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  1. Engineers and Designers: "So how many guns are you wanting this ship to be able to carry?" YES
  2. Might I suggest choosing an alternative tech bonus for the mission in question, if there are any tech bonuses to begin with? Sometimes that's all it takes to win or get closer to victory is to select a different starting/tech bonus at the beginning of an academy mission.
  3. While a ship designed like that is likely to be so top heavy it would tip over upon hitting the open ocean, UA:D doesn't even have capsizing ships yet...unless I have severely overlooked/missed something. You can empty a couple destroyers worth of torpedo salvos at a target and the most it will do is lean to whatever side got hit. If you manage to sink it, it sinks in 3 ways: straight down, bow first or stern first. I personally am a fan of the idea (as it would finally allow the building of a ship similar to USS Atlanta), but I do agree that there needs to be some sort of limit or restri
  4. I really like the "Peace time Battleships, Wartime Destroyers/Torpedo Boats" idea, and I'll probably use that strategy myself. As far as what I plan to build, I don't plan on building very many (if any) torpedo boats or battlecruisers. I would probably be more apt to build a couple battlecruisers to use as long distance commerce raiders or make them into "cruiser killer" type ships (similar to the USS Alaska) and use them in both roles. I probably won't build any torpedo boats, regardless of what nation I play unless the budget is an issue and I run into the situation of "these new ships
  5. And now for the final two scenarios If you won Part 2b: Part 3c David...meet Goliath The initial French Landings were successful, and the French troops are steadily rolling on towards London. However, they soon encounter a problem: the British have launched 3 experimental super battleships that, until now, were completely unknown to exist and are able to deliver pinpoint gun fire support thus hindering the advance and causing mounting casualties. The only ships the French have in the area are a pair of battleships and a battlecruiser escort, but the success of the French advance towa
  6. Okay everyone I'm back (finally) and I have the final scenarios to my "Second War for American Independence" storyline...so here we go! Please note that this post is only for the follow up scenarios pertaining to parts 2a If you won Part 2a: Part 3a Time for Payback The plan for a second British landing was successfully thwarted with the help of the French Navy. Now, with US Militia and US Military Forces pushing back the Canadians and retaking each state one by one, the US decides that it is time to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again and to remind the British that
  7. I personally feel like historical camouflage patterns should be included in the base game if they want to include ship camo to begin with, and then if they want to add in another camo pack that has "experimental" or maybe community made/inspired camos as a DLC they could.
  8. If you are referring to custom battles, you can't go back and find designs you've tried before...you just have to completely rebuild them. In the academy missions, you can have multiple designs saved for a certain mission though and then you can choose between them. As for the turrets, the devs are focusing much of their attention on the campaign right now and introducing a little more content through the Hotfixes they are introducing. If you want more info on the development or updates from the devs, I recommend looking at some of the topics that are pinned to the top of the "General Discussi
  9. I especially like the sections pertaining to barrel length, breech type and elevation angles. Incredibly well detailed, researched and thought out post. I can definitely see myself spending too much time in the gun designer looking over every miniscule detail...but I like that thought. Definitely a feature that would be a very nice addition to the game. Something else I could see being a variable to consider along with all the gun customization: weather conditions and physics. Different weather situations (rain, wind, humidity, etc) as well as drag/friction due to air can effect your shel
  10. @Cpt.Hissy I don't like the "absurd" values anymore than you or anyone else does/doesn't. But in the end, I'm not the one who made the game nor is there anything I can do about it. As the saying goes, "I didn't make the rules, I just have to play by them."
  11. Something that might help, pay attention to what the academy missions actually tell you to do. If the scenario you're talking about is the one I think it is, you don't actually have to sink the DD, you just have to catch up to it, which means you just need to make sure your CL is as fast and maneuverable as possible. (Like I said, I could be wrong as I haven't played the early academy missions in quite a while, but be sure to pay attention to the "Victory/Win Conditions" or the "Main Objective") As for struggling in general: just keep experimenting with different fleet compositions, ship
  12. Again, the biggest thing to remember is that UA:D is "historically based" and "realistic." It's not a game made to be "historically accurate" or "tactical realism/simulation." Yes there are things that when compared to real life seem absurd or even impossible (like the examples of a ship's draft that you provided in your other post), but the campaign has been the major focus of the dev team for a while now, and small (even seemingly insignificant) details like realistic shell weights probably won't be fixed or looked at very closely. The way the shell weight is set up now helps the dev te
  13. I'm glad to hear that more older era models will be coming eventually! Definitely can't wait to see those! However, I'm curious @Nick Thomadis when will the next round of cruiser hulls/superstructures be released (such as the USS Brooklyn, USS Atlanta, IJN Takao/Myoko and other cruisers that sported unique layouts)? Or are those kinds of ships/superstructures not going to be seen for a while/if ever? Apologies for the extra ping
  14. The "flare thing" you are referring to is what is/was called a "Star Shell." Essentially, it was just a shell filled with phosphorous that when it exploded, it burned extremely bright, illuminating the area and they were mainly used during night combat to increase visibility...hence the name "Star Shell." I don't think those shells were intended to be used directly against other ships, however I think there is an example of a US Destroyer using them against a Japanese Battleship (it might've been a heavy cruiser I can't remember) after it literally expended all other ammo for it's main guns. I
  15. @1MajorKoenig you actually weren't too far off from what I was planning as far as involving the French go The Second War for American Independence Parts 2a and 2b If you won the first scenario: Part 2a: Preemptive Strike The British spearhead force has been defeated, and the US Navy has mobilized the majority of the Atlantic fleet. The Canadians still hold on to their territorial gains in the border states of Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota all while starting to move towards Wyoming and South Dakota. British troops who were stationed in Canada, as well as Canadian Milit
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