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  1. Played the 1910 campaign as the British and researched Dreadnought Hull III but I couldn't actually build with it, is this only because I didn't have a big enough shipyard?
  2. So playing as the Bri'ish have gotten through the 1890 and 1900 campaigns. Lots of good potential here and will be nice to have economic growth added since I find your funds get more and more limited as the campaign goes on. When economic growth is added and this campaign turns out in anyways like RTW2's, the USA will be extremely overpowered xD
  3. I like the new Japanese cruiser hulls though I feel like a new model for 127mm secondary guns is needed, the current ones don't fit and are more appropriate for battleships Having them in the open mount like this would probably help to make them fit. Also could we have the 102mm guns in the Akizuki turrets for CLs as well? Would be very nice to make a Japanese Atlanta
  4. I'm liking the campaign so far, everything seems to be working pretty well. My only issue has been the end turn times become absurdly along just a few years into the campaign.
  5. You can't place any sort of AA gun in this to where it will have a sector of fire
  6. Should be able to have those life boats disappear so you can place the superstructure there
  7. Seems to think I'm missing the main tower when I'm not
  8. Getting a bit concerned, though hope we are still getting it today. Quite excited for the new Italian content.
  9. I will gladly accept this, and the crew mechanic sounds like something much needed
  10. Thank you for the mini fixing the metric numbers. I have my nice clean numbers once more xD
  11. Not a big fan of everything being changed to freedom measurements in this patch but I can now build accurate Fusous and Ises so that makes me very happy
  12. Guess tomorrow will be the day Hopefully there will be no unforeseen consequences
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