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  1. If i remember correctly there were a few heavies built around the 17k tonne mark anyways so that should be addressed. I want less restrictions anyways. Unless the game says otherwise (treaties etc).
  2. too be honest the more hulls the merrier. i want to make as many historical and non-historical ships as possible, also makes your ships that much more personal as well.
  3. Too be honest i just want a really fat lion with 4 quad 20-22inch guns at 130k tonnes, with some other hulls too choose from to make it more unique (so when you click on super battleship hull 3 for example it has a bunch of other hulls with similarish stats but different looks).
  4. Well here are some more images, i have no clue whats causing parts of the mesh to be so dark on either side but ill try and fix it regardless.
  5. Yeah thats true, She is better equipped than most pre-dreads and also faster. Plus she is kinda big so she can afford more upgrades compared to something like a swift-sure class in 1910 or god-forbid 1920 lol. Shame they don't build light cruisers, cruisers, heavies, supercruisers, BC's and BB's anymore. I think they can still have their place maybe not gun centric but defo missile based (i would still have at least 2 turrets for the bigger ships). I also hope that we get decent mod support, dunno if assets have to be pre-textured or the game will automatically do it in it's own styl
  6. Guess we will have to wait for more British hulls in-general, love to get monarch (wows i know), KGV, a proper nelson hull, G3 BC hull, Leander, Belfast, Town, County, Dido, Lion (wows), conqueror (wows), vanguard and various other UK hulls. Also we need more pre-dread hulls to make each nation that much more unique (and give nations that weren't heavy on the navy more customisation).
  7. Tru, but shes old and fat so her gunz won't be as good as anything more modern. Might do a more traditional Pre-dread next.
  8. Greek Super Pre-dreadnought Kos. Displacement: Full load 26,000 tonnes Length: 225 metres. Beam: 8 metres. Draft: 7 metres. Propulsion: 1 steam turbine set, 3 vertical Triple expansion steam engines. 4 screws. Speed: 22 knots. Range: 10,000km's. Complement: 85 (+25) officers, 825 (+105) men. (+ means wartime). Armament: 4x3 362mm guns main battery, 8x2 279mm Secondary turrets, 12x1 156mm tetritary battery, 12x1 40mm Autocannons, 8x1 12.7mm heavy machine guns. Armour: Belt main section: 320mm. Light section: 150mm. Deck: 105 mm Weather: 50 mm S
  9. Yeah, shes a new type of pre-dread, essentially a super pre-dread at least thats what i was going for anyways when i made her. Also ill do her stats as well soon.
  10. Finally re-did her turrets, couldn't alter the mesh well on the previous versions. I think these suit her better. Also i have lots of time tomorrow and various days after so can do more work on her then.
  11. Thats pretty impressive actually. Goes to show i got awhile before my own ship modelling gets better. Come to think of it ill be doing that today.
  12. Although weegee does it for competitive reasons, i think it would be better if each ship and shell (or rather the shell) had its own unique-ish pen rates so that 32mm's doesn't get bodied by 460's cus game is like 'lol its the threshold, boom'.
  13. Well heres a few images, did some work today but not much. Will re-design the turrets due to mesh issues, plus there is a design i want to try out anyways. lil steam cutters 'w' Enjoy!
  14. sorry lads, no ship images today, ill try and get stuff over the weekend, but other things have cropped up today. otherwise feel free to post yer own stuff regardless! 'w'
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