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  1. Plus damaged equipment and electricals should also play a part. lots of things that are missing, that should be implemented into the game at some point.
  2. Noice too see yer back anyways. The school seemed to have failed you and your class pretty badly. Should really sue for incompetence.
  3. No the problem was that, the ai would run and then you would lose as your ship was battered making victory impossible even if your ship could end theirs. another problem was when the AI would run even if it said it would never retreat. We need it so that the conditions are either stay and fight or something else and not stay and fight and also leave otherwise it gets confusing for new players. with retreating being a defeat. and some naval missions that go through the scenario of the enemy possibly retreating or learning to retreat to save yourself. Now in the campaign i expect the A
  4. Thats a feature that needs to be added in, individual ships surrendering and ships falling apart when they take far too much damage as well. And crew just bailing too.
  5. Ahh ill have to check that out then, my interest in all things naval has been steadily growing. Especially with the guys in a discord im in. (Also has a tonne of memes). Especially the older ships from 1850-1920, which we do need more of. Now im not sure how unity could do all that since its more of a generic game engine, but it seems capable of doing many a great thing so hopefully the devs can add bits at a time, so its easier for them to adjust and doesn't add a tonne of bugs into the game as well. I've used unity for quite a bit, and even the basic stuff i find hard so i apprecia
  6. Hmm, i guess the simple way would be too turn them into modifiers although this would be very basic. Another method would be to use more complex calculations, seamanship i think would hold less penalties as ships tend to operate on similar principals just the innards being the major issue when it comes to learning now things. It could be divided into stages sort of how you need a driving licence and the a HGV licence to do lorry driving in the UK, despite lorrys and other road based vehicles sharing very similar principles on how they get from A to B. So you would get penalties to crew ex
  7. I would say for training in older doctrines and techs despite newer ones being available would in-game make your crew slower and/or more stubborn to advanced so maybe slower exp gains. However because of naval history, far greater morale and higher treatments to better standards would make it so they are able to shift too new techs quicker and i guess better bonuses to certain traits maybe, gunnery, damage control etc. Hmm, this is quite a tough one to crack. Although it does allow us to delve into how deep and complex the crew system can go and how things outside of battle can effect it,
  8. I meant to say retrain as in veteran crews having to work on older equipment if for whatever reason you lose some of your more modern ships. I just failed at writing as i was worrying about my right ear at the time (which is now blocked yay). But yeah, im not sure what that persons problem is.
  9. Also we will need different ways of crew getting experience as well. Maybe doctrines, morale, battle experience etc. can all factor into besides naval experience and also the rate they get experience, plus deaths and injuries can also hinder this. Morale can also effect the performance of crew members and may lead to a mutiny on-board or whatever. Maybe later on we can have traits? and also older ships being far slower to train on or experienced crews taking longer to train on new vessels due already existing knowledge and muscle memory? They could filter these in as they go in so we
  10. Anyways, guess we will be in this for the long haul, so might as well strap ourselves in and give the devs the feedback they need and push the game into the right direction. Too be fair i would rather have a slow and steady development than something like the disasters of fallout 76, young blood, fifa, madden etc. Just need to remember the current issues and unify on them as much as possible.
  11. First person i had to block on this forum, pretty sad as well. Instead of offering new ideas, counterpoints, debates, discussions, art work, videos, guides etc. he/she goes on some weird vitriol rampage on the forums despite being away for what? 3 months? 4 months now? Quite sad really, i get people get heated during discussions. But this is ridiculous and plain sad behaviour from an 'adult'. Oh well, nice too see new faces and peeps like doug and steel coming back.
  12. Good luck to them, AI tends to be one if not the hardest things to get right and do well in. atm it seems the AI knows where the player is and tends to ironically engage as soon as it sees the enemy (or rather as long as its in sight). The rest well that will come later. Obviously its still somewhat early days, but the AI is still fairly basic and gets quite a bit wrong regardless, it does well with 1-2 ship types in formation, but struggles afterwards to stop ships from slamming into each other. Obviously these are long term goals, but still good luck to them regardless.
  13. Also killjoy brings up a pretty good point here too be fair. I just want this game to do well frankly. Edging more to realism than arcadey stuff. I wonder if the devs should look at naval art or waves of steel for inspiration if they are stuck on what they could replace the current designer. But yeah the AI needs, improvements as it tends to go mental at times or bug out. But we will need to screenshot more stuff. It does well when with one ship type, but seems to struggle with multiple still (also, if ships colliding into each other because of mis-understood commands we will need this to
  14. At that point waves of steel would also be a good fit. I kinda wish they released the open alpha later on, but what is done is done i suppose.
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