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  1. I've noticed some correlation with turrets which have no 'red' area in their rotation arc (i.e. cannot turn or fire within that arc.) If I build a ship with every turret positioned so that it has a large 'red' area, the problem seems to either go away or be diminished.
  2. @Fishyfish returning to the thread after missing all the Nazi drama
  3. Microsoft 3D Builder or Fusion360 (used to be netfabb) have decent auto clean-up tools. Might be worth a shot, although in my experience most directly exported game assets of any complexity have garbage geometry.
  4. People have been suggesting this for rather a long time now (over two years since I joined the forums.) What we have is not a great system, but since it functions (mostly) I don't think it's going to change any time soon.
  5. I get your point and it's a valid one, but think I'm going to have to disagree here. Plenty of strategy and RPG games are guilty of this; a game should create replay value because its mechanics are complex, not because they are poorly explained. It's a fine distinction, but if you will, it's between 'I didn't know that was possible' and 'I didn't know that possibility had tactical value in this context.' Out of interest, what did you discover recently?
  6. There's one principle I follow professionally (editing various business/technical texts) that applies here - a misunderstanding is still a bug. In other words, if a feature is working as intended but your audience is asking that question, either your feature or your context & presentation of that feature should be changed. Either way, something still needs to be done, which is why all honest feedback is valuable to a good author.
  7. Would accept anything other than pedants fighting over the definition of 'nazi' which is a sign any forum is slowly dying. But update news would be preferable.
  8. I have a couple of resin printers and I'd like to second this. In my experience (as a cosplayer of game characters lol) any exports from game assets usually need a lot of work to tidy them up for printing... but if we have a favourite design from a campaign it really would be great to access the model. You would need a resin or very good FDM printer to recreate warship details at scale, though. Hell, you might even get people buying the game just to use the designer for tabletop miniatures - you probably wouldn't believe how much tabletop gamers will throw at their hobby to get custom piece
  9. How is that relevant? I quoted one specific example from a well-known battle. The fact is that an admiral on a battleship of the era had exactly the kind of information and tactical picture that you are claiming they didn't. Whether or not it's 'useful' in UA:D battles is a completely different point not related to historical accuracy, but many people other than you seem to think it would be. As for UA:D battles being 'mostly of skirmishes size' - 1) even small-scale actions often involved significant separation between friendly ships or groups where a tactical picture would be usef
  10. Historical admirals on larger ships often had plotting tables showing every hostile and friendly ship in the battle, and an entire staff keeping it updated with reports from lookouts and other friendly ships. In other words, exactly like a minimap. What we are doing right now is playing as a lookout, the admiral's staff, and the admiral himself. Great layman's article here, and I quote: "Admiral John Jellicoe, commanding the British Grand Fleet from the HMS Iron Duke, had at his disposal not only superior numbers but also tactical plots showing the relative positions of both the ships in
  11. I was replying to @ThatZenoGuy raising the issue of heavy secondaries on modern dreadnoughts - i.e. those with a unified main battery. Of course, there were plenty of pre-dreadnoughts with guns of that calibre.
  12. In an alternate universe where aircraft didn't exist and secondary batteries were never required to double as AA armament, I could maybe see 7-8" secondaries as realistic by the 1930s and 40s. It would be logical to expect them to keep pace with cruiser main armament, and also to counter the increased range of torpedoes. However, in this alternate universe of UA:D, you're completely right in that there's no logical reason for a bunch of 2" and 3" guns. One problem is that the devs have decided to base the towers on real historical designs that did co-exist with aircraft, and so the AI is pr
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