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  1. True, i mean look at the mess that is world of warships. A bloody disaster in its own right. PVP there is trash for the most part, nevermind the speshul metas (HE spam for example) but also the godawful playerbase (mainly skill, far less toxic than other games i've played in).
  2. Now we wait for alpha 6 announcement bois.
  3. I think the main issue was that the AI couldn't really use the system and since the player designer is tied in with what the AI uses any chnages to that will affect the AI system, im not sure how it works or if they could split the two (since they are working in unity im not sure how good unity is when it comes to multiple complex systems being used by different users in general). I don't think the number of hulls is a problem, since you can just allocate the relevant hulls and pieces to each hull 'type' which should make it easier in general and also to each nation. The current system can be improved ingeneral, but this is still alpha 5 and we are yet to see what the next 2, 3 5 (whenever it ends) alphas bring in terms of new content).
  4. Depends on what this game will be like in terms of money making. Age of sail seems to have no dlc atm, but that could change. Naval action has a lot but im guessing due to huge amounts of issues and problems it got a bad rep early on and never recovered. The modular system will be in if they think its worth the time and effort and if they can solve any problems associated with it, either way that should be done before release not after to solve any major (and there will be) problems with the mechanic itself.
  5. Could have mini dlc's featuring new and unusual ships, to build in custom battles and naval academy missions. Eventually we could have an option to feature these things in.
  6. I would probs say a hard cap at 1945 or 1950. Although going further than that would take a huge amount of dev time. So best to end at 1950 if you want moar future stuff. That does mean targetting comps (analog), autoloading guns, more adv radar, sonar and hydrophonics plus engines would become avaliable.
  7. @Marshall99 I think we could make some generic 1860 ironclad hulls for all nations, some with slightly better tech than others or bonuses to other areas. Could do like 3-4 hulls per nation, then more hulls at 1875, then more at 1885, moar at 1905 and so on. But yeah i like the idea, i mean i doubt the devs will do this anytime soon since they have other prioties atm. But i would love if the game started in 1860-1865 to 1940-1945 or something would make for a nice long campaign, plus with all the options to allow peeps to remove or add certain elements in each campaign run.
  8. 1930 and 40’s pls. Plus smoll light cruisers as well for barneh.
  9. Yeah starting from 1865 or 1870-75 would be fine in my books for using and playing with these ships or just have them in missions and custom battles only (or all modes with toggable options). Love to see cerebus, thunderer, devastation, ocean, dreadnought and others. The masts are actually pretty easy to model just some cylinder primitives a few line splines or very thin box primitives for the wires, plus whatever modifiers and operations are needed. Either way at somepoint i dont see why these cant be added in.
  10. I would like to see miss cerberus or.. HMS devestation. Plus i would like to see HMS collingwood first of the admiral class dreads.
  11. Thats because all the nations havent been fleshed out yet, neither ship hulls. The devs will be adding things to all nations of all eras you will just have to wait for stuff like chinese super BB hulls and the like later on. Im sure britain will get their own along with every other nation.
  12. They could use the latter part of your post for AP, as parts of the ship get more and more damage it should not only get easier to pen it but also pen stuff behind that block as well. We could defo use internal models to represent the ships innards that should also help with the damage model. For HE it could cause more 'equipment damage' and directly affect the crews morale from the loud bangs and tremors the shells would cause (assuming they are big shells, im sure most would be enough to make anyone go mad).
  13. Nice boys so we can start back from 1875? k? gud. More old style ships for us to play around. Also it kinda makes sense anyways to be able to play with the very first ironclads and experience the evolution of ship design from that period (it also means mega campaigns from the sail game would be possible as well).
  14. Yay we can keep em ladz! Also we could have coastal ships too, slow but with fat guns.
  15. Yeah, @Nick Thomadis if you can keep these ships in would be a damm waste too see them go as well (plus gives you the excuse to add in hms thunderer as well lol).
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