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  1. I don't know what you are talking about... on one occasion it just took me around twelve different ship designs to finish a mission. It's perfectly fine I'm telling you.
  2. I just hope the campaign will be similar to the campaign in "Pacific Storm" although preferably turn-based system.
  3. Hold up. I never said it's a problem and as well I never said it's a issue. I simply asked dev why isn't it a thing... In terms of funnels and towers, most of them are already assigned to certain hulls unless there was a update at some point which allows Hood tower to be placed on idk Yamato hull but as far as I know right now we don't have such possibility. In fact, we don't even know if we could do that in Campaign and most likely we won't unless we gonna "buy" it from other nation which also brings a question if it would be even possible. But right now as I said mos
  4. You completely don't understand my point. My whole idea was to make finding certain >>Historical<< hulls much easier. First: Why should I remember that hull for example "Modern Battleship III" is Bismarck hull when I can simply have a option to change names to"historical" ones where "Modern Battleship III" would be named "Bismarck-hull". Second: About the names for the hulls that didn't even exist I'm simply gonna copy-paste my sentence: So basically. if the hull is fictional or modified from historical one then yes, such naming as "Modern Battleship III" is
  5. I'm more talking here about finding the hull you want to use. Sooner or later we will have as many hulls for one nation as we have now in total for all nations, and let's say you want to create new Heavy Cruiser based on Baltimore-class CA, I think it would be much easier or rather more "pleasant" to find it by the name of which ship the hull is based on rather than trying to remember that Baltimore hull is called "Modern Heavy Cruiser III" especially if you don't play certain nations too often for one reason or another. Basically just as @Cptbarney said above. Besides you can a
  6. @Nick Thomadis Actually I don't think anybody ever asked about this but why hulls are called "Modernized Dreadnought II, Modern Battleship III" etc. ? While I understand if it's about hulls that are more or less fictional, but why the one's that are actually recreating historical ships are also called like that? Why can't you just name them "Fuso-1930 hull" or something like that?
  7. Oh, will that Deutschland-class pocket battleship will have same torpedo launchers models or will it have only the ones available in the game?
  8. While I appreciate that you are trying to improve AI in terms of creating ships... unfortunately this developement is going nowhere. You make one thing to improve AI and somehow it keeps finding new way to evolve backwards. I already proposed this with few people IIRC but I'm gonna do it again. You should basically make "Creative Mode" or "Sandbox Mode" or whatever you want to name it where players are creating and saving templates of various ships for various nations in various timelines which they can use in custom battles/campaign as well as AI, players can also choose which
  9. The AI is evolving... ...backwards xD EDIT: I'm not a expert but I'm pretty sure this design is breaking the law of physics
  10. Just this single thing is making me very happy
  11. Not really, while Carriers have much bigger "effective" range, planes aren't immune to AA fire and Battleships/Battlecruisers are perfect AA platforms due to how much space they usually have for AA armament and not to even mention their survivability compared to destroyers and cruisers. And Battleships/Battlecruisers usually are not sailing alone, you know... they are kinda expensive.
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