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  1. Well, there were ships carrying ships, submarines carrying submarines, planes carrying planes so why not airships carrying airships?
  2. Well, I quote the Steam descryption: “Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts aims to be the first game of its kind, a naval game which offers a unique opportunity to design and build countless variations of realistic looking warships combined with extremely in depth realistic combat model. I don't see a single word about dreadnoughts (besides the name of course). Also the game takes place in 1890-1940+. We are allowed to build dreadnoughts since 1905. I wouldn't expect to not have dreadnoughts for one third of game time in the game about dreadnoughts. Majority of content is dedicated to the
  3. So to the first part: This is not game about dreadnoughts. This is a game about the era of dreadnoughts. And carriers were part of this era. We will see the rise of dreadnoughts. So why shouldn't we see their fall? And to the second part: There's no point in discussing weather or not to add submarines because they are already promised.(https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/the-playing-modes)
  4. Oh, please no. The chance of accomplishment for such action would be so low that there's no point in adding such feature. If it's not possible to save the ship and captain decides to abandon the ship there are two primary intends: Saving as big part of the crew as possible and making sure that the ship will really sink (usually by opening Kingstons or with explosives). Now let's look at the situation where the ship surrenders. If captain of the ship sees that the fight is pointless he will always rather sink the ship himself so 1. He saves the crew, 2. The ship doesn't fall into the hands
  5. You can assign existing image through URL. This can be easily done if you put the picture to the Discord. Then you copy the link and post it to: Other Media (right-down corner) - Insert image from URL.
  6. Hey gentlemen, the update was promised for this week and it's Sunday. So would you be so damn kind and tell us how long this delay will be?
  7. This is one of the most requested features and I would like to see it somewhen (preferably as an DLC). But with aircraft it's the same situation as with a lot of other ,,popular'' features (such as multiplayer) Devs said about these that they will consider adding them after finishing features that are currently promised. So I certainly don't expect to see aircrafts before 2022. But I would like to propose something related to aircraft that wouldn't be hard to implement. A lot of people asked for spotters. So how about add a catapult to the ship designer? It wouldn't ha
  8. Landmasses are actually promised. But not the way you think. Devs said that terrain in-battles will be present as ,,distant terrain''. Source: 3:18 This is photo from the Steam. It can be seen in the background. So this is how it might look like:
  9. Oh nice, these are fine improvements for sure. Also I think that nobody expected new update this soon. In the Alpha-9 News Update you said that you plan to add extra resources in November. How that went? Did it succeed? Also, when you mentioned campaing. When can we expect it approximately? Just come on, we got last update about it's release back in summer (!!!). Don't you think it might be time to update this information?
  10. I don't talk about modules but about the whole ship. Colours were removed with the newest update. But before the icon could turn black when it was sinking (could't be controlled by the player anymore) or when it was almost sinking (usually when only few % of structure remained). Edit: You can see that in the picture.
  11. There are four colours the damaged ship's icon in the game can have. Green - slight damage, Yellow - Damage, Red - heavy damage and Black - severe damage. So the option could be available when the icon is red or black or only black.
  12. If we talk about scuttling in battle this would work. There might be option to scuttle the ship when it's icon turns from red to black. But there would have to be some reason for doing that instead of keep firing until the end. Maybe it could give add some % of the surviving crew into our reserves.
  13. True, maybe it should be an player-only thing. Also how would AI decide to scuttle the ship? There would have to be some kind of ,,battle value'' for each ship that would determine which side has advantage in the battle (like it is in the Total War series) so AI would know that the battle is hopeless.
  14. I think it would be better to rather have an option to scuttle your fleet rather than surrendering it because warship's captains usually attempted to scuttle their ships when they wanted to surrender. It would be also nice to have an option to let your ships be interned in neutral ports.
  15. So when this already became regular discussion topic and we complain about lack of news here again I would like to propose one idea that was discussed few months ago. Would it really hurt devs (Nick) if they would write few sentences about progress like once a week? Something like: ,,Hey admirals, this week we made a big progress in ???. And we are currently working on ???. Don't expect new announcement any soon.'' Don't you think that you owe us some transparency after all those postpones? We're paying customers dammit. BTW: When this was proposed few months ago some people sai
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