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  1. I would like aircraft ingame, because that means AA guns and that makes me happy
  2. A L'Ocean class 1st Rate (graciously donated to me by the French navy, in exchange for my own donation of several round shot, grapeshot and musket balls). casually flying along at 21kts.
  3. I would like to be able to refit old ships, regardless of age. I have a sort of plan for turning old Pre-Dreads and old Dreads into slow(er), heavily armoured floating forts. Especially when/if aircraft are added in, turning them into essentially AA self-propelled barges with a decent anti-surface capability (keeping the main battery, or at least some of it).
  4. If the current German Frigate *Emden* can have it's Iron Cross, I don't see the issue.
  5. I wonder if a sandbox build mode is on the cards? Where you can select any hull, any superstructure, any turret mark and design, anything and everything available. So for instance you could have a British Hull, German superstructure and MB gun turrets, US SB turrets and Japanese Torpedo Turrets, in 1940 that is coal fired Steam Turbines
  6. I can only post link, it won't embed and the insert from URL thingy won't accept it https://imgur.com/skP7BII
  7. https://imgur.com/a/JFfJ0LC I would post the images, or embed them, but for some reason I can't. Here is a link to the Imgur album instead
  8. I would like the displacement selector to respond to mouse wheel or at least be able to type in required displacement, like you can do for the armour thickness
  9. More stuff is always nice. Can the UK get a 100kt+ Super Battleship hull please?
  10. Would it be possible to have the older hulls such as Pre-Dreadnought hulls available much later? To simulate refits and such?
  11. I would also say that being able to access the much older hulls would be nice also, so we can essentially RP refits. I would like to see what I can do to a Pre-Dread in the 1940s for instance!
  12. Would the British be getting a Super BB in the 100kt+ range at some point?
  13. I've just had a thought. Last year they took us back all the way to the Ironclad Monitors. What if this year they take us into the missile age?
  14. Is the ability to recreate HMS Incomparable coming any time soon? Basically being able to fit 20" guns BC hulls.
  15. Auxiliary Cruisers! Q Ships! HMS Habbakuk! The Ironclad era!
  16. I hope it releases soon, itching to get my hands on the British battleships! Although no 'Super' battleships yet, a Super BC with a displacement of up to 82,500t I think all other nations can go above 100,000t with their ships
  17. Battleships with the sides lined with Depth Charge throwers and Hedgehogs!
  18. BattleCarriers! I want me some BattleCarriers! And ASW Battleships!
  19. I would like aircraft carriers as that means AA guns, so I can cover my ships in AA!
  20. If I was being charitable I would say it is a representation of sometimes having some guns not firing in a salvo. I think for late WWII BBs the average ran around 70%-90% of every salvo was a full salvo. I may be wrong though
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