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  1. Oh boy...here comes the day I've been super hyped two years ago. We did it lads, we hold on. It's a pity that I won't get home (And to the computer) for another two days...So meanwhile: Have fun, everybody! I think we deserved this...
  2. So...it's been a long time since I posted something meaningful. I've been mostly inactive for the last what? Six months? And I think that this game and the community behind it is (or perhaps rather was) too important to me to just disappear. Some ideas came to my mind just a few minutes ago in the shower so I'd like to gather them in this goodbye letter (sort of) to the community. I am officially going dark now. I'll definitely stop by if there will ever be some progress worth mentioning in development. But for now...I am just too tired od this. I am seriously afraid that the game development reached it's end. It just seems to be unable to break this never ending stalemate in development that has been here for a long, long time. Damn guys...it's been two years. That's just hell of a lot time to make a game (especially if we take into account that they didn't start two years ago...they released an open alpha two years ago). During the time we didn't receive vast majority of what we were promised to get for our money. Now a lot of people feel scammed of their money and I feel that way to. But do you know what hurts me more than the fifty euros I paid for unfulfilled promises? That I put my anticipation and excitement into this project. And not just mine. We had so much fun discussing here with the people od the same interest... But most of them are gone. They got tired and bored just like me. Now I rarely see those old known nicks popping out in my alerts.... It's such a shame what happened to the game. Not only because it would have been a unique, great game but also because I believe it could have had an amazing community. Damn it was only around alpha and yet this was the best community I have ever had the honor to be part of... For that I'd like to thank you all. It has been such fun with you. It was you who made this game such fun for me. Not the devs. And to the end there is one person without whom the UA:D community wouldn't even be a UA:D community: @Cptbarney I'd like to thank you Barney for what you did for the community. I think that most od the community would agree with me when I say that you've been the most important figure of this forum and of this community. Once again...thank you.
  3. I carried this hope deep in my heart that my grandchildren might live long enough to see the campaing. But now after just two damn years of waiting...it's finally here (almost). But well, better one and a half year late than never! Thanks for the ping @Cptbarney
  4. It will surely come out ,,as soon as possible''.
  5. I would appreciate any details on campaing but if we will get any news on it's release date than I would rather see some ,,short-term'' announcements (like what we see when new update is released - this week, next week) simply because of the experiences we have as community. Last time we were promised campaing half a year in advance and well...that was a year ago.
  6. I suppose you mean this one? For those uninformed: This picture first appeared on the forum in OCTOBER 2019...
  7. Well, new hulls are indeed nice but I think that you guys already know that it is indeed now what we are awaiting... Anyway if I recall you said that the displacement is now adjusted by a single ton for ,,more precision''. Have you guys tried to make the number of ship's displacement precise with the slider? Probably not because if you would you would know that trying to do that is just pain. The value should be writable...
  8. Nice to hear some news. There is nothing new in the first two paragrafs but the latter two are rather interesting. The last/fourth one is very calming (as there was some concern about the purchase of Game-Labs affecting the ,,routing'' of the game's decelopment). I really hope that this particular promise will be held. But the most interesting is the third paragrapf. This part, specifically: The Mission generator and map travel is currently being coded. I really don't remember reading this specific comment regarding development. This is what we (at least I think most of us) want to hear - specific news (altough some words refarding time/dates would be also much appreciated).
