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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Goliath_(1898) Goliath also sank to torps, doesnt say anything about a magazine explosion but she sank very quickly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Triumph_(1903) Might be the case for triumph however. Maybe majestic too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Majestic_(1895)
  2. She done! https://skfb.ly/6WIDy if the above doesnt work. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/orp-warszawa-01433c9d51a84fc085dc7743eeeb3d68
  3. Oh i never made ORP warszawa's stats how clumsy of me... Ship Type: Dreadnought type Battleship Ship Class: Warszawa Class. Year Introduced: 1909 Length: 185m's Beam: 29m's Draft: 9.25m's Engine Type: 16 x water tube vertical boilers. 28,500 Metric horsepower Propulsion: 3 x double screw propellers. 3x steam quad-expansion vertical engines. Speed: Design: 20knots, Actual: 22.5 knots. Range: 14knots at 9,350 nmi. Complement: 62 officers, 940 men. Armament: 12x2 330mm guns L/50 Guns, 12x1 152mm JR L/46 Casemates, 14x1 108mm JR L/52 Ca
  4. She will ave em! Thonks! I wanted something a bit different with the props for once, the next ship should be something around 1916-1920 and again polish, maybe make two classes. For now ill concentrate on getting some of my other models up to speed as i have been neglecting them for too long now.
  5. ORP Warszawa is finally done, there are a few minor issues, but they are so small and in weird concealed places, that i may or may not fix them if i can be arsed really lol. Other wise here's her pics. enjoy!
  6. Apparently the AI hate this ship, so gave it fat turrets on a fat hull with toineh superstructure. Presenting The chonk.
  7. Ok, she almost done. I need to a few more ladders at the front, some piping around the SS and also a few other little boxes and barrels maybe two or four more rigging poles little bits on those poles and also finally some guns at the front and rear. Not sure to do a platform at the back like jadwiga. enjoy!
  8. Ye, and the designer is too limited too do any proper kitbashing anyways. Makes me wonder if its a game engine if so, they may as well announce and say they need to work on it. If they don't know how to solve the problem they could source outside help and credit them. I want the designer to give me as much freedom as possible, while also being able to restrict users in sensible manner and for custom modes the ability to design whatever you wish whether that be historically accurate as possible or putting turrets on top of superstructures and funnels coming out of the side of the ship.
  9. Ye, had a bunch of CA's that just sat around and chugged forward while the lone BB and smoll CL's had to deal with their fleet lol. So that will need fixing.
  10. I've got a few extra bits to add to the hull, like some ladders to the sides of the hull to where the casemates are and also ladders to the turrets and poles too. Plus other thing like additional piping, anchors and a few more life rings plus some boxes and barrels (ill re-do the models so they are a proper barrel then uv map that so when i copy it i don't have to do each one). But yeah she will be the second ship, then ill go back and see what other ships need doing and their completion rates as well and then do them up and fix whatever need fixing.
  11. Hey ladz, i'm very close to finish modelling ORP Warszawa in-general, afterwards ill uv map her relevant parts and then texture and put her on sketchfab, in the meantime here is some more images of her and i think i have found one of the more perfect lighting solutions which is great. Enjoy!
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