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  1. Will these new hulls also be coming with new superstructures? Or will they stay using the pre existing ones?
  2. I have noticed a few problems with the new formations, being 1. the abreast command makes the ships go crazy and going into endless circles 2. as previously mentioned the ships are going to fast in the rear and they bump into each other and lastly unrelated but the ship designer still makes some abominations lmao but yeah Only the lead ship,n this case Santa gertrudis is remaining in formation
  3. This is a very good update but, I cannot finish Tsushima Strait because the enemy ai is running away and i cant find it. No matter how NoRtH eAsT i go. Also why do my ships always go crazy whenever they get close? Like the ship can clearly make that turn, but for some reason my turn is competely changed because who knows why. Also why is ramming damage a thing if whenever I would attempt to do it the ship would just auto turn away from the other ship. Just like fix the pathfinder for ships being controlled by the player because it is annoying
  4. Wonderful, i'm glad it's finally coming out and im excited to try the new hulls. im very happy that the damage saturation and the formations were changed, But I just wish that in the future you guys would give us weekly, bi weekly or even monthly updates instead of having large gaps. But thanks for this update and im excited to try it out
  5. lol come on Nick give us an estimate or something pls🥺
  6. sorta up in the air lol nobody really knows. Im hoping next week but idk
  7. Yayyy!!! I am so excited for this update now, cant wait to see the results!
  8. Oh and I forgot adding submarines and depth charges would be great
  9. A list of suggestions to better the game and for variety. The Guns - I would personally like to see more unique turret designs for nationality as i see nearly every nation has the same 18" guns and alot have the same 4" to 8" guns. also it doesnt make sense that japanese and french have the same designs as they are quite different in reality im sure that is a goal but it really is quite important because its almost like building the same ship everytime The Guns Again - The addition of Quadruple Turrets into the game is kind of important as they are present on ships in history especia
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