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  1. Can we get some proper german WWI battleship/battlecruiser hulls and turret models instead of the 500th russian or chinese superbattleship? This game is called 'Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts' and for almost 2 years now, you cannot recreate one single german High Seas Fleet capital ship.
  2. Ok, I have been a silent reader now since 2019, when I first bought the game. Seriously devs, what the hello kitty is going on. Where the hell is the patch/infos about it or the general state of the game. People are getting REALLY tired of your shit.
  3. Why are there no special german WWI era turrets yet? I'm tired of not being able to properly build german battlecruisers or dreadnoughts with the current lack of hulls or superstructure that matches them even slightly.
  4. ... after a very short amount of time two of the six Royal Navies Battlecruisers exploded! - There seems to be something wrong with their bloody ships today! 11/10 for historical accuracy!
  5. What is the current ETA of the update? I'm really hyped for it!
  6. Just like many others in this forums, I as well revieved no Redeem Key. EDIT: Got it by now
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