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  1. Not really, while Carriers have much bigger "effective" range, planes aren't immune to AA fire and Battleships/Battlecruisers are perfect AA platforms due to how much space they usually have for AA armament and not to even mention their survivability compared to destroyers and cruisers. And Battleships/Battlecruisers usually are not sailing alone, you know... they are kinda expensive.
  2. I don't know if this is just not that important because it doesn't make your game unplayable or maybe devs simply forgot about it but since the introduction of "Bismarck" Hull turrets placed on the secondary can't be rotated to face the stern of the ship: This is basically the case with every german modern hull and tower.
  3. All of us are unfortunately still waiting for the info from the devs.
  4. Oh yeah I forgot that actually modern radars can work in bad weather condition, sorry. As for the smokescreen yes I know about those chaffs, but I wonder if somebody before the end of WW2 actually developed smokescreen that could interfere with the radar waves...
  5. Yes and No. I don't know if you know but Radars penetrate smoke screens, the very early ones could have problems with that but I'm not sure. In case of the weather: No. Even currently modern radars (including military ones) have problems when operating during bad weather, so even best radars in the game shouldn't operate at 100% effectiveness during bad weathers. EDIT: Did anybody created "anti-radar" smokescreens?
  6. How do you measure the gun length and caliber in blender or in any other software like that? Or are you just like " Yea this looks kinda like 14"/55 "?
  7. If they will implement, first they should start with scout planes launched from cruisers/battleships catapults and give us basic short (7mm-30mm), medium (31mm-77mm) and long range (78mm-155mm) AA armament and considering that we will usually command multiple number of ships which will include Battleships and Cruisers who were USUALLY carrying with them from 1 to 3 scout planes, we could basically make full squadron of planes with just few ships. By launching from 1 to even basically full squadron of scout planes we could test how effective is certain type of AA against various number of
  8. The concept itself is not owned by WG, only their design so anybody can make ribbons similar to those owned by WG.
  9. IIRC they were made by WG Employe so yes they own rights to these ribbons. I don't know about those one bellow, are they your own design or someone else?
  10. I did not expect new patch so fast to be honest
  11. Oh shit my bad sorry dude, I wanted to say "I think it will be" instead of simple "will", sorry my bad
  12. The game will not follow our history (unless you will make it do one way or another), otherwise there would be no point in playing for example Austria-Hungary since they were divided after World War 1 and lost connection to the sea. So in short there is a chance that you will have historical scenario where Germany with Italy and Japan went Cowabunga and there is as well chance that such event will not happen. I might be wrong but in terms of "Land Warfare" but the game will be similar to Rule The Waves with Land Warfare being almost non-existing and limited to coastal territory.
  13. I don't think they are THAT hard to spot...
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