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  1. I'd like to see some different camo/liveries for my ships. The main ones I'd like to see are some of the USN WWII camos, like the ones that made ships the same dark blue from bow to stern, or the camo that was various shades of blue, white and gray along with some of the Royal Navy camos (particularly the schemes used on HMS Nelson and Rodney). I'd also enjoy the gold/white scheme of the early USN, but mainly because that paint scheme looks sharp as hell on those old boats. I wouldn't want to see camos as a paid DLC necessarily, but I think if they aren't included in the main game then the Ste
  2. As much as I have enjoyed learning about sonar/hydrophone systems and how they've advanced, how they work, etc...I think the central idea/question of this thread has been kinda lost a little bit, but I'll try and answer everything in the above original post/question to the best of my ability. Yes, it seems ridiculous that from ranges of 10 km or further an enemy ship can almost instantaneously detect your torpedoes and evade them. Why is that? I honestly don't know. But when you look at all the changes the AI has gone through with patches and hotfixes, the AI has gone through "weird" or "tr
  3. This is mainly going to address the "two turret" system for gun aiming that is still in place. I feel like I've been a pretty big proponent of this, but here it goes: I am fully aware that for, basically, every warship ever designed with a gun turret...the number of guns were the same across each turret (like the Iowa with three triple turrets, the Bismarck with four twin turrets, the New York class with five twin turrets, etc) and the guns were the same size (both shell size and caliber). Now, from what I have seen, read and can deduce from a wide array of source material...the main fact
  4. @DougToss you are right and I completely agree with you: there has been a lot of good feedback and Nick Thomadis has seemed very receptive as of late. I too, would like to see a higher level of accuracy in the game...owing mostly to my history buff nature. What I was trying to get at is: in the game's current state, there isn't an overwhelming amount of "historical accuracy" outside of the hulls, superstructures and gun models. While I would love to see more and more historical accuracy, or as close as possible to reality without causing a balancing nightmare for the devs, I'm not going to be
  5. While that may/may not be true (idk because I haven't read up on that subject at all nor do I have first hand knowledge of that matter), it's like I've said countless times before in my other posts...this game isn't supposed to be a "realism simulator" or "incredibly and historically accurate." It's more of a sandbox mixed with grand strategy (from what we can assume or guess about the campaign so far) that is historically based. Now while there are some things that are/were completely absurd--like some of the gun ranges and shell weights--the devs have fixed what they can so far. I broug
  6. And let's not forget about the "guns per turret system" or "two turret system" that is currently in place as far as aiming goes. That's why wing turrets or USS Nevada/USS Pensacola style builds don't really work "effectively" in this game. It treats every turret with a different number of guns as it's own individual battery: in the case of a USS Nevada type build it treats it as one battery of 2x3 and another battery of 2x2...despite being the same gun size, thus leading to the triples and doubles having different accuracy information.
  7. I don't know if it would be worth mentioning or considering...but what about the Tone class heavy cruisers from Japan? I realize that they were designed to be scout cruisers with float plane catapults on the rear, which led to their 4 twin turrets being all on the front of the ship, but it's an interesting cruiser design no less.
  8. While I still think carriers are a long ways off, if they are even implemented at all (It doesn't matter to me), the big question besides implementation is "how do we counter them?" It's something I've put a lot of thought into since my first post in this thread. As it stands right now, UA:D doesn't have any AA guns or Dual Purpose guns. I'm well aware that one could make the case that AA and DP guns "do technically" exist and could point to the US 5 inch main/secondary guns, the German 3-4 inch secondary guns, the French 2" and 4" quadruple secondary guns, and many of the Japanese secondar
  9. Been a while and this section seems kinda dead...but here's hoping somebody reads this one Mountain Mama's Finest Hour South Pacific, late 1944 A small US surface group is steaming across open ocean towards a nearby friendly port for refueling, rearming and repairs in preparation for an upcoming assault on a Japanese Island stronghold. At the heart of this small group is the battleship USS West Virginia, coming off her role as an escort and fire support vessel for a convoy of troop ships that just made landfall on a remote archipelago to capture a troublesome Japanese airstrip. As a
  10. Implementing CVs as a playable/buildable ship class I don't really like or agree with. HOWEVER...if they were to implement them in more of a "strategic weapon" sort of thing I might be okay with them (i.e. you don't ever build/design or see them, they're just "there"). Allow me to explain my thinking... Before an engagement starts, if you have a carrier in the area/with your fleet, you can choose from the following options before the actual battle starts: Aerial Recon Airstrike Both/Mixed Now, how I envision each of these options would work... Aerial Recon-greatly speeds u
  11. @ShipGuy3 you might want to try asking in the technical support section of this forum. They are usually pretty good about responding to questions in that part of the forum
  12. I don't know if I'd call them "gimmicks" since that word has a mostly negative view these days, but it is interesting. However, the biggest question on these would be how do you balance these "gimmicks?" Going to the US Dreadnought example: while the heavy armor and good/heavy guns are somewhat historical in nature, you would have to have another nation that has fast ships with better/heavier guns as their "gimmick" to counteract the US Navy's dreadnoughts. I don't think costal defense will play too much into the game at all, since they said most of the emphasis was going to be on open ocean c
  13. I also think that the aiming system/mechanics should be changed from the current "two turret" system to a "by gun-size" basis. It's kinda frustrating to do a USS Nevada or USS Pensacola type build only to have half of your main battery turrets keep their accuracy while the other half are hopelessly stuck in the ladder-aiming process with a -400% penalty until that last turret can finally bear against your target. I think it's kind of funny that the only thing that keeps my main battery from firing effectively (and I use that word loosely) is the fact that some turrets have three barrels, while
  14. So this thread went way off topic from the original post/question (though the original question was answered rather quickly, I suppose). May I suggest the "Historical and Maritime Discussion" section for continued discussion of/debate over The Battle of Jutland? I mean, I'm pretty sure that's what the "Historical and Maritime Discussion" section is for...right? Just a friendly suggestion.
  15. So I've dealt with this for a while now, but I'm seriously wondering why it's still a thing. I'm doing a USS Nevada type build where I have two dual turrets and two triple turrets for the main battery. The dual turrets seem to have no issue when it comes to aiming and locking on to a target, but the triple turrets seem to have no prayer of locking on or being somewhat accurate at all. One minute all turrets are locked on, but then-for seemingly no reason-the triple turrets get a massive -400% stat for ladder aiming (see the picture below) while the dual turrets are still fine...and this is wit
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