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  1. No one here wants to play a rushed game and no one here realistically coerces the developers to release their game. I think what most people *really* want is just being spoken to. I mean, does anyone here actually think this kind of communication is beneficial? If you make the point that the devs should remain mute because the fan base might not like their ideas (Which is.... a bolt assumption) then why make this game accessible in the first place? Naturally unrest is growing, and rightfully so. Development IS slow, promises WERE broken, and if all of this was not enough, communication remains
  2. Given the current state of the designer (Which is improving, but still eons away from, well, being actually -done-) and the pace of developments I wonder how long this will take, if it ever sees the end of the tunnel that is.
  3. I agree that information is important, crucial even. Which is why I do not understand the way the devs were handling the issue over the last couple of months.
  4. Why... just why? What's the deal with communication? I frankly don't get it. I can't wrap my head around it. What's so bad about keeping us informed? Fear of backlash? Don't think keeping ones mouth shut will greatly help either.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. If this is what we're stuck with, as suggested above (A sentiment I unfortunately share), the game would lose a significant part of its USP.
  6. I sincerely hope that anything we've seen so far is nothing compared to what this tool is supposed to look like once it is properly polished and done. There are so many quirks, I don't even know where to begin. We've got armor, armor schemes, hulls, lacking hull customization or customization in general, tid-for-tad +- XYZ% improvements, bulkheads, the campaign... ugh. I like to think that one day all of this will be of no importance and we all come together and laugh about how bland this now magnificent designer once was. I sincerely *want* to believe. But I don't. Time-wise I cannot see it h
  7. Frankly, we already have that. As of right now, once you've built one ship, you've basically seen everything the period had to offer. Of course there are exceptions to the rule but, as many people already stated, in most cases you simply end up with the same design. To me the designer is quite bland. It was intriguing for the first few hours or so, but it lost most of its charm soon afterwards. So many fundamental issues ought to be fixed, yet I can't see it happening anytime soon. So much time has passed, so little has been done. Bulkheads for instance. Members of the community pointed i
  8. Especially the last part, at least for me, is quite important. As of right now, I am still unsure about the current status of the game. One man's expectation on this forum appears to be another user's absolute nightmare. Yet both seem realistic in their respective vision, because the devs never explained as to which audience they wish to cater. Having at last *some* form of explanation as to where our journey is heading might alleviate the pain of not knowing what is yet to come. As it stands right now, many expectations are detrimental to each other and clearing up some of the mist surroundin
  9. I wonder, what will this game set its focus on? Will it try to stay close to reality or will it go a more *creative* rout? I fear it can only be one thing or all the other.
  10. In a strictly legal sense, yes. May the lord smite me for using the word. You're right though - it might cause confusion. I shall change it immediately. As I said: In the field of economics, you might be an investor, even though you are not - legally.
  11. I think we are talking past one another. I referred to the economic definition of an investor, not the legal one. I did this with purpose as I wanted to illustrate an issue. First off: When I meant investor, I am referring to the following definition - The consumer invests his money into a project he wishes to gain utility from. You are actively investing your income with the intent to gain utility. What/How/When you gain utility I cannot say. Therefore, in the fields of economics, consumption is a form of investment. I do not argue against contracts, nor the way society handles con
  12. Investment activity in an economical sense is the allocation of money (or comparable goods and services) with the expectation of benefit (eg. returns) in the future. Purchasers are, in a sense, investors too, as they allocate their monthly income to further optimize the utility they gain from the products they buy. I never talked about contracts, now did I? We invest money because we expect a return of some sorts. Economically speaking, we are investors. Given the fact that the money we pay upfront is presumably used to further finance developing we might even drag this further. Bu
  13. I do neither agree nor disagree with this stance but I must confess that I dislike this point as it eliminates all kinds of criticism, because, well, you agreed to buy an incomplete game.
  14. We are no different to investors because we are, in fact, investors. Literally. Albeit not in a strictly legal sense.
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