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  1. I'm guessing the proper parts for the Russians, Italians, and Hungarians will come much later, for now they'll still use the current generic parts right?
  2. yeah, I've checked and seems like it can fix itself upon game restart, but it can also return upon game restart when its fixed...
  3. so theres a bug I've been running into, on several of the hulls, you cant place the secondary tower.... and this is happening quite a few of them, this one the Russian modern BB hull is one, theres also the same bug with the French BB hulls it does seem to happen with specific towers tho
  4. Finally, thank you this is such a welcomed change, long awaited change
  5. @Cptbarney how the hell do you get so many cursed ships lol
  6. Me personally, I'd honestly like more nation specific parts being added. The current pool of parts is still very lackluster and generic. This wouldn't fix the many issues the builder has but I'd like to have more Nation specific variety rather then the generic parts.
  7. the tracers in War Thunder sort of look like lasers lol always been sort of a meme in the War Thunder community, specially the much earlier one. The newest one seen in the image above look much better but still look a lot like lasers lol
  8. yeah for as much heat the War Thunder lasers get, they are based in reality and actually help figuring out what shell is being fired. Could be better but it does the job well enough in War Thunder so I personally dont see much of an issue with it.
  9. Just my current personal wish list of gun turrets that I really wish were added to the game, would love to see what other people's turrets list is. Will start with Germany first: 283mm sk c/34 and c/28 30.5 cm SK L/50 France: 340mm/45 Modèle 1912 and its Quadruple variant that would been mounted in battleships Lyon and Normandie 330mm/50 Modèle 1931 130 mm Modèle 1932 quadruple and dual barrel Italy: Cannone da 381/50 Ansaldo M1934 152 mm/55 Models 1934 and 36 305 mm/46 Model 1909 Japan:
  10. Bring forth battlecruiser Kirov!! With more AK-130 dual 130mm turrets and even more Kashtan CIWS!!!!
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