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  1. I thought of that as well but wondered if it would work with this type of game.
  2. With us getting closer to the first core update I just realized we never touched on submar- I mean U-boats. We never really talked about how U-boats are going to work and affect the players fleet. Like are they a going to be bane of transport fleets? Are Destroyers and Cruisers going to destroy the class? How will Battleships and Battlecruisers defend themselves from U-boats? How will they're underwater mechanics work? So many things revolve around this class and yet we haven't talked about it. So do you guys U-boats are going to work and what mechanics you guys want to see?
  3. One thing I would like to see is a rework of German superstructures with the barbettes. I really don't seeing the turrets hanging over the barbette. Perhaps what they can do it make it that if you put a barbette close enough to the superstructure then it connect them together. Also sorry for being gone for so long. The shadow realm called college is not fun.
  4. Loved playing Izmail in WOWS and love to play it here. Especially if it looked like the picture you showed us.
  5. I talked a little about this a long time ago. (God I feel old) I think simplest way to save designs is how it is in the Naval Academy. Of course somethings are going to have to be tweaked and added. One suggestion I made is that if you make your ship using 1940s tech and you load a game the 1920s you can't use that ship because the tech is not available. So simple terms you can only use your saved ship only when all the tech on it is available. I have a better description somewhere on the forums but I'm too lazy to look for it. As for Steam workshop? Please for the love of God let us create ou
  6. Sorry I can't send a picture here, but I did send one in the bug reports from the game so you may see it there.
  7. Sorry it took so long to send this I had to do things. Anyway here's a link to the picture. file:///C:/Games/Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts/Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts/default/game/screenshots/screen_1920x1080_2021-06-04_12-53-43.png Now I show this but when I try to put turrets down on the bottom they turn red. (do not look at this. It's worthless)
  8. Ok I don't know if this just my game and I just need to repair it but is anyone else having this problem where Yamato's four and five inch guns are not fitting properly on the super-structure? I can place three on the lowest level of the super-structure but apparently that blocks the top ones and vice-versa. Though now that I look at them the gun models look slightly bigger than they are suppose to be. But that could just be me.
  9. It would be nice to get some more U.S stuff. All in due time I suppose, there are still tons of things to add.
  10. Yeah I was going to mention this earlier as well. Some of the secondary placements are broken like the German ones you mentioned. This is also happening with the Yamato super-structure where you can't place five inch guns on it. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.
  11. Pfft. For me this update is coming out at five in the morning.......PERFECT PLAY TIME!
  12. The hardest thing to do about different sinking animations is the visuals. Especially for ships splitting and such. All they have to do is split up the models in different sections but they have to make the interiors look mangled.
  13. Friday would be preferable since I'll be able to play over the weekend.
  14. Kremlin....did you just say KERMLIN! Cptbarney why do you keep giving me ideas. Also this is real cancer right here........I'm gonna build Slava.
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