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  1. Thanks, for posting it. I haven't notice it before. It really fits into the Devs descryption of the land in battle (they said that it will be present in some battles as ,,distant terrain'').
  2. You were right. I think that I finally found a reproduce today. It has nothing to do with the manual rudder control which I thought is the case. As you said it occurs when I get too close to the enemy ship (0,1 - 0,3 km). The problem miraculously disappears when I get further than 0,3 km from the enemy. P.S. The requested in-game report was send.
  3. After reading this I would like to ask. Does that mean that the campaing will be part of the next update (Alpha-10)? Anyway, thanks for finally giving us some informations. As Barney said - I didn't expect such a big update.
  4. It would be nice if we would connect it with possibility to attack opponents ports. (by submarines for example) I don't think that it would be neccesarily hard to implement if we would make this the same way as submarines will work (without actual battle but only with calculation) Here's how I imagine it: You would assign a new task to one of your submarines - attack the enemy port *insert name here* and maybe you could choose the level of risk this submarine should take (like in Hearts of Iron) After the submarine arrives to the port it would Attack the next turn. By the
  5. I played the academy mission and also a lot of custom missions with similar scenario (DD or TB vs Convoy) and I usually give the convoy much stronger protection and I think that you being unsuccesfull is not caused by destroyers being week. Did you consider the possibility that you are doing something wrong? Didn't you get too close to the transports? Did you try to maneuver a bit to make their aiming more difficult?
  6. I wouldn't say that germans were on the edge of victory since both germans and british claimed to be victorious. I don't think that we should take this on Jutland because the whole strategic situation would be different so Jutland probably wouldn't happen (at least not the same way). This of course depends on opinion but I just don't think that Dutch navy would make much difference in the conflict. Just from the numbers. Oh, I get it now. So I assume you talked about the possibility of Netherlands goverment joining the war, right? When you said ,,team up with German navy'' I thoug
  7. When I wrote about Sino-Japanese war I was only responding to the event you proposed (Dutch joining ww1) not the actual historical events. Even if we take alternative history out of this. Sino-Japanese war actually happened while the Netherland involvement in ww1 didn't. Now I understant why you misinterpreted the previous part. Campaing actually starts in 1890. I qoute the website ( https://www.dreadnoughts.ultimateadmiral.com/the-playing-modes):following nations that are available with their historical borders from the Imperialism Era to the Interwar Period (1890-19
  8. I suppose that depends on the point of view. I think that First Sino-Japanese war is very interesting (and kind of forgotten) topic. Because before the war the Chinese navy was dominant naval force in the East Asia. Also the outcome of the war brought Japan into the club of superpowers. Saying that in the forum dedicated to a game that will be based on alternate history doesn't seem clever to me. Well I think there's difference between examples proposed by both of us. I talked about changing outcome of an actual war while you proposed entirely new event. I see dif
  9. Well when you ask about tutorial there are Academy missions they are supposed to be the tutorial. And I think these are good enough for tutorial. Of course these will mainly teach you basics of the combat and not designing. But I would say that the designing part is quite straightforward. Just ask yourself what would be in such tutorial? Some instructions like: ,,At the screen you see a hull of Light cruiser. Now click at the button Main towers. Select one of them and place it on the point on the prow of ship.'' Is this really something we need? Well they just had to choose some nation
  10. Come on guys, today it's one month since announcement. Don't you think it might be time to give us some new informations?
  11. In this case you will for sure get along with Barney on the forum xd. Your question about mod support is answered in this video (19:18). If I remember it correctly there was similar question few months ago (I think it was about French localisation) and the answer was that there are no plans for that now.
  12. Since high schools in my homeland are switching to online classes again on Monday I think that constant refreshing and checking the forum will be my only activity for next few weeks xd. Also five days ago Nick said that they will inform us soon so...
  13. So for the beginning: I think that this might be solved when devs will implement the promised difficulty setting. And I really don't understand why people keep complaining about difficulty of the Academy missions (it doesn't happen that often now but few months ago there were tons of comments about that). I understand that they might be very hard for some people even impossible as you said but why is that a problem? Why do you need to have them all completed? I would kind of get it if the game would be on Steam already and there would be an achievement for completing them all but right no
  14. Unfortunetaly you didn't miss anything. There is no campaing yet. It's release was announced for November/December but this announcement was made few months ago so the date might be different now.
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