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  1. We sink one and capture four during the opening battle of the Barbary War Campaign.
  2. Greetings All! (Feel free to skip text wall to Tl;Dr at bottom) Long time lurker, I have been playing since the game dropped...wow almost a year or more ago? It's been a long time. Mostly, my concerns are voiced by others and so I usually don't have much otherwise to say, but I had some thoughts and suggestions. The major one on my mind for this post is focused on the ship builder and its' implementation in the upcoming campaign. I do understand that a rework of the builder is (is?) in the works for the future, these are things to just perhaps bear in mind: How does the game te
  3. Now that the dust that was Alpha 9 has died down and we await news on Alpha 10 like the mad lads/ladies we are I thought Id make a thread about some confirmed features of the campaign along with some major/minor features that I think would make the game more enjoyable. I do wanna keep this thread mainly about the campaign so please refrain from designer suggestions of hulls/balance changes to guns and hulls. Confirmed Political Intrigue/Alliance Building Blockade Features Minor Nations Naval Invasion Economic/rebellion stability due to presence of for
  4. So with the campaign coming up I just wanted to know if we'll have Captains (hopefully historical ones) with skills that we can customize and pick for them. Something similar to what World of Warships have.
  5. So other day I was making a Bismarck replica and when I finished I was checking the info boxes on the right of the screen. The very top one has all the basic info but one stood out to me. It said that it will take 43 months to build the battleship. So my question is how will time be managed in the campaign. Will one day be every minute or what because 43 months is almost four years and don't think would want to wait too long for their battleship. I know its still early too be talking about the campaign but is just out of curiosity. Thank you if you answer.
  6. As we get closer to a true campaign I must ask, how will a war actually work? Will we be able to see our boarder that changes as we lose and win wars, or will it be like what RtW2 do and just have a map dotted with areas that are naval bases that you take. Are we going to be able to see the land conflict when a war start? During a war I really doubt that the land forces will sit on their asses during a war and not try and attack pushing the enemy. To also add on to this point how will a war between two nations like Germany and Russia will go, as its really hard to see Germany winning this
  7. Now, forgive me if I overlooked various announcements, I don't frequent the forms least not lately but hopefully more now, I was however curious about the upcoming campaign. I already asked about AI Wars but now I was wondering about the possibility of naval treaties and the mechanics behind them. What I want to know and explore are how will they work, and how should they? Will it be simplistic in that "A Convention in Hague has determined that all future ships will be limited to {Random Number} tonnes of displacement and a gun a caliber of no more than {Number} of inches." which yes it w
  8. As of right now, outside of torpedoes smaller ships do not have much of a use, this is because any time a cruiser is put against a BC or BB, it will lose, and so on. But smaller ships are very necessary for power projection, coastal defense, escort, etc... If it wasn't necessary to have so many ships in so many places at once, then you would just end up building a super Yamato and calling it a day. So the campaign will need to simulate the feeling of always needing to be a step ahead of the curb, the need to have many ships doing many different things at once, and budget constriction
  9. Something I have been thinking about is in similar games, namely Rule the Waves 1&2, wars only exist between the player, AI allies and one or more AI nations. Tensions between nations are only tracked with the player, with an illusion of tensions with nations being from events, being: "You ally {NATION NAME} has reach a boiling point with their enemy {NATION NAME}, what is your course of action?" This only really leaves the world to revolve around your nation of choice with no other wars happening and the AI to build up navies that can only be used on the player. Now, I can understand
  10. At least where I am things have been pretty gloomy lately and this forum has been quite divided as well, so why not a simple topic? What school of thought will you follow in the campaign? Decisive battle? Trade indirection? Fleet in being (if AI allows Fleet In Being to be a viable tactic) Torpedos? (Like what Japan did with the Long Lance) or guns? Large long range ships where you can. Face the enemy ships on your terms, or shorter range smaller ships with less flexibility but you can build more? Ships with many turrets so it's harder to knock out all of your guns, or ship
  11. So I have a question/observation. I was recently doing a custom battle British vs. Japan. Just to warm up 1940's tech was gonna build the biggest battleship I could, But then I noticed that the biggest battleship The Brits could get are the Dreadnought IV and the N3/G3 hulls which top out at 62k displacement. That got me thinking does Britain actually have the smallest size battleship displacement in the game? All Displacements are max French 93k Germany 130k Japan 125k USA 109k Spain 69k Russia 69k Italy 65k Austro 90.5k China 87k Briti
  12. The main website mentions something along the lines of AI having different personalities, I think this would be a great way to implement a sort of rival admirals system, perhaps you could have different traits for them, like lets say Japan gets Admiral Yamamoto, it could increase the likelyhood of them constructing battleships/edit their fleet composition to have more capital ships as well as certian bonuses that increase as the tonnage of the ship increases, like for example a 70k ton ship might get 2% off construction, while a 80k ton ship would get 3% off construction and so on until a maxi
  13. I think politics plays an important role in the Navy. It should be able to influence decisions you make, from signing naval treaties, to budgetary management, and to foreign relations with other major powers. If anything else, what do you guys think of this?
