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  1. @DocHawkeye this is directly from your first post that opened this thread and it clearly shows that you were trying to make a link between the increasing power and importance of naval aviation and the development/design of the fast battleship. Nobody else is trying to connect the rise of naval airpower and battleship design. Nobody in this thread thus far has been rude or disruptive, and nobody has to engage/discuss all of the points you made. Forums are supposed to be a place where everyone can discuss their differing viewpoints, thoughts for/about the game, propose new ideas and voice a
  2. Technically, Dual Purpose guns don't exist in the game yet. Why? Because the other half of their purpose (i.e. aircraft) aren't in the game yet and likely won't be for some time. Yes, they're modeled after after the 5" 38-caliber dual mounts found on US Battleships, destroyers and cruisers (I assume that's the specific gun you are referencing), but without aircraft existing, they are nothing but secondary gun mounts on large ships or primary turrets on smaller ships. Now, when it comes to the rest of your points, that all comes down to personal preference or learning game mechanics. Do yo
  3. Fast Battleships were just the culmination of the Naval Arms Race and Sea Superiority. Ever since the first warships were invented, nations looked for ways to make them bigger, faster, tougher and deadlier. Yes, we understand that the name of the game is Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts but the thing is, when can you really say the dreadnought era was over? Yes WWII (and to some extent the late 20s/early 30s) saw the introduction of more modern ships, but if you look at the Japanese and US Navies in particular, look at how many "dreadnought" type designs served right up until the end of the war
  4. I'm just eager to try and design the USS North Carolina with 3 14-inch quad turrets, like it was originally intended to have
  5. I've experienced a similar problem when putting my ships into a line, most noticeably when there are two, three or four ships (if there are 5 ships, everything goes fine). I'll put them into the "Line Ahead" formation with "Normal" spread (not tight or loose) and they'll all be doing the same exact speed, with no course change--i.e. a straight line. Then, out of nowhere, the second ship starts maneuvering in a serpentine fashion, sometimes making a turn so drastic that it has to do a full circle to get back in line and then has to go full speed ahead to catch up to the lead ship. However, once
  6. I personally would like to see barrel length (the caliber of gun) be able to be changed. For instance, the Iowa Class battleships had 16" 50-Caliber guns: 16" was the shell diameter (gun size) and the 50 "Calibers" referred to barrel length from breech-face to muzzle of a gun (so for the Iowa Class that would be a 800 inch long barrel). Compare that to, say, the North Carolina Class: they had 16" 45-Caliber (720 inch long barrels). The longer the barrel--or higher the "Caliber"--the longer range and higher shell velocity you have. It would be a nice addition and it could possibly play into wei
  7. It essentially isn't that different. I was basically just advocating, once again, for new superstructures that are more characteristic of certain nations and maybe rename them from names like "advanced tower" and "modern tower" to more fitting names like "Pagoda Tower" or "Tripod Mast." Main reason I suggest this is because once you get into later time periods (say 1925 and onwards), the light cruisers are basically the exact same across every nation--with the exception of Japan who has that "Experimental Cruiser" hull--and the "Modern Light Cruiser" hulls currently all support a 4 gun AB-XY a
  8. Okay, so I know we all want moar superstructure designs for our ships (especially those of us who are history nerds, lol) but I know that the devs are focused on the campaign right now, but here's an idea that I had for when/if new superstructures are added. I was thinking they could break superstructures into two design groups: old and new/modern Think about it, the US Navy is a perfect example. The Superstructures of US Navy ships (except for destroyers) during the late 1920s and earlier are characterized by Cage Masts and later Tripod Masts (like the Texas, New York, Nevada, Pensa
  9. I've watched a couple documentaries over Naval Combat and Navy Tech, as well as read a few articles over the subject--I also believe Drachnifiel on YouTube has a video over rangefinders. You are right when it comes to target shape and operator proficiency--those affect the accuracy too--but a handful of those documentaries and articles talked about how, sometimes, the stereoscopic rangefinders were used for long range gunnery more that the coincidence rangefinders were because the stereoscopics were usually wider/longer (however you want to look at it) thus resulting in better accuracy and the
  10. Stereoscopic Rangefinders: "Improves Long Range Accuracy" Coincidence Rangefinders: "Better aiming speed and improved base accuracy" Historically, that is somewhat the case: stereoscopic rangefinders were superior for long range targets, while coincidence rangefinders were better for targets that were closer to you. What I want to know is, for the sake of choosing what rangefinders would work best for my ships, what is defined as "long range" when it comes to Stereo/Coinc Rangefinders? Meaning, does the Stereoscopic RF only improve accuracy beyond a certain distance that is considere
  11. I've used Autodesk Inventor to make some prototype ships and designs of my own. I've also found that you can create an object in Autodesk Inventor and then export it to Blender to texture it. Sadly, I forgot to transfer all my files when I got a new laptop
  12. Something I've noticed kinda goes along with the point CptBarney made about the "slots" to mount things. I've noticed that on the US Super Battleship Hull (the one that goes to 109,000 tons), if you go for anything above 102,000 tons of displacement, the options for your ship design become very awkward or unworkable. For 102,000 tons or less, you can create pretty good ships and still have a workable and aesthetically pleasing design. If you go ABOVE 102,000 tons (yes, even at 102,100 tons) it starts to be come very weird/unpleasant to work with. That mainly comes down to the options you
  13. Along with the idea of combined towers, I'd like to see more unique superstructures/towers. Personally, I would love to see towers that would allow the gun layout of the Atlanta Class USN Light Cruisers. Those had one truly unique layout, but it's impossible to create something like the USS Atlanta, at the moment anyways...
  14. I think how outraged/disappointed people are is directly tied to how much patience people have. I get that we were all heavily anticipating the campaign being released so soon (and yeah, I wouldn't really like to wait as long as they are suggesting just to play the first version of the campaign, but I can wait that long because I love this game so far) but at least the devs are taking precautions to make the game a good, quality product that is successful. Because if this many people are upset now, imagine how bad it would get if the devs released the first version of the campaign and it was u
  15. Just a little clarification on some on some of those hulls... The Des Moines and Worcester are essentially the same hull type/style as the Baltimore and Cleveland class of cruisers (and to some extent the Brooklyn Class as well) with the Des Moines being a product of further Baltimore class development. For US Battleships you mentioned, The North Carolina is technically already able to be built, if you can look past the superstructure being that of the Iowa class. You can now even build a South Dakota Class BB if you make sure and use the smaller "Modern Battleship" hull for the US. The P
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