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  1. First pic is Seydlitz after-Jutland sub remodel. Appropriate example of "stabilized, bul low on flood points" situation I presume. I hope we'll have gun elevation mechanics - more difficult then just max range of corse, but very appealing (great for potential carriers add-on).
  2. Iowa-class seem to have such feature called Broadway. Would be great option for ship design indeed.
  3. You're against doing it manually or agains the whole idea of counterflooding? Trading some additional flood points for angles, lowering the whole ship, so we'll have something like this instead of shells flying through the roof? Or am I missing something? That's what I meant of course, not "Your ship won't explode if you sink her in advance".
  4. Counterflood mechanics is very much needed indeed. Also flooding against flash fire.
  5. The only reason to make something actually impossible is to prevent "Camel is a horse designed by AI" situation I presume, othewise limits goes against the game's whole idea. Physical possibility is crusial, no argue with that, but why we forbidden to have sonars and smokes on large ships for example? I'm strongly disagree with "it may be better to make something actually impossible in the game, rather than explain to the player why it was practically impossible" - it's simpler, yes, but not better in any sense. "Yeah, the designer kinda there, but since we consider players unable to think and learn, you can't actually do much with it. Please enjoy the game which treats you like ignorant moron." If player with zero knowledge skips tutorials and ignores designer warnings he'll learn the hard way, but please don't rob people the possibility to experiment (or just have some stupid fun with meme ships).
  6. Yep, some Basic Tech => Advanced Tech gradation would be nice. And a quality control. RTW, RTW everythere. Also require qualified enough personnel to build and maintain new stuff.
  7. Anti-torps need scheme + slider mechanics, the same armor and speed have. Penetrations and torpedo hits should reduce protection level for damaged sector.
  8. Guns and engines wearout? Biofouling?
  9. 20-inch guns? P.S. Should we put all questions in one post or split them for better community feedback? P.P.S. Thank you for much needed thread.
  10. That's primary for weapon/armor testing I believe - maybe this time we'll make ourselves a working magnetic torpedoes. And it's still possible to refloat and scrap the wreck afterwards - with some material losses of course. Just don't sink them over Mariana Trench. Feel myself as a grave digger already.
  11. And some others into targets.
  12. That and 20-inchers. Even WoWs decided to give Musashi her second remodel. Me jelly. We also need some faster fuzes for dat overpen queen. Fuze tech tree is pretty much a must anyway.
  13. That do we consider balance here in the first place?
  14. I am altering the date. Pray I don't alter it any further.
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