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  1. Mostly waiting for devs to say something - lack of communication is not very inspirational for writing yet another wishlist [turns the page] - and not just for me, it seems. Anyway. I think Torpedo protection should have type+thickness mechanics similar to armor. And be destructible, of course, instead of permanent fixed % damage reduction.
  2. And that's why I hope we'll be blessed with shell dyes someday.
  3. Seems like I found a suitable theme for these thread NSFW - language
  4. I'm waiting for crew and, hopefully, accomodations with more options then just "meh" and "ok" like in RTW 2 demo. I'd love to build some hotels and palaces for my fairies.
  5. Camo? Or something to replace the horrible patchwork texture we have on our hulls now? Congrats anyway.
  6. It seems like latest hotfix (?) improves the situation a little bit and now 7" and below shells (at least super heavies, at least at long range) prone to deliver the full blow. Will run more test tomorrow.
  7. Some polar lights would be great addition indeed. Also some ice floes won't hurt - at least for the sence of speed. Dunno that to put in southern waters thought - maybe some random fishing boats 😁
  8. Thunderstorm and St. Elmo's fire, jamming radiosignals. And a nighttime, of course. MACHICOLATIONS!!! SEARCHLIGHTS!!!
  9. Well, there's always place for "I have altered the deal" "A further small delay might happen if we find anything urgent to fix"
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