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  1. There could be national tech limitations/bonuses regarding coal. For instance Germany has to rely on coal fired ships for longer, with a reduction in range/speed (or 'strategic speed at least). How much boiler maintenance can be implemented that affects the ship(s) in question would be nice, periodic reduced speed to allow for boiler cleaning, with an option to postpone it in favour for more speed but longer subsequent maintenance periods. Britain would get access to oil relatively early but also has good coal allowing for less maintenance issues and periodic speed reductions. Catching a
  2. Being able to place more than 6 centreline turrets would be nice, so i can make the Agincourt!
  3. One thing has been on my mind is it would be cool to have a modern era version of UA:D. Separate from UA:D but with similar idea, with ship building/design and such. Maybe going from early Cold War to Modern or post Modern era. I would guess that Subs and CVs would feature more, perhaps more so than is (AFAIK) planned for UA:D. Again a separate game from UA:D but similar
  4. Keep in mind that this is a small team
  5. The Jeune École approach. AFAIK didn't really work out too well IRL
  6. I would love to build ships from the mid to late Ironclad era, central battery, turreted and open barbette designs
  7. Building an AA version of everything is my dream. Building a SuperCarrier with armoured flightdecks and 100+ planes
  8. I don't think the AI has quite figured out how to build a Battleship...
  9. Would a sequel/successor/counterpart of Naval Action set in the Ironclad era, or even the Pre-Dreadnought era be something that could be done? It is something I would very much like to see.
  10. Remember the dev team ain't that big, current rate of updates is pretty good
  11. Quickly threw together a Floating Fort made from an old Super Dreadnought. The rows of dual 3" guns are meant to be AA, but as we don't have planes yet (or AA guns) they'll have to do. Speed and Range is low, due to it being meant to sit outside ports and beachheads to protect them from air attack as well as surface raids. I would like some sort of middle superstructure section to fill in that gap, with mounts for small guns
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