  9. Rush anything? We've been waiting for campaing for over year and a half that doesn't seem like a rush to me... Full of hulls, yes that's the problem. We (and most importantly the game) don't need more hulls at this point. We need basic features done. Features that should have been here much earlier. Features that were promised much earlier. This is not an excellent update this is a substandard or standard update at best. Because it's just the same as with most of previous updates. Just more HULLS. ,,Hey Nick, may we finally get the option to adjust beam and draught of the ship, as it was promised like a year ago?'' Following update: HULLS ,,Hey Nick may we get the more detailed armor adjustement options as you promised half a year ago?'' Following update: HULLS ,,Hey Nick what about the better gunnery system, campaing or some other important thing that is needed for a long time now?'' Following update: (yeah, you guessed it) HULLS! (and perhaps some other not-necessary-at-the-moment-stuff like flash fires or reverse engines) I don't know who these CC's are but I wish them to have a good time with the new content. And no, I am not gonna have a ,,field day'' with it. It will give me like two hours of fun before I will turn the game off again to start it when other full-of-crap update is released few months after. To other posts of yours that I can't properly quote here: No, being part of this Alpha testing is not a privilage. If we would get to Alpha test for free with private, personal invitation from Nick then we might possibly look at it that way. But we paid for it to hell. How is it a privilage than? They made a game and we purchased it. It's a purchase, a contract, a regular i-give-you-money-ya-give-me-product kind of deal. It has nothing to do with privilage. Are we really seeing some real progress? What has really changed since Alpha 1? More hulls, flash fires, reverse engines, custom battles, bunch of rebalances and that's about it. It would be some good progress if the stuff we've seen so far would be added in duration of few months but given it'a year and a half it's just ridiculous.
  10. Oh, yes the big ,,cause Programmer'' it's of course pity that they had problems and these things happen but (this might sound a bit inhumanly) problems of Dev team are concern of company not custormers. Also it would have much bigger relevance if they would say it at least a bit concretaly but all they said was ,,had some troubles it will slow us down''. But ok, I would accept it and I indeed did. But that was last summer. So it would somewhat ,,understandable'' explanation for delays from last summer. Not for delays almost a year after that. To the model example you proposed: If a space shuttle designed by this fictitious would blow up on launch and it would turn out that this was caused by bad design than the designer is deserved to be shouted at, doesn't he? Again, I don't have to be space engineer to know that space shuttles are usually not supposed to blow up on launch. The same thing can be applied here: I don't need to be perfectly informed about game making to know that making one of the base parts of the game for more than year and a half is just way too long.
  11. I would say that this community was exceptionally cautious and respectable until certain point when Devs stopped being entitled to caution. As I stated quite a few times before we are paying customers. Devs have commitment to us as we bought this game under certain promises and these promises weren't fulfilled. This is not a one-side deal. Even when they first started to brake their promises (beginning of last year) community was still just incredibly cautious and respectable but this just reached a crossing line at certain point. If they would make this game free to play or as some sort of ,,free-time voluntary work'' I wouldn't say a thing but as I said we gave them our money under certain promises. Also I don't have to be a developer or game critique to see that the development of this game and communication with community is just terrible.
  12. Before the end of summer? Long time ago on this forum when we still had some trust to the promises of Devs we were all ,,absolutely sure'' that campaing will come out during summer. That was a year ago. Then during summer Devs said that the campaing will take another 5 or 6 months to be ready. We were all sad. It looked like we will have to wait until Christmas for it. And then Christmas passed and still nothing. Then we were informed about the planned core updates. ,,They will be all released during this year.'' they said. Third of this year is behind us and still...NOTHING. Not a sign of transparency, not a sign of campaing, just the same song over and over again - new hulls and fixes. So although I would love to see the campaing released until the end of summer, after all of this I have problems with believing it. I realise that you can't make the whole team work on the campaing but come on. There was a closed version of campaing back in October 2019 (perhaps even earlier). Doesn't this tempo of development seem at least a bit ridiculous? And by the way: No, the campaing doesn't have to ,,work on first try'' that's what we have opened Alpha for. All I am asking is early version of the campaing (core 1) which also doesn't make the game go on Steam.
  13. My disappointment is immeasurable. Just another update in the long line of insignificant updates... I hope you realise that the whole freaking community awaits campaing so would you be so damn kind and tell us approximate dat... no, sorry I know you won't. After all this time I am not that naive anymore. So just have the decency to tell us (paying customers): Is it gonna be till Christmas (I mean Christmas of this year)?
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