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  1. Cheers :D. Come to think about it, the monitor does look like what would happen if pre-dreads came back in a ww2 setting, since I did also include radar ontop of the front conning tower.
  2. It's very nice looking through this thread and seeing some great designs. So far I've managed to make quite a few on sketchup and upload them onto sketchfab, below is an example. Monitor class Length- 150m Beam- 26m Draught- 4.6m Freeboard- 5.6m Displacement 18,100 tonnes Main battery- 6 (3x2) 15 inch or 381mm guns Secondary battery - 16x1 150mm casemate guns 8 (4x2) 120mm guns (also doubles up as AA) AA armament- 10 2 row sextuple mounts in turrets Propulsion Diesel electric motors outputing 5000hp giving a top speed of 12.5 knots Ra
  3. Just wondering will it be possible in the future to have ship prefabs for the campaign, naval academy and custom battles. By prefabs I mean ships you can save for later use, or ships already "built in" such as a prefab of Mikasa,Gangut, or St Louis. (would also be interesting to have the St louis C-20 Hull). I think it would also be interesting to re-create the battle of Tsushima for a naval academy mission/s, as the battle of Tshushima was the last major pre-dreadnought battle before the launch of Hms Dreadnought. Playing as the Russians and trying to win would certainly be interesting,
  4. Completed both missions already and I loved them. Would be nice to see some of Popovs round ships added in, especially in the custom battle mode.
  5. Overall I like the new update and have been experimenting with various weird cruiser designs. however when I tried for a Carmania vs Cap Trafalgar scenario in custom battles (1 transport vs 1 transport) and loaded the designer, weird things begun to happen and well below is what happened. I should note it's impossible to leave the designer via exit when this happens. Ctrl-Alt-Delete is the only solution to escape, atleast for now.
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