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  1. They removed "cheat" mode because people kept sending them bug reports from a battles with "cheats" turned On.
  2. Not sure but this is Blender right? I couldn't find out myself when I tried it, nice job!
  3. Oh, yea, sorry, that was template from the previous versions... But still I don't know how to help you, since my tactic is basically YOLO and it worked out for me every time since I tried that strategy first time.
  4. I have modify her a bit: I did that way: Ignored "friendly BB", gave screen order for DDs, and changed direction of my BC towards BB, started firing at the closest Cruiser until it sunk, then changed target on the second cruiser and make him fall back at the end of the formation, and then focused fire on enemy Battleship. I was like maybe 1km when I started firing at the Battleship. That's all, i've managed to complete this mission the same way I did before.
  5. It actually was my 13th design: And as I said while posting this screenshots some time ago: " I won with this design by choosing Main Guns of Lower Caliber & QF, many number of secondaries guns and thick armor. Instead of trying to win at long range, i've told to myself "f**k it!" and decided to punch him with my Sword. And i did it. lol" Try it, maybe it's gonna work.
  6. I've managed to complete this mission with my 17th design...
  7. I'm just sitting here waiting for news and giving likes here and there...
  8. I also encountered a similar bug, basically if you have a turret in a triple gun configuration, sometimes only two guns are firing, or maybe not exactly only two guns, but you can only see two shells coming out of the barrel instead of three. But to be honest, it's actually a "good bug" because devs can use it to simulate shells being stuck in the barrel, I'm pretty sure this situation has it's own name (like Miss Fire, etc.) but I can't remind myself what was the name of it...
  9. I think 4xIII 305mm should fit considering lack of scouting planes, but 356mm would be limited to 3xIII at the best due to their size.
  10. Nah, that rear square looks like "american", but the rest is more Japanese, for example rear part of the ships isn't covered in the wood or whatever they were using, just like in the Yamato. Superstructure looks to me like some modified Zao superstructure, basically everything except for that rear square looks more Japanese for me.
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