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  1. It's ok lad. I've been through the same thing before. Your studies are much more important than the game. Also screw the teacher for not giving you the info.
  2. Getting hit in the same area let's say the bow would most likely get blown off.
  3. You know for awhile now I was wondering how Officers and Commanders while work. Like is it going to be like WOWS were we can pick certain skills or will each personnel gonna have their own unique skills (also like WOWS Jesus Christ).
  4. Well the captain is dead in this case but come on man you spent a whole twenty minutes to design your ship you really on abandon it?
  5. It's literally a floating piece of scrap. You can't even use for ramming, it's just implode on itself.
  6. Ok let's see what damage we got here: All or most of the turrets are busted. The rudder (somehow) is flooded which should mean the ship can't maneuver. The first tower is heavily damaged and the second tower is completely destroyed. One of the two funnels is destroyed. The conning tower is damaged and mostly likely commander dead. The bow is completely flooded. There's holes all over the damn ship. I'm going to guess the ship is listing horribly. I'm also going to guess this ship has been burned to a crisp. One or the main engine is b
  7. Wait hold up I haven't been paying attention. What's happening?
  8. Significant political events can include rebellions and the change of a government from Monarchy to Democracy. Oh yeah apparently this is going to be a thing. Wonder what's gonna trigger these.
  9. You know I've been thinking and this is very far fetched but what if they're saving new pre and dreadnought hulls for the campaign? I mean the Devs have to realize that most of the time playing were going to be spending most of our time during the dreadnought era. If this is the case this will be a welcomed surprise but I won't keep my hopes up for that.
  10. Quality of life? More like an requirement! Have tired finding the armor belt on the British BBs? It's bloody hard.
  11. Quality of life? More like an requirement! Have tired finding the armor belt on the British BBs? It's bloody hard.
  12. Ok all of us has seen something like this in game at some point.
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