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  1. Oof that means you got be extra careful when using 20inch guns. As for the Devs workload, they knew what they were getting into when making a realistic naval game. But all this will take time.
  2. Ok here's a suggestion Scrapping Broken Ships- So the other day I one shot a BB above the water line yet it still sank with no flash fire. So my suggestion is a slight rework to what sinks a ship and if a ship is destroyed but didn't take that much flooding it will sit there. So when the battle is done and if the destroyed ship is still there and close to a nearby port you own, you can send a group tugs to collect the ship and bring it to the port to be scraped. Of course scraping it will earn you some money and maybe get you some technology from it. So what you guys think? Sorry if
  3. Oh...oh no. Th-that's not the dem-I mean Smolensk's turrets are they?
  4. Do you guys think we should get different types of gun salvos? I think this video might be good enough to explain naval salvo.
  5. Ok I don't know if I'm just having bad luck with the auto generation system but is anyone else getting Battlecruisers with basically no armor? The description for BCs is they take the guns and armor of a BB and the speed of an cruiser. But in the game when its A.I generated they almost all ways get cruiser armor than battleship armor and always go way to big on the gun caliber. (Seriously who needs a BC with 20inch guns?) I really hope the Devs allows us to create our whole fleet in custom games instead of an auto generated on because frankly auto generated ships make no bloody sense.
  6. Another thing they could do with smoke is make it be equipped on all ship types. If you follow up on your history in the battle against Bismarck, King George V escaped after making smoke when Hood was destroyed and K.G.V was damaged. Now if you equip it on BBs and CAs it will not linger long and will mostly be used for escape reasons.
  7. Like the patch but one thing I would've added is an indicator to show how slow you have to be to activate the reverse engines without damaging them.
  8. Yeah I noticed that to. AI generated ships always try to maximize gun power over armor. Once I got a Battlecruiser with 20inch guns with virtually no armor and to no ones surprise it got sank in the first 10mins.
  9. Merry Christmas ya maggots! Hopefully in 2021 we'll get year full of updates. (and actually get some fresh air.)
  10. Merry X-mas to you too. It's times like these where I wish camo's where in the game now. I wanna decorate my ships!
  11. All of these are great and you also reminded me of one of the two disappointments of mine with Alpha 9 and that's the lack of quad secondary guns. But aside from that here's my suggestion. I would like to see something similar to Großer Kurfürst's turrets from WOWS for German triple guns from 15inch and up.
  12. Alrighty sailors I got a suggestion. Propaganda- So I reckon recruiting sailors is gonna be restricted to a limited number. For example every month you recruit 100 sailors. With propaganda you can increase the number of sailors you get for your fleet and increase that number to 200 a month. Another thing what propaganda can do is increase your Nation's faith in the Navy. Doing this will increase the amount of funds you get from your Nation for a period of time. So what do you lads think? Do ya like? Hate it? Let me know. NOW!!
  13. Pretty sure they'll have to do that because it will be pretty weird if your fighting in Russian waters and don't see a single piece of ice floating around or snow falling. As for Caribbean waters, it would be cool if we can fight in the waters near the Bahamas but I'm not sure if the Devs would go that far since minor Nations won't be a thing. Speaking of Nations it makes me wonder who is gonna be in control of the continents because if the world is gonna be just like real life that would mean Britain will be in control of a lot of ports since minor Nation aren't gonna be in the game.
  14. The guns not firing a full I'm pretty sure is a bug. As for torpedo's I think it depends on how much ammo you have left. For example last month I had a Tirpitz replica and it has two quadruple torpedo tubes. I used all but six of my torpedo's but once the reload icon was full it didn't launch them. I think torpedo's can only fire the if the ammo is even between both torpedo tubes and apparently the quad torpedo tubes can launch three torpedo's.
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