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  1. Regarding the last part, its why the report part needs to show for example 'Tube 2 in Quad torp launcher 1 has misfired!' So then you will know if its misfired or not, same with duds as well. Victory of the seas does this im hoping they will implement such a small, but very important feature.
  2. Too be fair, i was more on the point of properly detailed meshes for internals not placement as that would come with how you place things on the deck in the first place and the type of citadel you pick etc. Atm, we don't even have an internal armour viewer and the system is very basic atm. Even wows has a more complex system currently which isn't a good look, especially as realism is one of the key selling points of this game along with the designer. Also if you could customize the internals that would also be another selling point too. They can add this in later anyways, weegee doe
  3. I think it may cause issues, when more complex damage models get added to the game, since it will need to then simulate pin point damage most of the time rather than simple RNG, which is fine as is since the hitboxes for each compartment are huge, but if they go down the warthunder route for internals. Then we will need a gunnery model thats more or less 85-100% non-rng, so calculations, using co-ordinates, rangefinding, target leading, prediction, speed and direction etc. Only RNG should really come from anything thats been damaged prior and/or Weather, malfunctions, crew, random events, unex
  4. If sms scharnhorst is coming she will have the ability to have 8inchers i believe or should get her full 8.3inch guns (210mm's). So i think we need 8 inch secs for the older ships as some did have them i casemates or as turrets i believe (unless they already then i guess we can ignore this safely).
  5. Very sexy, lots of fat changes to the designer and all of them gud. Now if we can get some modular parts going for even added creativity that would be very nice. Also i think i saw a german ship get mentioned too.
  6. Oh, i missed mount part lol. But yeah very nice indeed, i guess if we can't have the modular system for the hulls, my suggestion above would be the next best thing really. Also beam and draft configuration also very nice so we can make thicc short stubby boags or long thin ones if we want too, although i suspect that will come in alpha 13 or maybe 14 as they need to finish off core patch 1 and any inevitable bugs, hotfixes and glitches they will need to go through. But yeah very, very nice indeed!
  7. Ok so now we are getting the ability to ignore snap points, as mentioned in the alpha 11 reveal thread, we should be able to configure the draft and beam of ships. Also it would be pretty cool if ship parts could be split up so maybe towers are split into 3 sections, the tower block itself, the superstructure and any masts or whatever this could be for more complex ships later on. A gun designer, shell designer and Turret designer would also be pretty cool to have as well, would really give the game a huge adv over its competitors in terms of free design.
  8. Excellent, if ya have to go through more of the modern ships thats fine. Also seeing the difficulty getting revised is good as well, I think having configurable draft and beam would make the designer much better and allow us to further make more unique ships as well historically accurate or just plain bonkers lol. Also noice to hear casemate flexibility, will allow us to create ships like omaha in the future as well. Very excited for this patch nevermind core patch 1, but please do take your time don't think you need to rush any of this. and i finally get to make miss monarch to
  9. 20inch quads lol. And i can finally make miss monarch too.
  10. Hopefully we see a armour rework, along with internal pieces too and a gunnery system based less on RNG as well. And more of the old ladies of course. Otherwise its a good step regardless, we still have the core patch as well to come out soon after this one. Makes me wonder what we will see there.
  11. @Nick ThomadisSorry to bug you, but i also like to know if the old ladies will be making any appearances from 1875-1900? Maybe 1-3 hulls per patch or something?
  12. Me thinks we will see a fat load of german hulls next, dunno which other nations might get paired up with germany. Maybe italy and austria-hungary? Also nice too see some old ladies appear as well.
  13. @Bluishdoor76 @KiltedKey Almost forgot you two lol. @Tousansonsshhh 'w'
  14. Yay, wasnt expecting a patch before the first core patch. Very noice too see new british hulls but also the old ladies getting some appearance, hope we can see more in that department as well. Like the fact that we can effectively ignore the snap points essentially a good step in my opinion, although i hope the modular design case is still viable for designing ships with even if the AI has to use the legacy version. Noice lil patch. @Marshall99 @HusariuS @IronKaputt @Aceituna @Shiki @BobRoss0902 @Airzerg @CapnAvont1015 @Gangut @Koogus @TotalRampage @1MajorKoenig soz to dah rest
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