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  1. Well devs already said when the announcement will take place in this topic:
  2. This already happened to me quite a few times. Few turrets just get stucked when I put a lot of secondaries on a ship.
  3. Sure France had sub with the biggest gun. Altrough It wasn't the biggest cruiser-submarine: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cruiser_submarine (if we talk about displacement)
  4. Minor nations Are described here: (https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/the-playing-modes)
  5. I started a topic about submarine design about month ago. But there wasn't any reply from devs. But there were some replies from ,,normal'' admirals And from those I would say that a lot of people want to desing subs. I agree that cruiser-subs would be really nice to see. But I would like to add one little correction about your post: France wasn't the only one who made cruiser-sub but in fact almost all major nations has at least one.
  6. Yes he said that some nations Will have certain advantages for BALANCE. And of course some nations Will be stronger than others (major nations) So as i understant it Jatzi was talking about advantages for minor nations which Is not what blog post says.
  7. I think we can all agree that that more mechanics and stuff to do devs add that better. So edding anything that could chief of navy possibly influence is welcomed. But guys, wouldn't it be better to wait with specific suggestions for campaing until it's out? About the possibility to match majors as minor nation that was mentioned in the starting post: .This was mentioned in the blog: technological breaktroughs will be random (altrough you can influence it) so you can get tech advantage over major power even as minor.
  8. I am truly sorry for confusing you. I am not a spanish speaker. But because my location is Czech Republic I am czech-speaker. I use this nickname because three years ago (when i started to learn spanish) i was creating new account for some website and because it wasn't impartant for me I just wrote something random that came first to my mind (Aceituna). (or looking at your location should i say "Ahoy) May you explain this to me? I really don't understand what you mean. xd
  9. I am sorry if I didn't get this right (because I am not a native speaker) but if you wanted to say that campaing development didn't even started yet then it's not true. In their blog there's written this: At the moment of writing, several of these campaign features remain a work in progress. As features are implemented in the game, we will present more details about how everything is going to function. And this was written in April 2019. Also if you look into Help while in-game you can read specifically how some features in campaing work and by the style it's written I think we can assume that a lot of campaing features are already made. By the way I agree with those features you proposed. Especially with those that have something to do with campaing (some of them were already proposed by me in other topics)
  10. Excuse me, but where did you get this information? I didn't realise devs say this. And this game is based on history (altrough campaing may differ from actual history while you play it) and balance just don't have place in game like that.
  11. If you need 10 year tech advantage to win against the AI that has equal strenght to you, you must be doing something wrong. When I play Custom i have to make AI 2-3 times stronger if i want to have challenging game.
  12. I have reported this few weeks ago through bug report but because it wasn't fixed I assume it didn't get to you. (Custom battles, russian battleship 1908 tech)
  13. I would like to say that I am glad that campaing comes soon not only because i want to play it but also because I think that it would be stupid to first try to make perfect game without campaing And make campaing as the final step. Campaing is the most crucial part of the game So the more time it's development get that better while those minor issues you mentioned can be solved simoutanuously with campaing development.
  14. Well, first campaing version is announced for aplha 7 (at least that's how i understant what Nick said in alpha 6 thread) And i Guess it Will be released on steam Once campaing is out. And because alpha releases Are usually every 1-1.5 month I Guess it might be at the And of june. (althrough this one might take longer because of how much Is promised)
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