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  1. Perhaps just follow the historical path? DD's reloads as separate component + additional crew training? Also sextuple launchers won't hurt.
  2. Shipfu Café Tavern - ashore of Barney's Harbour 😋 I wonder, how hard it be to export component's models to the decent waifu maker 🤔
  3. You're doing it wrong! Gave me an idea of "Underwater torpedo tubes" mod, thought. ... or does it suppose to represent this?
  4. As usual, being a customization nut, I hope for option to train my own commanding officers with perks I see fit. The main question is still the same — what devs are planning for the crew mechanic?
  5. I'll just pretend we are at the dry dock, working on stuff. It helps.
  6. Is he really that broken? Anyway I hope we'll have everyone favourite feature - turret size accordingly to barrel amount, so vertical layout won't be just an aestetic choise. Speaking about aestetics - possibility to choose between "french" and "britain" quads style would be extremely nice. Also, Tiger's turrets look very appealing.
  7. Mostly waiting for devs to say something - lack of communication is not very inspirational for writing yet another wishlist [turns the page] - and not just for me, it seems. Anyway. I think Torpedo protection should have type+thickness mechanics similar to armor. And be destructible, of course, instead of permanent fixed % damage reduction.
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