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  1. Enjoyed my session last night by experimenting with the Jeune Ecole idea further. So far light cruisers, especially with no armour don't work out well, heavy cruisers need torpedoes to have any form of killing power. Torpedo boats however are op as hell early on, like last night 80% of my battles were torpedo boat only, and in almost every naval battle I werecked the British fleets without taking many loses, however in convoy raiding they arn't great, though that being said it's better to kill the warships than the convoy if you want victory points.
  2. So far what I've learned in my limited time playing, is that playing as Germany using the Jeune Ecole method early on is great for getting a leg up over Britian, as in one mission I sunk a battleship + heavy cruiser with like a single torpedo boat that had like only 4 torpedoes, and with a mission where I had 4 heavy cruisers vs 4 heavy cruisers, gunnery only vessels really did not cut it. Though I'll see later on when I start a new campaign and go full on Jeune Ecole.
  3. This is great news, really looking forward to the update being released.
  4. Cheers @Cptbarney for tagging me. This looks at least promising given I've been away for a while, busy with college and other stuff. Though last week I lurked through forum to see what drama I missed. In terms of features for future patches I think an overhaul of the naval academy is required as from what I remember it tends to focus on building specific ships for specific tasks i.e the super battleships to take on an entire fleet type, which in the campaign just wouldn't happen unless you really really have the resources for it. In effect I see the naval acadmy in the same way as the ksp
  5. This update is looking very nice, love the new ship hulls which add more variety and the new general improvements, especially since currently in the cruiser area it's very barren. Would be cool to get more cruisers, especially Russian protected cruisers like Varyag and Aurora. To be honest I'm fine with waiting however long it takes for the core patch given the circumstances on a "certain grand strategy game". Plus it's nice to see the game progressing allot since i first bought it over a year ago.
  6. Could be a crew system, as in the campaign I suspect the overall quality of the crew could make the difference between a win or loss. Same goes for how much crew you lose during the coarse of a battle, as when ships take damage in certain areas they could lose crew members. Plus it would be a factor in the overall cost of operating your navy. Given the current pace of development i don't think it will be anything more than like a basic maintenance cost in the campaign or something. Outside crew, I think the ship editor needs quite a few tweaks here and there. That being said I wonder what
  7. I've been having a bit of fun with the new update, especially with the designer. Saying that I like how the AI still comes up with some weird and goofy designs like the one below. I mean my latest light cruiser design in sketchup has slightly beefy barbettes considering the guns that are mounted, but that rear turret is like next level XD.
  8. Cheers for the ping. That's some great stuff, and I'm looking forward to the removal of snapping points, mainly because it now means I can optimise my designs a bit more. When the campaign comes round in full form I think it'll be cool to play as a minor nation like Spain or China, and try and match one of the major navies in some way. Although china would be one hell of a challenge.
  9. I've tried this one. Creating a decent realistic battleship is hard, and if it gets hit by a torpedo it's pretty much dead. It's challenging I'll say that.
  10. Looking forward to the upcoming campaign and experimenting with some truly weird naval doctrines.
  11. Tried the mission "German wrath at the North sea" mission a few times and whilst I like the idea, there's atleast one thing that would seriously help. A fleet manager similar to battlestations pacific because organising my fleet into something useful results in it going all over the place, which gets much worse once ships get damaged as it becomes impossible to maintain any form of cohesion. Which leads to more damage and loses being caused by torpedoes as I just lose control of most of the fleet.
  12. Managed to play a few battles after the update and it's harder than it used to be. So far with just using AP most of my shells either bounced or just did next to nothing, and as for ramming, yeah just not happening. I did get some luck last night by just spamming H.E and going for lyddite with super heavies, then watching her burn . It takes allot of RNG as you need both to remain broadside on to one another for it to work, cause this thing just doesn't turn much, and when your out of 1-1.5km range, good luck hitting anything. Which is weird because when this mission came out I could beat it w
  13. One feature I'd love to see is the ability to save a design and use it in sandbox mode, or globally. You could even save the design for the ai to use in say the sandbox to help limit the weird designs, but also roleplay purposes as who doesn't want to see a rematch of their favourite naval battles, or even what if battles?
  14. Yesterday I played out a bunch of custom battles in a generic fast battleship using battle cruiser 2 hulls at 40k dislacement, with 5x2 14 inch guns and 32cm of belt+turret armour, and lets just say I got some weird designs. The one below is possibly the "best" example of the designs I came across. In terms of performance I did notice in a 4v4 battle these fell apart the moment shells started hitting them and were unable to do much in return, and they were just unable to even sink one of my ships which is a surprisingly common theme. If the devs are looking through this then I would recommend
  15. This thread has definitely made my day :D. I personally have ran into designs which would make some of my drunk ship designs look like true master pieces of naval design and worthy of any top of the line navy. One wonders what would happen if the campaign was implimented right now, with no changes to the ai ship design.
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