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  1. Battleships with the sides lined with Depth Charge throwers and Hedgehogs!
  2. BattleCarriers! I want me some BattleCarriers! And ASW Battleships!
  3. I would like aircraft carriers as that means AA guns, so I can cover my ships in AA!
  4. If I was being charitable I would say it is a representation of sometimes having some guns not firing in a salvo. I think for late WWII BBs the average ran around 70%-90% of every salvo was a full salvo. I may be wrong though
  5. Hulls for KGV, Nelson, Lion and Vanguard. Some proper superstructure for the N3/G3 hulls so you can make them properly. New turret designs and the ability to choose which design you are using, AA guns (idc there is no planes atm, I want AA guns!), more in depth armour design/modelling, more in depth superstructure designing ..... Oh this isn't a wishlist?
  6. Being able to choose the turret design when choosing the weapon would be cool. Not all weapons of the same calibre were in the same design of turret. Look at the British 4.5" guns on the QE class, Illustrious class, HMS Ark Royal, Audacious class etc. Same thing with the various 6" and 4" guns/turrets
  7. I would like an expansion to the engines/boilers and armour mechanics. For the engines/boilers mainly more options on where to place them. Things such as Unit machinery as well. The more options would enable G3/N3 like builds where the machinery was concentrated in the aft third of the ship Armour layouts is also in need of expansion. Take the Belt armour for instance. How thick is it over the magazines/barbettes? Over the machinery spaces? The ends? The belt needs to also reflect the layout of the machinery and MB barbettes/turrets. How deep below the waterline and how high above do you wa
  8. Anyone having issues with speed settings? I can't make the setting go higher than about 75% of what I designed it for (made sure there is enough funnel capacity too)
  9. Currently the UK does not have a Super BB hull, unlike the other major naval powers represented in the game (even the French have them!). Yes the UK has the N3/G3 hull, but that only goes up to 61kt, while Germany, France(!), USA and Japan have 100kt+ hulls, even their 'normal' BB hulls go up to a higher displacement. In fact, after going through them thoroughly, the UK has the smallest possible Max BB displacement at 61kt, even Spain, China, Austro-Hungary and Italy have BB hulls with higher displacement allowance
  10. Having issues trying to post screenshots for some reason so here is a link to the picture in question https://imgur.com/ecitmOc
  11. Old tech? I think you mean 'Well Proven'.
  12. And Vanguard. Don't forget The Last Battleship. Also, sounds to me that the update is close to release
  13. When campaign and Carriers get added, I have mocked up a refit of an old Pre-Dreadnought into a Floating Fort meant to protect ports and important bits of coastline. Has traded what speed it had and its larger calibre secondary battery for a lot more armour and a DP Secondary Battery
  14. I want aircraft carriers just so I can make AA ships. I don't know how port defences will work in the campaign but I see myself converting old Pre-Dreadnoughts and eventually early Dreadnoughts into floating fortresses, Keeping their MB but having lots of AA guns and as much armour as possible
  15. There could be national tech limitations/bonuses regarding coal. For instance Germany has to rely on coal fired ships for longer, with a reduction in range/speed (or 'strategic speed at least). How much boiler maintenance can be implemented that affects the ship(s) in question would be nice, periodic reduced speed to allow for boiler cleaning, with an option to postpone it in favour for more speed but longer subsequent maintenance periods. Britain would get access to oil relatively early but also has good coal allowing for less maintenance issues and periodic speed reductions. Catching a
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