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  1. This isn't /his/ or /pol/. This is a forum where we discuss and give feedback on an in-development video game title, discussing gameplay and shooting ideas to make a fun and balanced experience worth buying. If you want to talk about how great German tech was and make it about politics then I'd suggest going to one of those places and keep it off of here.
  2. Absolutely this, it's not even controversial to say that German naval technology was horribly obsolete by the second world war. Frankly it's not even Germany's fault their designs were outdated either. After the first world war, most modern German warships were taken as war prizes and the Germans were simply unable to test their existing building practices and schematics. Contrast this with the allies who, after being forced to scrap vast portions of their navy, often shot their own hulks (and the captured German ones) to pieces to see how they would fare, as well as stresstesting their existi
  3. I think the game works naturally on Imperial, and converts it to metric, so this ends up being uneven due to rounding. I'm a burgerstani though so I've never really played it on metric unless I was trying to do a historical ship
  4. Yeah I think the US in general needs an update, as generally speaking all of the Dreadnought and onwards hulls are the Generic ones or are the Iowa or South Carolina (I'd like to build a Standard Battleship, a North Carolina, or a Salem please!). Still I'm happy to see it seems hulls are otherwise most of the way there for now and I'm happy too see things are still coming along. I haven't ran into any issues yet personally too 🙂 Edit: I was happy to see a new US fore tower and rear tower for late game! Though I was hoping for a few more, this is great! Tanku Devs ❤️.
  5. this is one of the times the devs should pop in and explain what's going on, but I guess we just gotta keep waiting *sigh*
  6. AFAIK Radio is basically unused, save for RDF. I think it has to do with the campaign and radioing command and ships outside of your sector. Other than adding (far too much) weight it's useless. The one caveat mentioned earlier is RDF does give you the radar effect of pointing out enemy ships an arrow like Gen 1+2 Radar does, making it a useful, beit underpowered stopgap from the time it's invented to the late 20s, however still it only gives the effect and not so much any targeting or spotting bonus
  7. Well there goes the neighborhood. Hopefully we won't have to pay for new hulls with CruiserCredits™️
  8. I think this definitely is true to a point, after all hodgepodging a game would yield pretty bad results, but I think at the same time it's hard to not look at other games, especially other unity ones (especially as someone who has worked in unity), and compare the development of those games to this one. Granted I realize they're juggling a half dozen or so projects as an indie developer but it's still hard to not think this game has been in a playable alpha state for a year and a half and only moderate progress (at least to us, the end users) has been made. I mean I bought this game way back
  9. Pretty much, I mean I was really excited when I saw oxygen options. I think the biggest issue is with the increase in players and for a variety of reasons just slower development. This raises expectations, and not only that but it also means there needs to be either bigger megaphones with more frequent updates on progress, or more updates on the game itself that follow the community. Also partly unrelated but I really hope this next update has a USS North Carolina superstructure and a USS Alabama rear superstructure for the US BC, CB, and Modern Battleship 1 pls pls pls🥺
  10. Personally, as someone ironically actually coming on here to complain about the failings of RNGesus and to shriek XCOMmery, I think personally this is a bit too complicated of a solution. I'm actually gonna be the first to say RNG definitely needs to still exist (in fact I'm one of the few people who plays TF2, as a backburner pyro nonetheless, and wants random crits and spread). With this solution, it doesn't necessarily make the game fair to the AI either, which could eventually lead to player boredom or disinterest. It's a bit overdesigned as well and as the game can already run slowly at t
  11. Yeah, reading yours I definitely concur with your analysis. I typically do not build warships above 75,000T, and often have issues with lower torpedo protections and on smaller ships (especially BC, Dreadnought era BB, and CA hulls) however upping my displacement to super BB levels and whacking on max bulkheads, maximum torpedo protection, and top of the line damage control measures such as triple hull, antiflood 3, and reinforced bulkheads and doors was unfairly overpowered. It took a good two dozen torpedoes of 20 and 22 inch to even get me down to 95% buoyancy and 60% structural integrity.
  12. To add to this, it also feels to me anti torpedo measures are incredibly underpowered. Speaking from personal anecdote, over half of my engagements feel determined by torpedoes. I get that torpedoes should be devastating, but it seems even quadruple anti torpedo bulkheads struggle against 18 inch torpedoes. It's gotten to the point for me where I just invest that extra weight into bulkheads, armor thickness, and triple hulls and prioritize sinking torpedo heavy ships before even floating bombs battlecruisers. Maybe I just suck at countering them, and I don't think we should return to the days
  13. I've noticed this too on the pre-dreadnoughts, and especially on the tumblehome ships there's typically an extreme aft weight offset. My personal theory with this has to do with the ram bow. Historically, Ram bows sometimes contained a torpedo tube, and due to this pre-dreadnought hulls often have a displacement offset. In my screencaps the only difference I had was the addition of an 18" torp tube in the bow of the ship with increased ammo stores, and this balanced out the offset. I'm a bit of an armchair, so my assessment may be a bit flawed but that's generally what I found to balance ou
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