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  1. I can't wait for the campaign release and attempt to build it. This is a true capital ship.
  2. So....it's impossible for planes to get close to this right? By the way it looks amazing. The only downside is trying to turn it on. This thing must eat through fuel like its nothing.
  3. .......WHAT? Now don't get me wrong this scenario sounds awesome and hilarious at the same time and I'm going to make this happen custom battle right now.
  4. Now that you say I just remembered that my rudder is get damaged from the weirdest angles. Just the other day I was playing my Thunderer replica (sue me) and for a short time I was playing bow in and somehow my rudder got damaged from being hit in front. The only way that could happen realistically if the shell flew through the whole length of the ship and in any other circumstance that would instantly blow me up.
  5. I agree with this. Every single time I use the All or Nothing armor scheme my ship gets absolutely destroyed from the bow and stern due to their lack of armor. I find my self using the Turtle-back or Armored Citadel more than the AoN scheme.
  6. I'm starting to notice something. A lot of the new hulls have flagpoles on the bow and stern but no flag but the old hulls do. Now it could just be the Devs just forgot to add the flags but I'm hoping this is a set up add our own custom flags in the future.
  7. Eh probably when they add the new turret models and stuff but hopefully it get's fixed in the hotfix.
  8. Ok apparently this game loves bringing back old bugs. Does anyone remember when the turrets would go through the superstructure especially on the German ones. Well it's back. This morning was playing on my Thunderer (sue me) and I noticed that one of the super firing turrets did a 360 degree turn through the second superstructure. Now I don't know if it's because it is on a barbette or what but still this bug needs to go away and die.
  9. Yeah but I'm trying to make a modern Japanese fleet battle and I want the late version of Yamato as the flagship.
  10. So uh the model the modern Japanese 5inch guns is wrong. It's the same model as the 6inch version instead of these ones.
  11. Barney. Where did you get those sparkles? I want some...NOW! Seriously your predictions is ridculious.
  12. Although I highly doubt this but I really hope that the patch drops before or during the weekend so I can melt my brain with the new content until five in the morning. Again I doubt it's gonna drop this week.
  13. A cosmetic update would most likely come after we get campaign and other important stuff out of the way.
  14. Woah mate that's going way to far! Still might though.
  15. Welp! I know what I'm doing when this patch drops. Time to bring out Captain Broken.
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