surrender logic changes are configurable using enableSurrenderLogicUpdates. - Fire at will volley time when a unit is wavering has been significantly shortened. This will result in units spending less time standing in place firing sporadically. This is configurable using fireAtWillMin and fireAtWillMax. - Melee damage penalty when engaging multiple units has been changed from 25% to 45%. Setting up 2v1 melee engagements is still beneficial but it should be less possible for two smaller units to beat a larger unit under normal circumstances. This is configurable using meleeMultiplePenalty. - Melee penalty when routing or wavering increased. Routing units will now inflict less damage in melee. This is configurable using moraleMeleeRouting and moraleMeleeWavering. UI - The tooltip in the top left of camp will now display Difficulty: Legendary when appropriate. - Perk tooltips now properly display all bonuses the perk provides. - Several perks had missing perk bonuses. Since additional bonuses cannot be added, minor stat increases have been replaced with the missing unique bonus. - Endurance Course(all), Tactical Training, Short Range Training, Long Range Training, Sharpshooter(skirmishers), Horseback Riding, Cavalry Training, Reconnaissance Course(cavalry), Shock Cavalry are affected. - Horseback Riding had it's unique bonus changed to Accuracy since the Endurance Training speed bonus applies to both mounted and unmounted units. - Weapon tooltips have been updated to show a damage range instead of accuracy low, hi, and base damage. - Weapon tooltips updated to display collateral radius and ammunition cost. - All weapon tooltips now have a Range Damage Multiplier section which shows the modifier applied at short, medium, long, and max range. Cannon will also display the modifier at 100 range. These provide snapshots of how effective a given weapon is at various ranges. Short, medium, long, and max correspond to 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and maximum effective range for each given weapon. So short range for rifles is 75, while for the 20pdrs its 500. - Weapon range arc color changed to white to increase visibility. - Artillery range arcs will now display canister and shell shot ranges. - Artillery descriptions updated with some context on how effective cannons are at various ranges to provide insight into how the damageDegradation curve affects the base stats. - Weapon tooltips updated to show actual weapon range for rifles. The better the rifle the more effective it is at longer ranges with the exception of repeating rifles which are more effective at medium ranges. For more details see http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26142-hidden-mechanics-and-weapon-damage-degradation/ - When a division commander is wounded or killed the popup message will notify you of the affected division. - Updated terrain tooltips to show modded damage modifiers. These do not apply if in a fortification. - Display a warning message when issuing an attack order that forces your artillery to move to be able to hit the target. AI - Player Skirmisher and Infantry AI has been updated. If their target is blocked by a friendly unit they will not move and wait for their target to clear and then resume firing. If their target is blocked by an enemy unit they will not move and attempt to lock onto a new target. This is intended to prevent snipers or infantry units from charging enemy units when their sight line is blocked after a direct attack order. Units will still sometimes acquire a target and not fire as before. If units with a direct attack order are charged they will not attempt to retreat so attention is still needed. - The player's idle skirmishers will now fire at units in range when hidden without a direct fire order. - The player's skirmishers on hold position will now fire at units in range when hidden without a direct fire order. - Idle artillery will now prioritize targeting artillery if enemy units are not to close. This affects both the player and AI units. Bug Fixes - Ammo count can no longer go negative. - Update logic that prevented idle units from firing when out of ammunition and unable to charge. - Reinforcing supply units no longer take up a deploy slot. - Fixed terrain damage modifiers to apply to ranged damage. - Updated all CSA battles so that deployment screen brigade numbers match the actual number of units that will show up on the field. - Updated all CSA battles so that percentage deploys always deploy a full corps when possible. It is no longer necessary to overfill corps to get the maximum amount of units. - The previous two changes primarily affect Gaines Mill, Stones River day 1, Gettysburg, Chickamauga day 1 and 2, and Cold Harbor. Customizations - Enabled recovery of weapons from captured units. Rates vary by difficulty. Colonel: .5 BG: .375 MG/Leg: .25 - The player's starting general will now have all perks selectable after the initial battle. - Implemented new damage degradation curves so that adding more men or cannon to a unit will always result in higher damage. