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  1. It would be amazing if community could make own Models for the game. Not only because the fun that would come with new unique hulls but it would also make adding hulls by devs unnecessery. Because if community would want some historical ship added for the game. We could just make it on our own instead of asking devs for that. And it would also move the ship design part of the game to the whole new level. But I wonder how this would work in-game. Especially in campaing. If each hull unlocks in certain year/turn. Who would determine when each of these community-made hulls become available? Edit - I would just like to add: No matter how much time and effort devs put into new hulls. They will never be able to add all hulls between 1890 and 1940 that existed (or were planned) and are wanted by community. So i think that if devs want to further expand number of hulls in-game it would be better for both sides (devs and players) if devs would just provide tools for hull creation to the community: It would reduce work load for devs (As Barney said), hunger that community have for new hulls would be forever satisfied and most importainly: It would improve this game. Which I think is what we all want the most.
  2. I noticed it few months ago when it was reposted somewhere. Originally it was posted here: https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/31663-alpha-1-v60-general-feedback/page/5/
  3. It's nice to have a list like this here. It might reduce amount of questions about features that were already promissed. Few things I would like to add: Rework of secondaries fire control: In the list there is coast mentioned. I think we might also add coastal guns to the list. If you scroll down in this thread you can see reply from Ink. Ink wrote: ,,We plan to offer battles near coastlines in the Campaign.'' I'm aware that this comment doesn't meantion coastal guns but only coastline but if we consider that this comment is part of discussion called ,,Coastal guns'' I think that we might take this as confirmation of Coastal guns. Quad guns: I think that these might be moved from speculation to confirmed. Because if you look at the screenshot of research tree I uploaded you can see that quadruple turrets are researchable. Campaing features - I'm not sure if these are supposed to be mentioned singly in this list or if they a re just part of the word ,,campaing'' but because coast and crew (which are campaing features) are mentioned, I'd like to mention them too. Because there is too many of them to write every single one, I'll at least write here few sources where you can find promised campaing features: https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/the-playing-modes https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/36437-ultimate-admiral-dreadnoughts-steam-release-plan-update/
  4. It would be beautiful if centerline and side main guns of the same caliber would be gathered into one battery. I don't know if it's just me but it just feels wrong when centerline and side main guns fire separately instead of full salvos.
  5. I would also like to hear from devs about this. But from what we know: Nick said: The development speed has been slowing down from Spring and slowed to a crawl recently due to various unexpected/unforeseen circumstances. What does it mean ,,recently''? If we talk about events that happened before 19th June (when this post that announced time until campaing was published) Than we are fine because these ,,events'' (such as sick programmator that we were informed about) were known to devs when they scheduled the time rate of 5-6 months. But it might mean campaing delay if Nick wrote about some events that happened after 19th June that we weren't informed about (if I didn't miss something). But I am quite optimistic about this message because of this: More developers will join the project as well to speed up the development. This will of course delay us initially but it will pay off in the future. I suppose it means that we will not see any big development for some time because of iniciation of new devs into the project - (This will of course delay us initially). But announced campaing waiting time is 5-6 months. I think this time is long enough for this team changes to start paying off - (it will pay off in the future).
  6. If I counted it correctly, there are currently 39 posts with questions in Community question thread and there are only two official posts with answers from devs. So I think that we can't expect answers for questions in community questions forum. They said that we will get patch notes once a month but they didn't say since when we can expect these. It was written on 19th June so we might receive something in next few days. On the other hand they said that campaing will become absolute priority after steam release which might mean that these patch notes will not come before steam release (August). If they can't tell us any news yet it would be really nice if they could at least tell us when we can expect any new information.
  7. It would be great if AH would get own BC. I don't think that this ship remained in the phase of planning is a reason for not adding it. H-class remained just a plan too and altrought that it Is added into game.
  8. Thank you for posting this. I read some books about K. U. K. Kriegsmarine but I never heard about this. But I would like to add one little correction: Skoda is actually written with Š at the beginning (Škoda). I know it's a minor detail but because the Škoda works are in my country I felt need to correct this.
  9. I first read this topic just after coming back home from funeral. I can tell you that finding out that we have to wait for campaing for another half of year was for me sadder than the funeral. Kinda sad isn't it? I think that if we will really have to wait for another 6 months, someday WE WILL EAT DEVS.
  10. (sigh) I wished to receive campaing until end of June. Well now it looks like we will get it as christmas present. Anyway thanks for informing us. I have a few questions: What are those 2 nations playable first? (if it's already known) About those promised patch notes: Will these include screenshots? And when can we expect first of these notes?
  11. This photo might answer your questions about UI and research. Also I would like to know more about politics and submarine design.
  12. It's probably a silly question but if you are only waiting for Valve approval then what takes so long? According to official website: (https://partner.steamgames.com/doc/store/review_process) Such process should take 5-8 days...
  13. I know it would be quite poor compromise but how about this: We would be able to build ships that use both sails and steam engine while sails would have affect only at strategic map and in battle such ship would remain without sails and use only engine. If we use this solution there wouldn't have to be new mechanic for wind and sails.
  14. I am for as big diversification among playable nations as possible. But I think that we shouldn't change physics (it doesnt matter if there's 100 mm of steel plate on british ship or on the japanese ship in both cases it's still 100 mm of steel plate), also UK already has biggest funds among all navies in game so it will be huge challenge to face it but if UK would also get faster construction over others it would become totally impossible. But when you mentioned the UK naval tradition there might be bonus for crews. Altrough I am not sure about the morale but it might be easier to get fresh recruits. I think there are better ways to make playing as each country unique (as i mentioned in other posts). It could be done through unique political events (fighting over influence with army as Japan, fight bolshevik mutinies as Russia etc.)
  15. Well, of course it's up to you when you decide that campaing is ready but I think that the only thing most of us expect from the campaing right now is to be startable.
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