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  1. Listen........I just wanna get my French Navy on.
  2. I am fine with realism but what I am most enthusiastic about the player creating they're own history. The Devs already said you have the chance to make the Chinese a major naval power. After WW1 the Spanish Empire ,Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Chinese Empire were knocked out of the naval race. If the player picks any three of those Nations and go pass 1918 they are already making a they're own history. I really don't want this game to be based on actual history because that will make it to predictable. Another reason I don't want this game to be to based on actual history is because this gi
  3. Ok so I reckon sometime after the campaign is released. (and is hopefully a big success) The devs will start to look into other naval mechanics such as signal flags. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that signal flags was very important before the discovery of radios. Now the issue is they have to change them a lot for different commands. So in game instead of changing them every minute, if you just have flags up you get communication boost. This can also apply in modern times as well. If you have a radio and flags you get a bigger communication boost. (sorry for the WOWS picture its
  4. This right here is what everyone needs to understand. This is a very small team working on something big and fact is what they have so far is amazing considering how small the team is. As for realism, it's good to a degree. Like Bluishdoor76 said War Thunder did it and look what happened. People bloody hated it. So light ships such as DDs and CLs so be tough enough that they can take a few hits such as over-pens but not like how in WOWs they take them and they're completely fine. As for the limitations on ship designs, they have to get rid of that soon. It is literally the biggest thing going
  5. A campaign without limits.....LETS DO IT
  6. I vote for this but only in custom battles.
  7. Ok I really hope when camos are added to the game I hope we can add logos and such on the decks like with Bismarck. Now I know in real life the reason they did this so aircraft won't get confused and attack they're own ships. The Italians are the best example of this they're red and white stripe decks.
  8. OI. Its not like WOWS owns the way we set up ship components so we can set up our ships however we want. The only thing WOWS might own are the paper ships but I might be wrong.
  9. Ok so the other day I notice something a little dumb. So I was playing with a replica of Tirpitz and I've almost used all my torpedo's. Near the end at the battle I had six torps left and reload indicator showed my torps are reloaded when I got in position to use to them they didn't launch. At first I thought my torpedo launchers got destroyed but then I realized they fully functional. Then I realized that the game divides the ammo left evenly so 3 for one launcher 3 for the other. The problem with is Tirpitz has quad torpedo launchers so they can't fire 3 torpedo's. I feel like the torpedo la
  10. BBs have accuracy curse. You know I would agree on any other day...…if Russian BBs didn't exist sense they basically have the best BB accuracy in WOWS. (because of course.) If a DD gets to close to a Russian BB in WOWS they can easily clap them out existence with one clean salvo.
  11. You know? Now that I think about it, an armor rework in the future is necessary. There is still armor places that are still missing it the game such turret side and back armor, funnel armor, conning tower top and side armor. If they add those armor types with the way armor currently is a lot of ships are going to be very heavy like the Yamato and Iowa classes. Secondly I don't like how barbette armor is at the moment. The way barbette armor is now I don't how thick it is, I think barbette armor should be in the category with the other armor types where you can type how thick it is. But what do
  12. To be honest the reason I went Shikishima is well the way armor and design is in this game. I reckon in WOWS Shikishima has the same armor has Yamato ( probably a few differences but whatever ) and in the current state of the game making Yamato is not easy especially with fixed points. Yamato's armor is very heavy and in this game even with the super BB hull Yamato is a hassle to make. So when the 20inch guns are added I know their going to be a lot heavier than the 18inch turrets and having four of them like in the original A-150 design is going to be hard. So until they rework the armor in s
  13. Ok so the Devs said that that 20inch and 19inch guns will only be available for only certain hulls most likely the the Super BB ones. So my question is should modern BB hulls be able to carry 20inch guns especially the Japanese and Germany Nations since they are the only ones (that I know of) that planned to use these guns the H-44 class and A-150 class BBs. Plz Devs I wanna make Shikishima.
  14. This is actually an Arms Race with each major update. France is catching up. Oh and also who France might fight, probably Germany or Russia.
  15. Patience my lad, this a very small team working on a big and promised that the campaign will be released in November or December. Though it will probably be December due to almost everyone being on vacation so they'll have time to play the game when it comes to Steam.
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