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ch6DvD0zcV3tvMMKedHO0h39YSaclS-y - Added a configuration file at Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod/UIAICustomizations/ConfigFile.csv. - Added config setting timerMultiplier. Decimal value can be updated to increase all in game timers. Defaults to no change. - Added config setting endOfDayMultiplier. Decimal value can be updated to push back each battles hard end time. Defaults to no change. - Added config setting replaceSizeDegradationCurves. Boolean value to enable the new damage curves. Defaults to enabled. The changes to damage degradation will result in larger artillery and skirmisher units doing significantly more damage. Since the intent of this mod is to provide quality of life improvements and fix minor bugs without changing game balance this change is able to be disabled. The timer and end of day settings are intended for players who dislike how the game timers work. If you would like less pressure from the timers I would recommend a setting of timerMultipler, 1.3 and an endOfDayMultiplier of 1.1. This will make defensive battles harder as it will take longer for reinforcements to arrive. Install Instructions: Download CustomizationsModV1.8.zip and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Mac Install Instructions: 1) In Steam, right click UGCW and select Properties. 2) Click local files, then select browse local files 3) right click 'Ultimate General Civil War' and select 'show package contents' 4) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/ a) Place the 'Mod' folder in Contents/ 5) navigate (relative path) to /Contents/Resources/Data/ a) Copy the resources.assets file into /Data/ b) Copy the /Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll file from the mod release into the /Managed/ folder, overwriting the existing file Get the Mod Here(depending on browser you may get a warning that the file can be harmful to your computer, you will have to override this): https://www.dropbox.com/s/x68wwibusg4k8w2/CustomizationsModV1.9.2.zip?dl=0 GoG version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/krp8m620z9e9j90/CustomizationsModGoGV1.9.2.zip?dl=0
  6. New Horizons II A reshade visuals modification for UAD. Features: RTX global illumination shader added. Two versions to choose. RTX version (option A) and a non RTX version for low-mid engines. (option B ) Many tweaks to contrast, exposure, sharpness, colors to get a more natural and realistic look. Installation: Download the content from: https://app.box.com/s/7w8i2odzdjoo2pqkgxt355ijp7ba26a5 Unpack the files Open the folder "New Horizons II", inside you will have another "New Horizons II" folder. Get the content inside the second folder and place the files in: C:\....\Steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts To remove: Just delete the files. Shortcut keys in game: - "Home" open/close reshade panel - "End" enable/disable the effects. Midia:
  7. A player asked for MK5 guns to be included in custom battles. I had some free time this morning and decided to quickly make it. Features: Mk5 guns are allowed in custom battles Includes my gun mod (Refer to the forum post https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/40420-gun-mod-update-includes-slight-ai-changes-late-tech-boosts-and-more/ To install: download the file, go to your (Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data) folder and copy this file and click replace. (If you want to easily revert make a backup of resources.assets first!) Any bugs you encounter do not report to the devs instead feel free to leave a comment or ping me on the discord server Sapphire#0616 To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/Zlv44CrHvKL6GmyaVY
  8. UPDATED mod here: So, after some talking with a fellow UAD enjoyer they mentioned a monitor in UAD and I decided to make a mod that allows you to build one somewhat... (Considering combining this mod with the MK5 one along with the hull mod) Features: Max gun size allowed on DDs 12 inchers DDs no longer require 1 torp launcher All ships only need 1 gun to be built. Max gun size allowed on TBs 5 inchers TRs can have up to 8-inch guns and up to a max of 10 guns in total TRs have more tonnage and armor Includes my gun mod (Refer to the forum post https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/40420-gun-mod-update-includes-slight-ai-changes-late-tech-boosts-and-more/ Known issues: Bugged reload on higher caliber guns on DDs when having extremely barrel lengths (Reduce barrel length to fix) TRs don't alway have guns on them (It's a random chance if they have guns or not but it should atleast have 4 to 10) Installation: Go to steam click on UAD right click, click on properties then go to local files finally click browse. Once the folder opens up click on Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data and finally copy over the new resources.assets and click replace. (Note: If you want to easily switch back make a backup of resources.assets first!) To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/oFuE1n9hHpm09ppncS
  9. Going straight to the point. The UAD official Discord server needs a moderator or multiple moderators. with posts like this, homophobic slurs, spam, and people trying to start drama with all the stuff that's going on in Ukraine right now the server desperately needs mods to remove and filter out this garbage (all this stuff is still not removed on the discord BTW). It may seem strange to make a forum post about this but i and other people have tried messaging the devs through the discord and the forums and have only gotten silents. i feel bad bugging them for something like this right now with everything going on but the server really needs some support.
