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  1. @dixiePig Antietam is definitely all about position, snipers, keeping a concave and splitting the attacks into phases. On legendary with the mod I was around 7k casualties as CSA. I should probably make a guide on it since I’ve played it very successfully as union and csa. Now up to wilderness campaign as csa and the union seems to be preferring Spencer’s. Got 7k in battle rewards from chickmauga.
  2. Update on my CSA legendary Campaign. Shiloh was definitely the hardest, now getting setup for Stones River. So far the union does seem to be preferring 10lb parrot/ ord and sf1861.
  3. @pandakraut Do the confederates ever get the 4.5" siege gun in the armory during the campaign? I just finished a union campaign on major general, and found the siege gun to be extremely effective. I'm a little worried how to counter it at confederates when the AI has it.
  4. It also appears to crash for me on the launcher. I checked that location and there is no log. I do have a windows error reporting .wer file. Problem signature: P1: launcher.exe_Xsolla Launcher P2: P3: 5c945efd P4: StackHash_af93 P5: 10.0.17763.592 P6: 0f1b8afd P7: c0000374 P8: PCH_C1_FROM_ntdll+0x00000000000A02B4 P9: P10:
  5. Ok I got the video posted at Antietam battle. This was my first experience making a YouTube video, and figuring out how to speed it up at 2x and do commentary was a challenge. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the battle audio synced with the video.
  6. I've been playing around with my saves on a Union legendary difficult campaign, and I've found a way to get some interesting results. Union losses : 4800 Confederate losses : 28k I can try making a video on the tactics if anyone is interested.
  7. This has been one of my favorite games in recent times. If you’d add a few more battles and some more flexibility in the historical battles to setup units types, etc, it would be an instant pre-order for me. Its a great game that has continual replay value for me. Was just think of starting another legendary campaign and making YouTube videos.
  8. I just played this battle again on Union MG legendary trying to use @pandakraut tactics with great success. I sent the Sherman reinforcements all the way across the map edge past the original ford anticipating the map expand in the second phase. Got a full envelopement. If you’re interested, I could try playing again and recording it.
  9. Loving the video series. Even after as many hours as I’ve played, still picking up tips watching your videos.
  10. Jpburns


    Are you using any of the mods?
  11. I’m looking forward to see your cold harbor strategies. I’m stuck there and beginning to think I need more than 50k troops. I will say I had my best results at Antietam by push far north early and holding that tree line
  12. Yes when I split them up into different corps it at least lets me use one of the units. I moved one to my 3rd corps and kept the other in my 1st corps. In the deployment phase pre-battle it show the unit listed corrected, but after starting the unit will change from 1st Corps to 3rd Corps.
  13. Yes it has the same officer and battle history. One oddity i've noticed with the duplicate unit is occasionally it appears to become "Invincible" It will take 0 losses in a battle. Also i've noticed in camp if I change weapons on one, the duplicate one gets the same weapons. Looking back thru my save history, it appears to have happened either before or after 1st Franklin somehow. Also this is the first mod i've used.
  14. Pandakraut — Have you had reports of the ui and ai mod creating duplicate units? One of my 3 star brigades appears to have been duplicated in the camp screen, but I can’t deploy it in the field. Also in the camp screen if I disband the unit, I can not longer put 6 brigades in my division.
  15. Glad to see this! I’m doing the same and have made it to cold harbor. I have about 50k troops and the union has is bringing about 65k.
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