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  1. Quickly threw together a Floating Fort made from an old Super Dreadnought. The rows of dual 3" guns are meant to be AA, but as we don't have planes yet (or AA guns) they'll have to do. Speed and Range is low, due to it being meant to sit outside ports and beachheads to protect them from air attack as well as surface raids. I would like some sort of middle superstructure section to fill in that gap, with mounts for small guns
  2. Given I want to build AA blockships from every class possible, including Pre-Dreads, I approve
  3. When the Campaign comes around, I have a few ideas of turning old battleships (and BC, CA, CL) into Blockships for defending ports and beachheads. Sacrificing speed and some of the main battery for more armour, protection mods and forests of heavy AA guns. I know forests of 5" DP isn't as useful atm with no aircraft (or actual AA/DP guns), But I do like making up designs in the Custom battles shipyards. I would post pics but for some reason I have a 2.21mb limit and practically every screenshot is in excess
  4. I can't wait for Carrier so i can cover my ships in AA
  5. I seem to have an issue where one of the wing turrets won't turn and engage, just sits there. It's opposite number happily turns and blazes away though
  6. I have come across a few flash fires now, haven't yet seen one kill a ship. It blows the turret off and you remove the turret, but I would have thought a flash fire blew the ship apart?
  7. Would different firing styles be a thing such as half-salvos be something that can be implemented?
  8. I have a few requests for fixes. Here i am in Custom Battles attempting to recreate the Queen Elizabeth class Battleship. However the two Secondary Towers that have an integral barbette, said barbette is too small to mount a twin 15" gun turret. I suspect that if the turret design was the one that looks most like the turrets used it would, however those turrets are available around 1915 but the hull and towers aren't available until 1920. I guess what I'm asking for is a reworked Secondary Tower and also for the QE type hull and turrets be available earlier, matching to its IRL commissioning date. Also the ability to choose the turret design. Having a selection of turret designs for the gun size/numbers and the option to have the barbette ring on or not is also desirable The Secondary Tower does allow a 14" turret to be used, albeit with a little clipping
  9. This topic is for discussing the Alpha 6 patch. If you want to conduct verbal warfare, please take it elsewhere
  10. 4 gun turrets, yes. 5-6 gun turrets are in the real of AA guns
  11. Now that the Devs have said they may go back into the Ironclad Age with UA:D (heard it somewhere, don't know where and it may be a April Fools), I am wondering, what about 1950s-1960s? Sverdlov, Des Moines and Tiger class cruisers, Battle class Destroyers, Vanguard class Battleships? Maybe even into the early missile age, SeaCats, Terriers, P-15 Termit(SS-N-2 Styx)etc. Nothing like Exocets, Harpoons, Sea Darts or similar, 1970s-1980s missile tech. Just the early ones
  12. What about machine guns/autocannon? Particularly for PT/MGB/MTB and also to defend against said boats. I suspect we shall see them around the time wee see aircraft But I would like to have a few MGs/Autocannon options, such as .50 Brownings, 20mm Oerlikon, 20mm Flakvierling, 40mm Bofors etc
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