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  1. I think there is still a big vacancy until more armored ships are updated and submarines can be designed. So I hope the production team can continue to improve and hope this game will be a success!
  2. Yes, it is the same account. My original key display has been activated. Is there any solution?
  3. Hello everyone, I found that I needed my redeem key when I logged in to the game launcher. But before that I have entered the activation code and played for a whole week! Does anyone know what is going on here?
  4. Hello guys, I found that I need a redeem key when I logged into the launcher just now. I have clearly registered and played for a long time. Does anyone know what this is about?
  5. Oh my god I ca n’t wait!May I ask about the progress of the campaign mode? My friend designed a lot of very expensive and strange warships in custom battles. I'm looking forward to the congressional and financial issues in the battle mode, what kind of warships they can design. I hope the game developer goes well and the game gets better and better
  6. I have been trying to build an Agincourt battleship. Unfortunately, there was no suitable hull, so I built a battleship with six turrets.
  7. How long Can I get a reply? I haven't heard back on Twitter or Facebook ...
  8. Could anyone give me a downloader download link? I can't seem to pay for a successful page download anymore. Thank you
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