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  1. Hmm, must be a bug then since they would be inaccurate, but not that inaccurate. As when i played the previous patches it was the less range the more accuracy, so somethings wrong there. Reminds me of the turret armour bug where no matter what armour it had if your turret got hit it would detonate killing your ship or severely crippling it. Yeah that will have to be looked at if your both around 1km and the accuracy isnt at least 10% or higher especially at point blank when it should just be 100% really.
  2. Well the closer you get the more accurate the guns should be, unless its a really small and nippy ship. Although at ranges of 1km-2km and below it should be around 4-5% i imagine, and anything below 1km should start to climb pretty rapidly. But ships in the 1890's and 1900's were pretty inaccurate even at close ranges never mind precise and only got better past the battle of jutland, where they could extend the ranges out further, while still having somekind of ok accuracy and precision at those ranges. Atm the gunnery system is mostly rng, rather than co-ordinates, prediction and a
  3. Nah, ships were just that inaccurate in real life. Since you had to account for the enemy ships speed, position, potential position and speed, then also wind and how choppy the waves are, quality of barrels and powder for your own vessel. And then the same things for your own ship. On stationary targets dreadnoughts got i think around 3-4%. Yes its that bad. Annoying, but realistic nonetheless. I have to agree its frustrating as hell, but sadly just how boags were really. especially with their more primitive methods of gunnery.
  4. The germans nicked her for a joy ride.
  5. I remember when it took loads of long lances to sink a single ship, too be fair a hit from a torp should mean severe damage or death, torps are more likely to hit during those eras, because the ships are far more sluggish and also because the close ranges. However i would like too see mechanical failures and also duds or improper detonations regardless.
  6. Yeah, i know. Im wondering if they will still go with a few more core patches to allow for more mechanics like better gunnery, re-designs, mechanical overhauls, mod support etc.
  7. Very noice lads, now begins the slow crawl to making this game as good as possible. I wonder whats next? Will we get 3 core alpha patches anyways? I guess it would be a good way to sort out still pending, but very important mechanics and details that didn't arrive in the previous two core patches.
  8. ill have to make a notepad note at this point lol. soz.
  9. @Skeksis@DougToss @Steeltrap @Airzerg @HusariuS @Marshall99 @IronKaputt @Shiki @Bluishdoor76 @Aceituna @CapnAvont1015 @Commander Reed @T_the_ferret @Admiral Lütjens @BuckleUpBones @roachbeef @Schirüno @Koogus @AdmER @Gangut @Danvanthevacuumman @Stormnet @Dirlinger And god knows who else i missed, here you go bois.
  10. Alright lads, guess the patch will be going through the notions now. Might as well get ready for it when it arrives. At least we will get more old boags in the future and miss calfornia (and too shikis eternal rage) mogami.
  11. Those 3 along with sea legends, however age of sail and my land is my land have both been released as far as im aware of. They also have Ultimate general revolutionary war in development as well and still active development in naval action.
  12. Yeah, god forbid we want a decent game. God forbid the devs actually communicate within a reasonable time frame. I guess you hate anyone who provides valid feedback or has standards in wanting the game to be good.
  13. I'd be glad to be a community manager if it means we get better info, and i keep people in the loop better. Im just hoping they won't try to strong arm me too much when it comes to things i can or cannot say, but if it gets too much i can leave anyways. Not sure what game labs stance on community managers (from the community it-self) is, I reckon they should have two managers one on here and another on steam as this forum is basically perma-tabbed on my browser so it's instant for me to access the forums as well. And im glad we are finally getting the new patch, however that doesn't
  14. Also nice too see miss California finally make an appearance.
  15. Could have a time bracket between 2 values so that the AI will randomly pick anything between those values each time making it more inconsistent or consistent. I guess you could have upgrades that make them react faster and more consistently too.
  16. Guess this is a wrap for now. Time to wait for Core alpha patch 1 to drop lads.
  17. Mandatory people calling: @Stormnet @Aceituna @CapnAvont1015 @1MajorKoenig @Skeksis @DougToss @Airzerg @Bluishdoor76 @HusariuS @Marshall99 @Steeltrap @Commander Reed @Redletter45 @Cpt.Hissy @AdmER @Davy_Jones @Gangut @IronKaputt @Koogus @T_the_ferret @BuckleUpBones @o Barão @Schirüno Also soz if i forget anyone, but im not sure whos even still going to the forum at this point so eh. Also noice too see this, peeps were and myself going mad in the forums as you probs have noticed lol. cheers! 'w'/
  18. Um, Guess core patch 1.0 news is here. A bit awkward now, although some if not most points still stand, but still. Well lets see it bois.
  19. I sit in the middle between realism, arcade and sim. But more towards realism, as i do like RTW's and how it handles things, but you could make a few elements more arcadey here as unity is more of a general game engine than a static one built around a certain genre/concept/game etc. I think they should focus more mechanics however and get those fleshed out whenever possible, and introduce new ones when and where possible. Although i respect peeps if they don't want full on realism or sim or those who do want that. The community is on edge, because most are fed up with waiting and alo
  20. Yeah, i dont know at this point too be fair. If most of the patient peeps are starting to get fed or sick of it then it doesn't bode well. I, havent posted ages in my harbour section due to the hassle of uploading images and the lack of motivation to do so (plus posting on other platforms too).
  21. Thanks, its sad to see you go. But i don't blame you really, i've been taking a bit of break from modelling so i can focus on other things like animating and rigging (along with being burnt out as well). But i have to admit staying motivated for the game is serious challenge at this point. I find it more and more difficult to actually post, as theres little to post and for my ships i've moved on to other platforms now, where i post on discord more frequently if entirely now. Plus its hassle free when it comes to uploading renders. I also appreciate everyone on this forum, who wants
  22. I wouldn't be surprised too be fair, as we already deviated to core patch 0.5. So im wondering if these .5's will be commonplace or a one off.
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