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  1. @Nick ThomadisSorry for the ping, would still this be possible at all? Even in a limited fashion? If not, can we expect modules to be broken down into smaller bits? (So towers, masts, turrets and barrels etc.). Also hope things are going well on yer end. cheers.
  2. True, they even have entire industries and companies specifically for esports and online gaming hacking and cheating. They make a fortune from it judging from raids conducted on these people and assets seized in said raids
  3. im guessing and hoping next wednesday (2 weeks from announcement), knowing our luck most likely the week after lol
  4. Too be fair i'd just wish people would stop asking for multiplayer in a game that clearly is no where near finished. And even then it should be co-op only, bad enough this is DRM with singleplayer. The thing is i doubt this game will make into china, so the devs are better off not bothering with it as it seems like it could cause more problems than it should. If its fine over there to play then i guess they can go ahead.
  5. Oddly enough, we just discussed this in the official discord. But yeah we need better torp models and also different firing modes, same for guns as well. We could also do with some new torp launcher models (enclosed ones).
  6. Well, even if we didn't get some oldboags on april. We can still post some more on here. Post any historical, fictional, blueprint, prototype and design ironclads, pre-dreads and 1905-1910 ships you would like too see in general.
  7. Yes pls, lets make the 3 thighs here in UA:D. Pansas, Minisoda and purrmont.
  8. Yeah, those are great ideas. We could also get model changes if they take on things like torpedo nets and bulges too. Maybe more generic modern towers and superstructure designs allowing for greater customisation if needed.
  9. California and her sisters being another good example, plus warspite and queen lizzy getting their retrofits. I would love to have retrofitting in this game too be fair.
  10. Oh and also from the official discord. "Currently you cant even fit 127mm turrets on the stations you could fit 203mm turrets on before." "I think the problem is that secondary turrets are slightly angled to the side now by default so they intersect with the superstructure, but if it went back to how it was before where turrets faced straight forward there wouldn't be any issue." I wonder if anyone else can verify this, if so probs minor fix for this or next update.
  11. Ahh, very nice too hear. Starting to shape up nicely now it seems.
  12. @Nick Thomadis A few Q's, is there any plans to go for a more total war style movement system and battle system? Or is that too much for you guys to do both? Also do you have plans for ships between 1875-1915? especially with cruisers as we have very few hulls in that era atm, and we also lack some modern light and heavy cruiser hulls for some missions.
  13. I was about to comment, but ill leave it. Wasn't expecting this to blow up so quickly. I guess Alpha 12 and this might be the things to talk about oh and the potential campaign mechanics (both future and current).
  14. Ye, but they should also probs space stuff out a bit if its too much at the moment. Keeping scope low (for work projects) is good since you can solve problems easier and also get back to it without much problem. With all the stuff thats planned at least for this year it's quite a lot, hence why i've said at times they should spill into Q1-Q2 for 2022 if needed. The core patchs will be far bigger than this i would say alpha 12 is on par with hood release, 10 or 11 in terms of content (all 3 pretty big updates in there own right). Also regarding stillfront, only reason why im concerned
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