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  1. 1) More Nation Specific Models/ship parts I could go on and ramble about this, but the fact that the US, British, French and German navies are all locked to a Light Cruiser build that consists of "modern tower I-IV", "modern secondary tower I-IV" and the same funnels where the only difference is the hull shape, displacement and cosmetics of the guns from 1920 onwards whereas Spain, Italy and Russia all have at least two (and Japan has 5) where one of which is a like a mix of a CL and DD (judging by tower shape and size) says enough about the lack of cruiser towers and hulls available in-g
  2. For the most part, I'd say that I'm mostly pleased with how this first rendition of the campaign turned out, and I'm excited to see where the game goes from here. I understand that the campaign is very limited right now with only the basic necessities in place for it to function, but here is my feedback after two times of going through, most of, the German 1890 campaign (I haven't had the time to sit down and actually finish the campaign yet). Auto-resolve: I do appreciate it for those almost insignificant "One of our <insert ship type here> has intercepted an enemy <insert ship
  3. To play the campaign, or to study for finals week? Decisions, decisions....better get my priorities straight huh fellas? lol
  4. Yeah. I'm gonna be honest...the only real reason I still come back and visit UA:D is because I paid for it and I occasionally have a banger of an idea for a custom battle that I actually wind up enjoying. My biggest complaint about this game (outside of the very limited feedback/info/communication from the devs) is the fact that with nearly every patch that they have released for a while now, the hulls added (if there are any added in the first place) are all mainly battleship or "experimental" hulls regardless of the era in which they're added. Now, I'm not complaining about the older hu
  5. I for one am actually kinda happy that the "preliminary campaign" will be centered on Britain and Germany, not too many games about Naval Combat focus or mention those two navies since the Pacific War is much better known/more famous. Either way...I'm very happy and excited to at least try out the campaign and see how it plays!
  6. How about we all take a breath and calm down alright? There's been a lot of information and feedback brought up here, and it's clear that we all have different thoughts and opinions. And ya know what....that's just fine. @jimh has brought up a lot of good points/observation/feedback from his time and experience playing this game and how his observations and suggestions were obviously influenced by his time in the service. I may not have understood a lot of the "technical jargan" he was using, but I'm not a Navy Man...I'm an engineering student in college who is also a history buff. Just b
  7. Something I've personally thought about is linking officers with ship divisions or fleets (but not quite like the divisions we have in battles). For example, let's say you form a task force/division in the campaign that comprises 1 battleship, 2 heavy cruisers, 4 light cruisers and 5 destroyers (this is of course assuming we will be able to do that). 1 overall commander and 1 XO for the entire task force/division (operates from the flagship, which would be designated by the player or automatically default to the largest ship) 1 commander and 1 XO for all cruisers (operates from a player
  8. Yeah, even though the unrealistic displacement values don't bother me too much as I'm more of somebody who goes for the aesthetics and looks of a ship over irl values of weight, length, beam etc....it is kind of ridiculous that I have to raise a dreadnought IV hull to 60.000 tons just so the hull will be long enough to fit the middle turret on a USS Texas build.
  9. That's kind of a "yes and no" question. If you are only curious about the USS Arizona specifically, there are cage masts available that can get you pretty close to her "as built" appearance, but as far as the refitted Arizona with the overhauled masts/superstructure...not really. There might be a few secondary towers that vaguely match, but there isn't really a main tower option that matches decently. If you are asking about all US Navy dreadnought designs, the only ones that I've been able to get "close enough" to where you at least don't have to guess which ship it is, is either the WWI conf
  10. Hmmm...let's analyze this shall we? -Supposedly from a nation that isn't Germany -Says pure-blooded Germans are basically the master race -Repeatedly spews the same junk about "GeRmaN eVerYthINg iS tHe AbSolUte BesT!" Anyone else besides me drawing some comparisons to a certain world-famous disgraced artist with a funny moustache? I know trying to say literally anything that DOESN'T glorify Germany in some way shape or form is pointless whenever you're around, but that doesn't mean that I enjoy a "fabricated history" (as you have previously said) or "wish I was part of the Sup
  11. I'd like to see some different camo/liveries for my ships. The main ones I'd like to see are some of the USN WWII camos, like the ones that made ships the same dark blue from bow to stern, or the camo that was various shades of blue, white and gray along with some of the Royal Navy camos (particularly the schemes used on HMS Nelson and Rodney). I'd also enjoy the gold/white scheme of the early USN, but mainly because that paint scheme looks sharp as hell on those old boats. I wouldn't want to see camos as a paid DLC necessarily, but I think if they aren't included in the main game then the Ste
  12. As much as I have enjoyed learning about sonar/hydrophone systems and how they've advanced, how they work, etc...I think the central idea/question of this thread has been kinda lost a little bit, but I'll try and answer everything in the above original post/question to the best of my ability. Yes, it seems ridiculous that from ranges of 10 km or further an enemy ship can almost instantaneously detect your torpedoes and evade them. Why is that? I honestly don't know. But when you look at all the changes the AI has gone through with patches and hotfixes, the AI has gone through "weird" or "tr
  13. This is mainly going to address the "two turret" system for gun aiming that is still in place. I feel like I've been a pretty big proponent of this, but here it goes: I am fully aware that for, basically, every warship ever designed with a gun turret...the number of guns were the same across each turret (like the Iowa with three triple turrets, the Bismarck with four twin turrets, the New York class with five twin turrets, etc) and the guns were the same size (both shell size and caliber). Now, from what I have seen, read and can deduce from a wide array of source material...the main fact
  14. @DougToss you are right and I completely agree with you: there has been a lot of good feedback and Nick Thomadis has seemed very receptive as of late. I too, would like to see a higher level of accuracy in the game...owing mostly to my history buff nature. What I was trying to get at is: in the game's current state, there isn't an overwhelming amount of "historical accuracy" outside of the hulls, superstructures and gun models. While I would love to see more and more historical accuracy, or as close as possible to reality without causing a balancing nightmare for the devs, I'm not going to be
  15. While that may/may not be true (idk because I haven't read up on that subject at all nor do I have first hand knowledge of that matter), it's like I've said countless times before in my other posts...this game isn't supposed to be a "realism simulator" or "incredibly and historically accurate." It's more of a sandbox mixed with grand strategy (from what we can assume or guess about the campaign so far) that is historically based. Now while there are some things that are/were completely absurd--like some of the gun ranges and shell weights--the devs have fixed what they can so far. I broug
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