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  1. Armored Warfare? Last time I played AW it took me maybe a month to get Tier X MBT by playing PvE ( PvE is best feature in AW #ChangeMyMind )
  2. You don't even know how long I was looking at these thinking "Is this a rangefinder?" until I realized what it was Lmao
  3. Jesus... I was playing so much in the last few months only on the Iron Curtain Mod that I've forgot how "vanilla" HOI4 looks like XD
  4. Toothbrush man... and you later mention a HOI4... where did I see that...
  5. p.s. damn you censorship! p.s.2 i wanted to edit my first post not quote it ;-;
  6. Most likely some famous people like Kings/Generals/Soldiers/Politicians etc that did some great things for the country. Names of the larger cities or rivers could also work. If you want some "Woman" sounding names I would go for: ORP Maria (From Maria Skłodowska-Curie or Maria Konopicka) ORP Jadwiga (From St. Jadwiga Andegaweńska she was the first Polish Queen) ORP Warszawa/Warsaw (Current Capital and Largest City in Poland) ORP Wisła/Vistula (Biggest river in Poland) I could go on with this whole night... if we are talking about every possible name including
  7. Usually, if the damage is too high, the ship is either sold for scrap or converted into a floating battery, so that should be also taken into an account. If we are talking about pure degrading or aging, it usually happens with components like rudders, engines, guns, turrets, radars, etc. and those are replaceable, although replacing an engine is very expensive and time consuming so usually replaced are the most damaged/used parts of the engine, so it makes sense to have decreased performance even if engine had regular maintenance and repairs, on the other side if the engine is too much da
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