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  1. buffs per say can also be annying if they over do it or too blatant. But I rather talk about how certain mechanics sometimes don't apply to AI Imaging a game where you need to supply your army or its loses troops but the AI simply ignores the whole mechanic because it couldn't handle it.
  2. Hi, Before I beginn, I want to say that I don't fear the following as starting problem, because it is kinda expected that the first version(s) of the campaign will have a lot of problems, but rather that the "final campaign" would have this problem. Right now, when building a ship, one can save ignore a couple of otherwise important factors: prime example would be cost and range, but even speed is relative since ships never really disengage and hence you don't "win" by successfully disengaging, despite the fact that in real life, such think would often be viewed as succes
  3. the force is strong in this thread... as are the coming changes like the formation or the quod 20 inches...
  4. I feel that if the DEvs keep they promise of monthly update on the campaign, then discussions could spring alive. Right now there is little point in discussion "what are you going to do with Nation XY" and so on, when we habe no clue have how the maps works.
  5. you answering a post direct at me but mean other people, so I'm wrong assuming you mean me? Yeah alright. You recommending "to properly read" comments is a bit of a irony, given you didn't released that I was quoting you, about the part you then turned and complained.
  6. can someone point me where I called the campaign a mechanic, outside of quoting Maned Wolf? Because I only remember writing: "the campaign and its mechanics". Maybe some people should read the comments they try to correct.
  7. if you really wanted to stop annoying people with your English how about you stop posting here all together?
  8. your fake apologies can go where the sun doesn't shine. And its a quote from you to call them " so-called core-mechanic". You are the one being confuse by you own words.
  9. thats rich from the mister who deiced that his personal opinion has to be the one of evryoen because he said so. "so called core mechanic". 1 of three pages advertising the game is about the CAMPAIGN and its mechanics. Custom battles aren't even mentioned. But hey because you don't care about them, they aren't important.
  10. I will try different schools with different nations. Strong naval powers, decisive battle with the biggest and meaniest ships. Weaker powers? Opportunity attacks and trade war. With Japan I would probably go "long lance" route, with the USA, faster torps with launchers of both sides. My cruiser will probably always have a steady numbers of torps (maybe really heavy cruiser not, but all light will) Germany will probably build about survival and strong Armour. USA fire power UK balance
  11. please enlightening me why you believe that a feature promise from the start should be effectively skipped "till core mechanics are "fix"" because someone randomly decided that this is what the "loyal playerbase" wants? Also I call BS on your claim that custom battles were the main feature of the game. Custom battles are nice distractions but lacking any context or consequence and are pretty meaningless. And I'm pretty sure the Devs agree otherwise they wouldn't have promise a campaign from the very beginning. Also nice of your to admit that all the talk of "what most pe
  12. lets not forget one factor... the fact that they told us last minute "by the way, your campaign is in another castle...". If they said one month before: "sorry it doesn't look like we get the campaign in time" then at least I would have been less suprised. Mind you that they did promise a monthly update on campaign progress. Meaning they seem to understand that problem.
  13. well... they just announced that a main feature is delayed around 6 months of the date it suppose to come... meaning I think that they are simply not in a position to talk about stuff to add after the game is finished.
  14. I think the point is less "get 0,5% less detection range" but rather "it looks cool".
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