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  1. Same here, ik I've been quite inactive for some time but I thought I was special T_T
  2. Just wondering, will we ever get an option for a central barbette?
  3. ok so after a quick battle, is it ironic that all 4 of the super Hoods died to flash fires.......
  4. The Hower-Class, aka ultimate Hood class, in port preparing to sail to slap some kreigsmarine ass.
  5. Oh I have seen them one shot a BB, also seen chain reaction flash fires as well. Its pretty impressive but so bullshit when it happens to you :3
  6. Yeah those are the generic turrets, so any nation that doesn't have a proper turret model gets them, to find them you gonna have to do some experimenting with the year and nation in costume battles
  7. As many, MANY have stated before, this isn't World of Warships. Large dreadnoughts and battleships take a very long time to initiate a turn, and depending on the speed it can be a very long turn. And no your ship isn't ignoring your order to turn when using the rudder or the waypoint, its telling you that the ship cannot perform the turn due to many factors.
  8. Use a direct link to an image on a website like imgur
  9. None of these seem necessary at all imo. All the info you will need in a battle is given to you in the UI. There is , you have the speed bar, direction bar and for ships you arent currently controlling theres a button that sets them to AI controlled and guess what, the AI will automatically dodge torpedoes.
  10. I say its still very important considering, the french BBs were all about quad gun turrets.
  11. here hoping Alpha 7 finally brings quad guns :3
  12. I honestly enjoyed their earlier version of CVs, required actual skill to play successfully
  13. not the biggest fan of DDs, but still nice to see some more options, more variation for my huge as hello kitty BBs to sink :3 hu, cute filter I see
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