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  1. wait wut? they did they change the design parameters?
  2. Yeah i hope we get all of that at somepoint (with options for those who dont want it of course). some screenies showed quad turrets so they will be in just a matter of when too be honest.
  3. Like he said the devs would implement it in the way they would see fit and obviously after all major requirements have been completed. I fail to see what the problem is with this.
  4. Hopefully the custom designer in this game reaches naval ops level of freedom or greater.
  5. Well ships are easier to kill once again, failed the bismarck mission twice but i was more interested in seeing how shells worked, tube powder seems pretty effective but i was using twinbarrel 406’s in that mission against 178mm’s of hoodbelt armour and got some hits above 200. Will have to test more tommorrow after work.
  6. Yes please this is an excellent idea @Nick Thomadis would this be possible at all? Maybe we could choose what mark the gun is and turret plus barrells in future updates? Should help to relate how different nations had sifferent ways of doing things. oh and do the same for secondaries as well.
  7. no more hotrod audacious :( vereh sad press Tea for respects. well, at least i can test the game now!
  8. Agree to both, around 110% smoke should be pretty clean and above that very clear as well.
  9. Yeah the shells should deviate from symmetry as they leave the barrel so around 1-3km should be near or perfect symmetry (depending on tech of course could be a bit worse) and further out say 20-26km should stay to deviate quite a bit from their base trajectory which would factor in wind, type of shell, how heavy the shell is, how new or worn the barrells are and what type of barrels and firing mechanisms. That way you should see the shells start to widen and/or go up and down from when they first left the barrel. Should make it more realistic that way.
  10. have dodgems but with ships and they go stupid speeds lol, but with low quality textures and effects for better funnies, plus terrain so they can ricochet off islands and beaches and hit other ships for extra funnies.
  11. Dunno, they seemed quite effective in alpha 3, ill have to admit i didn't play many of the very end missions much (because i like to go up in order). Think i got to mid 1930's tech before alpha 4 hit.
  12. Hotfix is coming soon fam, it should address some if not most of the stuff beign said in the feedback threads. Not sure when it will drop either later today or tommorrow. hopefully they touch on torps as well.
  13. Yeah, i hope for carriers so i can get yorkie in there and make a stupid amount of sisters for her besides enterpresents and hornetz. Im guessing it will be after release in dlc or another version of the game. Might create fun custom battles with the forumites when this game gets more developed lol.
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