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  1. For the modern and super IJN BB hulls you can't fit the large funnel on any of the superstructures, can't put it anywhere on the ship.
  2. Lack of a Quad turret of the 330mm guns is odd, especially since we have a Dunkerque hull. Though good to see that quad and triple turrets are much heavier, was actually struggling to get 3x3 508s on the super BB hull for Japan Had to boost it up to 125k tons to get it all too fit
  3. Glad to see it will be here, of course its on Monday when I'll be at school but I'll take it
  4. Very much looking forward to this update, 510s coming, time to make a Giga-Yamato
  5. Dreadnought I hull needs some work, can't mount any large caliber guns on the wing turret spots.
  6. Dajing, the first and name sake of the class Following their defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War, the Qing Empire found itself in position of great weakness, the Guangxu Emperor seeing it was the corruption of Dowager Empress Cixi that led to China's defeat moved quickly with a secret conspiracy to remove the Dowager Empress and her clique of reactionary princes that were holding China back from truly modernizing. The coup's success saw the Emperor take personal control of the nation and the government in an event known as the Gunagxu Restoration. As China entered the
  7. Seems to be an issue with the Dreadnought I hull in that you can't place 152mm casemates this side of the ship, the other side doesn't have this issue. Edit: Also the single barrel 102mm secondaries are actually showing up as twin barrel
  8. USS Yorktown, the first of the class With the launch of the Japanese Kongou Class battlecruisers the year prior, in 1913 the US Navy began work on designing a new battlecruiser to counter the Japanese. The US Navy's previous class of battlecruiser, the Constellation Class being woefully under armed compared to both the Kongous and the British Lion class. The original design called for a similar armament to both the Kongous and Lions, eight 356mm guns in four twin turrets. However due to congressional budget constraints and the fact that all 356mm guns were being used for the New Yo
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