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  1. personally I would love to some soft RPG elements where you have option to skill your admirals, captains or officers. Or different archtypes. One engineer given you more speed another better damage control ect.
  2. Well mr "genius" the US did think they could build 80K tons displacement (mind you, in 1917) and considering that they have the panama canal to consider when designing, the claim of "physicly impossible" seems to be outside of reality. Now "logistical impossible" maybe. But that would be adjusted by campaign mechanics, which are hopefully good enough to do that or at least put serious risk on a "super battleship" doctrine. Also "mr Genius" I have not argued against the focus on core mechanics vs more battleship hulls, I argued against the limitation in the name of "real
  3. so you are against designs that were though of but not put into reality in the name of "realism" in a sandbox "build your own ship" game?
  4. what has the displacement to do with "underlying systems"?
  5. it somewhat amazes me that people are surprise/outrage that a game about building alternative ship design allows to build not historical designs...
  6. they probably landed all in places already flooded...
  7. personally I like it but what works the best is "air vs ship" interaction because ship duels take forever and while you can manually aim your guns, it becomes really hard to hit anything beyond 13k yards. There are also alot of little silly things which can annoy: when creating a new formation the recognition book doesn't automatically change to your faction.
  8. nope. its suppose to be the next update. But that isn't saying much as they don't have a steady rhythm to release updates and they did postpone it in the past. honestly, if you want it for the campaign, don't buy it till they Release the campaign. I mean you still can have a lot of fun, kicking 1890 ironclad puppies with your 1940 super heavy battleships with quod 20 inch guns, but without campaign there is not context to give it meaning and the academy are very random in difficulty and more puzll+luck then anything else.
  9. yeah i don't really get why we shouldn't have a map with the courses of our ships, enemy ships and even spotted torpedoes. Or are you trying to tell me that they didn't use maps on warships during 1890-1950?
  10. late to the party but a couple of "Highlights". German ships suppose superiority: While germany did have good ship designs at times, it is worth pointing out that the famous Bismarck knocked its own radar out... so there were defiantly flawed to say the least. In WW1, Germany did not have the best BB's, that would have been the Queen Elisabeths thou better battlecruisers. In WW2, its DD's were bad, its light cruiser easy targets and BB's it barley had any and of those 2 where equipped with guns only worth fighting cruisers. So in terms of surface ships there isn't t
  11. not quite sure why "monopoly" but I would compare it to "risk": open sandbox without a story but probably historical events (or triggers that can make them happen).
  12. I know the video... I was hoping that we maybe could get some official, more up to date news on the campaign I mean it is weekend so I don't expect anything before Monday but I think we can do better then look at 2+ year old snips of video. At least a shot "we think it could come in 1-2 months" would be nice. Having an actual pre3view of it would be awesome thou.
  13. Hi, its been a while since we heard anything on it (at least as far I know), on the status of the campaign. So... how is it going? Rough idea when it should be released? Can you maybe show off a couple of turns? Like 2-3 peace time turn and then 1-2 war time turn? Or show the campaign map? Or the UI? Anything?
  14. the last official statement I remember was that they didn't plan to because they were focusing on the campaign. Thou I have to say: they keep putting more and more loading screens which are either CV related or just plane related
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