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  1. Also fire near on or inside a turret should prevent said turret from firing.
  2. I guess, but my point objectives still makes sense that germany won the tactical battle, but failed to achieve the badly needed strategic win, which kept britain and royal navy in the game. I would say the win probs edges more towards britain, but if you were too look at the battle itself then yeah germany would win. However the bigger picture is more important and even if germany was crowned winner, it still didn't do anything and they ended up starving germany into submission thanks to the heavy blockade. Still if one side fails to achieve their actual objectives or achieves less than o
  3. @SkeksisThe strategic win is always more valuable than the tactical, since the germans failed to achieve their objectives, no they lost the battle regardless if they wiped out the british navy to one ship if they failed to acheive their main goals (which they did) then they lost. Thats how you determine a win for either side which side managed to achieve their objectives or who achieved most of their objectives and then who won the strategic value. if the germans won they would of sortied again and pushed the royal navy further out, so doug is correct in what he is saying.
  4. *Summons in-human patience, calm and will while waiting for news of big update*
  5. Which is odd because i always assumed game geometry would be basically perfect (as i try to do with my models, despite not working in said industry). also way too many tri's not sure why game engines havent been update so they can take on quads without needing to turn everything into tris same with computers as well being able to process quads far better. Tris just make geo look like a mess really.
  6. Bloody hell didn't think you could get headphones at that price, thats mental. For me graphics aren't the main draw of this game (although they are a bonus) its the gameplay, hence why myself and im guessing many else haven't touched it for ages. Only thing to do now is wait for them to announce CAP-1 i guess.
  7. could take it into blender, remove any double verts excessive geo and then bring it into any decent CAD software. unless the model is that messed or tedious to take apart and clean.
  8. Ye its a known bug, dunno if they are doing any work on it (i hope so.)
  9. Seems we need some changes and buffs in order bois.
  10. Hmm...nah, i want a version here as well. @Nick Thomadiswill we get fuzes as well in the next update regarding the propellant split? and a cheeky derflinger, california?
  11. Noice, ill have to grab that then. Have a poke about. i wish i could be more excited, but this heat and humidity is killing me. Thanks for the quick response as well 'w'/
  12. Ye on top of what storm said, it seems they are going to be releasing a lot of stuff for the first core patch (these are meant to be big, big updates that change the game for good.). Still wish they werent so vague on things, i get they worry about reactions but a few blog posts here and there wont hurt (like they did when they previewed miss Deutschland.). Stuff like that is always nice too read. But yeah very quiet here compared to peegee land where they seem to be dropping a lot of broken arrows on their game atm.
  13. Do you use visual studio to decomplie the files at all? Reinforced does help i've noticed, i think anti-flood helps with flooding chances rather than being the main thing, dunno about floatability. But then i havent played the game for awhile so excuse me ignorance on some things.
  14. The only thing i dont use is barbettes really. citadel its mostly number 3 or turtle back as everything else is either unavailable or bad. Turret traverse is a big yes, since ships dont turn their hulls with their turrets to speed rotation but only their turrets, meaning the ship with better systems will fire first and get too hit you first. Bulkheads and anti-flood are a must as well, especially with weak bulkheads, they will prevent your ship from simply sinking so quickly and remove flooding quicker (and reduces the chances in the first place).
  15. Well the only thing we can do is wait for CAP-1 to drop. The only problem is we don't know how close to the devs are too finishing it. I suspect CAP-1 and 2 will make or break this game really, so they are probs aware of this and trying to go ham on this massive update, squeezing as much as they can. makes me wonder how many builds they have done since alpha 12.
  16. Too be fair, if they can push all of that at once then they can bug fix it all and find issues in one go, obviously campaign will take priority, but the core patches are meant to be pretty big patches, as they will change the game for good once released. Once we reach core alpha patch 3 and 4 it should get smaller especially around 4 and afterwards they might do another batch of core alphas from 5-8. Too be fair i can't wait, but still want them to take their time.
  17. Also, a better skybox, weather effects better sounds for guns like a proper doppler effect maybe more intensive model destruction and more model death animations, also animations for rangefinders to turn with the guns as well. Night battles so we can also place search lights in important locations, armour viewer, internal component placement as well.
  18. ahhhh. foinally. "Guys, we are sorry for the silence, but we are currently very busy for providing the first campaign version for you. Regarding the question, it is a sure thing we are not going to provide any plane mechanics for the 3D battles. New hulls are constantly being added and the armor zone system is getting reworked, lots of things are going to be improved in the process, but we shall only announce them once they are ready." From steam.
  19. Also no weather sounds too, and the lack of more distinct sounds, for engines, different gun calibers, marks and for nations as well. we need proper doppler effects and when guns go off in the distance especially loud ones should sound like sharp bangs or loud pops depending on gun caliber and distance, obvious becoming more complex as you get closer to the object and dissipating depending on the wind etc.
  20. Something like supreme commander would be great as i consider it one of the best tactical maps to be made, also could be good for raisin pc's that can barely load 2 polys at a time.
  21. I mean, the thing is none of this has anything to do with the thread at hand anyways. Also you can't really complain when you started it in the first place with an unneeded comment about how you purposely set up battles with one side having better tech than the other. Then saying germany should get buffs and random things about the moon. Oh well, a bit of excitement i guess before they eventually announce CAP-1. We are, but if you want to de-rail a thread be prepared for people to give you lip about it. If you don't like it, dont post it simple.
  22. Nah, at the end of the day she was inferior. If she was superior she would of won end of. The thing is we recognise hood is a meme, but people keep banging on about how bismarck was a great battleship that got sunk by another meme ship, and helped by meme planes that were obsolete at that point. Yeah shes a nice ship, but she isn't a good as most think she was. The germany navy was a joke at the time in capable of even having both ships up and running at the time. Not too mention getting blasted by inferior ships.
  23. Wait is this from the campaign itself?
  24. Shes was so superior she got clapped hard by the inferior.
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