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  1. I wonder if the steam release will include any new hulls or stuff in-general? Eitherway i like the ship, also the 3d model is beautiful guessing it was made in autodesk fusion 360, then edited and rendered in maybe max, blender and/or marmoset toolbag? Can't wait for the new hulls and other stuff they bring, shame the campaign is far away but at least they are taking their time with it than rushing it.
  2. Oh i was just point it out but yeah, i honestly can't wait for the campaign and other features, but i know this sort of thing takes a considerable amount of time (if my modelling projects are to go by anything). ill have to right down the names of everyone lol.
  3. Heh. I was just annoyed at the OP's sentence being negative about non-historical designs in-general, people need to realise that this sort of thing will be in the game, but obviously have options for historical ships (which i want to make liek california, kawachi, fuso, la galissonaire, and various other ships), Plus doing my fan design star trek ship is driving me up the sodding wall in terms of doing all the windows 😕
  4. Yes, we know. Reading the threads already here would give you the impression that peeps already want to make historical ships including myself. And these problems are already known hense why the forums are dead atm, due to lack of communication and the devs working on the campaign and every point already being discussed to death. I'd also wish people would drop this pointless hostility towards non-historical designs its just pathetic at this point. Let people design what they wish i could careless if it makes you mad, just pointless aggression for something so trivial. Yes theres a lot of problems atm both, small and large but this stuff takes time nonetheless with a 3 man team. Eitherway if they don't add this stuff by open beta then r.i.p game i guess.
  5. Yeah, just played prove your might (hate that mission now lol) and the bb is just bloody hideious also a missed chance to add miss KGV into the game with quad turrets as well. Also lack of communication doesn't help, although they are probs setting their keyboard a light with all the typing i think if they did a weekly or fortnightly devblog that showcased maybe one design and one code aspect that was being built or had been built and its intended purpose that would at least give us something to talk about. And maybe a little 'sneak peak' section to also give the forums some more life atm its ded ;w;
  6. We need all the hulls too be honest, when you play now. The amount of hulls per era is pretty bare and doesnt allow for much customisation or uniqueness, plus the lack of unique turret and structure models also hurts customisation (like british turrets only really being the way they are till 406's then changing into american ones for example).
  7. If thats the case, i guess we could keep it in. Maybe in the report tab we could have 'BB Mis-fire in 15in turret 1' Or 'BB Barrel Jam in 15in turret 3' Or something along those lines to showcase, either the turret being jammed entirely, either individual barrels, or the guns mis-firing in general. I think its the lack of trivial and smoll info we are missing, as peeps are interrupting most of this as bugs when they could be features but the lack of information makes it hard to designate this as such.
  8. Yeah, this has been a thing for ages. I know the first shot or so are ranging shots, but i've noticed that sometimes ships don't fire or turrets may fire in a werid sequence. Having the ability to switch between different mode of fire like 'Salvo, Half, Stagger, Single, none' would help.
  9. Also regarding yammy's hull i don't think you can arrange the secondaries like that either, hense why removing the points would be useful, its like the japanese supercruiser hull in game you can't put all the 127mm's on her which makes her look werid when you have to place a few on the hull. I like werid designs, but i also want to build stuff that looks nice symmetrically and i guess historically as well.
  10. Same, thats lots of things they could change in the designer that need be done, plus we need 18.1inch guns so we can a proper yammy lol. Getting rid of the fixed points would be good as well. Think @1MajorKoenig Made a similar suggestion or at least turing the primary and secondary towers into multiple parts. It also means we dont have to shove turrets further down the bow than it would be realistically.
  11. Ye, at least weegee has gone mental with a potential release of kitakami. And questionable yoyos (Unique uPGraDEs).
  12. Ye, as seen in that seas game it can be as something as showing the process of upcoming props, models, even terrain (especialy since terrain doesn't even take that long anymore thanks to programmes like world machine and it can make some very detailed a realistic heightmaps as well). But yeah the valve treatment isn't a good way to go, no communication is worse than bad communication or minor communication as it gives the impression to peeps that they don't care or aren't reading feedback of anykind. Kinda sad the forums are so ded as well ;w;
  13. Yeah, they should probs hire and intern or someone who does writing and get one or all the dev members to comment on maybe a hull they designed, module/pro they made and why they made it, any features (small or large) etc. That way the devs can say what they want and the writer records it, writes it up, edits it etc. then posts it here and maybe steam as well. Unless they plan to do this after steam release.
  14. Ye id rather not have a rng battle generator as that would be pretty boring and would also make no sense, if you want to stand out more you will need to add features not found in the current market the game is going for and combine them together into one (easier said than done).
  15. very chonky secondaries dats why fam 'w'.
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