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  1. im about to put one of this up against a damn Yamato :D
  2. Can see why, specially since aircraft are still a very much "we'll see" and without aircraft they would end up as BB hulls with less deck space for armament. Id still love to see them in game as they were a very unique type of ship.
  3. If ever added how would hybrid ships work? From what I know theres very few ships of this type making them a very low priority, only ones I can recall are Mogami, Ise and Tone class. What does everyone else think, would you guys like to have access to hybrids. I personally would love to see them in the game but as I mentioned its a very low priority as not many were ever built.
  4. When can we expect to get some of those iconic Japanese styled towers, Ise, Nagato, Kongo and what in my opinion is the most iconic and coolest looking Fuso IJN Fuso IJN Ise
  5. Title might not be too clear but, main question is how will nations that changed drastically through the time period covered work? Best examples being the Chinese empire and the Russian empire. China basically exploded in the early 1900s and the Russian empire well, we all know who they became after WW1. Theres also the German Reich as well, what do others think this would work I'd love to know.
  6. Been one of my fears in the game, why i rarely put DDs on my side. Im scared shitless that a friendly DD or CL will just derp a big boi spread into my capital ships
  7. well yeah a Destroyer is much easier to sink with secondaries then a Battlecruiser, its not the amount of times the BB's secondaries miss is more the amount of times needed to hit a DD to sink it. Obviously the DD will die quicker then a BC.
  8. Heres a question I've had for a while, will we ever be able to adjust how low or high the ship's waterline sits? Sometimes when I make a ship I feel like there's too much hull showing and wished I could lower the hull a bit more into the water. What does anyone else think, would it be a good or bad thing?
  9. German Pocket battleship Otto Von Mackensen and its wake of destruction after a successful raid against a french convoy.
  10. no shit they do more damage they're 18" shells
  11. One more cause I was having fun with the new update.... Battlecruiser Andrea Doria sinking after being pummeled by Spanish Battleship Barcelona and Battleship Las Vinas while Spanish Battlecruiser Peregrina destroys they convoy it was trying to protect. (kinda hate how the national flag goes away when the ship sinks...)
  12. Battleship Konig and her 2 battlecruiser escorts Hessen and Prinz Eitel Frederick chasing British transports after sinking their battlecruiser escorts.
  13. Yeah, mainly meant it for Campaign or an option on custom battles
  14. This is called Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts, implying the focus of the game is on the heaviest ship class of the covered time period.
  15. I would like to know, would it be possible to lock things like quad gun turrets to nations that historically had them?
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