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  1. I think some people do have some very unrealistic expectations for this game, it's still a very small team after all with limited assets. I'm also of the belief that 100% realism is just not that fun, I remember from my world of tanks days how so many people wished the game would be more realistic. They eventually got their wish when War Thunder ground forces released a lot of them went, wow this sucks, I hate this, I just die in 1 hit. Imho a balance between arcadiness, which this game already has, and realism is the best way to go. With mod support for those who are willing to put the work t
  2. 1) Even against DDs it doesnt help that much because they hardly ever hit even with a secondary build, and the tank build will at least give you a chance to survive the russhing DD. 2) Still mainly comes down to RNG, I too hit most of my shots on a DD, but even then that only means at most you will do 4k damage. 3) Shooting AP is a lot more practical then HE because you will still do more damage since it prevents the hull from being saturated as DDs can become saturated quicker and my prayers go to you if you shoot HE at a French destroyer. 4) Wasnt saying anything about skills an
  3. Yeah, this does tell me you have no idea what the meta is. All the German BBs are pretty irrelevant at the moment so giving them the weakest build is already handicapping them even more. There is only 3 American ships that can perhaps use a secondary build as the rest just dont have the range to make it worth the skill points. As for hitting DDs could be me, but when you notice the same shit for years where every well aimed shot just lands around them and maybe land 1 hit for 1400 damage perhaps its not the player. Doesnt help that DDs have the arbitrary immunity against BB AP, so no its not j
  4. Kinda tells me you really don't understand the current meta of high tier BB play. Tanking as a BB is no longer a viable strat, as HE spam and fire damage have made BBs who try to tank and push into nothing more then xp pinatas. Which has added the side effect of making secondary builds practically irrelevant as you will most likely die before you get in range. Best strategy with BBs is to stay at long/ mid range sniping at cruisers, with a tank build to preserve as much hp until it's safe enough to start pushing an objective. Yeah, sadly even with the Germans is mostly advisable to sti
  5. Hu interesting, makes sense that the ROK is developing a CIWS to counter hypersonic missiles since China is a close neighbor and one of 2 users of hypersonic missiles. Tho without their own missile I wonder how they would test it. Also that ship sort of resembles the now cancelled Zumwalt class destroyer lol
  6. I've read that the US has several projects to develop its own Hypersonic missile, I dont really know if there are any plans to develop a CIWS tho, not outside the possibility of course.
  7. Yeah, I too low key want the vertical design, Idk how real that design was but I really really liked it lol Think main issue with is that it is technically a post war design so it would be outside of this game's time frame, even when pushing WW2 techs.
  8. That's only at close range, but yeah should added it to the few BBs that can sometimes counter a DD rush, but for the most part Soviet BBs aren't that unbalanced. The Soviets have been almost getting the same treatment as the Germans and keep getting powercrept. As my favorite WoWS youtuber once said, "because armor is just irrelevant against fire."
  9. I understand that it's an arcade game and balance is necessary. But a DD has no real risk when rushing a BB, the BB already has the accuracy curse due to its dispersion and being at the mercy of accuracy rolls. That is then multiplied by it's very long reload, secondaries are pretty useless for the most part. The only reason cruisers are a threat to a destroyer rushing them is because they have the accuracy and reload to minimize the bs that DDs are protected by. And that's my issue with DDs in WoWS, it rewards dumb plays that would otherwise be death for a BB or CL/CA. The only BB
  10. With the current limitations, It really forces you into the same design a lot. Which is why I wish they would just rid of a lot of this fixed points, or just add more of them for better designs. Theres no point in a build system at that point if you end up with the same designs over and over again.
  11. I'm hoping we get a new model for the 19" and 20" for the German turrets something similar to this, I really love the look of these turrets
  12. They arent, this is mainly down to the elongating hull mechanic. My guess is just an easier way to make this work without weirdly warping the hull to be longer.
  13. Hyper sonic missiles have fixed pretty much a lot of that, as no current point defense system is capable of stopping them.
  14. hope we also get quad gun turrets for WW1 designs like battleship Lyon and Normandie
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