  14. Both the High Seas fleet and Kriegsmariner had the exact same problem. They tried to pull a Japan where if they can't build a big fleet, they would build the biggest meanest ships to float on the seas, and when they were designed they were extremely advanced, but between Germany's unwillingness to put significant funds into the Navy and the lack of resources for ship construction they were often stuck on the back foot where, their ship that would have been ultramodern had it hit the seas when it was first scheduled to, it would be practically untouchable, but every single time the delays due t
  15. help section 1: It will be turn based with a "special event" card/decision every turn >Currently you can only trigger war with the answers you choose in special events that appear at the start of a campaign turn. 2: As of right now AI can only declare war on you, not other AI nations. >War at the moment can only happen between you and AI ai nations 3: You can have ships end up like Graf Zepplin where if you don't want to scrap what you have, and you don't have the resources to finish it, it will stay in a sort of limbo. >suspend: this option is very usefu
  16. I have come up with a series of events for the campaign, which do have some historical background involving navies, especially in the build-up towards the First World War. Since the devs have said that most campaign-based interaction will be done through events (event cards?? idk??), i think some random probability events/missions and player controlled interaction would make the campaign richer, especially from early to mid game. This would also be useful as an in-game map tutorial and can provide Major nations with weaker navies to get some strategic advantages before directly going to war wi
  17. Ma dudes, ever since the words "The upcoming campaign" were written on the last destroyer update, I've been counting the days since alpha 6 release. I'm so bored with quarantine, I honestly wouldn't mind a buggy as hell half finished campaign so long as we get a campaign at all soon. I literally bought HOI4 "Man The Guns" DLC with BI mod just to cope lmao. Plz send campaign soon before I eat my own computer. PLZ
  18. 1: It will be turn based with a "special event" card/decision every turn >Currently you can only trigger war with the answers you choose in special events that appear at the start of a campaign turn. 2: As of right now AI can only declare war on you, not other AI nations. >War at the moment can only happen between you and AI ai nations 3: You can have ships end up like Graf Zepplin where if you don't want to scrap what you have, and you don't have the resources to finish it, it will stay in a sort of limbo. >suspend: this option is very useful to control your
  19. Hey all been awhile! Hope everyone safe and enjoying a little more free time to beta test the game if your lucky. Now to the point I have seen this mentioned a bit before specifically with countries but I wanna focus on admirals and "XP" or experience they would earn after battles while touching on country traits towards the end. I haven't seen anything official through the devs yet but I just thought I'd put my two cents in with this idea. This could hopefully be added after initial release. As of right now there is a flag ship buff but I would like to expand upon this. Hopefully they could i
  20. While the campaign is still quite far off I can't help but think about how refits would work. What I'm very interested in, maybe because of the recent April fools update is a situation similar to the SMS Leitha. A Monitor having several refits decades after she was first built, ending up being used during and after the first world war by several powers, even if in a more limited capacity late in her career. She also had several different turret layouts, new engines, had new guns installed in older, but still functional turret mounts, etc. My question here is what the limits of a refit sh
  21. So If i remember correctly, the main map will be using a grid system. First thing that comes to mind is Atlantic fleet's main campaign. The issue i find with this is when designing cruisers like ones meant to out run and ship they can't outgun or outgun and ship that they cant outrun. if it's a turn based grid system that could be nulled. For example lets say a hostile raiding squadron comprised of fast cruisers are raiding convoys. Would it be beneficial to build battle cruisers who are supposed to respond quickly (but because its a grid system) or would it take the same time for a battlesh
  22. Hey devs, your doing a good job with this game so far! As i‘m close to finish the british campaign as it is right now and i‘m looking forward to the next part. That leads to the following (ugrent 😉) question: When can we expect the last parts of both campaigns? Could you give an estimated date please?
  23. When player start a new campaign, game will load ships templates to the AI memory, that player have used in the academy missions (maybe not every template... yes, I'm looking at you Accipiter!), or even from the previous campaigns. If the AI has both technology and resources, it can use these templates created by the player and use them against him!
  24. Phenomenal work with the campaign thus far, I've blown through both and desperately want more. I know Build 4 JUST released, but any idea of when we can expect more chapters to be released for the campaigns?
  25. Several of us are working on Wiki type info for Age of Sails. In this thread I will talk about the Campaigns. I will keep to general structure as the game is still in development and some of the details are likely to change. Currently there are 2 Campaigns - each roughly follows the life of a Hero from that country. The first Campaign is the British Campaign and focuses on the life of Horatio Nelson. The Campaign begins with a story line from his childhood. As the story progresses you are asked several questions. Each of these questions will have an impact on your play style. We will
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