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  1. Wondering, how would the armor have developed , if shaped charges weaponized earlier. Littorio spaced belt with a cement foam gap should probably have some benefit.
  2. Gave me another idea: sunny bunny camo - applied after migrane maker aka razzle dazzle was prohibited by Geneva Protocol. I knew that misreading thread's title as "Magic in game?" will derail me hard 😋 No regrets.
  3. Unability to build something like HMS Incomparable would be rather strange, IMO. At least that's there I planning to start my "roaring 20s" lineage.
  4. I wish 😒 Nah, I just google "navy trimaran" and took the one seemed most explonatory. Though I somehow mentally ready that I'll end up learning some 3D (and perhaps C#) to made me some shipfus. When I bought build-your-own-ship game that's not exactly what I expected 😅 P.S. Some 6 and 8 inch verticals, perhaps?
  5. Moar like triple siperfired one. Remember these? Since topweight stability should totally be a thing, why not give her some training wheels:
  6. How about some trimaran hull to support third superfiring turret (and getting a thicc antitorp belt as bonus)? Jokes aside — it seems like an interesting idea for a fantasy ship. C'mon, dew it. Hope for some verticals Smolensk-style.
  7. ...I hope components wear out and reliability will be a thing. RTW was mentioned many times, but I also see Jagged Alliance as a great example for handling items (and crew).
  8. I just was curious, what Barney meant by "fantasy" hulls. My guess would be something like this only 8-barreled and in Dora caliber. And I'm okey with that.
  9. Something particular you have in mind?
  10. Until we'll have some damage control minigame, some single alarm on ship you currently control for atmosphere would probably be enough for me, or it may become really irritating really quick. Now that alarm should yell all the way. @Cptbarney proposed some poi-mod for dat and me likey 😁 Positively love the idea. Some horns would also be nice to hear. And, of course, AA sirens in the future. UPD: collision alarm (video title is misleading)
  11. ...and so the mystery of single dislike was solved...
  12. So very much hope so, especially for hard-to-mod stuff, like dat adorably chubby Kamov-like helis 😍
  13. And possibility to beach the ship to avoid sinking. Community is the key, methinks: cult classics like original Fallouts and Jagged Alliance 2 got some tools developed by modders themselves, if I understand correctly. I also very much hope for base game success - for Skycancer DLS.
  14. This makes me want to tweak not only shell/gun looks and specs, but it's sound as well. [hardbass intensifies]
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