  10. Hello! This is my first post and I thought it should be of some value for the community. I decided to share my personal small modification for Naval Action! The mod does not do much but helps me to enjoy the game tremendously. The mod removes all the cringy jokes on the loading screens. Instructions are very simple: Download the file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mD0kgeNfbE4rHs8lrEqpIn1jHjyIifVC/view?usp=sharing Place it into your Steam\steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages\ folder. Open the game, go to Options - General - Language and choose the English_notips file from the dropdown. The file will be on the bottom of the list. Restart the game. Enjoy loading screens without cringy jokes!
  11. NOTE: This mod is not currently kept up to date. Thanks to @General WVPM for combining his Surrender mod changes with the J&P Rebalance mod V1.2. A few changes weren't included due to overlap or balance reasons, but the added surrender mod changes are below. Please see the main J&PRebalance post for details on its full set of changes. This will be kept as a submod of the Rebalance mod and will likely have additional balance issues, but for those who requested it please enjoy. Changes: -Units surrender based on the morale of nearby units as well as their fatigue and losses. This means that it's easier to cleanup a bunch of routing troops that are cornered. -Units surrender when surrounded with no allies nearby (a bit randomized and cav has a larger escape chance). -Units can't shatter from melee, they instead surrender. -Cav melee attacks give a big bonus to surrender chance. -Enemy troop estimates depend on recon skill. -(Optional) captives are returned to the AI before it gets post-battle reinforcements. Modify captivesToAI value in the Mod/AIConfigFile. -At the end of each battle, the results are logged to a file in your temp folder, so the Excel tool can make a nice Excel file of it. Get the mod here: https://wvpm.stackstorage.com/s/1yhVT3s3wYiL9Gs GoG version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WyZdV6-lkBFsLbW_2UWUNAhcRmUzg1q4 Install Instructions: Download J&P 1.2 + Surrender.zip and extract the contents of the J&P + Surrender folder it into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory. You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets Uninstall Instructions: Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder
  12. In all kind of games the more stuff and the better the suff what is equipped the higher are the maintenance cost. Suggestion: Increase maintenance and in battle repair cost depending on used modules Details: modules are already categorized as basic and non-basic, for example, Basic Pump and Coles Bentick Pump While "basic" mods only suffer a slight increase in repair and battle repair cost "non-basic" mods can suffer repair penalties increase up to 200% For example: An installed coles bentick pump would increase hull repair cycle cost by 100% for each extra module of the same type - cost increases by extra 100% For example: coles pump + chain pump = basic repairs + 100% for the first module + 100% for the second module + 100% for being a second module of the same type - pump Pros: quality of life added maintenance for high grade specialized ships simulates highly specialized crew and necessity of high grade quality parts for repairs at sea Cons: quality of life
  13. Go here to get the latest release. Here is the Alpha 2 Version (Outdated) of the Mod: resources.assets
  14. This is a WIP mod that I have been working on for some time. It is not finished and I might be going start from scratch again after discovering some interesting things in the game files. To install simply extract this into the steam\steamapps\common\Ultimate General Civil War\Ultimate General Civil War_Data folder. Replace everything when prompted. Let me know what you think of it and any questions you may have. The Mod changes the following: Weapons have been rebalanced and were planned to be renamed to the following. Farmer -> Musket Rebored -> Rebored 1842 -> 1842 Palmetto -> 1855 1841 -> 1841 MG+J -> Fayetteville Lorenz -> RM 1841 Ty Tx -> Ty TX 1853 -> Lorenz 1855 -> 1853 HF 1855 -> 1861 CSR -> CSR 1861 -> 1863 1863 -> Spencer Fayetteville -> Whitworth Colt 1855 -> Sharps Henry -> Henry Spencer -> 1873 Trapdoor (ahistorical) The aim of the later weapons is to provide some interesting late game challenges (the CSA has longer range and accuracy, the Union has rapid fire (shown here as higher damage per volley). Also the weapon stats regarding accuracy are not entirely accurate. Also rate of fire and ammo has been increased. Melee now is a high risk, high reward weapon. Range has also been standardized for most of the early weapons. Other changes include some minor changes to the effects of fatigue on speed and efficiency. There are some other changes but I have yet to remember them. Current things that have yet to be finalized are the cavalry weapons and the artillery damage. I need to adjust those. Keep in mind these features may change as I work on this more. JonnyH13 WIP Mod.zip
  15. Hello all. Would anyone be interested in an ECW mod for this game? The work wouldn't be too extensive, we would need to change brigade names, add "pike units", increase cavalry, redesign units and objective names would be updated. (And obviously, maps could be the same, just with different names. Possibly a battle like Marston Moor in which both sides were more or less equal?? If you have ANY coding, modding or graphical experience or just ideas for the mod should it be produced, please reply.
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